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Fetish Friday: AtaMe Mame and a Sexual Meme

Long, Formal, Thigh-high slits, and Latex make a very sexy new creation by AtaMe. You can get this gown in red or black latex and find it in the new releases section of the main AtaMe store. 
So I have been thinking about the Sexual Meme that Strawberry did a few weeks ago and I have not done it because I could not decide which avatar to do it with. Kirsten is my main but Lingerie embodies my wildest sexual wants and desires. For those of you that can read between the lines, yes, all of the bloggers on kirstentacular are really the same RL woman. Although its the same RL me, my answers to these questions would vary slightly with each avatar because I definitely intend to answer them from my SL perspective. So after much contemplation, I have decided to include my answers to the Sexual Meme with my Domme avatar, Lady Ling. 
Sexual Questions: (from Me as Lady Ling in SL)
  1. What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself? – I am mostly attracted to men, however there is something enticingly provocative about dominating a beautiful female form too. I don’t really label myself because I fall in love with people  not genders. 
  2. Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy. - I really love V shaped abs and that little muscle on the bottom that makes that shape possible. Something about that muscle makes me all kinds of excited. The picture on the right kind of sums that all up nicely. Tall, dark, and han (Read more...)




April 2014
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LOTD # 047

Body: Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Rima Bronze 05 - HAPPY BUNNY GACHA FAIR (Each play is only 100L) Mesh ears: Egozy. Mesh Ears (Pale) Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -35- CornerPointed Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Oxidation Hair: >TRUTH< Siri w/Roots – mocha Moles: -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Moles 2 Mesh Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Mouse S Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – High […]

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Brooklyn, Daytona or Peyton, that is the question

Brooklyn This is  my first ever pose fair, as I was not blogging at the time of previous fairs and had no interest whatsoever in poses, whereas now I think I am a little obsessed :).First I just have to mention the build – it is fantastic, not onl…

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Sweet Life

I went nutso with the 8f8 Sweet Life Bakery at Season’s Story. I had to have it all because it is just so cute! The rare tram comes with 6 single poses and 4 couple poses. You can see one of the couple poses above. pose: elephante poses Sweet Noth…

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Midnight Yoga

Zsa has been moving into a new house and was feeling a bit stressed last night as she has so much to do, so I reminded her of the yoga mat she hasn’t used for a while.  Although it was after midnight, she dragged it out onto the sho…

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Yoga at Midnight

LOTD # 046

Body: Skin:  .::WoW skins::. Nawra Bronze - THE 100 Block fashion fair Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -01- Daily Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Ophelia Hair – Winter Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Mouse S Clothes: Jacket: Coquet. Mesh Denim Jacket – Blue - Fameshed  Dress: -tb- Fluffy Dress – Roses – Collabor 88 Socks: Maitreya Dahlia Socks * Apricot Boots: Maitreya Stagioni […]

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It has been a slow blogging week for me as I have been really busy both irl and sl.  I have a few blog posts in the works, I just need to put them together.Anyway, the gorgeous necklace I am wearing today is from [LNS Designs], and is av…

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LOTD # 045

Body: Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Iris Bronze Nat CL - The 100 Block Fashion Fair Eyebrows: .::WoW Skins::. Iris Dark eyebrows Freckles:  .::WoW Skins::.  More Freckless tatoo Moles: -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Moles 2 Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Feldgrau Lashes: REDGRAVE Eyelashes -01- Daily & 06- Natural Hair: ARGRACE Akane  & Haruka – Cocoa Base Hair:  ARGRACE Akane (Hairbase3) Cocoa / Dark Brown Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) […]

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It’s Not Just A Car!

Hello Ladies and Gents!
Today Sam let me write the story as “punishment” for smashing his new car, he said everyone should know what I did, out of my own mouth :( 
So, I was picking up my sheep from the willow and was on my way back to the farm, as I heard a loud “bah, bah” in my ear. I turned around and saw Shay, the leader sheep, fighting her way to the passenger seat. Shay got me so distracted that I missed the car driving in front of us and I hit the backside full speed. The car was turning over and we drove a couple of meters this way until I finally managed to stop my Jeep. Fortunately noone has been hurt by this accident, but Sam’s car was a pile of junk. Shay was enjoying the view from the driver’s seat, while Sam started a “girls can’t drive” discussion outside. It was no fun I can tell ya! This scene has been caught in the pic below:
It's Not Just a Car!
Credits Sam:
Hair Jon Truth.
Parka Roku XIAJ comes with texture changeable tee currently at The Mens Dept.
Skin Jonathan with freckle & mole layers New Clef de Peau currently at The Mens Dept.
Jeans Tube washed out Redgrave.
Army boots in Chocolate Hoorenbeek.
Pose ”Out of patience” by Del May.
Credits from the car trasher Izzie:
Hair: Kaoru Agrace.
Mesh head: Slink – Becky Mesh Head
Mesh head applier: Izzie’s – Slink Mesh Head Applier (Maci)
Shirt dirty plaid Shai.
Bracelet belt Izzie’s.
Jeans hotpants Redgrave.
Boots (Read more...)
It's Not Just a Car!

B Λ G U N Ç Λ R I O 2014-04-06 21:35:18

  Body: Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Leandra Bronze - DESIGNER CIRCLE EVENT!! Moles: -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Moles 2 Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Feldgrau Lashes: REDGRAVE Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong Hair: ARGRACE HARUKA – Cocoa   Clothes: Cardigan: Maitreya Wool Cardigan * Cream Blouse: COCO Ruffle Shirt White Jeans: The Secret Store – Rise Skinny Jeans – Light Denim Boots: COCO Cowboy Boots Floral Sand […]

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Jump without fear.

Hello Guys,
Razor released this fun Dino hoodie at The Men’s Dept,
It comes with a huge hud, that gives you all kind of texture options on different parts.
The pose is from oOo Studio and is called Code, also a release for the same event.
It’s the Two years existence of The Men’s Dept, and 50 creators are present.
Great to see how this event grew so big and awesome.
So congrats to the management,
Jump without fear.
Dozer hoodie Dino Razor currently at The Men’s Dept.
Black jeans Redgrave.
Mael sneakers snow Notsobad.
Pose Code oOo Studio currently at The Men’s Dept.
Location Twilights Edge.
Till next time ♥

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Jump without fear.

More Rock Attitude Fashion Fair goodies and boots to drool over

This is another post featuring a couple of items from the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair, plus some newness from a few other stores.  I apologise, picture heavy and blah blah heavy, but I have so much to share and can’t just post pics and not tel…

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Runaway at Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

LOTD # 043

  Body: Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Riwen Bronze Ears: Egozy. Mesh Ears (Light Fair) Freckles: Egozy. (Freckles) v.Medium Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Coffee Lashes: REDGRAVE Eyelashes -39- Luscious Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Hair: -LaViere- Eva  Browns   Clothes: Jacket: COCO Bomber Jacket (Hands in Pockets) Ocher Short: COCO Denim Shorts Dark Blue Shoes: !APHORISM! Rough Rider Boots Brown Socks: ~Cannibelle~ Ribbed Knee Socks Taupe   Accesories: […]

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LOTD # 042

Body: Skin: Egozy. Anjali (Light Fair).SOFT Mesh Ears: Egozy. Mesh Ears (Light Fair) Hair base: Egozy. Mendoza Hairs DarkBrown. (Light Fair) Eyebrows: Egozy. Anjali. Eyebrows DarkBrown.(Add) (Light Fair) Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes  - Fjord Lashes: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes -31- ExtraLong Teeth: DeeTaleZ Teeth & Tongue Hair: *ARGRACE* MIZUKI – Cocoa [M] Clothes: Jacket: *COCO* Jacket Over Shoulders Small Flowers – Fameshed Shirt & Short: *COCO* Shirt […]

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Avale and NanTra at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

My outfit today is another from the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair - the jacket and bodysuit are from Avale, and are also available in deep pink.  The microphone and poses are also from the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair, par…

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Avale for Rock Attitude Fashion Festival

Patriotic Pair….

I’ve seen these jeans in posters around the grid for a while and FINALLY found them for sale… so I jumped on them… and when my friend Buzz saw me in them he said.. “hey, I think I have something almost just like that.” And with that…. you have an inspired blog post….. Meet my […]

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Patriotic Pair - d

Leri Miles at the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

This lovely dress is Leri Miles item for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair.  It comes in 8 colours – blackberry, blueberry, espresso, grape, lemon, sage, strawberry and teal.  The fabric is rich and beautifully textured, and my ph…

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Girl Meets Boy

Hello and good weekend everyone! 
Coldlogic released a huge spring collection recently – the shirt I’m wearing is one of them. It matches my scooter from What Next in colors so well so I thought I visit Sam to show him – he does not look amused on the pic but I assure you he said he likes it – he’s just a bit jeallous that he can’t rock all the pink stuff, isn’t he? ;P
Girl Meets Boy
Credits Sam:
shirt: Gabriel - Loose Shirt
jeans: Shai - Mens Relaxed Jeans
shoes: 2Real - Low Cuttlerz
hair: Uw.St - Scott Hair
skin: Aeros - Teghran (@ Skin Fair)
Credits Izzie:
shirt: Coldlogic - Kerns Shirt
shorts: Redgrave - Mesh Jeans Hotpants
socks: Izzie’s – Knee Socks purple
shoes: Ingenue - Pickford Heels
necklace: Cae - Two Hearts
hair: Tableau Vivant – Gloster Hair (@ Kustom9)
skin: Izzie’s – Maci Skin peach
scooter: What Next – Scooter
location: Srs Corp
♥ Enjoy ♥

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Girl Meets Boy


I wanted to do a quick post today as the last one took me so long to put together.  This is my first post wearing the new fitted mesh, though early on I blogged the Redgrave “Liquid Mesh” jeans which I absolutely love.  Anyway, I was looking …

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We don’t have to worry bout nothing


I haven’t wrote much in here for so long. It’s time to write something. First, Cosmopolitan Sale Room has changed its location. I put in the link at the bottom of this entry. Second, SLebrity Slection Street Sale has changed its name to Hello Tuesday. Third, Skin Fair is back, that means I’m going to have more skin. I bought mesh head but I don’t know when I will strike a mood to wear it for my blog. Fourth, sometime SL is giving me problem for these past 3 days when I already have things I want to do and feel like doing.

What I wear…

Skin : Glam Affair – Romy (Base America) (from Skin Fair 2014)
Hair : Miamai – La Faveur Hat (Old Boy leather & fabric) (** comes together with this hat) (from L’accessoires March 2014)
Eyes : Ikon – Promise Eyes (Hazel)
Eyelashes : Redgrave – Eyelashes (06 Natural)
Hands : Slink – Mesh Rigged Hands (Mesh)
Manicure Enhancement : ZOZ – Floral Etch Elegant Polish (Slink) (from Cosmopolitan Sale Room Round 9/2)
Lipstick : Glam Affair – Romy Skin Lips Fruit Pack (Fruit 08)
Eyeshadow : Glam Affair – Romy Eyes Makeup (Color Line 03)
Cheek : Glam Affair – Romy Cheeks (02)

Top : Baiastice – Wify Corset & Shirt (Rose) (Mesh) (from Collabor88 March 2014)
Pants : Gojo Creations – Mini Shorts With Belt (Mesh) (from Cosmopolitan Sale Room Round 9/2)
Shoes : Hollyhood &ndash (Read more...)