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Skin Fair 2015: The Plastik & Sn@tch

The Plastik has to be one of the best places for me to get some really unique fantasy skins or really anything fantasy in that matter. If I can’t find something at other fantasy places I usually go to Plastik and they’ll have what I’m looking for.  The Plastik features a new line of skins […]

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Casual Ghost Diva

Finishing up some more posts for Candy Fair. I liked how I just accidently arranged my outfit to resemble some sort of ghost colors. Ha, kind of goes with my second life last night. Fitting so I though. Normally I would be using lyrics to express how I was feeling at the moment in that…Read more Casual Ghost Diva

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J-Pop Attack

A few events are starting this week and on Monday! Rhapsody started today and I just happen to snag a few items from stores I’ve never even heard of. Which is a good thing, because from what I saw from their shops I’ll look forward to future events. Next coming behind Rhapsody, is the MANGA…

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Where U Been

“Say you nobody till somebody gonna body you, flatline.” ” Pocket full of dead broad and you know I’m anti.” ” Anti- Social, anti- lame, but ain t I a cool broad, ain’t I?” ” You lookin’ at a star that’s spaced out, tryin’ to take my style then take off.” ” I go to […]

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look at my cute head

everyone is hooked on mesh heads, but really the normal ones feel weird to me. i need to be CUTE. that’s why when i went in search of a mesh head i picked up this adorable anime one! just like any fancy pants mesh head this one comes with a lot of facial customization options, you can mod the skin to match your body skin, and there’s a ton of mods on marketplace to change the teeth, and eyes. i haven’t done much to mine yet but i have plans… the expressions are adorable, this is just a small collage of some of them.  the mouth, eyes, and eyebrows are all moveable via the hud, for lots of different combinations. and there are a few different blush settings as well. so yeah.. this is the mesh head of choice for me! shopping list: hair: Magika [Hair] Shade
skin: [PF] Alyx <Porcelain>
head: UTILIZATOR M3 – Head v.1.9.2
ears: Chop Shop Mouse Ears V2 – white
hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
feet: Smalltime Mouse Feets with bow socks
tail: [->Pixel Junk<-] Rodent Tails shirt: =Razorblade Jacket= Ballistic Nylon 1/2 Coat w/ Solid Shirt
skirt: -SU!- Tutu Skirt Black poses: .::Kirin Poses::.… Read the restlook-at-my-cute-head-2

Psycho B!tch

“Wild Child“ “Runnin’ wild, behind this smile is a frown.” “That’ll make ya lay it down, quickly, she shifty“ “Killa strictly, out to come and get me.” “From a rose, to a .357 360.” “Psycho Bitch“  Hair: Magika- Road [New][Mesh][Pack 03 NEW NEW NEW, sale ends soon only the new packs that she produced THIS […]

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Lazy Sunday

Rise and shine everyone! Lazy Sunday is back once again with items on special for 75L or less. You really don’t want to miss out on these fantastic deals, so head down and grab your favorites before the end of the day. ^^ Spin < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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The Doll Underground

“This is the second communicate from the doll underground.” “Doll Underground.” “Look where you live, trap homes, stamped out in alternating orientation camouflage the revolution.” “This is the first sign of the owners that you’ve become their stock.”Only you can help the doll underground.” [Honestly, I hope I was close or near correct on the third sentence. It was a pain to listen to that over and over again to figure it out! ] Hair: Tameless Hair- Pippa [New][Mesh] Skin: Aeva//Heartsick- Soma- Tone 5- Twilight Haze [Available The Outlet Sales Room] Eyes: Gola- # Xkingfisher White [FREE, Group gift free to join] Collar: Zombie Suicide- Shimmer Collar Dress: Razorblade Jacket- Prowler Dress [New][Mesh][Available Stalkerazzi] Leggings: Sn@tch- Ziggy Leggings Bear: YumYums- War-Ready ilo- Glamour [NEW][Mesh][Available Stalkerazzi] Boots: Razorblade Jacket- Enforcer Boots [New][Mesh][Available Men's Dept.] Bracelet 1: Ducknipple- Opelia Gloves Bracelet 2: Muka- Bracelet Black [Free][American Bazaar Hunt] Tattoo: Letis Tattoo- Diphda Nail Applier: By Snow- Fasionable Black [Marketplace][Dollarbie] Poses: Focus Poses- Model 120

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Post #433 FATEwear

Skin: -Sacred- BRODY skin – T2 - Mustache: Clef de PeauMustache Facial Hair: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair 5ED – 2 – Dark Jacket: FATEwear Jacket – Leon | ANNIVERSARY GIFT Watch: UPGRD – Spinning Watch Jeans: Razor – Skillz Baggy Jeans w/ Clip Belt – Black Sneakers: Lucien.Marcelo - Leather Calf Velcro Sneakers 1′s | NEW Pose: Unorthodox – Keef | FI*FRIDAYS

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Fi*Fridays is back with some deliciously wonderful creations from some lovely designers! They’ve got everything you could ever want and it’s not all just for girls, there are plenty of wonderful items for guys as well!  And the best part is that it’s all only 55L! say what?? yep. 55 buckaroos. So come on over and spend all your money! Callie Teleport to Fi*Fridays   < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Team Free Will- Gender Swap Style

  "Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days."  That line is the beginning of the very wild ride that is Supernatural.  Once that line is spoken it all begins.  Thinking back on it after all the seasons so far almost gives me the chills.  The show really impressed me from the very beginning, that line hooking me, and I haven't been able to get away from it yet.
   When I really love something like a show, a movie, a song, a book, I always want to incorporate it somehow into my daily life, to enjoy it on a different level.  My thirtieth birthday party was Harry Potter themed, for example.  For Supernatural I wondered what it would be like if the main characters were female, rather than male, and an idea formed.
  I thought it might be fun to get my pal Alice Demonia together to do a photo as a female Castiel with me, while I did a female Dean Winchester.  Then I thought it would be fun to do a Sam.… Read the rest

Lazy Sunday Gets Hotter for August

Hey lovelies! Time for another round of Lazy Sunday and August is getting hotter and hotter! Go get your favorites before the day is over. Happy Shopping,
♥ Dani MIA: Immerse < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Post #412 – KAUNA

Hat: [SISU] Operator Hat Sunglasses: kal rau – Sport Sunglasses_mesh gift Facial Hair: [CheerNo] Body.Facial Hair A #3 T-Shirt: Kauna – SilouWar Tshirt | FaMESHed August 2013 Jeans: Razor /// Skillz Baggy Jeans w/ Clip Belt – Black Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] – Karsen Boots – Black/Black

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Post #403 FE STYLE

Beanie: ::Fe Style:: Mesh Beanie – Dirty | FI*FRIDAYS Sunglasses: [[SHADE THRONE]] Big Boss Sunglasses | Marketplace Mustache: Clef de Peau – Mustache Facial Hair: ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair 5ED – 2 – Dark Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] –  Ocean Moon Jeans: Razor – Skillz Baggy Jeans w/ Clip Belt – Black | THE BOYS OF SUMMER Sneakers: { Micoolie } Run + Gold Poses: Purple Poses - Eric | SHE & HIM

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Finding my sn@tch

” Natural selection is anything ,but random.” -Richard Dawkins Hair: Magika- Tendency Piercing: Cute Poison – Ephemera Piercing Tattoo: Dethly Productions- Blessed Tattoo Top: Sn@tch- Macy Satin Mini Dress [NEW][MESH][Shown in Blue] Pants: Sn@tch- Bomber Latex Pants [NEW][Shown in Silver] Gloves: Motivaction- Studded Gloves-Black Denim Shoes: Razorblade Jacket- Lovesick Boots Poses: Axix- Aria [Available at Summer Break Festival]  

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Pretty little Lindsey

So, taking a break from Swtor to do some catchin’ up! Off from work for almost a week, so catchin up here I come! In the first photos I am going to do something a bit different. I am going to show you each skin, but in a different tone. Each skin is different and there are 5 tones. The Lindsey Skin is brand new from Zombie Suicide, comes in 4 different make-ups, but 5 different tones. Lindsey: Skin # 1 Tone 1 Dark Brows,Skin # 2 Tone 2 Light Brows ,Skin # 3 Tone 3 Dark Brows, Skin # 4 Tone 4 Dark Brows , Skin # 4 Tone 5 Light Brows Lindsey Skin Package Please try the DEMOS before you buy, now take this taxi to Zombie Suicide. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/District/86/143/28   Hair: Dura- 3rd year anniversary [FREE, group gift] Skin: Zombie Suicide-Lindsey Skin # 4- Tone 4 Eyes: Dead Apples- Thunder- Rainbow Piercing: Random Matter- Buried Memories [Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/45459] Collar: Zombie Suicide- Simmer Collar-Black and silver Dress: Sn@tch – Tracy Linen Sun Dress [NEW][MESH][Purple Shown] Nail Applier: .Vix- Bright Basicis [Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/52267] Tattoo: Suicide Gurls- Begs Tattoo [FREE, Makeup & Tattoo Hunt] Shoes: Raz (Read more...)

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The Box – July

It’s time for another round of The Box. 20 designers have put out some amazing designs for this event. It lasts all month so go pick out your favorites! You don’t want to miss out on this great collection. Happy Shopping,
♥ Dani Teleport to The Box

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Beanie: Dope Designz ~-TRS-~ SINNER Beanie / NEW Tee: ::Fe Style:: Mr. Ray – Tee V.2 | fi*Fridays Shorts: Putain Co. Khaki Fit Shorts Sneakers: Razor – Player Kicks | Endless Summer Hunt

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Lazy Sunday Sleeps In

Good morning everyone! Time for a new round of Lazy Sunday. So after you awaken from your wonderful slumber, slip out of bed even in your jammies and go get these awesome designs all available for today for just 75L and under! Happy Sunday Shopping,
♥ Dani

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The 100 Block

On 13th May 2013 · By Lashae Karsin · With Leave a comment
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The 100 Block opened this past weekend with over one hundred participating stores.  This new shopping fair from Depraved Nation features designers specializing in clothing, accessories, skin, makeup and poses, and all event specials are marked at half price.  The gallery below features only the items clearly marked as event exclusives.  The fair will remain open through May 31st.
Teleport to The 100 Block Happy shopping ♥ < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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