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:skin – alterego “kensi-powder”
:hair – truth “priya – heloisa – sakina” new!
:tattoo – nuuna “meta for maitreya”
:left eye – clemmm “the whites”
:right eye – ikon “deadshine – dune – arid”
:lashes – redgrave “daily”
:ears – soul “uni ears – dobby+alterego powder skin applier”
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August 2015
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Take back the city.

Bolson / Tattoo - Hort (Sleeves)
Hair Dura 66
Boots Walkers  Redgrave
Gabriel::crow feather neklace_silver
Gabriel grow tank top white crow back print both at MOM
NEVADA Jeans Cold Ash
NikotiN Classic Cigarette - Nextgen (Mouth)
My chair is the checkered cab seat from Consignment currently at UBER
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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High For This

♫ You don’t know ♫
♪ What’s in store ♪
♬ But you know what you’re here for ♬
♩ Close your eyes ♩
♫ Lay yourself beside me ♫ ❤ Dani The post High For This appeared first on Cupcakes, Cornflakes & Catnip.

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The Mens Dept is Stylin’!

  The Mens Dept is back with some awesome, totally stylish things! Tons of summer clothes, furniture, hairstyles, and so much more for you to check out. Don’t miss it, the event runs until July 31st! ❤ Indigo MIA: Sorgo, Howl, Contraption, Rowne, Hoorenbeek, Etham, AITUI, Seul, Represent, United Colors, Deadwool Teleport to The Mens Dept   < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >   

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My Heart Is Beating Like A Conga Drum

Credits Sam:
shoes, shorts & shirt: Redgrave - BeachOutfit TOM
hat: Beusy & BUC - Solid Buckethat (@ Kustom9)
necklace: Izzie's - Knot & Beads Necklace (male)
skin: Hermony - Symon  Credits Izzie:
shoes: Friday - Izzie Sandals (@ Summerfest)
top: GizzA - Vicky Tank Blouse (@ Shiny Shabby)
glasses: Izzie's - Miami Neon Sunglasses white (rainbow lenses)
hair: Truth - Randa skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin Credits Other: conga: Balaclava - Tropics Conga (@ Summerfest) steelpan: Balaclava - Tropics Steelpan (@ Summerfest) juice: MishMish - Pineapple Juice Dispenser (@ Collabor88) pineapples: MishMish - Dancing Pineapple (@ Collabor88) pineapple drink: Dust Bunny - Lazy Summer Pineapple Drink (@ Summerfest) seagulls: !Ohmai - Seagulls (@ Summerfest)

location: Izzie's 

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Calm after the storm.

Credits: BUC: Solid Buckethat (Unrigged) Gabriel::Henry Neck shirt / Light blue, Gabriel::Hang sunglasses @Kustom9  NEVADA Jeans(OriginalStyle) Cold Ash Benito Sneaker -Creme Redgrave Izzie's - Knot & Beads Necklace (male) HERMONY / SYMON / BodyShape ( HERMONY / SKIN / SYMON / ST3 / BASE Enjoy and till next time ♥

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:skin – alterego “kensi-drained-plain”
:hair – truth “randa”
:top – suicidal unborn “mineral wash top” new!
:necklace – random matter “jaqen”
:necklace – reckless “grenade”
:nose chain – le morte “nikohl” limited edition
:tattoo: reckless “nas”
:nose bones – random matter “harvester”
:eyes – ikon “deadshine – poltergeist – arid”
:lashes – redgrave “xtra long”
:shape – alterego “lydia”
:dimples – puncture – no longer available
:teeth – pekka 
:ears – mandala “season 5″
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Not So Lazy

What Im Wearing  Bluprnt Bucket Hat / BUC&Beusy @K9 Tuff Beard / Unorthodox Trill HB Design Hairbase / Unorthodox Vadar Jacket / *SORGO* @TMD Sky-Gazer Rings / Benjaminz @IDK Jeans Turner / Redgrave @TMD xRookie / Flite @TheBoysOfSummer The Industrial Backdrop / TONY Filed under: Events, Fashion, Limited Time, Male, New Release, Second Life, SL Tagged: […]

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:skin – alterego body co : arlene caramel [new]
:tank – blueberry : calyn double layered tank [new]
:hair – soonsiki : homme
:necklace – cute poison : tag necklace – queen
:bangles – blitzed : brutal cuffs
:tattoo – reckless : clements
:hairbase – homage : frenchie pack
:ears – mandala : season 5
:cig – nikotin
:eyes – ikon : deadshine – dune – arid
:lashes – redgrave : diva
:septum – yummy : diamond silver ring
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  Gotta post about this, Truth is having a 50L sale on over 100 hairstyles in the back room of his store! This is one of those, sign your alt in sales, load em down ladies!!!! :skin – alterego body co : arlene caramel [new]
:hair – truth : randa [new]
:dress – blueberry : sophia split dress [new]
:necklace – random matter : cambria @shinyshabby
:bracelets – 7 mad ravens : island wrist deco @theboysofsummer
:upper tattoo – reckless : clements
:lower tattoo – reckless : cole @theboysofsummer
:nails – punci : for maitreya square
:septum – yummy : diamond septum ring
:lashes – redgrave : diva
:eyes – ikon : deadshine – dune arid
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:hair – spellbound: astarte [new group gift]
:skin – alterego body co : arlene powder [new]
:tube top – cynful : casual tubes [updated for bodies]
:eyes – suicidal unborn : nova eyes [new]
:unicorn horn+ears : half deer : wild flower unicorn
:septum – yummy : kelly
:tattoo – reckless : clements
:ears – mandala : season 5
:lashes – redgrave : diva
:dimples – puncture : no longer available
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so ive kinda mentioned something before about my blog posts for places, as this is my extension of creativity and I really enjoy blogging and making unique ads for my posts. but Ive been catching alot of flack from someone about my ads for Truth, he hasnt said anything to me personally, and I feel like, if my posts were really a problem for him, he would, but out of sheer respect for his work, ima stop doin the posts the way i was. i was honestly, trying to be unique, make my posts stand out from the others and im being shot down for it. so i deeply apologize to anyone who might get confused or offended by my ads for hair stores or any stores ive made specific ad templates for. i just love graphic design and i mean no harm or i dont mean to mislead anyone. to me, its just my passion and im very grateful his team picked me once again to post for them, its honestly a honor x5thousand. thanks for the support from those who continue to read my blog and do enjoy the effort i put into my work.… Read the resttr-benita


:skin – alterego body co “arlene” coming soon!
:hair – spellbound “noir” new!
:dress – cynful “bosslady dress”
:tattoo – reckless “clements”
:bracelet – nomad “bound wings”
:nails – punci “for maitreya hands – square”
:septum – yummy “” @n21
:eyes – ikon “deadshine – wrait – arid”
:dimples – puncture [no longer available]
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A Lazy Tuesday

Uber opened yesterday, and I’ll be honest – the Indian theme isn’t my usual aesthetic, so I didn’t think I’d find much.  Much to my surprise, I walked away with quite a few things, and would have bought even more had my avatar been female because of all of the gorgeous dresses!  I still found some awesome things that ended up in my inventory, though.  For example, this shirt from Cold Ash, sandals from FLite, and hanging bed from junk. are all from the event.  I have this all set up on the back porch of a new home that I just bought a couple of weeks ago – Redgrave released it back in the fall, but I just changed to it.  I’m also wearing a bracelet that NOMAD released at Men Only Monthly that I featured a couple of days ago but that wasn’t really visible in the photo – this photo offers a much better angle of it. In addition, this is my first post wearing a mesh head!  I’m still pretty undecided on it, but I was surprised how similar The Mesh Project‘s “Classic” head is to my normal face shape – I just wish it wasn’t so pouty. … Read the restA Lazy Tuesday

Steel Drum Solo

I was recently looking through all the things I’ve gotten in the past for my beach, and added these great steel drums.  These are a few years old, and the creator, Xavian Starsider, doesn’t appear to have a store anymore, but they play 27 steel drum songs and are a whole lot of fun.  I got them at the Fantasy Faire in 2012.  Even though they’re a bit old, they’re a fun addition to my beach for this summer. I’m wearing a couple of items from Men Only Monthly, which opened a few days ago.  First, the Caseo necklace from AZOURY is an awesome necklace that fits a beachy attitude perfectly.  The Rebel bracelet from NOMAD isn’t really too visible in this photo, but it’s a great accent piece. Board Shorts | INVICTUS Phantom Boardshorts – Blue
Sunglasses | Redgrave GunShot Sunglasses
Necklace | AZOURY Caseo Necklace (Cream) (at Men Only Monthly)Bracelet | NOMAD Rebel (Silver) (at Men Only Monthly) Hair | Exile Give Away Your Screts (blonde pack)
Skin/Applier | Tableau Vivant Alyx (tone 7)
Body/Hands/Feet | #TheMeshProject Deluxe Male Body
Body Hair | #TheMeshProject “Natural”
Ears | AITUI Gen 4 Naked Mallets/Pose/Steel Drums | Stuff Xavian Made Steel Drums (RFL Edition)

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Sail On Honey

Credits Sam: shoes: Redgrave - Benito Sneaker (@ TMD )
pants: BlankLine - Roll-up Pants hair: Exile - Better Days
shirt: Cold Ash - Westbrook Shirt
skin: Hermony - Symon
Credits Izzie: dress: Pixicat - Voyage (@ Collabor88) hat: Mag - Hello Sailor
glasses: Izzie's - Gentleman's Glasses (@ TLC) hair: Elikatira - Adaline skin: Izzie's - Romy Skin

boat with poses: Elymode - Paper Boat
location: Dex

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skin: alterego [kensi-drained-noir]
top: alterego [my tube top-cross] new!
hair: kokolores [sydney] @suicidedollz
collar: creep [summon collar] new!
horns: punch [devil horns]
septum: punch [cross]
brows: tsg [miss sassy]
lashes: redgrave [vampire]
eye liner: black liquid [feline-noir]
ears: mandala [season 5]
nose bones: random matter [harvester]
eyes: ikon [deadshine-banshee-arid]
cuffs: random matter [bastille-black]
tattoo: nuuna [meta-grey]
chest piercings: puncture [no longer available]
dimples: puncture [no longer available]
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Calling all Goths

Hi, I am Helena, your Conductor for this evening. You don’t have a ticket? That is fine, we are handing out free tickets for the Ghost Train, with safe passage to the fairgrounds. Grab your free Ticket and head on to the Fairgrounds now! World Goth Fair has been going on strong in Second Life for a good while now. If you want to find out more information, you can check out the Official Site HERE. World Goth Fair is not only about fashion, but has a very heavy music aspect. Please keep posted to the site, for the musical lineup during the duration of the event. Fantasy Gacha Carnival also has a lot of Goth items this round, as it was one of the 5 selected themes. The items are nicely interchangeable for both events, so it is worth it to visit her as well. TP to Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Now on with the FASHION! Credits – You can find Store Links HERE or by Ingame Search  Hairbase – Adoness – Shaved Swirls in Black
Skin – The Stringer Mausoleum – Luna Amour Skin in Moonlight Tone/6 Makeup – *NEW* Common Gacha Prize @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Eyes – Mayfly – Luminous Eyes in Crystal
Lashes – Redgrave – Eyelash 41
Makeup 1(Lipstick) – #adored – Vinyl Gloss Lips in Asteroid
Makeup 2(Lip Gloss 1) – [B][S] – Gloss 0.1 – FREE
Makeup 3(Lip Gloss 2) – [B][S] – Glisten Lip Gloss – CHEAP
Hands – Slink – Casual Pose
Nail Appliers – By Snow – Fashionable Black (Read more...)

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#363 Radiance of a Different Kind

Today I wanted to share this beautiful new skin from Lumae, which is available for 75L at the Lumae mainstore.  You can choose from 8 different tones – I am wearing #3, Rosy.  Lumiya Rae is one of the most generous skin makers in sl – for your 75L you not only get this gorgeous skin with various eyebrow and freckle options, you also get every applier you could possibly need!  And I really mean that – as well as appliers for all the major mesh bodies and heads, you also get petite avvie, baby bump, and mouth appliers.  I adore the freckles you get with Lumae skins, so fresh and youthful.  I have added my own eyebrows and a slick of lipstick in these pics just because I rarely wear a skin as it comes out of the box, I like to add bits and pieces to make it mine.

I have no idea how long this skin will be available at this price, so if you want it at this amazing price, run!

Credits: Body Mesh Body:  Slink Physique Skin:   Lumae Adore 3 – Rosy :: Tulips {NoBrow} Hair:  Tameless Thyme HUD – Naturals Eyes:  IKON Hands & Feet:  SLink  Cosmetics Eyelashes:  Redgrave Lips:  Belleza  Claudia Eyebrows:  WoW Skins Elsa Dark Brows M/T Manicure & Pedicure:   Hello Dave – Slink AvEnhance – Flowers In Our Hair Clothing Dress:   More Than Ever  – Radiant Sun Dress in Blue Shoes:  Maxi Gossamer – Sandals – Ibiza Summer Beaded Accessories Necklace & Earrings:   Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – 92 Summer Of Love Peace Sign Poses Poses: Eternal Dream – Star Backdrop:  Home Sim Info There are often more photos of blogged items on my flickr account here.… Read the restPost #363

#362 Franky Happens

Today's outfit is comprised of two original mesh separates from Ducknipple which come with a great texture change hud allowing plenty of customisation.  I am wearing them on my Maitreya Lara mesh body and only very minimal alpha tweaking was required. 

I am a big fan of asymetricality (no, that isn't a real word but it works for me) so I really appreciate the design of this jacket, it's got everything going for it as it has studs and zips as well as being asymetrical.  It comes in five sizes plus fitted which I am wearing. The tank comes in the same range of sizes and is separate to the jacket so you can wear either on their own.  They come with a hud allowing a choice of 12 colours for each.

The pants fit really well too, come in 5 sizes and a choice of 12 colours via hud. I like the length as I sometimes find that pants are either too short or too long.  These are just right and would work well with boots but I have paired them with one of my favourite pairs of sandals from KC Couture, which also come with a hud offering 40 different textures for each of four shoe parts.… Read the restPost #362