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New releases from Wilds of Organica at Fantasy Faire 2018!

Fantasy Faire is probably one of the most long-standing events still held yearly within Second Life. It’s moved in lockstep with the Relay for Life movement since at least 2009 and I can count myself fortunate to be a part of it for many many years. There are relatively few events which are offered at the same scale for the wide spectrum of fantasy and scifi genres and I’m happy to say that, for the most part, I’ve had positive experiences – at least enough which keep me coming back year after year. This year, I’ve chosen to release Corgi avatars on the virtual world! More details are available here, but I’ll just say that five coats are available to start, including a special RFL Pearl Lavender exclusive. Additionally, I have decided to release a new line of coats for the kittens – Point furs! These are coats where the majority of the coat is a pale, creamy colour and the snout, ears, paws and tail gradiate towards a darker colour.… Read the restNew releases from Wilds of Organica at Fantasy Faire 2018!




April 2018
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Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim -Pools of Ethuil

Pools of Ethuil | SLURL | SHOPS
Sponsored by Roawenwood

Pools of Ethuil Searlait Nitschke)
Nestled among the highest branches of spring trees, the southern Elves make their home above watery lowlands. This is a tranquil, mystical place in the heart of nature, wrought from the gentle shades of nature’s palette, where aerial pathways hang in the spaces between dwellings and the leaves are warmed by sun above and lights below.

All my photos of this sim are at This link here

The Pools of Ethuil is a beautiful elven village nestled among tall trees. It has a calm tranquil feeling that just washes over you as you sit and relax in it.

The center highlight of the sim is the pool in the middle that leads up to and helps set off the building that houses Rowenwood's store. Perched atop it is a mystical Red crystal that spins and floats among smaller sparkles.

But nestled about are small hidden areas, including a very special one dedicated so someone that loved Mushrooms. See if you can find it and read about her!… Read the rest

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim -Falls of Hope – Creators

Click here for a list of all the stores on Falls of Hope a with SLURL's to their main stores I will not be posting SLURL's individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I'll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire exclusive items, or items by FF vendors only.

First blog post of vendors for Fantasy faire! And there are some LOVELY items at Falls of Hope. And even more that I'm not showing off! Plus you can buy bits of the sim already!

Lets start with a dress from a store that has always had gowns I look forwards to wearing Poet's Heart!

This is the Delight gown in the Dreams color, Lovely pinkness and I love the soft jacquard pattern on the silk. I paired it with the Goddess Diadem by Bite and Claw and you can see it in detail here.

Next up a beautiful gown by MishMash Fusion, their Something True Gown, the raw silk looking skirts spill down from a Embrodered bodice with just a touch of gold on the hem.… Read the rest

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim -Falls of Hope

Falls of Hope | SLURL | SHOPS
Sponsored by Merchants of Dreams

Falls of Hope (Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan)
Cliffs rise high above, with bridges to provide a path for travellers between the caves that have been adopted by intrepid traders. Around them, waterfalls and plants that hang towards the floor where, again, more caves provide a home for delights brought by travellers from far away. The whole, then, becomes a rising gallery of water and vegetation, lush and tranquil.

All my photos of this sim are at This link here

I always go clockwise about the Fairelands so the first sim after the junctions that I entered was Falls of Hope. At first I thought it was going to be a bare desolate sim with a lot of bones and dead trees scattered about.

I could not have been more wrong.

The sim is vibrant with plants, animals and of course the shops. You start by going up a thick vine bridge out of the waters of the Junctions and go through a series of shops in little alcoves with glowing fences that have a very Lord of the Rings vibe to them.… Read the rest

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim -Fairelands Junction

click for bigger

OutfitDaisy Dress *PURPLE* by Caverna Obscura SLURL
NecklaceBalderdash - Bit of Hope Necklace (c/m)SLURL
NecklaceKM Dash of Hope Fairy Dust RFL 1SLURL
Hair.:EMO-tions.. *CALANIA* - SLURL
SimFairelands Junction SLURL


SO ready for this. The sims are stunning and the shopping is gonna be great! I've got my posting schedule worked out to account for leaving for Renaissance faire of the Ozarks tomorrow and I have a day to spare! BOOYAH!!

I am as usual, showing off my base Fantasy faire exploration outfit in this post. Since the Fairelands Junction has no stores on it. All windlights you see in the photos I take are the sim wind lighting, As will be with all the sims.

Sponsored by The Lands of Luth.
Fairelands Junction by Saiyge Lotus.
Fairelands Junction hosts portals to all the other sims as well as the Memorial Area.Read the rest


Click for info on Fantasy Faire



I can not wait to show off the sim for the big TENTH anniversary of Fantasy Faire! They are spectacular!

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Meet Our Faire Builders: Zander Greene

Zander Greene, the Co-Captain of Fantasy Faire and the Founder of Fantasy Faire Radio is also one of the Founders of the Faire. He recounts how the Faire was born a decade ago, talks of how it has changed during these years and reveals the Heart of the Fairelands. You were there when the Fairelands … Continue reading Meet Our Faire Builders: Zander Greene →

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Why Kenya?

by Da5id Abbot & Zander Greene We can see that people might well ask, so we’ll answer it before you get there. Despite the rhetoric shouted in some quarters, the world is shrinking. Borders are blurring. The world is, more and more, a single community and there’s barely a single example of  a large organisation … Continue reading Why Kenya? →

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A Word from the Management

by Elizabeth Tinsley, Da5id Abbot and Zander Greene Cancer treatment sucks. We’re pretty sure it does, anyway: we’ve seen friends and family go through it and the phrase “Laugh a minute” really doesn’t spring to mind anywhere along the way. It’s just one reason why being a Caregiver is hard, because you have to watch … Continue reading A Word from the Management →

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Fairelanders Called To Action

A little while back, I had a chat with Stingray Raymaker. In the Outworld, Sting is actually Jeff Montegut, the Director of Online Revenue at Relay For Life, and the Staff Partner to the Relay For Life of Second Life.  A chat with Sting is always inspiring, but this one…well, this one was rather special. … Continue reading Fairelanders Called To Action →

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Ursula And The Bears

Many years ago, when I was living in Italy, it became national news overnight that the brown bears of the Abruzzo Mountains ended up being a nuisance for the farmers in the region, as they (i.e. the ursidae, not the humans) had developed the ugly habit of raiding orchards and beehives, and the planned response … Continue reading Ursula And The Bears →

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Click for info on Fantasy Faire


I'm already signed up and accepted as a blogger again and I am SO EXCITED to see what magic the Fairelands bring forth for their big tenth Anniversary.

Speaking of tenths my Tenth Rez day is next week. I wish I had been a part of Fantasy Faire my entire ten years but sadly I think it took me a few years to get around to it. But still! It's been a huge part of my Secondlife and I am thrilled to be a part of it for its big Anniversary year.

With the Salmons again this year again! They've made the time frame for raising funds a little shorter so it just started this week.

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A suitcase full of Hope..

Relay is, once again,, over for the year.

This year seemed a, much calmer year, then in the past but still a grand one. Steelhead is back with its own team. That felt good and right, though we will have to work on getting people on during relay weekend next year to camp sit. It was empty a lot due to not a whole lot of us on the track. I plan to be at what ever camp we have a lot next year though. This year I managed TWENTY laps. Mostly due to the smaller amount of sims then in past years. The track was the smallest it's been since 2006, when it was 4,065. This year it was 6,758 meters, last year it was 9,000. It hasn't dipped below 8000 meters since 2006. So, yeah that helped me with a record laps. But it was still also a lot of work and next year, I'm gonna take it easy. I'll have earned all three lap awards so, yeah. No need to try to break any personal records. Camp sit, explore the builds DURING the relay. take more shots of the other teams. It'll be fun!

We had a total of 996 avatars come to the sims, and the current US total is $207,311 since March!… Read the restA suitcase full of Hope..

For Kali

Just as Fantasy Faire ended this past April, We lost a bright light, A cancer warrior to pancreatic cancer. I've known Kai for years, before I got on SL and she's been so brave and such an inspiration to everyone. She is loved and is missed.

Thinking of her now, as the Luminary ceremony is held. And all the others that I know have been lost to this horrible disease, But mostly Kali. Fly high on those Fairy wings my friend, you earned them.

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Hour and a half to go! I have my snacks, I have the Relay radio on ( http://t1radio.serverroom.us:8242/ put it in your music player of choice) and I have my team


I have on a necklace that Kali picked out from the marketplace for me to wear back when she started her fight two years ago. I wore it in support the last two years, this year, I wear it to remember her.

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We’re baaaacccckkkkkk

After a year off Steelhead is back in Relay for Life of Secondlife and the Salmons are ready to hit the track this weekend!! Our camp is on Celebrate

I missed the Salmons last year, the Aether Chrononauts where warm and welcoming and it was nice to be with them. But the Salmons are family and Steelhead is home. This just feels better to be Relaying with them again.

Relay starts this Saturday at 10am SLT and will run till Sunday at when ever we crash but the closing ceremonies are also at 10 am slt. Full Schedule of events is at this page

I'll be there the full 24+ hours and on the track! It's a little smaller *track map* then in past years so I am hoping to make a new lap record. And REALLY hoping the track behaves as wonderfully as it did last year.

also if you can't make it in world, you can donate at this handy link below!! And you'll be able to listen to the Relay events at http://t1radio.serverroom.us:8242 just pop that into your music listening program of choice, I use Winamp..… Read the restWe're baaaacccckkkkkk

The Crystal Heart Festival is all About Girl Power!

You don’t want to miss The Crystal Heart Festival!  This annual event celebrates the magical, anime princesses and girl power.  Stop in The Crystal Heart Festival before July 31st, you will be glad you did! ღCherrie & Alex Teleport to The Crystal Heart Festival MIA:  Besom, Clemmm, Dami, Eliavah, Evermore, Insol, Love, Miwa’s Airship, Mossu, Offbeat, Phedora, Seul, Sue Cream, Sweet Thing, Vive Nine < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the time of the event opening at 12:00 am on June 30th. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however, due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding!

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Fantasy Faire 2017 Wrap-up

Thanks for helping to make this year’s Fantasy Faire such a success – Our combined efforts allowed Wilds of Organica to raise L$28950 for the American Cancer Society! All new releases are now available in-store and moving forward we’ll be working on offering applier functionality and some new coats for the centaurs. I’ve received excellent feedback for them so far, but if you have something specific you’d like to ask, I welcome the opportunity to correspond. Send me (Aki Shichiroji) an IM and I’ll try to address your questions! Additionally, I don’t recall whether I pointed this out on the blog before, but there is now a Wilds of Organica group. All notices will also get sent here, but there is a group chat component for those who want to socialize or need some help with Wilds of Organica products.                           

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Fantasy Faire Closing Party on Monday, 1 – 7 PM

On Monday, May 1st, Fantasy Faire 2017 will hold one last, very special event at Opal Flight. From 1 to 7 pm, the Fairelands will celebrate the One Team Spirit of the Relay For Life of Second Life by inviting six fantastic RFL Teams to come and Relay with us. Join us as we open … Continue reading Fantasy Faire Closing Party on Monday, 1 – 7 PM →

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Fantasy Faire 2017 Sim – Egregore

Sponsored by The Epic Toy Factory. Egregore  by Mayah Parx.
A fantastical thoughtform of serene darkness immersed in light, a place where expected purpose is relative and surrealism casts it shadow across the land, inhabited by egregors this fantastical place is born of the collective phantasmagoria of its people. All of my photos of this sim can be seen at this link here

Egregore is a quirky but, a bit creepy, sim by one of my favorite sin designers, the toymaker herself Mayah Parx! Egregore has the feeling of a childs toy box scattered about the landscape, with the shops being in giant doll houses made for the giant doll like enhabatines of the sim. Other bits of toys, candy, and some of her past sims, dot the landscape. Be sure to walk on the piano keys!

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