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BURIED…A New Game from MadPeas, now with Sn@tch!

Lily went missing on June 18, 2015.She has not been seen or heard from since her disappearance.

In the NEW Game from MADPEA Productions, you will join the search team to discover what happened to Lily and take part in a chilling mystery that will keep you captivated for hours!
We at Sn@tch LOVE SL Gaming as you know -wink-and we are so excited to give you a little preview of our Exclusive Prize for the Players of "BURIED"

Come to the Sn@tch Main Store and grab your HUD to start playing today!  Win this prize from Sn@tch as well as a whole ton of prizes from some other amazing creators! You gotta play this creepy and fun game before it's gone!

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  It's been years since I have held a photo contest of any type so I am super, super excited!  What is this?  Well, we want we to transform your person free style into a Silly*Style for Free*Style.  What does this mean?

  We want you to take pictures of you wearing/using/etc. items from the Silly Seven event.  We want to see your most fun, silly, creative, interesting pictures.  There are items at the event for every price point, even free things, so if you want to try the contest you don't have to worry about not having enough Ls to join.  You don't have to be a Photoshop wizard, we will accept pictures whether or not they are edited.  Attempt to be better than my awful advertisement making skills and you could be a winner, haha!

You must add your photos to the special Flickr pool HERE.  If you don't add them I can't find them!

There will be prizes from the following brands:

W.Winx & Flair
Zanzibar Creationz
Buttery Toast
Weaponized Sugar
Beautiful Freak Cosmetics
Lamu Fashion
TD Designs
Azhara Boutique
Lolapop!… Read the rest

Spookzilla Bash

AlterEgo presents
Spookzilla BashCostume Party
Friday, October 24th, 2014
Music provided by Turbiine, Toxxic, Carmen, Rattis & Eli
•Group Access Only•
Free Shit I Live Music I BYOBoo’s
Dresscode: Costumes a MUST!
Doors open 6pm – 12am slt
NO tag, NO entry!!! ♥ More details coming soon …
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My Favourite Sn@tch

Well it's been a while since I have showen off some of the awesomeness out at Sn@tch at the moment.  Here are just some of my favourites from the past few weeks.  Be sure to check them out!

Talia Lace Tank and Talia Ruffle Skirt (sold seperately)
Hannah Party Dress
Trina the Temp
Dharma Suede Tank and Rae Belted Miniskirt
Jasmine Silk Jacket and Ione Sheer Bodysuit
Avec Fifi

Be sure to look for these cute little arrows instore.  They are pointing out some special savings on some great stuff!  There's even a freebie hiding in there somewhere...although I couldn't find it!  Don't forget to check upstairs and downstairs and enjoy some great Sn@tch at discounted prices!
There's also a new fishing outfit this week.  Have fun fishing for all 22 parts needed to create these awesome outfits!

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I Like Lots of Sn@tch!

I missed showing off last week's releases, so I have a bumper post for you today full of two week's gorgeousness from Sn@tch! There is something for everyone and such amazing value for your lindens! You can always look great when you're wearing Sn@tch!!!

Layla Layered Dress
Muerta Satin Gown
Quinn Sparkle Dress
Succulent Corset Dress
Alexa Velvet Dress
Judy Retro Poodle Dress
Cropped Corset Top and Sacred Brocade Jeans
Comfy Skull Sweater and Parker Cord Skirt

And don't forget the new fishing outfit is out and super awesome! All you have to do is fish up the pieces and you have some great free looks! Also there is a new VIP gift out, so if you are in the group, snap it up now!!! And don't forget System Failure - this year's incredible Halloween game! It's full of wonderful goodies from some amazing stores! I'll see you there!!!

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Fall Into Leezu Contest Entry

yay i’m psyched about my entry for the fall into leezu contest!!   hope you all like it too!     if you all have any tips or comments pls feel free to comment i’ve not yet gotten one comment on my blog so far thats not been someone i know!!! wwaaaaaambulance take me away!!!

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Scary Sexy Somnia

Hai there you adorable glowy pumpkins, I have got loads to tell you about so lets get started shall we? ♥ I am doing something a bit different and that is a Limited Edition Event! There will ONLY be 100 copies of these dresses EVER SOLD!! Only 150L for all three dresses Remember they are limited to only 100 sold so be sure to grab them while they last!
Only at Somnia @ Limited 50 ♥ In addition to the limited edition metallic’s I have some more colors that are available in the store they are NOT limited so grab them when you can! Only 200L for the full set!
Also new this week are some super cute Crazy Cat Lady tees! Purrfect to show off your love for those zany felines friends! Only 200L for the whole set!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ For Lazy Sunday this week there is another new release. I couldn’t settle for just 8 colors so there are two sets of this comfy top and each set is only 75L until Monday.

Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ And last but definitely NOT least this years Halloween game from Pulse & Snatch City, System Failure, is finally open and Somnia has 17, yes SEVENTEEN, prizes this year!… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Sensuous Glitz Metallics Ad

Unholy Sn@tch!

It's the best week ever at Sn@tch this week. Not only have there been fabulous new releases, but the 2013 Halloween Game has opened!!!

Unholy Gown
Full Knit Bodysuit with Lola Appliers
Skyler Corset Mini Dress
Annie Micro Mini Skirt
Like me, many of you look forward to this every year and it certainly is the high point of the Halloween season. Remember to de-prim, have fun and enjoy System Failure!! Don't forget to look around for fabulous prizes from all our fabulous sponsors!

And if the game is too full, go fishing and snap up the latest free fishing outfit. It's a stunner!

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I’m Geeking Out!!!!

I’m soooooo draggin my best friend with me the DAY this opens in world! This means you CHARITY STEAMER!!!! I got this NC from Ivey Deschanel, the creator over at Sn@tch    Coming this Halloween from the creators of Cutting Class, Nightmare Eden, DIVE, The Flesh Game & Resting Place, one of the most frightening and realistic fear experiences you will have in Second Life. Our 7th Annual Completely Interactive Survival Horror Game, “System Failure”!Shield Technologies is one of the largest and most omnipresent corporations of the modern world, researching, developing and producing some of the most helpful and advanced products we all use every day to better our lives. But what is happening at their newest and most expensive facility will terrify you! Where did all the workers go and why did they leave all their belongings behind? It’s up to YOU to find out and what you uncover, could kill you!A completely interactive and “rewarding” Second Life Gaming Experience with multiple levels across several sims & challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from dozens of fantastic designers.… Read the restSystem Failure Poster 1

Twas the Sn@tch Before Xmas

All New Stuff on the New Release Wall Today at Sn@tch!

And the Special This Week is the Ski Bunny Sweater Pack-Included Lolas Tangos Appliers only $69 L
And there's a NEW Fishing Outfit for FREE just Hang Out and Fish for All the 23 of the Parts! 
We're Also Having Our Christmas Countdown! 7 Gifts in 7 Days, Though Xmas Day, Every Day there will be a NEW GIFT Box Under the Tree, just click and buy for $0L. Clothes, Toys and More Exclusively from Sn@tch for our Customers!
Sleigh Ride to Sn@tch 

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Resting Place

Coming this Halloween from the creators of Cutting Class, Nightmare Eden DIVE & The Flesh Game, one of the most frightening and realistic fear experiences you will have in Second Life. Resting Place is a completely interactive and “rewarding” Second Life Gaming Experience with multiple levels across several sims, challenging puzzles, big scares and prizes from dozens of fantastic designers. See the Horror Event of the Season, this year and every year. Don’t be the only one of your friends to miss out on what some have called …”The Scariest Haunted House in Second Life!” Resting place starts on October 17 and runs until November 18. Sooo grab your friends and go check this out! There’s some awesome gifts and it’s a scary experience! It’s something you don’t want to miss! Happy Haunting!

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e! Mesh Around Hunt Prize

e! Eclectic Apparel is taking part in the Mesh Around Hunt which began today and runs until June 15th!
Mesh designers from around the grid have joined together to share the love of mesh!
It's a great opportunity to explore some new shops and try out their wares. If you are new to mesh you'll be amazed! If you've already embraced the mesh revolution you may find some shops you didn't know.

Paste this link in local chat and join the Ego Co. group: secondlife:///app/group/7dd7674f-7be3-9eb9-2e8f-9474c04f1791/about.    Look for a blue “M” the first hunt location is .evolve.
The Eclectic Apparel hunt prize is the Carolina mesh Blazer in a new and exclusive colour, Plum. The Carolina Blazer is a 3/4 length sleeved, open, cropped bolero-style jacket in a subtle damask fabric. 

For more information on the hunt visit the Ego Co. Blog.

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Flawless Spring Cart Sale

The Flawless SIM is celebrating Spring with a cart sale and over fifty designers are participating!  Each cart contains a special sale item that is set to only 50L; of course there are many other fabulous items on each cart for you to check out as well.  In addition to the sale, various stores on the SIM are participating in the Flawless hunt.  The hunt objects are large pink, yellow and white flowers that have been placed throughout the entire SIM; prices for the hunt gifts range from 0L to 5L.  The sale and hunt run through April 29th. Flawless Happy shopping and hunting, loves♥  

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e! Logo Contest! Win Cash and Prizes

e! Eclectic Apparel is having a logo contest to celebrate the opening of our new look mesh store

Check out the new store here.

Contest begins 19th of March 2012 and ends March 31st at Midnight.

First Prize:
L$1500 in cash
L$3000 in store credit

Second Prize:
L$1500 store credit

Third Prize:
L$500 store credit

The rules:
1. The logo MUST be 1024 by 1024 pixels and the winner will be required to send the layered PSD or XCF file to Eclectic Wingtips via email before recieving their prize.

2. the e! included on this post MUST feature in your logo. It can be any colour or look.

3. A full permission logo must be sent to Eclectic Wingtips by Midnight on 31st of March 2012 and should be named: e! LOGO contest [your name].

4. Only one entry is allowed per person.

5. By entering this contest you agree to give e! and Eclectic Wingtips all rights to this logo to use or modify without further compensation.

Enter today!

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Reblog : It’s Only Fashion’s Great SL Photo Hunt!

Had to reblog this hunt I came across, I think it's a great idea AND you can win stuff!

It's Only Fashion is having a Great SL Photo Hunt!  How Neat is that!?

Check out the list of pictures to take, there are 100 of them... some are easy, some will be hard, some are solo, some you need friends or strangers!  All will have you running around SL finding new places and meeting new people!  Read the post to see what kind of prizes you can win (including a photo shoot from Strawberry Singh, Lindens, and many more), as well as where to post your pics.  It doesn't list an end date, so if you're like us and love taking silly pics in game, just keep on taking those photos and try winning some cool prizes!!

*None of these photos go with any of the hunt pics, just thought I'd toss them up here for fun =)

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Fashion For Life 2012 – It’s Time…

Today kicks off Fashion for Life 2012, SL’s most successful and longest-running fashion fair! This shopping and entertainment experience – with 192 stores spanning 10 sims and lasting 10 days – offers everything from gachas to a raffle to live performances, ALL directly benefiting the American Cancer Society (ACS). Driven entirely by volunteers, this event is directly supported by the ACS and answers directly to them. 100% of the raised funds are presented to the ACS from the residents of SL, with over 5 million $L being raised last year. I know that in SL charitable events can sometimes make shoppers hesitate, but this event is completely legitimate and transparent about how they operate and how money is collected and donated. A tally is kept on the website in the top-left corner showing the “Running Total” of all $L collected so far. Even the sims are rented by the ACS directly from LL. So what do you have to look forward to apart from supporting a great cause?… Read the rest

The Black Heart Hunt

A new hunt is starting today on the Bizarre Behavior SIM.  Siss Boom and Lemania Indigo Designs are hosting The Black Heart Hunt which lasts through February 28th.  You will find fifteen hunt items from Siss Boom and twenty hunt items from Lemania; all prizes have been priced 1L – 20L.  As the name would suggest, the hunt item you are looking for is a small, black heart.  If you don’t care much for hunting but like the Siss Boom items, Lestat Reuven has set up vendors in her shop with the items priced 50L – 100L.  No hunting and you still get what you want!  Other designers on the SIM are also participating in the hunt; just look for the sign in front of their shops. Siss Boom Lemania Indigo Desings Happy hunting, loves♥  

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Fame & Fortune Contest Winners

We’ve got BIG news tonight in the way of Fame & Fortune contest winners! The winners of the THRID round for the oOo Studio Fame & Fortune contest are… First Place: Cala Rossini
Second Place: Wolf Hoffnung
Third Place: LostBoi
We know it has taken a bit to get the award winners to you, and we apologize for the delay, but we are THRILLED to announce our grand prize contest winners as well…. Grand Prize winner of 8,000L:
Adonaira Aabye Runner up winner of 4,500L:
Cala Rossini Judges Choice winner of 2,500L:
Wolf Hoffnung Thank you again to all of our participants and winners throughout the rounds, it has been truly inspiring to see all of the creative ways you’ve used oOo Studio’s poses. We are looking forward to putting together another contest in 2012!

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Angst and Round 2 Contest Winners!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Ola had previously created this set and is finally getting around to releasing it. One set for men and one for women. Daron Brandeis shot an amazing signature image, and these two sets of poses are available at the Studio now. Visit oOo Studio

Fame and Fortune Contest Winners: Round 2

Our apologies for keeping everyone waiting, and we hope you’re still preparing stuff for Round 3, which continues through next Sunday at 9PM. The three winners for Round 2 are:

First Prize:
Sugar by Wolf

Gorgeous color, amazing lighting, little details and the breath of intimacy made this one a clear winner for all our judges.

Second Prize:
Crush by Aric

Aric took this pose a step further in showing not only its unisexy ability (it’s originally a girl/girl pose), but finishing it gorgeously and giving a real sense of depth.

Third Prize:
Whisper by Alexxx.D (alex1985 diabolito)

The treatment on this pic gave it a fine-art feel, and the finishing details are simply gorgeous.… Read the restAngst Signature


The Studio released two super-steamy new releases earlier this week! First, the very decadent Communion, which Trinetty Skytower treated to a very Vampire Lestat view. This is sumptuousness at its finest. Whether you’re a vampire or not, this is a close hold pose of passion. Second is the long-awaited release of Strawberry Singh’s version of Troika, a three-woman pose which, like Girlies 6, is almost made for the hints of nudity it suggests but doesn’t show. She shot two versions both of which are outrageously yummy.
The Royal Living Pumpkin Hunt continues through Friday, so pick up this couple’s set while it’s still available for only 45L. Also just a little reminder…. Round 2 of the Fame and Fortune Contest began Wednesday, and will conclude Wednesday the 19th. The poses are marked for 125L sale. Qualify in this round to be a contender for the big money! Visit oOo Studio

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