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Cold Weather Flight

I can’t get over how generous second life creators are this time of year.  I’m completely in love with this look and my total cost was 1L * (a bit more for you to exactly recreate it, as you’ll have to buy the two items from my store, but I bet you can find free substitutes […]

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flight final




December 2014
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It’s Happening at Winter Trend!

On 5th December 2014 · By Ambreh Lynn · With Leave a comment
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  Winter Trend is in action! Whether you enjoy bei […]

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With Silent Confidence I Prowl — Featuring Artizana from Designer Showcase and October’s 4Seasons

I always know when a design comes from Artizana. The designer has a specific point of view and remains consistent, from piece to piece, since I began to blog her items. I’ve seen a few in various special events around the grid and often find items at Designer Showcase from there as well.

This is another of those instances. The choices Artizana added to this cycle offer a range that even includes an outfit for the guys, which is awesome because I know that menswear might be much more difficult to find.

This outfit Koutiala (Savannah) has a tribal vibe with earth tones that I thought melded well with the new release of the skin tone Mocha for the Angelina face that’s just about to come out at October’s 4Seasons. This sneak peeks shows how beautiful this darker skin tone really is, and I chose the natural skin, no makeup added, because I knew I’d use the face wrap, and because I believe this Angelina face continues to be the absolute best yet ‘face’ line at 4Seasons.

With no makeup, the eyes have a passion that speaks confidence silently and if you choose to wear the skin options that do have makeup, that passion remains, with a flair. (I thought the set of poses called ‘Confidence’ from Image Essentials Props and Poses were apropos for this pair of photos!)

Featuring Artizana Koutiala (Savanna) Sari from Designer Showcase
Featuring October’s 4Seasons Mocha Skin Tone (Angelina)
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50 Shades of Eden and one of them is pissed :)

Angry because I have spent the last several days in SL attempting to get this shot and either my new graphics card is a fail or the cable provider is a lamo and not giving me a good connection. Either way, my son finally relented and let me use his lap…

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The Vintage and Cool Fair is Too Hot!

From October 10th to the 24th, shake a tail-feather and […]

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Vintage and Cool Fair 10102014

The Instruments Score Horror!

The Instruments themed the month of October ‘horr […]

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The Instruments

Smoke Gets in Her Eyes

Stylecard: Gown: Junbug – Ariel (lavender) // Fameshed // Stone: Miamai – Varanasi Fur Stole (black) Hat: Purple Moon – Cora Hat (black) Jewelry: Lazuri – Royal Blush Ciggy: JCNY – Madame Couture… Continue reading

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Stay Classy and Visit — Featuring Purple Moon at Rock Your Rack, .:JUMO:. at 24 Squared, [LG] Boutique at Designer Showcase, Truth and !Lyrical B!zarre Templates

*One of my longer blogs, but so much to share, so many places to go…

One of those Mondays comes along now and then where you really do wake up and look outside and wish it were raining so you could easily slip back under the covers and sleep a little longer, listening to the sound of soulful droplets on the roof. It wasn’t raining today but I still took my Monday really slowly, not actually ‘getting up’ til it was mid-afternoon. I don’t have a very reliable schedule, which is why blogging really works well for me!! and never know when I’ll sleep or wake. I’m at peace with the world of modeling that I’ve chosen and love the chance to wake up at 3 p.m. or 4 a.m. and always have something new to share.

I styled this pants suit from PurpleMoon Creations and had to message the designer. It had been ages since I’d gotten anything from her store, as I work with what’s shared, and events, and each event has a different compilation of designers. I remembered why she was one of the top designers on the grid when I put her pant suit on… it’s impeccable. You can find the Adele suit in black at the Rock Your Rack charity event. I styled this then went to find a location for photos and decided to go to Purple Moon’s main store. While I was working, there was a gifty machine sharing items, one of which you see in my hands. What a treat. The Raspberry Clutch was one of those unexpected extras!

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Take a Bite — Featuring Purple Moon from The Month of Games; Also Featuring *Rag Dollz*

Purple Moon created this pretty little pink dress with a peplum waist for one of the three exclusives at The Month of Games. Today is the last day and I wanted to show you a little bit more, while there’s still time to shop! I’ve also got on a new rele…

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Dream a Little Dream

Drew is one of the exclusives released by Purple Moon at Fashion For Life. It is beautifully made in every detail from the sumptuous embroidery to the black piping on the bodice that feeds into the spaghetti straps. The execution on this dress is flawless.  The advent of mesh meant we could sit down in our […]

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First Round of The Instruments

With the opening of summer comes something new and exci […]

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The Dreaming Gypsy at the Palace of Tears

So, what am I wearing today? I learned after my yesterday’s post that Fantasy Faire will remain open till sometime tomorrow (Tuesday), so there’s still time to visit there. We <3 RP and… Continue reading

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The World below Sanctum

She’s a crossroads demon and her residence is just below the great fortress of Sanctum. Majority of her time is spent at fiery pits of her home, but there are moments when she… Continue reading

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You are my heart

Pose: You are my heart – An lar [Pose Fair: 19th April – 3rd May]Hair: Soft – ElikatiraSkin: Sylvia – Glam affairEyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affairLashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – BeetlebonesNecklace: Venice – Purple moonTop: Half tucked shirt – Ma…

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You are my heart

Blast from the Past

Miss Betty was born in a wealthy family. Her future was laid out for her in the form of a marriage to a proper family, but to her father’s great shame, she did… Continue reading

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The Monochromatic Fair!

The Monochromatic Fair has finally opened and is ready […]

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Monochromatic Fair

Running Too Fast To Catch Up — Featuring Purple Moon, Hawker’s House, KMADD/Moda and AIDORU

I’m running too fast to catch up… Yes, I know that doesn’t make sense, but sometimes, the things that don’t make sense are the things that explain life the best way possible. I did go and get my Pink Shirt Day top prior to the 26th. I wholeheartedly …

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Belle of the Ball

Today’s one of those days when the inspiration to write eludes me, so I’m gonna spare you from long ramblings. There’s many gorgeous gowns in We <3 RP event, and I’ve only shown you one so far, so I decided to go formal in today’s post. I faced a dilemma with the colour, though, and […]

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What Does the Fox Say?! — Featuring Dot-Be Fashion, MADesigns, and from J&A Expo Goth1c0 and Wild Oats

This week, we watch the finale for Dancing With the Stars and they did a live version of a dance they’d created earlier in the season. (I watch it on demand so the actual finale happened a couple of weeks ago.) Ylvis came to sing in person, and we saw …

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What happened to the Spirit of Yule? (part 5)

Greetings from Fairytale Land! My name is Irina and I work as a reporter for Fairytale Gazette, or usually I do. We’ve had a heinous crime here – the Spirit of Yule has gone missing in We <3 RP event which opened just five nights ago – and the town’s detective is battling against the […]

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