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Jack or Jill Hunt – For Men and Women!

The Jack or Jill Hunt is another great hunt hosted by Depraved Nation! This grid-wide hunt has one path for men and another for women! The hunt began February 1st but runs through the 29th so there’s still plenty of time to complete it. Check out the gallery for pics of all the items. If […]

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Jack or Jill Hunt




January 2015
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ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6

YAY the ZombiePopcorn Crew is back with one of their fantastic hunts! ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6 is the LOVE Edition. Do Zombies fall in love? This round of the hunt will let you discover the perfect goodies that may help you find out, or they may just be things that you fall in love with and […]

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01 Quarantine – skins

LuckyBoard OkiDoki Festival!

A little birdy let us in on a gem of a festival with lucky boards and goodies from some names you’ve heard of and some that you haven’t! Being in North America, I don’t get nearly as much exposure to Japanese content as I would like, so I was thrilled to have the chance to […]

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01 Huwa*Yura – skins, 280L each

A Little Late La Venta Eventa

We’re sorry that this is late coming out to everyone, but things have been a bit hectic at Seraphim HQ and Vix has been having a fair few SL troubles today, she’s been doing a really good impression of a fluffy little cloud on and off all day! To give her some time to chillax […]

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01 Heartsick - skins, 60L each

Moody Mondays for Cyber Monday!

This week Moody Mondays is running with a Cyber Monday twist to it. Apparently, Cyber Monday is like a Black Friday sales event but online only, for those of you who had no idea like me! Each store in the Moody Monday list this week has put out not one but THREE items priced at […]

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Moody Monday for Cyber Monday!