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~Hatpins~ 2014-05-11 01:43:47

Hello hello! I’ve come to show you something pretty, just like I do every other time I show up here. Miss Reghan is taking part in Simply The Best again this week with another version of the new Ginny hat. Where last weeks coloring was incredibly lovely this weeks is absolutely lovely. You’ll find Violet Teal Ginny for your bargain shopping pleasure, a charming and in my eyes strikingly dramatic look. Such a yummy color pairing, truly. You’ll find her in the shop for the bargain price of 75L until the 14th. And if you’ve not found the Triple Crown Hat Hunt item yet, do be sure to take a peek around, only 1L for a delicious hat to perch upon your pretty head! Until next time I wish you good health and spirits, and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

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Something Pretty This Way Comes

All the pretty ladies, all the pretty hats, come sauntering down the lane purring, like pretty contented cats! I know, don’t quit my day job! But when faced, or headed as it should probably be, by hats that lift my spirits and leave me smiling… Well I tend to want to get all poetic or something. Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Ginny the hat, in Lavender Blue. She’s the perfect sight for eyes that long for the prettiest blossoms of spring methinks. Breathe in and delight in the graceful femininity and the scrumptious fragrance! (I swear I can smell those fabulous flowers!) Next we have Jeanette, who takes the cake and eats it too. She’s an elegant topper in burgundy, with a flair for the dramatic with her flowers and feathers. Quite striking! Then there’s a previously unreleased version of the Freya Floral Band, in pink and pastels. Sweet and girly is the name of the game with this pretty lass, no doubt about that. You will find these three ladies as part of Simply The Best, 75L for the hats, and 60L for the floral band.… Read the restHatpins - Ginny Hat - Lavender Blue

Oh The Pretties!

Hello there! Excuse me a moment if you would, while I do a little happy dance. The weekend is upon us, and with it there are sale items to feast our eyes upon. I’m certainly feasting with delight, as Miss Reghan has supplied us with some serious pretties for the bargain shopping! I promise I won’t keep you long, so let’s take a look! First we have the Rhosyn wreath in delectable purple with white. I could happily wear it everywhere, how about you? Also you will find the pretty Gracie available for the sale price in pink. Springy and feathery and girly, oh my! These will be available til Monday eve at the sale price. I have found something though that may well keep me from wearing Rhosyn all the time. Found being the key word here! Somewhere in the shop there is a gorgeous Jellybean version of Freya just waiting for hunters to find her. She is the prize for the Jelly Bean Hunt, which runs through the end of the month. I wish you all happy shopping, happy hunting, and most of all a happy weekend.… Read the restHatpins - Rhosyn Hair Wreath - Purple and White

~Hatpins~ 2014-03-28 14:37:40

It’s a beautiful and breezy spring day where I am, which puts me in a mood to look at pretty flowers. Or better still, to wear them! Now, while first life self doesn’t do so well with actually wearing the plant life, second life self LOVES doing so. So this weekend’s bargain item is perfect. The Freya Flora band is featured this weekend in delectable shades of violet and blue. I think I shall plant her atop my head and find a pretty dress to match, something flowy as I wish to dance in a meadow and scrunch my bare toes in the grass. Where would you wear her? Perhaps lunch in a little garden style cafe, surrounded by friends. Or maybe frolicking in the forest while wearing your favorite fae wings! Oh how I adore a good frolic. Puts smiles in the heart it does. I wish you a weekend filled with heart smiles and we’ll see you at Hatpins!

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I’ve Got A Secret, Or Two

I am guessing it’s truly no secret that I’m about to show you lovely bargains on pretty hats, so let’s get to it, shall we? *smiles big* Miss Reghan is participating in My 60L Secret this weekend and there are a couple of beauties waiting to make your acquaintance. Please, allow me to introduce Floraleigh, a delight in straw and color. I suspect she would love to protect your head from the sun, she’s helpful like that you see. Imagine the joy of gardening in style with this pretty hat! And if you happen to like a lass who loves to snuggle close, then Ariesse is the girl for you. You’ll find this cloche style hat in a most delightful magenta hue, just waiting to embrace your head and saunter off for roaming your favorite art gallery or library, or perhaps even meeting some friends for lunch. You will find them both available for the sale price until the weekend’s end. I hope you all enjoy your first weekend of spring, and we’ll see you at Hatpins!… Read the restHatpins - Floraleigh Straw Hat - Violet Bouquet

Put The Lime In The Coconut

Oh hello there! *stops dancing and smiles merrily* I just can’t resist that song, truly. Now, I fear we’re all out of coconuts here, but we can set you up with something lovely in lime. This weekend Miss Reghan has the pretty Cecily Hat available with a lime flower, all ready for Super Sales Weekend! So you can wear your hat while you dance! Or perhaps for a nice springy stroll. (I am so pretending spring is already here, I like to be early!) Feel free to come meet Cecily and perhaps even invite her home with you this weekend. She is delightful! Before I leave you to your shopping I want to remember to remind you to take a look around for the Steam Hunt prize. The hunt runs until the 31st. There was something else I wanted to tell you, but for the life of me I cannot remember what it was. I fear I’m being distracted as I peer about the shop, all the pretty hats! Oh hey, look at those two top hats over there by Cecily. Gorgeous and bargain prices! Anyway I’ll leave you to your shopping and wish you all a most beautiful weekend.… Read the restHatpins - Cecily Hat - Lime Flower

Something About Lillian

Well hello hello hello! Come on in and have a seat. Would you care for a nice refreshing drink? I hope the day finds you well. I’ve been sitting here contemplating the newest addition to the Hatpins collection. Would you care to meet her? This is Lillian. From what I gather of her so far she’s quite the sweet lass, with a perfect flair for…. oh heck, she has feathers. Yes, gloriously fluffy make me so happy feathers! And yes, there are lovely blossoms as well, though please do take care if you’re going to lean in to sniff them. The feathers are ticklish, you see. *smiles* I do have to say, with her pretty burgundy color I find myself longing all the more for Spring’s arrival. I truly can’t wait, how about you? You will find the newest hat happily awaiting you as part of the Super Sales Weekend event, the bargain prices last until Sunday eve. So be sure to stop by and get to know Lillian better, I’m sure she can bring you smiles.… Read the restHatpins - Lillian Hat - Burgundy

All The Pretty Flowers

Greetings and salutations! I’ve come with great joy to tell you about the newness happening at Hatpins. Super Sale Weekend is upon us and with it our dear Miss Reghan has a most lovely Freya floral hairband for your bargain shopping pleasure. In Fawn and Ivory this one is bound to become a favorite, both sweet and gentle. It’s certainly stolen my heart! And if those colors are not calling your name, then take a wander over to the Mardi Gras event at Mieville, where you’ll find Freya in the Mardi Gras colors! And if you spot someone nibbling on a pretty berry colored one in the Hatpins shop… well just gently swat me away and remind me that I’m not supposed to be eating the merchandise, if you would, please and thank you. Steam IX starts up on Saturday, and you be able to search the not at all giant shop for the hunt object and land yourself a copy of this delightful topper! Just wait til you get a look at this one on, the tubes are seriously entrancing, and I promise I’ve not mangled the feathers by playing with them too much.… Read the restHatpins - Freya Flora Band - Fawn and Ivory

Hatpins – Flowery Delights

Greetings one and all! While real life me watches Spring slowly preparing for her arrival, the SL self is ready to leap into her arms with all the joy right now. Thankfully our dear Miss Reghan is helping with that in a beautiful way with her newest release. You’ll get your first look at Freya with the Super Sales Weekend event, with the blue and white color combination. A lovely piece to make the transition from winter to spring in these colors, no doubt! 60L is a lovely deal, until Sunday eve. And then you will find the Vintage version in the Midnight Mania board. It only takes 18 people to lock it down and get the prize, so be sure to give it a tap when you’re here. And ready yourselves, because come March is the Steam hunt, and Hatpins will be in that. There’s every chance in the world that I’ve peeked at what our lovely milliner is up to for that… and OH MY! I wish you all a beautiful weekend, and we’ll see you at Hatpins!

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Hatpins – The Return

Oh what’s that I see, in the air… over there? Do my eyes see what they think they are seeing? Well what do you know, it’s a hat shop! And not just any hat shop, why no… That is most decidedly Hatpins, returned to my delight, and I hope yours as well. It’s a new Hatpins, smaller and relaxed, or in the words of our favorite milliner, nice and casual. Me, I think I will call it cozy and delightful. Allow me a moment please, if you will, to draw your attention to the hatbox that sits upon the counter. You’ll certainly be wanting to give that a touch, for it contains a gift for you! And you! Yes, you too! You’ll find some pretty hats for your shopping delight when you come to visit, and among them is the lovely Lise, who Miss Reghan has out for the Super Sales Weekend. A delightful bargain at 60L no doubt, a price that will last until Sunday eve. And should you find yourself wishing to accompany your hat with the same scarf Miss Reghan wears, then you will find that also for sale close by!… Read the restHatpins - Lise Hat

Hatpins – I Tip My Hat

Pssst, calling all hat lovers! *tips her hat in greetings* As you can see, our dear Miss Reghan has put out the final Hatpins Group Gift. Meet Pippa, dark and lovely. Featuring a delightfully textured brim and scrumptious flowers and feathers she’s ready to go for a walk and embrace the day, or night! Group members will find her waiting next to Hattie the Hatpins Cat over at PixelCat Textures. For an extra splash of joy, since the group has been closed, non-members will find the hat available to purchase for 100L, what it would have cost to join the group. Please feel free to stop by, and we thank you for your love of hats. Now if you’ll excuse me, Pippa insists that I go change into something warmer before we go for our stroll!

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Hatpins Closing – The Memories

Every once in a while our dear Miss Reghan likes to take me by surprise. Imagine coming home from vacation to find that *gasp* Hatpins is closing. Now, I could sit here and be sad as I write what will be one of my final Hatpins posts, but sad isn’t my way. So instead I’d like to celebrate the memories, like the time mother and I had to save all our hats from a sinking ship. Now THAT was a fun vacation, though a bit soggy methinks. I’ve worn many hats through the years as I’ve blogged for Reghan, MANY MANY hats. I’ve jumped from ships in hats, hung from hoops in hats… I’ve worn hats with flowers and ribbons and antlers and steam and cats and gears and and and… Then we have the wreaths, which I must admit have always held an extra special appeal to me. I love being surrounded by lovely blossoms, and I’ve even gotten the puppy and the kitten in on the act. At one point or another I have gotten my entire family hatted and/or wreathed up.… Read the restAfloat

Hatpins – My 60L Secret

Pssst, I’ve got a secret or two for you. Can you keep them? Well, of course you can keep them if you want them! Our dear Miss Reghan has a couple of lovely goodies for you this week in the My 60L Secret sale. First up Sarah, who I’m certain will be your best friend if you can keep all her secrets. As you might be able to tell from her appearance she’s got a bit of a thing for blueberries, which may well explain her delicious color, eh? She also holds an obsession for flowers, which she loves to display upon the brim of her straw boater form. She’s ever the lovely lass methinks. And then there are the earrings. Mmmm, these speak so nicely to my ears, whispering the sweetest things to me. These Vintage Earrings feature hematite and quartz beads which are some of my favorite things, as well as knotwork and chains. Hematite is a wonderfully soothing stone. Both of these items will be found for the special 60L price starting as soon as Friday rolls into being, and ending on the last stroke of Monday eve.… Read the restHatpins - Sarah Hat - Blueberry

Hatpins – My 60L Secret

Ready to try something a little bit different? Yes? Great! I am too, and so it would seem is Miss Reghan. So here I am ready to tell you about some special bargains, and you don’t have to wait until Friday night to find them! And if the weekend keeps you all tied up there’s no need to feel out of sorts, for the sale items will still be on sale through Monday. Ooooo yes, music to my ears, and hopefully yours as well. Now… About those ears! Our dear Miss Reghan is participating in My 60L Secret and the first of the two items you’ll find for sale is a lovely accessory, the What Wrought Earrings in jet. Delicate, gorgeous and with many scintillating curves, need I say more? Then for your lovely head we have a hat that’s simply to die for. Though I would please ask you not to actually die, coffins and hats don’t play nicely together truly. Celeste is a vision of loveliness in the wonderful contrast of black and white. Her wide brim exudes feminine grace and the roses that adorn her crown, well who can resist such beauty?… Read the restHatpins - What Wrought Earrings - Jet

Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Does your hat collection ever whisper to you? Sweet nothings like “Glorious flowers and a pretty straw brim would look splendid upon your fair head.”? I truly hope so, for I don’t want to be the only one the hats speak to! If you’re like me then you are in luck, for our dear Miss Reghan has two lovely offerings for your shopping pleasure in this weekend’s Sixty Linden Weekend Sale. And wouldn’t you know it, the first one is a delight with an abundance of sweet flowers and a straw brim. Floraleigh would make a welcome addition to any hat collection with her blossoms in cream, rose and lilac. A sweet lady simply ready to while away the hours perched atop your head as you go about your day. Then as day fades into evening you can whirl off with Lady Kate who is bound to make the night a fun one. She’s an eccentric lady, this one is. A wide black brim adorned with ornate gold accents, she’s surely got an eye for style. Finished off with gold netting and black and red flowers and she’s ready to step out on the town, drawing admiring glances everywhere you go.… Read the restHatpins - Floraleigh Straw Hat - Vintage Bouquet - Cream

Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Ahhh, the weekend has arrived and with it is the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale. Shall we see what our dear Miss Reghan has in store for your shopping delight? Oh yes we shall! We have two variations on one of my favorite wreaths this weekend, the lovely Liadan. She’s fit for a princess, or even for your everyday ordinary lass. Would m’lady like to wear the Burgundy and White Roses? You’ll be sure to delight and enchant all the hearts in this beauty. Or perhaps you would enjoy the striking beauty of the Black and White Roses. They certainly delighted young Dhaelis, who I let borrow my wreath in an attempt to soothe her frustration after the incident that shall be known as Pixeldent. (More on that episode over on PixelCat) If you are anything like me you’ll wish to take them both home with you, for variety is such a wonderful thing to satisfy the everchanging whims of ladies of all ages! Both wreaths are available at the special 60L price until Sunday eve.… Read the restHatpins - Liadan Hair Wreath - Burgundy and White Roses

Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Would you believe the weekend is here? A fabulous thing, isn’t it? Best of all the Sixty Linden Weekend sale is in full swing and our dear Miss Reghan has a couple of lovelies for your bargain shopping pleasure. Above you’ll see the Clarissa hat, being adorable with her straw, lace and ribbons. This little darling has apparently delighted my senses with her soft cheery colors, for I find myself mentally rewriting the Lemon Tree song to be Lemon Cream, hat so pretty and your ribbons are so sweet… Yeah, there’s a reason I never became a songwriter! I suppose you could say Clarissa makes my heart sing, eh? And speaking of giving my heart happies, let me show you the second item you’ll find for 60L this weekend. The Moonstone and Silver earrings speak right to my heart, I’ve a special fondness for moonstone. Perhaps these pretty oval bits of shimmering beauty with delicate bead drops will find their way into yours as well! I know, you’re anxious to get to the shopping, so I’ll leave you for now with wishes for an enchanting weekend.… Read the restHatpins - Clarissa Hat - Lemon Yellow and Cream

Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Don’t get out of hand, but if she knew what she wanted she’d be walking down your street (like an egyptian) following her eternal flame. These earrings are everything I wanted to cure those hazy shades of winter. Make sure you get them in your room and they’ll set you free for your next manic monday. When the lady smiles for another 45 miles you’ll be struck by a case of radar love. It’ll feel like you slipped into the twilight zone with your buddy joe. These earrings whisper “Hold me now” in a sound I never heard. Oh wait, that’s golden earring…. My thanks to the wonderful Nicolae Landar who clearly had plenty to say about these new earrings our dear Miss Reghan has out for the Sixty Linden Weekend sale. I’m sure these pretty accessories are bound to inspire and delight you as well. The sale runs until Sunday eve. A wonderful weekend to you all, and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

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Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

*peeks out from beneath her desk and waves a merry hello* I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. I fear I can’t come out of hiding just yet. You see, my neighbor is mowing and if he sees my pretty new hair wreath he might try to mow me too! I must protect Wynne and these scrumptious daisies, and the roses too! She’s not for mowing but I’d never be able to convince him. She’s special this week you see, for she is one of the two items our dear Miss Reghan has available for the Sixty Linden Weekend Sale. And for those wishing for something to cover more of their head and protect them from the sun, perhaps Kate can make her way home with you. In a lovely goldleaf coloring she’s sure to nicely accentuate your wardrobe, don’t you think? Both of these lovelies are available for the special 60L price until Sunday eve. Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you at Hatpins.

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Hatpins – Sixty Linden Weekend

Oh hello there! Welcome to the weekend, would you like to have a seat and something to drink.. perhaps served with a sale or two? Okay, technically it’s one sale but there are two items. I’m so counting that as two sales because it makes me happy to do so. Sixty Linden Weekend is here and our dear Miss Reghan has a couple of bargains for you to sip on. Or… you could wear them instead. Whatever floats your boat! First up are the Brett Spectacles and Sunglasses. These have you covered from looking smart to being diva, all in a gorgeous shade of blue. And to go along wonderfully well with these is the Heidi Straw Hat in that same cornflower blue. Heidi is the sweet simplicity some have been craving and you get two versions, with a bow and without. The pretty lace can be tinted to suit your needs or even removed to make for a simpler look. Sweet variety! Both items can be found for the special 60L price until Sunday eve. I’m off to enjoy not catching some rays and wish you all a beautiful weekend.… Read the restHatpins - Brett Spectacles and Sunglasses