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Flat Rodvik Episode 1: The NEW Linden Home Model

The lovely and talented Strawberry Singh gave us a new blog meme this week. She put a Flat Rodvik prop on the marketplace and challenged us to show him around the grid. Here is a picture of me showing him one of the Premium sandboxes. While we were looking around, we talked about the current sale on Premium memberships. I mentioned to him that the memberships could be improved to offer more value. Flat Rodvik was shocked when I explained that Linden Homes have not been updated in years (since 2010 or before). When I asked Flat Rodvik for his help designing a new Linden Home model, he was happy to help me out- as long as I promised not to use any nails.  

I didn't use any nails in this design and no Flat Rodviks were harmed during construction. Instead, the new Linden Home model - The Rodvik - is held together by good will and customer retention. 

The Rodvik is small, but stylish. It's complete with a cozy Great Room (well, the only room) and a fireplace. His toga can be pulled back to let in some natural light (and Flat Rodvik's underwear) or let down again for privacy.… Read the rest



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Does this barrel make me look fat?

On 21st February 2012 · By Tymmerie Thorne · With Leave a comment
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How ironic is it that literally moments before The Lab is going to charge me $72 USD for another year of fun, that huge chunks of my inventory have gone missing. 

I happened to notice that my Party Items folder was missing when I went searching for beer for last Friday's blog picture. I keep kept all of my liquor in that folder, along with irreplaceable things like the party invitations I've made (including my crowning jewel: the Rat-vitation). It is was a huge folder full of amazing-ness.

Know what else is missing? My Lost & Found items folder. (Did I just blow your mind?) I only noticed the Lost & Found folder was missing when Chat Support asked me if the party folder was in there. Here are words you never want to hear from Support: "Wow. It's really, really bad to have a system folder go missing." Oh, I suppose you don't want to hear, "You are the father!" from them, either.

I've tried every inventory finding trick in the book including the really long shot method: filing a support ticket.… Read the rest

Back to SLuburbia

So, Jerremy and I sold off all of our plots of land this summer and moved into a shiny new Linden Home. (We think the schools will be better for our prim son, Blocky.)

We just got one house under my account, since you can't specify that you want two next to each other. Maybe we'll get a second for ... I'm not sure. Storage? It would have been so cool if Jerremy and i had been able to get two right next to each other. However, we lucked out and got one that has a lake view. And a neighbor with a cow.

It's been a good "staging area" so far. For me at least. You see, I forgot to set the land to our group. Which meant that Jerremy couldn't set it as his home location. And he hadn't saved a landmark. So, my darling husband has been wandering the neighborhood, unable to find our home again in the sea of look-alike houses.

It reminds me of a story I heard a while back about a man in France (?) who rented an apartment, went out shopping and couldn't remember the address to his new apartment. He wandered around the city, searching for it for a long time.… Read the rest