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Such A Strange Day — Featuring [[Masoom],

Here lately, I’ve had absolutely no control over my schedule regarding sleep, rest, awake time, or whatever else you call it when you’re teetering somewhere in the ethos of none of the above… and it’s something I just accept. Life gives us all sorts …

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What Are Words For? — Featuring Romance Couture Gowns and {{BSD Design Studio}}

Recently, the people behind the new store Romance Couture opened their store with the flourish that can only be matched by the lavishly appointed gowns they sell. I’ve never had a reason to wear such extravagant gowns in my world off line, but a girl c…

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Trying With All That Is In You — TBCF 1mm, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, [ME], AIDORU, Axix Animation, shine by [ZD], Kaithleen’s, ~Shabby Cat

As I watch a variety of reality television programs, I’m most often drawn to those that emanate a genuine sense of reality. I know that behind the scenes, many so called real shows are orchestrated to follow a loose script, planned and sometimes a scen…

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This Magic Moment — Featuring TBCF Poudre, *Pc*, cae.b, [[Masoom]]

In every relationship you’ll find this magic moment. It’s the moment you realize you trust someone. To me trust means far more than love. I know, others may disagree, but I will share my point of view. Some of my point of view may relate to how I was r…

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Let Me Count the Ways — TBCF MM5, *SLAVE*, Dulce Secrets, JPK

Sometimes when we’re most affected by something or someone, we’re least able to speak about it. It could be something that we think about or daydream about all through a day, but to actually say it? Too scary!Featuring Items from The Boho Culture Fair-…

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Message In a Bottle — Featuring TBCF ArisAris, Poudre, avd, AIDORU, Bliensen and MaiTai, Apple Spice

Does anyone ever mail paper letters with stamps on the corner, sent by train or plane to the person you want to receive it?Featuring Items from The Boho Culture Fair- ArisAris Sascha Boots- Poudre Kenia Skin- *avd* Bohemian Lemonade Outfit- AIDORU BoyG…

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Pushing Boundaries — Featuring A.F.I Designs and Kyxe Skins & Shapes

I have been pushing the edge of what I know to new extremes here in Second Life as well as my paint program. I use Corel Draw X4 for those who know about those details. I edit most of what I do with simple cropping, the occasional retouch of a missed p…

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Halloween Fun — Featuring Baboom!

I get attached to different people in different ways, which makes sense, as it’s not that different online than off line. I get to know people I see more often better than those who’s only crossed my path once or twice.Featuring Baboom! Happy Pumpkin D…

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Trespassing – The SL HOME DECOR TOUR Part 1

Tymmerie Thorne has coordinated a virtual tour of homes, to inspire us, to allow us to ooo and ah over the amazing ways the creations of Second Life are put together, and frankly to perv cam people’s bedrooms. Cuz you … Continue reading

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I Have Only One Burning Desire, Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire!

I did some major shopping in SL this week. I hope I can remember everything that I bought! I am wearing another best buy skin from Belleza for the month of August along with the Truth Hair Arianna in light blonde. The outfit is the Swag Suit from two of my favorite designers, Promise Hollow [...]

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Did You Ever See a Lassie… — Featuring Evolve, Finesmith, and Face Paint

Every day, or at least most days, I work hard to put together at least one new look styled, and take a series of photos. I learn something new about photography, or a new designer, or something comes along and helps me with what I do.It’s a little like…

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous — Featuring Evolve, Glam Dreams and Banger Islands

Every so often, a show comes on television that celebrates someone rich and famous, fantasy or reality, it really doesn’t mind. The ideas entice us to dream, and think of those worlds that feel so far out of reach. I don’t know if everyone comes into t…

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You Never Know Who’s Listening… — Featuring Ms. Darcy and Luziefee

Social media has broadened my internet horizon a lot in these recent days. I’m one of those old people who don’t try new things so quickly. I know there’s use in each new fad that comes along, but I also get comfortable in what I do and how programs ru…

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Aeva caused a River release

Aeva released a new face called River, she has River: First Kiss available in only three tones at The Outlet Sales Room for 100L a piece. The ones at The Outlet Sales Room are tone 2, 4, and 6. TP: … Continue reading

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Aeva River Skin

Nothing Gets Between Me and My BSD — Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}}

There was a Calvin Klein commercial some long time ago that received a lot of negative press, but in the business of fashion and celebrity, any press is good press. Brooke Shields, in her very young years as a model, spoke the line, “Nothing gets betwe…

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Something New Always Lurking Around the Corner — Featuring ~ghee~ and JCP OCH

All sorts of people contact me for all sorts of reasons. Most of those contacts end up being interesting people who are meant to be a part of my life for a season. I don’t have to know how long, just accept that it’s the way it is, and embrace it fully…

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My 800th Blog and… a New Job at Evolve — Featuring Evolve!

It seems like it was just last week that someone encouraged me to start blogging. I would learn how to style maybe more quickly or at least develop some skill related to styling by blogging. I end up getting to try countless designers at least once, fo…

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Angels Watching Over Me — Featuring Carrie’s Lingerie

Every so often, I feel like I come across this energy that is pure and alive and good. I don’t know how to express how it makes me feel or what it makes me feel but words that come to mind are warm, safe, loved and whole. I know we all need these as af…

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What Is Art? — Featuring Evolve’s 55L Thursday’s Conceptual

Each of us express art in different ways. I remember in my Russian History class, one of many as I’m a passionate history lover and Russia and it’s vast history fascinates me, a look at the art famous in Russia. One of the most famous pieces in the 20t…

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Sometimes I Just Go a Little Crazy — Featuring SoliDea FoliEs

I’ve walked past SoliDea FoliEs many times, especially when I got to those micro sale locations like the Couturier Docks. This time, I was searching for an ‘it’ piece and strolled into the SoliDea FoliEs location at Zenshi.I have found this designer to…

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