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#754 Une élégance à part

My look of the day is formal but a bit punk rock. That’s a good opportunity to show you new releases by some great SL designers.I hope you will enjoy it.All landmarks and details are below.Credits :Hair : Adoness – Freya mesh NEW The Thrift ShopHairbas…

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Hiram Got a New Skin..and Outfit

Hi, this is me, Kirsten. I don’t look like myself today? Well that is because I am blogging my other half and getting a little bit of male fashion on my blog today. Hiram has been wearing the same skin for at least the last two years. It is a good skin…

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#752 Tapie dans l’ombre

The new in-store event organized by Cursed EventsA Tattered Page” is running. Each round is inspired by a litterary horror classic. It is opened with the book written by Mary Shelley “Frankenstein”.

The event will go through November 30th. If you want to have more information you can have a look on the official website and its shopping guide.

I read Mary Shelley’s novel. Below you will find a short text (written in French, sorry. It was much easier for me to write in my native language. I hope you won’t bear me a grudge for that) inspired by this reading.

Elle errait depuis des heures dans l’ombre, alternant marche lente et course effrenée, tournant la tête de droite et de gauche pour tenter de l’apercevoir… Elle s’immobilisait parfois pour reprendre son souffle, profitant de ses courtes haltes pour scruter le moindre buisson, sondant du regard les formes mouvantes qui l’environnaient. 
Elle devait la trouver, trouver cette chose… LA chose qui avait fait basculer toute son existence. Il lui fallait impérativement retrouver la trace de cette créature vile et sans pitié qui avait semé la désolation sur tout ce qui jusque-là faisait son quotidien. Le souffle encore un peu court, le sang lui battant les tempes, elle se remit en marche. 
Elle avançait depuis déjà un long moment quand un rayon de l (Read more...)

Hija de un Dios menor

Hat: Wimey: Like a Circus: Ring Leader Top Hat *Cirque de Seraphim!Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Rini hair-Fatpack *Cirque de Seraphim!Skin: .Atomic. {Song} Macabre_Sugar + Lipstick 1 *Uber!Eyes: ::NM:: Supernatural Eyes …

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I said you don’t need my voice girl, you have your own

Collabor88 is JUST around the corner and I am realllly excited! Okay, I am always really excited about C88. I can’t help it! It is hands down my favorite event in SL. Ever.Speaking of faves, I grabbed my lovely Sylvia Olivier  and asked her t…

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#751 Ecorce de bouleau blanc

The Dirty Turkey Hunt organised by Depraved Nation is running. If you like to collect exclusive free items, this hunt is a must!Today I share with you a sample of the great gifts you can get during this event.Enjoy!Credits :Hair : Damselfly – Harvest m…

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What’s for dinner?

Hello guys,
a new round of Fameshed has started, so we are going to show some nice things from there.
I also want to point out the Aran Knitted sweater from K that I am wearing,
which is a new release for TMD..
What's For Dinner?
Credits furniture all to find at Fameshed:
House: Hilltop Cottage Dustbunny, Virginia dining set Cheeky Pea
Antique kitchen items Trompe Loeil.
Other decorations:
Dried flower board,with option to add your own pictures Izzie’s.
French bulldog puppy in the sink by Oopsie Gacha item.
Izzie’s credits:
Hair: Check out time Exile currently at Collabor.
Skin & shape: Patty Izzie’s.
Sweater: Goodbye Lenin Fishy Strawberry currently at Fameshed.
Jeans: Radi regular cut Blueberry.
Sam’s credits:
Hair: Better Days Exile.
Skin: Symon tone 3 Hermony.
Sweater: Aran knitted K currently at TMD.
Jeans: Relaxed Light Shai.
Couple pose 370 by Purple Poses.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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What's For Dinner?

The Showroom Presents Minimalism!

This round, check out the minimalistic looks brought to […]

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Showroom 10302014

#747 Teint de neige et lèvres de sang

A few details about the current events where you can find most items I used to create my look of the day:The Cosmetic Fair and the Body Modification Expo will go through October 31st. So you have only a few days to pay these events a visit!The Bloody H…

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Hair: Damselfly ~Jojo

❤ Booty: BANNED ~Petite
❤ Top: Aphrodisiac ~Olaf Sweater @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room

Pants: Perch ~Selene Jeans/Black

Shoes: Reign ~Not Your Momma’s Knit Boots (Huded)

Necklace: (red)Mint ~Posture Collar 

Necklace: Ecco ~ Inverted Cross Necklace

Rings:.K-Otic. ~Diamond Trinity (Black)

Nails: bubble ~Lace Fingernails

Tattoo: Inhale ~Cross #4 (Lips)

Face Tattoo: Little Pricks ~Ur Spotted Face

Belly Tattoo:.K-Otic. ~Pretty + Reckless

BellyChain: PerveTTe ~My Sweet Butterflies

Eye Makeup: Glamorize ~Drama Black

Lips: NerdMonkey ~Victoria Lipgloss Caramel

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

 Pose✚ivity ~ Cleo1
Purple Poses ~Vivien 08

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Oh Halloween Night

Oh Halloween Night

Hair: Elikatira ~Enjoy

Breasts: Lolas ~Delicq

❤Outfit: Envious ~Punk’d
Comes with a hat and backopack 
Shoes: FLite ~Outsiders~Studded Black :Gatcha Item:

Rings: Diamante ~Edge Rings

Nails: The Little Bat ~Resurrect Nail

Tattoo: Inhale ~Desert Rose

Lips: NerdMonkey ~Victoria Lipgloss Black @ The Body Modification Expo  ::New::

Eye Makeup: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo & Drama Black

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

LAP~SS-Come On In (Closed)
Purple Poses ~Vivien 08

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Oh Halloween Night

Angel Of Darkness

Hair: Little Bones ~Lux

❤ Outfit: Envious ~Dark Dame
Heals/Posture Collar Included 

Rings:.K-Otic. ~Crossing Knots @ The Body Modification Expo  ::New::

Nails: Aphrodisiac ~Mayhem Nails/Zipper Fingernails ::Gacha Item:: Halloween BlackOut

Facial Piercing: .K-Otic. ~SC~Lemon

❤ Wings: Pimp My Sh!t ~Bat Wings ::Gacha Item:: Halloween BlackOut

Eye Makeup: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo Eyes& Lips

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Picture 1: Purple Poses ~Eleanor 06 & Vivien 08
Picture 2: Something New ~Succubus

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Cure-con sweets!

Hair: [e] Abbey – Colour 01Ears: .{PSYCHO:Byts}.  Black Neko EarsSkin: .Atomic. Skin {Song} HeartStrings – Double Pack 2 (Old *The Chapter Four )Eyes: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Dog Eyes – TurquoiseGlasses: .{PSYCHO:By…

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The Vintage and Cool Fair is Too Hot!

From October 10th to the 24th, shake a tail-feather and […]

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Vintage and Cool Fair 10102014

Sexy Locked In The Cage

Hair: ChiChickie ~Iris 2

Eyes: BabyDoll ~Crystal Eyes/lt. Blue @ The Body Modification Expo  ::New::

Breasts: Lolas ~Delicq

❤ Booty: BANNED ~Petite
❤ Bodysuit: Aphrodisiac ~Fray Suit @ The Big Show
Shoes: Pure Poison ~Amelia Stiletto

Necklace: (red)Mint ~Posture Collar 

Necklace: Mandala ~Karma

Necklace: Pomposity ~Studded Bow Tie w/ Love ::Gatcha Item::

Rings:.K-Otic. ~ Diamond Trinity @ The Body Modification Expo  ::New::

Shoulders Chains: Sakide ~Kaalla Shoulders Cross @ The Body Modification Expo  ::New::

Bracelets: Mandala ~7Luck

Nails: NerdMonkey ~Amber Nails Classic

Belly Chain: Pomposity ~ Swilry Curly Belly Chain

Leg Tattoo: Pimp My Sh!t ~Smartest Thing

Eye Makeup: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Something New ~Bird Cage/Birdcage3
Purple Poses ~Keira 03

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It’s Time for the 2014 Body Modification Expo!

The 2014 Body Modification Expo is finally here! Your f […]

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Body Mod Expo 2014

Isis` daughter

Horns: /h/ Satyr Horns Brown *Suicide Dollz!Crown: #[M] My princess Crown *BLACK*  *Suicide Dollz!Hair: Blues. Pippa – Short BangsHead accessorie: #FF Coven Collection: Isis Chain *Suicide Dollz!Skin: ::Modish:: …

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Candy & Cupcakes & Cookies OH MY

Taking a break from my Mystic Realms Faire hauls, I thought I’d highlight another terrific event that’s going on until October 17th – The CANDY FAIR! Definitely the sweetest (no pun intended) event in all the land; you could get a cavity just from walk…

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When The Curtains Close

Hello Everyone!

I posted the ladie’s suit from Coco some time ago – now they released 

a male version of the Shawl Collar Coat & Tailored Pants at TMD! 

It is so clever done, with one hand in the pocket, which makes it so original and…

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When The Curtains Close

Serious Business.

Hello friends,
Izzie and me are all suited up today, Coco made the suit Izzie is wearing.
And it’s so cool made, you can even do a hand in the pants pocket, can find this outfit at Fameshed.
My suit is imo one of the best suits for guys created by Kauna..
Serious Business
Credits Izzie:
Hair: Tied Up Epoque.
Skin: Patty Izzie’s.
Coat: Mesh shawl collar & tailored pants Coco currently at Fameshed.
Shoes: Deadwool.
Credit’s Sam:
Hair: Better Days Exile.
Skin: Javier Aeros.
Suit: XIV by Kauna.
Shoes: Wingtips Lapoint & Bastchild.
Couple pose 338: Purple Poses.
Location: Mayfair.
Enjoy and till next time ♥

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Serious Business