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The Men’s Department June!

The new line-up for the Men’s Department is out now, and it is the first time that I have had the privilege of really being able to take a look at this event. Normally in the past I would glance my eyes over the list to see if there was anything that I could force my partner into, but as I was asked to cover the event this time round I hotfooted it over to the location. I’d been over once in the beginning and this time I was struck by the new build that houses the Men’s Department – it is light and airy, yet still cosy to lull you into a happy feeling. I don’t know about you but I tend to spend more time browsing in stores that feel cosy lol – does that make me weird?
The collection is brilliant, any guy should make this their first stop on a shopping trip and any girl wanting to see their partner, hubby, friends or enemies dressing better should drag them down here pronto! Prices vary, but you have a month, and there are plenty of demos, so you can try before you buy! Maybe I can even drag my other half down here?… Read the restThe Mens Department ║ JUNE Collection




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Grenade Free Wednesday Got Shrunk

Not that the size of the sim has changed, or the amount of stores calling the sim home, but the list of participating stores this week seems fairly small in comparison to some weeks when there is a monster of a line-up. All the items that are out though, fit the usual Jersey Shore awesome range of products that could be part of anyone’s wardrobe and could fit any style choice. As always items are 100L or less, and there are plenty of bargains to be snatched up… Personally I have to admit that I am in love with the rings from Virtual Insanity, but then I can never resist anything quirky and cute like that!
Rudh xxx Grenade Free Wednesday at the Jersey Shore

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My Second Box – Women’s Edition!

My Second Box, an event being run as a part of the Shopping Cart Disco group, is a new kind of event to hit SL… I am looking at it with intrigue and wanted to share the details with you… Personally I think that it could be a rather interesting event with some brilliant goodies, and will definitely be watching to see how it progesses!
The event may be a little bit complicated, let me try to explain, the idea is based on a RL subscription scheme where every month you pay a certain fee and then receive samples from the participating brands. These will NOT be Demos, they will be samples of upcoming releases! Every month 5 designers from the participating designers, will offer up a sample item in the group. This group will cost 300L to join, but the 5 items that you receive will be worth well over that fee. Once you have all 5 items you are fee to leave the group, or will be ejected at the end of the month, upon which you can rejoin the group and pay the 300L fee for the next month’s items!… Read the restMSB-WOMEN

Little Late on Lazy Sunday

Sorry that Lazy Sunday is a little later than normal everyone, there were a few minor technical malfunctions within the organization of the event… All has been sorted though, I got my grubby mitts on a copy of the list (Thank you Lucie!) and can bring you the line-up for this week’s Lazy Sunday!
It is very short compared to normal – shows that Anya (the organizer) should never be allowed to disappear hehe – but Lucifer’s Heart is MIA and Pepper has the same item out the last time they were in a line-up, so I have 6 lovely items in the gallery to show you, but keep tabs on the missing two they may still go out yet!
Rudh xxx MIA: Lucifer’s Heart, Pepper

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The Dressing Room’s Meshy Mix

The Dressing Room is out and stuffed full, some of it is mesh, some not, so there is plenty of choices whatever your Mesh preferences! As usual with the TDRs, nothing will cost you more than 70L, and I will let you know that Fishy Strawberry has got an item out in this line-up yet I didn’t photograph is because it was the same item out as last time the line-up changed!
Rudh xxx The Dressing Room

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Depraved Summer Gacha Fair

Depraved Summer Gachas are luring passers by down to the Depraved Nation sims at the moment, like mermaids luring sailors to their doom! I am addicted to Gacha Machines, I love the fact they are a game and they are luring me to play!! LOL!
If you have never heard of a gacha machine before, or need a reminder, these machines are like a game of chance. If the machine has 10 different coloured tops in it, for example, and these are set for sale at 15L each, then you can pay 15L to the machine and you will win one of the shirts available! Unless otherwise stated all items should be Trans – so they make great gifts!!!
At this event I have to say I fell in love with the items from Epic and Freaky Design, I can’t help it, not only am I addicted to Gacha, I’m addicted to cute too!!
You have until June 15th to try your luck. Take your friends, and try your luck!
Rudh xxx Depraved Summer Gacha Fair!

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Thank Goodness It’s Fi*Friday

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY A great day of the week! The parties can begin and the busy weekend of SL shopping awaits you… Boy will it be a busy weekend, everyone at Seraphim is running round like a headless chicken trying to get everything covered!
Fi*Friday is packed with some awesome stuff, I have to say I’m loving the animal prints, in all these fab colours, and for 55L per item, things are awesome!!
Rudh xxx Fi*Friday

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I Love Fashion Closing Sale!

I just heard something that made me sad… I LOVE FASHION IS CLOSING PERMANENTLY!! *sad face* RL takes hold of yet another awesome designer and pulls them away from SL, which is sad but don’t let that bring you down…
I Love Fashion is having a 2 DAY SALE, starting today until Sunday! Everything in the MAINSTORE will be marked down by 50% OFF! Tons of accessories and jewellery at half price, in plenty of pieces that could suit any style!! Taxi to I Love Fashion

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SVPAP Project Rescue Event

SVPAP is the Sociedad Valenciana Protectora de Animales y Plantas, an animal and plant protection agency, which is a private, independent and apolitical non-profit organization who seek to give unwanted animals a second chance. Yet like with a lot of these kind of societies, the RL financial situation has hit the centre hard and meant massive budget cuts, with no way to overcome the financial problems the centre may well have to close and that means the chances for the 500 cats and dogs that are using the center as their second and possibly last chance, could be facing some serious trouble! For more details, you should check out the SVPAP Official Website, the SL Event is event listed on the main page!
The SVPAP Project Rescue Room, is a smallish event in SL, but there are LOTS of different designers taking part. At the event you can get clothes, skins, accessories, decor, hair and more, with 100% of ALL available items being donated to the charity! For more details check out the SVPAP Project Rescue Official SL Blog, details are listed here in English and Spanish!… Read the restSVPAP project rescures Event

Grenade Free Wednesday, Mid-Week Shopping.

Grenade Free Wednesday time again, I swear I don’t know where the time is going… In 6 months time we will be heading fast on the run up to Christmas LOL, it’s insane!
Anyway, lol enough talk about that, GFW has some AWESOME stuff this week! I had to have the copy from CandyDoll and the bags from Freaky Design are so CUTE!!! That’s just me though, I’m sure you will find other things that get you grabbing your purses! Nothing is over 100L, but its only for today!
Rudh xxx Grenade Free Wednesday at the Jersey Shore

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Death Row Designs New Store Sale!

Death Row Designs is one of my favourite stores in SL, I love the dark, edgy, grunge stuff that comes out of this place – I’ve said this before but I’m saying it again anyway lol…
You can get a wide range of stuff here, clothing, shoes, make-up, skins, accessories, hair… In fact this place could create you a whole new look with ease!
Death Row Designs Mainstore is in the process of moving, and so to celebrate it’s new home BOTH Mainstore locations – the one DRD is moving into and the one it’s moving out of, are running a 50% Cashback Sale!
Anything you buy at DRD from now until MAY 31st, you pay full price for and get 50% of that back immediately!! AWESOMESAUCE! Taxi to the OLD Death Row Designs Mainstore Taxi to the NEW Death Row Designs Mainstore

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Fashion InToXiCaTiOn GRAND OPENING Sidewalk Sale!

FASHION InToXiCaTiOn is a brand new, fashion first sim, opening this week, that is simply stuffed full of awesome designers and will soon be home to a brand new event called the Fashion Intoxication Crawl – which will reward you for getting intoxicated! More on that to come I’m sure!
Today, however, I bring you details of their GRAND OPENING SALE! This is simply too awesome to miss… A number of residents on the new sim have placed items on the sidewalk, these items will have been reduced to between 25L – 75L, with at least ONE 25L ITEM!
This sale will only last until MAY 31st – but be sure to watch this space for details of the Fashion Intoxication Crawl!! Taxi to the GRAND OPENING of FASHION InToXiCaTiOn and the sim’s Sidewalk Sale!

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A Walk In Nature For The Perfect Wardrobe

Perfect Wardrobe goes natural today and for the next two weeks. Spring is definitely in the air, and I don’t know about you but it feels very summery at the moment right where I am in the world, so this line up is perfect for that happy summery feeling!
There are lots of pretty things in the line-up to keep you feeling natural, I love the no make-up set from Izzie’s and the wings from Epic are gorgeous! I can imagine hoards of petite fairies swarming around in them hehe…
More may yet be set out, but this is the line-up so far…
Rudh xxx Perfect Wardrobe

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Black And Gold Stuff In Stock

Stuff in Stock has been restocked for it’s new line-up starting today and lasting for the next two weeks… The style this week that has filled the shelves is all about the black and gold, although silver does make a guest appearance in a few places! Lots of lovely things on offer, I love some of the spiky things, but that’s just me hehe… Nothing is over 80L here, so if you want that little bit of gold in your life you might want to try here!
Rudh xxx Stuff in Stock

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Blossom Memorial Day Sale

Blossom Shoes is holding a sale for Memorial Day. I’ve never had much to do with Memorial Day, being a Brit we have a Rememberance Day in November, but hey I am never one to say no to a sale!
This sale sees any SHOES in SHADES OF BLUE, marked down by 50% OFF – including new releases, but not including Gachas! The sale ends May 31st, so you have a few days!
If blue is the colour for you, you won’t wanna miss reduced price blue shoes! YAY! Taxi to Blossom Shoes

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A Very Lazy Sunday!

Today I plan on doing nothing much of anything hehe, last night in Europe was the Eurovision Song Contest – a Europe wide song contest, in which last night was the final and it can be SO BAD in some cases that it is just hilarious… Personally I think Italy, Germany or Denmark should have won but well I could see that Sweden was a deserving winner too.
Enough of the rambling though lol, I’m here to bring you your Lazy Sunday Shopping Line-Up, everything is 75L or less and there is a lot of great stuff out there this week! A&A Fashion Shop isn’t in the gallery as they have the same item out as the last time they were in a line up, but it is available, so if you wanna the item go check it out! Other than that I have nothing more to add, so shop my pretties!!
Rudh xxx MIA: A&A Fashion Shop

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YAY For ZombiePopcorn

My favourite event of the month is back, a new line up is out from ZombiePopcorn Brand and a new building to house it all in… the collection is still around but separated neatly to the other side of the store with all the brand items grouped together in a really cosy feeling building.
I love this collection too, ZombiePopcorn Brand never fails to disappoint me! The hair from Wasabi Pills is gorgeous but then I am biased because I am addicted to Wasabi Pills Hair LOL, and I think the pose from !bang is great fun, yet don’t take my word for it… go check it out for yourselves there 14 awesome items waiting for you! Prices vary depending on the store, but this collection will be out for 2 weeks now so you have no rush…
Rudh xxx ZombiePopcorn Brand HQ

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A:S:S 50% Off Sale For The Fellas!

A:S:S is a store that store that I wish my other half would shop at, maybe now I have an excuse to get him in there hehe… The store is stocked with all kinds of things, including furniture, but it is the MEN’s CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES, MAKE-UP and EYES that are the focus of this sale! Yes gentlemen, a sale just for you! Selected men’s clothing, accessories, make-up and eyes are on sale until MAY 31st, reduced by 50% OFF!!
Guys don’t miss out on this sale, ladies grab any men you can find and show them the discounts!! Taxi to A:S:S

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Embody’s 2nd Birthday Sale!

What better way to thank everyone for their continued support than by hosting a HUGE SALE – sale is such a good word isn’t it?!
From now through JUNE 1st, ALL Pose Fatpacks, Pose Props, Couples or Group Poses, and Shapes are 50% OFF! You can try out all the poses and demo the shapes too, so you can make sure you get exactly what you want, but yay 50% OFF!
OH and the VIP Group joining fee has been reduced from 299L to just 49L for the duration of the sale. Group members get month gifts, any hunt prizes, 25% store credit each time they buy something AND the chance to be a winner of the monthly draw in which you could get ALL new releases for the month as well as 1000L in store credit!!!! OH MY GAH!
If you love poses and shapes, you won’t want to miss this sale!! Taxi to EMBODY

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The Dressing Room Blue Packed With Summer!

The stores participating at TDR Blue this week have gone all summery, gone are the winter styles, packed tightly away in their minds until they come out again in the autumn, and out come the bright, fun summer styles. Everything at TDR Blue is as always less than 100L and you could make a complete new look for yourself including skin, hair, outfit and shoes, for a very low price…
Rudh xxx The Dressing Room Blue

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