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#814 Ambiance bohème

Shiny Shabby will be back in a few hours for a new round. At 12 PM SLT it will open its doors. 
I share with you a preview of the great looking items you will find at this event. Enjoy!

Credits :

Hair : Mina - Yuliya mesh NEW Shiny Shabby From 12 PM SLTHead : SLink - SLink Visage Head mesh Skin : DeeTaleZ - Face Laura PowderEyes : Ikon - Perspective EyesNail polish : La Boheme - SLink Manicure / Deco Morning Glory GoldDress : Enfant Terrible - Natalya Dress mesh NEW Shiny Shabby From 12 PM SLTBoots : Aphorism - Glastonbury Boots mesh NEW Shiny Shabby From 12 PM SLTNecklace : Maxi Gossamer - Necklace True Hearts meshRing : Maxi Gossamer - Ring Dew Encrusted Teardrop mesh 
Poses : Purple Poses - Model Poses Set

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April 2015
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The Artist

The Sakura Round of the Xiasumi School Festival opened on April 3rd with all kinds of goodies.  This photo highlights items from one of the gachas available from the festival, the Artist’s Studio Gacha from Vive Atelier by Vive Nine.  The gacha is L$50 per play and has three rares (the skybox, the artist’s apron, and the double canvas rack) and 13 commons.  There are so many great things available at the Festival.  Be sure to stop by before it closes on April 21st! Apron | .: vive atelier :. 02 Artists Apron (at Xiasumi School Festival)
Body Paint | Fallen Gods Inc HOLI Phalgun Purnima (at Ozimals Holi Hunt)
Hair |[Colors] 63 LightBrown
Eyes | IKON Sovereign Eyes – Fjord
Skin/Applier | Tableau Vivant Alyx (tone 7)
Body/Hands/Feet | #TheMeshProject Deluxe Male Body
Ears | AITUI Gen 4 Naked Pose | Purple Poses Leon 08 .: vive atelier :. 01 Artists Studio Skybox (at Xiasumi School Festival)
.: vive atelier :. 03 Artists Double Canvas Rack (at Xiasumi School Festival)
.: vive atelier :.Read the restThe Artist (low res)


Hair: Magika ~Shade

Eyes: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Eyes2: Glamorize ~Drama Black - Black

Lips: Eyelure ~Lip Ice Nude

❤ Dress: Urban Cherry ~Irena #10 @ Designer's Circle

Shoes: Razor ~Vice Heels

Bracelets: Reverie ~Selkies Bangles

Necklace: {Scene} ~Grandma's pearls

❤ Tattoo: Heydra ~Lil Skulls Face Tattoo  @ The Evil Bunny Hunt 5
❤ Nails: ZOZ ~DSignature Easter @ The Flagship Shop

Purple Poses ~Andrea 07
❤ Something New ~ August CG @ Olaha Event
❤ Something New ~ December CG 

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Happy Easter!

When I saw this outfit at Menswear Fashion Week, I knew that I had found my Easter outfit for this year.  It’s just so cute!  Unfortunately, the shorts don’t fit the legs of The Mesh Project’s male body at all, so I’m back to the standard avatar for today!  I’m also wearing my favorite boots on the Grid, the Anthony boots by FATEstep*.  To my right is a gorgeous new seating area that Sway’s has out for Uber called the Edna Arbour*.  The cushions color change, and there’s a huge variety of poses inside the seating area itself.  To my left is an adorable statue that Ohmai put out at Creation.JP, as well as two of the goldfish that were created to fit in it.  This little corner of my sim is a place that I love, and these two things were just what I needed to make it perfect for spring. Outfit | E-Clipse Jamil v4 (at MWFW)
Shoes/Socks | FATEstep Anthony Boots*
Necklace | Mandala Ero-Sensei Silver (Chain_Simple_Long)
Bracelet | Mandala Billionaire _Genius (Brown/Leather/Complete)
Glasses | [Steinwerk] Alphabeat Glasses
Hair | Tableau Vivant Victor – Basics
Eyes | IKON Sovereign Eyes – Fjord
Skin/Applier | Tableau Vivant Alyx (tone 7)
Hands | Slink AvEnhancement Male Hands (Relaxed)
Body Hair | #TheMeshProject “Natural” (Light)
Ears | AITUI Gen 4 Naked Pose | Purple Poses Ethan 03 Seating | Sway’s [Edna] Arbour mossy* (at Uber)
Statue | !Read the restHappy Easter (low res)


Hair: Elikatira ~Leighann
Eyes: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Eyes: Glamorize ~Drama Black

Lips: Eyelure ~Lip Ice Nude

❤ Dress: Heydra ~Kitty Dress Pink Zebra @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 

Shoes: HollyHood ~Jessica Heels

❤ Eye Piercing: Punch ~ Flawless-Onyx  :New @ MainStore:

❤ Lip Piercings: Punch ~ Spider Bites & Spider Bites II :New @ MainStore:

Bracelets: Mandala ~7Luck Bracelet

Necklace: Ecco ~ Inverted Cross Necklace
❤ Nails: ZOZ ~Tulip Shine - Spring @ Cosmopolitan

Eternal Dream Pose ~Stylish 08
Ma Vie. Poses  ~Equilibrium 07
Purple Poses ~Eleanor 06

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Hair: Truth ~Carmen
Eyes: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Lips: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo/Lips
❤ Outfit: Eyelure ~Lace Babydoll

❤ Gloves: Infliction ~Selkie Gloves

❤ Nose Piercing: {Scene} ~Starlet Crescent Piercing @ Carnevil

❤ Horns: Punch ~Devil

Bracelets: .K-Otic. ~Slutty Bangles

Leg Wrap: .K-Otic. ~Mangled Bangles & Legs

Nails: Juxtapose ~Powdercoat Nails Hud

Something New ~  Sweet and Sexy @ TUMF Dark Wonderland Fair
Purple Poses ~Keira 03

<a href="websiteURL">Blog Info Here</a>

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SL Fashion Week is Back!

Looking for fresh fashions, look no further.  SL Fashion Week is back with all new high end affordable fashions and accessories.  You’ve only got one week to shop this round so better hurry.  Open today March 19 – March 26, 2015. ♣ Cinder Teleport to SL Fashion Week < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Hair: *Soonsiki~Spin The Bottle
Skin: *Birth* Aria Skin (CreamTone) - M6
Eyes: .tsg. Neko Luvers Eyes (Amethyst&Sapphire)
Piercings: PUNCH / Vain {steel combo/pure} *Suicide Dollz!
Ears: !TLB - Kawaii Ears/Teal&Pink/Purple  *Suicide Dollz!
Choker:  .{PSYCHO:Byts}.  Bat Choker - Pastel
Arms: .::Kakurenbo::. Cyber harajuku arms
Dress: .Atomic.  {Vintage Kitten} FluffyPack *The Kawaii Project!

Pose: Purple Poses - Stella 08

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Afternoon Tea Party

     It was definitely time that I play with a few more of my Arcade goodies. We are about half way through March Arcade. I am showing you the complete (except Rare 2) erratic set and the rare Boogers tea party table and a few of the bears. I needed all of the bears and have the whole set but I just chose to show a few of them joining me in a tea party after this post. The Ingenue shoes at Arcade were the perfect compliment to this 20's nostalgic erratic outfit which I adore. It comes with a HUD and the dress changes colors too. 

    Look at this adorable bear tea party! I just adore this set. It is my favorite Booger bear set by far. I can't get over how cute they are with the little tea cups in their hands and hats on their heads. 

     Here is a closer view of the erratic tea set with a little bit of depth of field. I keep playing with DoF and am not sure if I am getting better or not. It looks pretty cool to me though. You can find the erratic and Boogers sets at Arcade until the end of March. 

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#803 Un océan pour seul refuge

If you're in love with Lovecraft's world and/or Jules Verne's novels, I can advise you two events: the first one "Lovecraft's Wake" is going through March 22nd, the second event is the third round of "A Tattered Page" organised by Cursed Events which will run till March 31st.
Also I share with you another new skin you can buy at the Skin Fair 2015. This skin exists in a large choice of tones and has a lot of options. It can be used by classic avatars and The Mesh Project ones.

Credits :

Hair : Truth - Snow meshSkin : Jumo - Alexa Skin (for The Mesh Project) NEW Skin FairEyes : Buzzeri - Lillian EyesGown : Facade Noir - Sonia Gown mesh NEW Lovecraft's WakeShoes : Pure Poison - Secret Key Pumps mesh NEW Collabor88Necklace : Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Meleagrina Asteroidea Necklace mesh NEW A Tattered PageEarrings : Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Meleagrina Earrings mesh NEW A Tattered Page
Poses : Purple Poses - Aria Poses Set

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#799 Juste quelques grains de sable

The Seraphim Social will be closing tomorrow (March 5th) at 11:59PM SLT. Don't miss the wonderful items created by the participating designers for the Ethereal themed round of this amazing event!
I hope you will enjoy my third and last post about the Seraphim Social.

Credits :

Hair : Calico - Aiyana meshSkin : Glam Affair - AriaEyes : Buzzeri - Celestial EyesNail polish : La Boheme - Deco MarqueeEyeshadow : NM Atelier - Ethereal Cosmetics Eyes NEW The Seraphim SocialGown : Dead Dollz - Dream of White mesh NEW The Seraphim SocialCrown : Fuubutsu Dou - Ethereal Gold Diadem mesh NEW The Seraphim Social Poses : Purple Poses - Kalen Poses Set

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Sugar candy-cat

Ears: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Black Neko Ears
Hair: MINA Hair - Femke - Ombres / Pastel
Skin+Mesh Face: *(OO)* YUKI_Mika 05 *Store Gacha!
Eyes: + The Ugly & Beautiful Designs + Youkai Pulse Green *Animated mesh!
Jacket: .::Kakurenbo::. Yuka coat
Shorts: -SU!- B Boop Shorts Sky 3
Ring: .Atomic. {Gacha} Sweet Deer - Romantic Ring *Arcade Gachas!

Building+ deco sweets: O.M.E.N Hansel + Gretel - Fairytale Bakery  *Arcade Gachas!
Pose: Purple Poses - Stella 05

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The Showroom is back!

  Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m here to present you with this amazing event that just started another round. The Showroom will be here from today until the 8th of March. Some of the best creators are here to show off their goodies to you, so remember to stop by and enjoy. Atiya ツ  Teleport To The Showroom < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > 

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Hair:  enVOGUE ~Anyalia
Booty: [Banned] ~Petite Booty Bag

Lolas Tango ~Delicq

Eyes: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Lips: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo/Lips
❤ Tape: Aphrodisiac ~Taped Up @ Anybody

❤ Pants: Aphrodisiac ~ Vee Hiked Skirt @ Anybody

Shoes: Razor ~Velocity Heels @ With Love Fair

❤ Rings: {Scene} ~Shooting Star Rings

Bracelets:Mandala ~7Luck Bracelet

Collar: Red Mint ~Posture V-Collar ~ No.07R

Necklace: Emo-tions ~Pearl

❤ Arm Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t ~Beautiful Death Sleeves @ Thrift Shop

❤ Leg Tattoo: .K-Otic, ~Celtic Calf 
❤ Nails: ZOZ ~ Cascade Hearts Black Tips

Purple Pose ~399 (Floor Pose)

Ploom ~Present II - 1 (Wall Pose)

Ma Vie. ~Equilibrium 09

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Hair: Catwa ~Bianka
Booty: [Banned] ~Petite Booty Bag
Eyes: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Lips: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo/Lips
Top: Tabou Irresistible ~Bra chains +Heart cover Nippel @ Thrift Shop

❤ Shorts: Pimp My Sh!t ~High Waist Shorts :new @ Main Store:

Shoes: Razor ~Velocity Heels - Black @ With Love Fair

❤ Rings: {Scene} ~Dipped claws @ Suicide Dollz 

Bracelets: Mandala ~7Luck Bracelet

❤ Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t ~Branch Out Sleeves Tattoo - Light 3

Necklace: Red Mint ~Posture V-Collar ~ No.07R
Purple Poses ~Stair 01

Pic 2
Majestic ~Anaconda
Ma Vie poses ~ I s---t rainbows 08
Eternal Dream Pose ~ Stylish 06

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Preview – Futurewave: February 15-23

Hair: Blues. Annie
Goggles: BluPrintz - Tech Spaces - Glitch *Preview! Futurewave: February 15-23
Skin: [PF] Sora <Alabaster> 
Eyes: Chus! Nova Bluesky
Patch: DRD robo eye *Group Gift nº2
Face tattoo: Beautiful Freak Circuit eye makeup - chartreuse *Preview! Futurewave: February 15-23
Lipstick: Beautiful Freak Circuit Lipstick - cyan *Preview! Futurewave: February 15-23
Jewelry: ::Static:: Bio Aggregate *Preview! Futurewave: February 15-23
Bracelet: ::Static:: Cog Cuffs *Preview! Futurewave: February 15-23
Tattoo: [...[Dark&Burn]...] Tattoo "Tribal art" *Sorry, closed store :(
Robo-hands: Star Quality Android Arms - Black *Preview! Futurewave: February 15-23
Top: SLX Outfit Brussel - buster *Promo!
Shorts: SLX Outfit Pawned - Shorts *Promo!… Read the rest


Hair: Catwa ~ Bianka
Booty: [Banned] ~Petite Booty Bag

Boobs: Lolas Tango ~Delicq

Eyes: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Lips: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo/Lips
❤  Dress: Aphrodisiac ~ Gifted Dress @ Suicide Dollz

❤ Shoes: ZOZ ~Alice Valentines Heel @ Thrift Shop

❤  Rings: !nfinity ~  Claw me UP Ring Black @ Thrift Shop

Bracelets: Ecco ~Inverted Cross Bracelet

Necklace: The Little Bat ~Drippy Love Choker @ Thrift Shop

❤  Necklace(Long): Scene ~ Love/hate Necklace @ Thrift Shop

Nails: ZOZ ~Cross My Heart @ Cosmopolitan - Feb 1st

❤  Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t ~ Sugar Skull Leg Tattoo @ Thrift Shop

❤ Face Tattoo:Aphrodisiac ~  Seven Deadly Sins - Lust @ Suicide Dollz

Frogstar ~Pin-up Stool  (1&2)

Purple Poses ~Vivien 08

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The Showroom is now open!

It’s that time again and The Showroom is now open bringing you many lovely items all with the theme of glossy!  This event runs February 11 – 28, 2015. ♣ Cinder Teleport to The Showroom MIA: EAW, Tony, Wayne, Purple Poses, Just Magnetized < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Love is in the Air at With Love Fair!

  Can you feel it in the air? With Love Fair is finally here and ready to make your February lovely! Classy, sexy, naughty or cute, which one are you? Well you’ll find it all here. With such a large collection of talented designers showing off their skills from clothing to decor to jewelry, you don’t want to miss out. This Event closes the love gates on the 20th of February, so don’t forget to drop on by! Happy shopping. ☺Ambreh Lynn, Connie, Tara Teleport to With Love Fair < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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In the spotlight

Horns: *May's Soul* beast horns black
Hair: MINA Hair - Peggy - Natural
Skin: .Atomic. Skin {HeartStrings} Creme
Eyes: .ID. Witch Eyes
Patch eye: *May's Soul* rose eye patch - Ephemeral beauty gift
Lipstick: .ID. Lip Dot - Black
Necklace: *May's Soul*  rose necklace - Ephemeral beauty gift
Outfit: *Tentacio* Danna - Black
Tattoo: { DATUM } Elastic Heart tattoo *Suicide Dollz!


Sim: Tralala's Diner

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