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Fairytales Can Come True; They Can Happen To You — Featuring Sabra Style, {{BSD Design Studio}} and Wicca’s Wardrobe

What a difference a day makes. I’m not one who gets too tied into a specific day because I’ve had health issues that were indiscriminatory as the good or not so good days happened every day, special days, regular day, it didn’t matter. It means I grew up learning to be flexible and also to make the best of the good moments so that when another dark valley swooped in for a few weeks or days or months, I’d have something warm and wonderful stored up in memory, close to my heart; I used those positive memories to support me. This week was part of our annual beach trip. In recent years, I’ve traveled and stayed in one place for two weeks consecutively. Unfortunately, the military status and leave and all that jazz is slightly different at the moment, so I’m at Myrtle this week and this time next month, I’ll be at Taibee Island Georgia. I love getting away from the same four walls, even when I’m not in the best of health or head space. I also know it helps my sweetheart. I was unplugged for a bit more than 24 hours this year, just to make sure he knew he was the heart and soul of my life, and nothing was more important than him and his special day. We ate well, played well, went to see the One Show tonight, and then he’s snoring and I’m writing briefly to each of you on Facebook.

It’s never too late to keep up with family and friends. It’s never too late to have a small vacation. An actress on one of the da (Read more...)



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You can’t take the sky

To show you another Hair Fair 2014 item I decided to go to the beach and wear the new string bikini from Sn@tch.  You get 8 colour choices in the pack and you get the unrigged separate top and bottom or the whole rigged bikini in on…

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You can't take the sky

A bunch of delicious carrots from Hair Fair 2014

Today I decided to show some of the long hair available at Hair Fair 2014, and there is plenty of it for anyone who likes long locks.  In this first pic, we have Sileny from Alice Project, and Blown Away by Exile.  Both beautifully made from …

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Sunset Journey

Tricia feels Cherished

The Hair Fair 2014 goodie I am showing today is from a new-to-me store, +elua+, and I love everything about it.  The textures are beautiful, as is the detailing on the plait, and the little wispy hairs around the face and ears just set t…

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Exotic Spice

Harem Complete Outfit with Slink High Shoes & Jewelry by ALB Dream Fashion Group GiftZoe Hair by Amacci @The Hair Fair GiftLittle Thief Hairpiece by Sweet Leonard Group GiftSeashell Eyes by Poetic Colors Group Gift

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"You’re the one that I want!"

I have been trying to put together a post using *~*HopScotch*~*”s fantastic rock set for Rhapsody all week but I have been having one of those blogger block weeks where nothing looked right. Then I saw the new group gift from&…

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Rhapsody with a Jazz riff

This is another post focused pretty much on Rhapsody, with my outfit and all the furniture coming from this fabulous event.  The chairs and benches from Kuro are all texture change and come in both suede and leather. &nbsp…

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Raphsody in the riff of Jazz

Rhapsody on the Stairway to Heaven (with cupcakes on top)

Another post from the fabulous Rhapsody.  The first item is a pose/prop set by Infiniti, a store that was new to me until the Pose Fair a few months ago, but I immediately became  a huge fan of Brandi Monroe’s work.  Apart…

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Rhapsodic Stairway to Heaven

"I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow"

I am dedicating this post to someone who will probably never read it as she has left SL.  When I was looking for quotes for the title, so many of them reminded me of her as she possesses much of Scarlett O’Hara’s fire and drama, as well as her bea…

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"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow"

One day left for Lapointe & Bastchild Fashion for Life exclusives

This will be my last Fashion for Life post as it closes tomorrow, the 20th.  I just had to show you these truly fabulous capris from Lapointe & Bastchild – I have been on a quest to find capris that I like for about two years, and here, I fina…

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Lilies for Fashion for Life

This is a quick post to show you this absolutely beautiful gown that Sage have released for Fashion for Life.  It is available in the white I am wearing here, and in pink – the top and skirt are separates so you can mix and match with ot…

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Adrift at Fashion for Life

Here I am in another outfit almost completely from Fashion for Life.  The dress is from Even Flow and I am wearing the fatpack which comes with a hud allowing you to switch the top, skirt and belt textures, so I have shown you a sel…

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Fashion for Life

The Dreaming Tree and more Fashion for Life

I felt like a complete change today so not only have I managed to wear a skin other than Belleza, I have also become a blue eyed blonde.  This is a first!I am showing 3 of 5 poses from a pack by Infiniti for the Dreaming Tree event – the…

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The Dreaming Tree

More Fashion for Life goodies

My second big bundle of Fashion for Life goodies includes dress, shoes, earrings, pose/prop and manicure/pedicure from the event.The dress from Mon Cheri is so pretty – it has a really relaxed hankie style hemline and the sleev…

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More Fashion for Life goodness

Huge Fashion for Life bunch of goodness

Fashion For Life #1

Having lost a number of close friends to cancer, and with one of my oldest friends currently battling breast cancer, I was thrilled to be chosen as one of the official bloggers for Fashion for Life.  I love blogging, but blogging for such a wonderful cause really makes it special.

Fashion for Life is SL’s longest-running  and most successful fashion fair. All donations go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society. It runs from June 7th – June 20th and covers 10 sims – and having explored quite a bit already, I promise they are worth looking at, as apart from all the shopping, and helping ACS, there are some amazing builds to explore. 

The theme this year is Wanderlust – a reflection of Relay For Life’s theme Journey To A Promise. Over the 10 sims, you will find 150 stores, gacha areas and a region wide passport game.

Fashion For Life #1

My outfit is pretty much all FLF – gown, shoes, hair, jewellery and nails.  The gown from PurpleMoon is truly stunning, with lovely lavender detailing that is almost oriental in design, and the body of the gown itself almost shimmers, and has a very unusual hemline.  It comes with black gloves but it is impossible to get me out of my SLinks so I left the gloves off.

Fashion For Life #1

The hair, new from MINA, is truly gorgeous – tousled and sexy. and I so love the MINA reds. You get both materials and non materials versions in the pack, as well as a bigger boobs option. I am (Read more...)

Fashion For Life #1

Ladder of Time

This is quite a small post for me, but I am really busy sorting out posts for Fashion for Life, as I am on their official blogging team.  My nail polish in this post is by Zoz and will be available at FLF when it opens on the 7th.  Watch…

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Ladder of Time

All Glammed Up

I make no apologies that the majority of my outfit today is from LivGlam, because they have so many fantastic pieces in their weekly events that I had a real struggle not wearing everything! The outfit I finally chose is Jenny from the Block which…

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LOTD #30

I found this leather halter top from Girl Thursday when doing my Fifty Linden Friday shopping last week. Then I spotted the matching buckle skirt so I had to buy that as well. Both are mesh and come in standard sizing. My shoes are by *YS&YS* and I picked them up at TDR (The Dressing […]

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Liberian Girl

I have been a bit set in my ways eyes-wise for way too long – I have tried loads but always gone scuttling back to my normal eye comfort blanket.  That changed yesterday when I went to pick up the new subscribo gifts at Poetic Colors. Instead…

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Liberian Girl

Just Be

They’re always there, fluttering. Thoughts, hopes, fears. What-ifs of past, paths of the future. Choices, estimations, considerations, re-considerations. Neverending. Tempting, condemning, promising, despairing. They can feel like a burden, a swarm around you, never giving you a moment’s peace, drawing you in different directions, pulling your steps from one side to another, turn from your […]

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