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Rez-Day Celebration at Noor!

Help Gyullia of Noor celebrate her rez-day, from now until May 6th, with a huge sale! Everything at both the in-world and Marketplace locations, are marked to 50% off. That makes everything just 75L each! There’s no time to waste, so scoot! Tara Teleport to Noor Noo on the Marketplace

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FLASH SALE at Cheeky Pea!

In celebration of the nerdiest of all nerdy holidays, Cheeky Pea is holding a quick FLASH Sale! We don’t have long, so let me just lay it out for you real quick. 40% off everything at the mainstore, for 12 hours only. 12 hours only! This incredible sale ends at midnight tonight so go, go, go! And of course, May the fourth be with you! Tara Teleport to Cheeky PeaRead the restCHEEKYPEASALE050415

60L Sale at Reject!

Reject is doing some clean up, so everything in the store from apparel to manicures, is marked to just 60L! After the sale ends on May 6th, many designs will be retired to the Marketplace forever. Head on over and see what they have waiting for you to take home! Tara Teleport to Reject

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Red Frame Sale at DressMe Design

DressMe Design is closing their in-world location and moving everything to the Marketplace. So until May 10th, all designs hung in a red frame at their mainstore are marked 50% off! Head on over soon so you don’t miss out on these great sale prices! Tara Teleport to DressMe DesignRead the restDressMeDesign050315

Mon Tissu Closing Sale

As I’m sure you’ve already heard, the Mayfair SIM will be closing on May 5th. Along with it, Mon Tissu will sadly be leaving us. But the good news is, the creators will both still be putting out new releases under other brands, so check out all of the details in the flier to find out where to find them next! Until then, everything at the Mon Tissu store is marked to a full 50% off, then they’re gone forever! Stop in for a final “farewell” to another iconic Second Life label! Tara Teleport to Mon Tissu  

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Celoe Closing Sale

The creators behind Celoe have decided to close up shop so that they may focus their complete attention on their Letlutka brand. Until the Mayfair SIM closes for the last time on May 5th, everything is marked from only 97L – 150L! Be sure to visit for your last chance to take home their incredible designs before they’re removed from the grid forever! Tara Teleport to Celoe

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MeshIt Marketplace Sale!

Attention designers and aspiring designers! MeshIt is holding a 30% off sale on all semi-exclusive and limited edition models from now until midnight on April 30th. Just visit their Marketplace store and look for the items listed as “SALE”! Act fast, or the last copy of your favorite model may get snatched up by someone else! Tara Visit the MeshIt Marketplace Store

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Closing Sale at Ellemeno!

After two years in Second Life, ellemeno has decided it’s time to say “goodbye” with a big closing sale, where nothing in the store is marked over 75L. That’s all implant friendly formal wear, casuals, mesh and more! Plan your visit before their designs disappear from the grid on May 11th at 1AM SLT! Tara Teleport to ellemeno

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50% Off at Nani!

Surprise! Nani has reopened an in-world store just long enough to present you with a great sale! All poses at the mainstore location, plus everything on the Marketplace, is marked to at least 50% off from now until May 2nd. If you’re completely addicted to poses like I am, you won’t want to miss out on this chance to add some great works to your arsenal! Tara Teleport to Nani Nani on the Marketplace

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50% Off Retirement Sale at Windsong!

It’s certainly Spring cleaning time in the second world! And it’s your lucky day, because *windsong. has decided it’s time to make some room, as well. Everything at their in-world location is marked to an incredible 50% off from now until May 1st! A quick peek around finds gorgeous furniture and home decor that will fit into any living space.  But once the sale ends, many items will be moved to the Marketplace, while others will disappear forever. Grab your roomies and head over to pick out some great new pieces to cozy up your home! Tara Teleport to *windsong.

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Barely Legal Couture Closing Sale

It’s time to say “farewell” to Barely Legal Couture. But don’t pout lil pumpkin’, because until May 5th everything in their mainstore is marked down to just 10L! That’s all clothing, accessories, shoes, even gachas! You better get down there quick, because one they’re gone, they’re gone! Tara Teleport to Barely Legal Couture

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Moving Sale at (LoD)!

(LoD) is celebrating a brand new mainstore with a huge sale! Stop by to check out their new digs, and take a peek through their original mesh clothing, homes, furnishings, and more. But these incredible discounted prices will end on April 28th, so there’s not a moment to waste! Tara Teleport to (LoD)

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50% Off at Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant!

Surprise! There’s a huge sale going on over at Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant, and I’ve got all the hot details right here! Almost everything at their mainstore (save for accessories and gachas) are marked down by a complete half off. Once the sale ends on April 27th at 9AM SLT, many older hairstyle will be retired forever to The Marketplace. This unbelievable sales event will be over in the blink of an eye, so gather all of your friends and go, go go! Tara Teleport to Glam Affair & Tableau Vivant

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Rez-Day sale at the Tool Shed!

This just in: There is a sale going on at the Tool Shed! It’s Fallacy’s Rez-Day sale, and all regularly priced items are 50% off. These full-perm items are great for both the seasoned builder and the occasional dabbler. So make sure you get there before April 26th, this is an opportunity not to be missed! Heidi Teleport to Tool Shed

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Huge Savings at The Wertina Outlet!

Wertina has moved, and it’s time to do a little house cleaning! Stop by to visit them in their brand new location, and you will find the entire first floor set up as The Outlet where clothing, accessories, shoes, and maybe even a few skins are there awaiting your arrival. And check this out – everything is only 5L – 35L! But when this incredible sales event ends on May 22nd, all discounted items will be retired forever. So head over soon if you want your chance to haul them all home before they’re gone! Tara Teleport to The Wertina Outlet

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Has Been Closing Sale!

Has Been is taking a creation hiatus, and holding a huge retirement sale! Everything at both The Deck and Slink West locations are marked down 50-75% off from now until May 2nd. Once it ends, many items will be moved to the Marketplace while others will disappear forever. This may be your very last chance to take some of these clothes and accessories home with you, so pick them all up while you still can! Tara Teleport to Has Been at The Deck Teleport to Has Been at Slink West

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Spring Cleaning at Somnia!

Somnia is completing it’s annual Spring Cleaning Sale to make room for brilliant new creations! Everything in the mainstore is marked down 50-70% off until April 27th, at which point many items will be retired to The Marketplace forever. Group members will still earn their 10% store credit during the sale, and non-group members will earn 5%.  So head over for a quick visit to stock pile your closet full of great fashions to see you through the changing seasons! Tara Teleport to Somnia

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Big Sale at Miamai!

Miamai is treating you, their loyal customers, to an incredible sale! Take a quick trip over, and you will find everything in their Luxe Collection plus formal wear, shoes, and accessories discounted by a full 50%. Pick all of your favorites fast, because the sale prices disappear on April 24th! Tara Teleport to Miamai

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K-Code Discount Party!

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Ring in Spring with the K-Code Discount Party! Everything is marked down 50% at their mainstore plus all satellite locations from now until April 26th. Great hand-drawn apparel, accessories, hair and more await your arrival, so grab your favorite shopping buddies and join the party! Tara Teleport to K-Code

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Altair Spring Sale!

Altair is celebrating the sweetness of Spring with a big sale! Everything in their mainstore (except for gachas) is marked to 50% off. Head over to check out all of their preciously girly accessories before April 19th and take advantage of the savings! Tara Teleport to Altair  

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