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Under the Sea with Genre!

  Time to take a journey under the sea with Genre […]

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April 2014
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Nothing Can Be Better Than We Love Roleplay.

We Love Roleplay has just opened for another glorious r […]

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The Fantasy Collective for Arabian Nights

Rub that Genie bottle and get ready for your three wish […]

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The Fantasy Collective

Genre Lost in Fae

Genre has opened today and this round’s theme is  […]

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More from We Love Role-Play

Super-quick post tonight, but a whole bagful of goodies from We <3 Role-Play to show off.

The gown is new from Roawenwood and I love the texturing on this. The skirt’s front panel looks so deliciously taffeta-y (apologies for my murderation of the english language).

Iren have put out a  hair and skin for this round, and the skin includes its own matching mesh hands.

The tiara is from Tea.s, and necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai.

As always, the featured items at W<3RP are 25-50% off until the end of the month. And if you’ve already been in the early days, why not check back in again – a couple of designers have just put out their items.
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We Love Role-Play!

We Love Role-Play, yes we do, We Love Role-Play, how ab […]

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Yoda of the Jungle

Deep in the jungle lives an attractive elf-maiden who possesses magic. Despite of the barbarians’ dislike towards spells, her alluring appearance warrants her plenty of attention from the males of the nomadic tribes. A few of them settle for attempts to impress her to win her affection for a night or two, but the most […]

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From the woods

More great items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (just days away now!). I love this staff – it’s a rare from Roawenwood, and it includes scripted poses/AO so you can just hold it and stand there all badass or walk along without stabbing yourself with it.

The amazing headdress is from is Axix, and the cosy claw-trimmed fur stole is from Stitched. The sleeves are the Bette gloves from On a Lark, a rare part of the corset set.

Hiding under all my accessories, you can see the new Laena tunic from Soedara. I grabbed the mittens in the League sale, today is the last day so hurry if you want to check it out…
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A cry or a least a sigh or a single tear

Bleargh, I’ve eaten way too much and feel ill. Never mind, these prizes from Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opening 1 February) are guaranteed not to make you gain weight or give you indigestion.

Owing to my over-indulgence, I’m going to skip writing very much. Just quickly – super-customisable horns from Decadent Courtesan; circlet from Keystone, necklace from Zyn, gown from Circe, and corset from Roawenwood. You can also catch a little peek of another set of Slink nail appliers from Wicked Peach!

And now… I should go make some peppermint tea or something :o
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Northern girl… or Southern?

Rushing to get this post done, as Glam Affair have a special ‘cold day’ edition of the Kaelyn skin out for Fifty Linden Friday (yes, that’s right, it’s today only).

The skin features a wind-burned look with rosy cheeks and nose – the very picture of a girl in the harsh northern climates. Or, has our girl been out under the hot southern sun for too long? Is that sunburn and freckles we see?

Soedara’s new outfit, Lucretia, is a partial mesh outfit which could be worn by northern or southern girls. It’s kirtle-inspired with a plunging neck, and features some Norse style decoration.

Add some extra layers and boots and you’re ready to take on winter as you go about your chores. Alternatively, omit the layers and wear the outfit with the included jewelry to project the image of a high southern slave.
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Early preview of The Fantasy Collective

We are excited to be introducing you to a fantastic and [...]

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The Fantasy Collective

New Round for Genre!

Genre is a unique collection that celebrates a differen [...]

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a touch more fantasy…

Hello Readers! As October comes to a close, so does the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  If you haven’t been yet, you still have to the 31st, so get on over there!  Today in honor of my SL sis Liat, I am sharing some Roawenwood with a hint of Stitched Gods… (click photos to enlarge) The corset … Continue reading

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Fantasy RW 2_001e

It is full steam ahead for Genre

Genre is a unique collection that celebrates a differen [...]

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Fantasy Gacha Carnival – EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW!

  Do you like gacha machines? Do you like to RP? I [...]

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A Clockwork Spiral Charity Event

A Clockwork Spiral is a dark, steampunk themed event to [...]

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Miss Rosabella’s Pirouette

“Miss Rosabella, is it true that tonight’s party might be hazardous to health?” “Who told you? I mean… where did you hear such a terrible rumour? Our parties are completely safe! They’re practically healthy, counts as gymnastics, surely. Rosy blush … Continue reading

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The Black Knight

She’s the Guardian of the Mysteries. The final confrontation on a quest, the Keeper of the Grail — literal or symbolic. It is up to her to test your strength, determination and worthiness. Admittedly most of the time her life … Continue reading

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Fatewear 1st Anniversary & Collabor88 September.

The Summer is over breaking news right?

It just makes me happy when autumn starts i love the wind, rain and dark days.

Looking at this round of Collabor88, the girls get very spoiled with the autumn inspired clothes. And we guys can never have enoug…

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We Love Role-Play

We Love Role-Play is an event that offer high-quality i [...]

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