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Sending Prayers — Featuring Chop Zuey’s Venezuelan Poodle Moth

One of my favorite people in all the virtual worlds that I know, and I admit to only knowing one well and a few others very remotely, has surgery to look forward to in the near future, and while he’s waiting, all the worries and what ifs run through hi…

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December 2014
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Rock Your Rack and Rock Some More — Featuring Nya’s Closet at RYR, Plus New From no. 7 and !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!

Do you ever find yourself pausing and remembering that this is supposed to be fun? Once in a while, I realize that I’m getting ultra serious about everything, every deadline, every need here and there. I want to be professional and I want to retain my ‘good name’. Those are both important. But I think one of the reasons we spend any time online (or anywhere else in our life) is to have fun.

When I created the look that went with this eccentric dress, one of Nya’s Shop exclusives from Rock Your Rack, I deliberately went over the top. I was thinking about the vibrant colors of Tokyo fashion and how the world really feels so small when we interact online with one another but it’s so huge when we’re thinking of the distance from Tinyville SC to Tokyo, and all the wild and wonderful things the world offers beyond my front door.

I have a new head piece from Lyrical B!zarre Templates as well as new makeup from no. 7. With a compilation of all the things, the world spinning till it becomes a rainbow of brilliant color, shining brighter and brighter, I was really glad to tap into that fun moment and share this sneak peek to the Rock Your Rack Event.

Please mark your calendar for September 1 thru September 15 to shop for content created just so we can raise money to find a cure for breast cancer. There are donation jars all over the sim where this event will take place and there’s an online option to donate directly found here:

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Using My Living Imagination — Featuring *LI* Living Imagination, and A&A Hair

Couturier’s Docks will have a whole array of new items very soon and this stunning gown from Living Imagination will be there. It’s called Angel Garden – Heaven, and it made me feel like I was wearing a little piece of heaven. I wore one of her gowns for my MVW audition on Saturday and I’m including a photo of that gown as I styled it as well. I’m grateful to Bodza Mubble for her support and friendship.

I have one of those special sister friends who’s always looking out for me, holding my hand when I’m anxious, listening when I need to talk, and who bonks me over the head when it’s needed. She pointed out this hair style from A&A – Viennara. I hadn’t been to that store in ages.

I’m not always sure how to style the darker skins from Kyxe Skins & Shapes but I love that she and other gorgeously darker skinned ladies have offered their input. And I love the challenge. Why do I change skins all the time instead of sticking with one? Because one of the nicest people I’ve met creates them in 12 shades and I want to represent all of them as part of her team of Kyxe Beauties. Laila will release in all 12 shades over the next few weeks and I look forward to showing you all of them!

Featuring Living Imagination Angel Garden – Heaven from Couturier’s Docks August
Featuring A&A Viennara Hair Mixed Brown
1. Poetic Color: Quicksilver
2. Maxi Gossamer: Swallow Wings
3. Kyxe Skins (Read more...)

*MochaWear* – NEW NEW NEW – A Brand New Store On the Grid

I actually styled this *MochaWear* Rose Cardinal gown for Hermione Mocha – aka Pattie Peacock – because (EXCITING!!) she’s opened her own store and wanted me to share in her joy and her artistry by blogging an item or two from her initial releases.

I went through the things she shared and thought about each of our own personal approaches to art and how very differently they can appear. The same idea, a red gown for example, might be produced as many ways as there are designers out there making gowns.

I took two photos in one locale and then got busy helping someone and distracted. I then came in to do something else the next day and had ‘photograph Hermione’s gown’ on the top of my list. It wasn’t til I went to edit the photos that I realized I had duplicate sets of photos from two different days looks. You can see a few changes I made from day one to day two.

I don’t think I could ever say enough to share how much I revere Belle Roussel. The work she puts in, hours and hours and hours of it, shows in everything she does. Quality products for more than fair prices. But there’s more. She constantly has items she gives away, so even the most restricted budget might own a pretty bit of sparkle at Chop Zuey just because that’s the way it works. Today’s Mistress Enchantment set offers something I’ve actually not seen often, a very long chain. It’s beautiful and accented the gown wel (Read more...)

I Need a Hero — Featuring Wicca’s Wardrobe at Gypset; Moondance Boutique, Lindy Shoes and -{ZOZ}- at Designer Showcase, and h.m.a.e.m. at Trempe

I have the jacket from her Nancy Tux on, along with the handbag for the same outfit. These items have been available at Gypset, until the end of July, so hurry! You’ll also note new items from h.m.a.e.m. – the Sultana Pants in pink, new items from August’s Designer Showcase – Lindy Madlin Black Heels, -{ZOZ}- (omgossshhhh I love ZOZ!!) Basic Polish nails and Moondance Boutique beautiful necklace that has a gorgeous chain in front and also drapes elegantly in back. Since you can’t see the back in these photos, I’ll use the necklace another time this month to share.

— Longer Note Follows — Featuring Heroes and Wicca Merlin Specifically

 I celebrate heroes who have impacted my life in a variety of ways. I do this in an internet/virtual world sort of way and also in the world away from the net. These heroes have come along at times in my world where I really needed them, where they really exemplified quality and character, love and compassion, intelligence and direction. These heroes helped create the me that I am today and I know that because life is ever evolving, I haven’t met the last hero who will influence my life yet, and I hope I don’t for a very long time.

I know she doesn’t have a FB name, but she probably has numerous friends and followers and supporters who do know her via this medium. I know she has more on her blog (I’ll share her links below) and more in the world we shar (Read more...)

Hard On the Outside; Soft On the Inside — Featuring from The Month of Games Boudoir and 69 Park Avenue

I’m back just in time to wrap up the Month of Games event the last few days it will be playing. Siren Productions always puts together an awesome array of events and this one was even better than others, I think, because the theme really pushed designe…

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Such A Strange Day — Featuring [[Masoom],

Here lately, I’ve had absolutely no control over my schedule regarding sleep, rest, awake time, or whatever else you call it when you’re teetering somewhere in the ethos of none of the above… and it’s something I just accept. Life gives us all sorts …

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What Are Words For? — Featuring Romance Couture Gowns and {{BSD Design Studio}}

Recently, the people behind the new store Romance Couture opened their store with the flourish that can only be matched by the lavishly appointed gowns they sell. I’ve never had a reason to wear such extravagant gowns in my world off line, but a girl c…

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Trying With All That Is In You — TBCF 1mm, 7 Deadly s{K}ins, [ME], AIDORU, Axix Animation, shine by [ZD], Kaithleen’s, ~Shabby Cat

As I watch a variety of reality television programs, I’m most often drawn to those that emanate a genuine sense of reality. I know that behind the scenes, many so called real shows are orchestrated to follow a loose script, planned and sometimes a scen…

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This Magic Moment — Featuring TBCF Poudre, *Pc*, cae.b, [[Masoom]]

In every relationship you’ll find this magic moment. It’s the moment you realize you trust someone. To me trust means far more than love. I know, others may disagree, but I will share my point of view. Some of my point of view may relate to how I was r…

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Let Me Count the Ways — TBCF MM5, *SLAVE*, Dulce Secrets, JPK

Sometimes when we’re most affected by something or someone, we’re least able to speak about it. It could be something that we think about or daydream about all through a day, but to actually say it? Too scary!Featuring Items from The Boho Culture Fair-…

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Message In a Bottle — Featuring TBCF ArisAris, Poudre, avd, AIDORU, Bliensen and MaiTai, Apple Spice

Does anyone ever mail paper letters with stamps on the corner, sent by train or plane to the person you want to receive it?Featuring Items from The Boho Culture Fair- ArisAris Sascha Boots- Poudre Kenia Skin- *avd* Bohemian Lemonade Outfit- AIDORU BoyG…

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Pushing Boundaries — Featuring A.F.I Designs and Kyxe Skins & Shapes

I have been pushing the edge of what I know to new extremes here in Second Life as well as my paint program. I use Corel Draw X4 for those who know about those details. I edit most of what I do with simple cropping, the occasional retouch of a missed p…

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Halloween Fun — Featuring Baboom!

I get attached to different people in different ways, which makes sense, as it’s not that different online than off line. I get to know people I see more often better than those who’s only crossed my path once or twice.Featuring Baboom! Happy Pumpkin D…

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Trespassing – The SL HOME DECOR TOUR Part 1

Tymmerie Thorne has coordinated a virtual tour of homes, to inspire us, to allow us to ooo and ah over the amazing ways the creations of Second Life are put together, and frankly to perv cam people’s bedrooms. Cuz you … Continue reading

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I Have Only One Burning Desire, Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire!

I did some major shopping in SL this week. I hope I can remember everything that I bought! I am wearing another best buy skin from Belleza for the month of August along with the Truth Hair Arianna in light blonde. The outfit is the Swag Suit from two of my favorite designers, Promise Hollow […]

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Did You Ever See a Lassie… — Featuring Evolve, Finesmith, and Face Paint

Every day, or at least most days, I work hard to put together at least one new look styled, and take a series of photos. I learn something new about photography, or a new designer, or something comes along and helps me with what I do.It’s a little like…

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous — Featuring Evolve, Glam Dreams and Banger Islands

Every so often, a show comes on television that celebrates someone rich and famous, fantasy or reality, it really doesn’t mind. The ideas entice us to dream, and think of those worlds that feel so far out of reach. I don’t know if everyone comes into t…

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You Never Know Who’s Listening… — Featuring Ms. Darcy and Luziefee

Social media has broadened my internet horizon a lot in these recent days. I’m one of those old people who don’t try new things so quickly. I know there’s use in each new fad that comes along, but I also get comfortable in what I do and how programs ru…

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Aeva caused a River release

Aeva released a new face called River, she has River: First Kiss available in only three tones at The Outlet Sales Room for 100L a piece. The ones at The Outlet Sales Room are tone 2, 4, and 6. TP: … Continue reading

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Aeva River Skin