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Day to Night

When we can change clothes with a click of button, carrying our entire closet with us wherever we go, we aren’t burdened with the challenge of trying to dress for the office and a date with one outfit. However, I thought it might be a fun thing to try anyway. I will concede the skirt is short for the office, but overall, I think this made a fairly good office look. I wore a lovely structured jacket from Elate with a snug waist that flows into a petal-like near peplum. I added a big fluffy bow from Yummy! to add a touch of modesty to the bodice. The bow was a pale mint, but I tinted it to limit my shades of green to two, not three. Both of these finds are from the March Collabor88. But when five o’clock rolls around, the jacket is coming off and that fluffy bow is being rotated to hang over the shoulder, so the gorgeous and sexy bandeau style bodice on this fabulous mini from Cracked Mirror is visible in all its glory. You can find this dress at faMESHed. The shoes from Ingenue work for a lovely daytime ensemble.… Read the restMar09_003



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Things my father taught me

Using alternatives to PhotoShop - I edited this with LunaPic to emphasize the pouring rain. I have many great memories of my father. I remember him singing and playing banjo, dancing with my mom and telling stories with a twinkle in his eye. I remember his voice and his laughter. One of my strongest and most powerful memories, though, is from a day he made me miserable and angry. My dad and a picture of the woods above the river I grew up in the country on the far side of a lake, deep in the woods. It was a 3.5 mile walk to the school bus, though I often shaved some off that by taking deer paths through the woods. That day it was raining and dad offered to give me a ride to the school bus stop. We had gone about a mile when a squirrel ran in front of the car and we could hear a slight thud as it was struck by the car. Dad pulled over to make sure it was dead, but it had run off into the woods.

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There’s a Whole Lotta Culture Shock Going On

There’s eight full days more of Culture Shock and now that the initial mad rush has subsided, it’s a good time for the more leisurely shopping that comes with fewer people. Also with fewer visitors, the script gate is no more, so you can attend and wear your wizard hud, though you probably would have a better shopping trip without it. One of the places you must stop by is R.Icielli where there’s jumpsuits and tops and shorts in a ridiculous number of colors and prints. It’s a rainbow and then a rainbow factory on top of it. I hopped over to a lovely sim to snap a few pics. You really have to see to believe the incredible variety.

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I’m Torn About Paying It Forward

Gozii - a dress from Torn. Torn is a new store that opened in April featuring mesh clothing in a rainbow of colors and prints. Mostly I am torn because I chose to feature a dress from Torn, a mesh clothing boutique owned by Torn Difference, but it’s not just a play on words. You know I am a sucker for community-building projects, so Harlow Heslop’s Pay It Forward Project has a lot of appeal for me. In an ideal world, it would have developed organically and not in response to conflict, but in the real world, conflict is the heat that makes the seeds of change sprout. There is one way in which I would love there to be a sea change in the blogging world and if this helps bring it about, I will be thrilled. Nails from WTG and bracelets from Je Suis continue the black and white theme. In my opinion, too many see blogging as a zero-sum game, as though the traffic that goes to a competitor’s blog is traffic that won’t go to one’s own. In truth, fashion blogging is more like Starbucks.… Read the restTorn Difference