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The Forest Spirit

Can you see them? Dancing just at the edges of your vision, flickering within the embrace of the trees.  Not everyone can. Not even all of the druids. It takes a special attitude, special attuning to the forest before your eyes open. But when you do, when your mind is finally relaxed enough, accepting enough, […]

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Code for Club

There’s this club, you see. A really shiny one. Shiny, but dark. Just the way I like it. I want to get in, but it’s early. Way too early. So what I did was called my friend who has certain… experience in adjusting robot protocols and gave him the bouncer’s code. The bad news is […]

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calculate descent | correct limb positioning | fix model balance | optimize functionality | scan surroundings engage system override | ignite hover-engines | support structural integrity | position limbs within humanoid parameters |  gain optimal balance | scan surroundings | scan surroundings information acquired | conclusion reached | surroundings non-hostile | surroundings trade locations | […]

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The Tower

Sometimes it’s all about security, of strong walls and gates, of narrow staircases leading higher, easily defensible positions. Sometimes it’s about the vantage point, of being able to see further than others, to have the whole picture in one glance, to enjoy the vision. Sometimes it is a test, of having the perseverance to climb […]

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Golden Huntress

Far in the future when genetic cocktails are the way to go instead of makeup products, this is what you get when you ask for a bold look with a touch of lioness and golden sheen.The look comes with personality enhancers, with hunter’s instincts, pride and the absolute security in your right to be anywhere […]

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Come On In!

I promise we’ll play nice! I also promise that our definition of ‘nice’ will leave you alive and mostly breathing, too.  We are if not exactly cheerful, at least somewhat amused. Surely this counts? Very similar positive feeling, no? Don’t be afraid, step right through and join us! All this to say that Gothmas by […]

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Much Ado About Apples

The next person who mentions apples to me will end up as one! In a pie. The worst PR fiasco of millennium, I tell you. And I should know, seen a few. Millennia, I mean. Why no, I do not look that old, thank you. I am quite aware. Oh, just healthy lifestyle, no secrets. […]

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The Spiral Fades from View

“The ship has been repaired. I can see the crew testing the propellers, checking the engines, making sure the very last party people — still dancing — are escorted out. It seems Captain Gearsworth is ready to take her leave … Continue reading

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Correctional Clockwork

“For today’s interview we are approaching one of the famous Correctional Clockworks that keep the peace in the Spiral. Miss- …hm. Do you use titles at all, how should I address you?” “Correctional Clockwork of Observation, Guidance and Parameter Control.” “That’s … Continue reading

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Miss Rosabella’s Pirouette

“Miss Rosabella, is it true that tonight’s party might be hazardous to health?” “Who told you? I mean… where did you hear such a terrible rumour? Our parties are completely safe! They’re practically healthy, counts as gymnastics, surely. Rosy blush … Continue reading

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Miss Crinoline’s Concern

“Miss Crinoline, do you feel it is safe within A Clockwork Spiral?” “Of course it is safe! We might have an occasional unsavory increase in population for being the county’s only port in the skies — you know, airship crews … Continue reading

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Remorseless Rose

She is another archetype of female villains: the beauty with a touch of insanity in her eyes. Or more than a touch. There’s always a smile, soft words, warm, decadent tones of colour, strong perfume lingering about the scene… and … Continue reading

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Zodiac: Gemini

Gemini — the Twins — is one of the duality signs for a good reason. Like the other such signs, it often feels like there’s two people at the price of one. Best (or worst, depending on your point of … Continue reading

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Get Your Goth On in Gothika!

Today is World Goth Day! This means that Club Gothika in World Goth Fair will be having a party of fourteen hours. Yes, fourteen. Seven DJs, seven different gothic themes, ridiculous amount of prizes with the winner takes it all … Continue reading

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Never because of rain, rain can be good. Sun, however… hiss. Besides, there’s something appealing in sun parasols, twirling them about. Umbrellas are practical, usually pulled and pushed by the wind, but parasols have a dainty flair to them, almost … Continue reading

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Out of the Shadows

Into the sun. It’s in a way exactly what the Sophie Lancaster Foundation is about: working on spreading tolerance to include also the people who simply dress differently. It’s rather mind-breakingly sad that this has to be any kind of … Continue reading

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Faire Jackalope

Fantasy Faire closes its portals today at midnight. With 8.4 million lindens gathered for Relay For Life (and still going), it has been a record breaking Faire in many ways. It was also the first time I was in the … Continue reading

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Every Rose

They all do have their thorns, of course. But what if there is a field of them, a whole sea of vivid blood red beauty? Breathtaking from afar, able to scratch and bleed you when approached. It takes a wolf’s … Continue reading

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The Silence of Yuale Nura

Its frozen, wintry beauty is breathtaking. Or breath-freezing, as winters tend to be. The elven enclave in the treetops of Evensong Woods glows softly in the night of blues and purples, silent and peaceful. That peace is carefully guarded by … Continue reading

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Lost in Caras Calar

It is what Titan’s Hollow in Fantasy Faire is really called: Caras Calar, a glowing filigree city of crystal and metal, suspended by chains in the air. In all its surreally luminescent beauty it felt like a place where lost … Continue reading

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