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Maitreya Lara

Maitreya has been a brand of high quality for a long time. They don't release very often compared to other brands on the grid, but they go for quality over quanitity. Hiram got me the new fitted mesh body, Lara, by Maitreya for Christmas and I have been playing with it. Just like every other mesh part or body that I have put on, your shape will need to be tweaked to get it like you want in the new body. Lara is very curvy and a bit thick so I had to do a lot of changes to my shapes to get them like I want in this new body. I took pictures and overlayed and tweaked and asked opinions and finally have come up with a mesh shape and a curvy shape that are making me happy in this new body.

The body comes with an entire fatpack of fitted mesh lingerie (shown above) in 16 colors that will fit perfectly to any shape you wear with your body. I am showing it in two different shapes to display how the lingerie adjusts to your shape. There was also the Vixen dress (shown in red above and below) and a Lara fitmesh size was added to the Maitreya thigh high boots as well.… Read the rest




February 2015
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When I saw the ad for these Octopussssssss things I squee’d my pants off.   Anyone that knows me, knows i have a thing for the 8 tentacled lovlies, so these were MUST haves, not wants, NEEDS. They are out at the minute for this round of Oh My Gacha as a collaboration between Dear Deer and Moon Amore and they are just AWESOME!   There are four rares that each come with their own HUD to change various bits and bobs, I am not sure I can choose a favourite, although Hippie and Gentleman really float my boat! Also from OMGacha is this delightful hair from Ploom and if you click through for a bigger picture the rings I am wearing are from Noodles there!  My skirt is also a Noodles item from this round of The Seasons Story. Credits Hair: Ploom | Equestranaut *Oh My Gacha*
Skin: Belleza | Lola
Top: Somnia | Lacey Tanks *My Slink Obsession*
Skirt: Noodles | Sabrina Sequin Skirt *The Seasons Story*
Rings: Noodles | Dainty Rings *Oh My Gacha*
Hands: Slink
Nail Appliers: Somnia | Bubbles
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It’s time to say Oh My Gacha again!

  Jersey Shore proudly brings you the Winter edition of Oh My Gacha! It’s time for you to jump on the gacha madness again and play the insane amount of shiny new machines waiting for you. From skin to hair, from accesories to decor, the very best of the grid is here for your shopping pleasure. You only have until the 31st to binge on this fantastic event, so start playing now or be sorry later! Ambreh, Eden, Lisa & Connie Teleport to Oh My Gacha! MIA: Belle Poses, Benjaminz, Brixley, Candy Doll, Diamante, Heartistic, Heathenesque, Ionic, Jesydream, Le Fil Casse, Noodles, Pink Acid, Ploom, Sassy. <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>   Note: Any designer without items pictured was not set up at the time of OMG Gacha Event’s scheduled opening on January 10th. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of an event opening, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding!… Read the restOh My Gacha Winter 2015

Answer me, boi!

Funny thing about this post was that I was calling the other half when I was doing this. Of course he didn’t answer so he called me back. In the photos it doesn’t display that I was upset, because I wasn’t. After he did call me back and I answered I called him a Jerkface […]

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Playing Frogger…Safely

Always look both ways before crossing the street, you never know when a car or gator could come along and make it a bad day for you. Maybe you should check a couple of times before making your way across the street, you know for safety reasons.

Oh yes and always cross at at crosswalk. I bet if the frog Frogger followed these rules he would have had no run ins, or well run overs by cars. I also bet he could have avoided the alligators too. Not that I ever let my Frogger frog get smooshed or eaten ever.

I thought I would give you a close up of what I am wearing since admittedly it is hard to see the detail in the pictures.

Dress: *katat0nik* (average) Froggie Outfit ( at Level Up)
Boots: fri. - Wendy.Boots (Coal)
Bracelet: fri. - Gamer.Cuff (Game Over) ( at Level Up)
Hair:  .ploom. Cassie (bangs 2) - Indecisive
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual -
Skin: Izzie's - Nomi Skin pale LB with full body freckle tattoo
Eyelashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper (add)
Eyes: Vision by A:S:S - Geil - teal 1
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Resolutions and Regrets

  I have not made any New Year’s resolutions this year. I did not last year or the year before or any year that I can remember. It has never been part of our family tradition. Our family New Year’s was a day of family gathered together for feasting and fun. New Year’s Eve was never a drunkfest either. Instead, it was a day of housecleaning and food preparation. I have cleaned the over on New Year’s more times than I can count. It all comes from this idea of starting the year as you mean to go on − with a clean house and plenty of food and family to share it with. Of course, my family always served lutefisk for New Year’s dinner and that was most definitely not how I meant to go on. I asked on plurk if folks had regrets from 2014. Many people said they did not have any which is great for them. What I thought was most interesting is that several folks said they regretted that did not do something sooner. That means they did something that made things better for themselves and only wish they had done it earlier.… Read the restUntitled

Turning back on X-mas

Well this isn’t my last post for 2014, more like second to last. I do have a few more items to feature, but 2015 is always good to look back and see some of the 2014 items you missed! So this is my Turning my back on X-mas post, cause I’ve mentioned it before I […]

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Hair: Ploom~Demi

❤ Booty: BANNED ~Petite
Top: LazyBones ~Crop Hoodie @ Frost
White, Snowflake, Red, Plum, Pink, Nude, Mint, Grey, Green, Deer, Blue, Cold, Black

Pants: Aphrodisiac ~ Dixie Shorties

Shoes: Baiastice ~Gill Stretch Boots Knitted Black

Necklace: (red)Mint ~Posture Collar No.7
Hand Wraps: Scene! ~Devour/Cutoff Gloves @ Carnevil

Nails: Adoness ~Queen Elizabeth
Belly Chain: GeWunjo Designs ~LoLa Belt

Nose Piercing: Cute Poison ~Ova Piercing Part 2

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Eye Makeup: Scene! ~Avril - Shadow & Liner 10

Something New ~Full Steam Ahead
Glitterati ~100

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Another year rolls around…

… I still haven’t lost any weight (well I did but I put it all back on and then some)… I haven’t sorted out my life, I haven’t left the country, I haven’t got a new hobby or gone back to Uni… I have however finally got my passport, HURRAH!  2015 is going to be a massive year of change for me, both in my personal life and my family life, one way or another… so I need to really set my mind to things and get them done, but then I say that every year…  Here is my look for NYE, have a great one, everyone <3 Credits Hair: Exile | Rising Dawn
Skin: Lumae | Star | Icing | Bare | MidCleav/Freck
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Ice Eyes | Mint
Dress: Baiastice | Kalia | Lace | Gold
Earrings: Swallow | Comet Earring | Gold *The Liaison Collaborative*
Necklace: Glam Affair | Ana Necklace | Opulence | Gold *UberSL*
Watch: Izzie’s | Opulent Watch | Watch Bracelet Gold *UberSL*
Harp: Rack Poses | Lyre *Midwinter Fair*
Shoes: YS&YS | Budapest | Sparkle Gold Av Enhancements Hands: Slink
Nail Appliers: Wicked Peach | Winter Solstice *Midwinter Fair* Pose by Ploom *SLURLS unless linked are on the store locations page
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Its over when the Christmas tree falls down and the all the Fa La La La La La La La La’s turn into blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah’s

The LookSkin Aimi Anna NaturalHair Iconic Faith Group Gift 500L Join FeeShirt Reign Christmas Group Gift Fa la la la la Sweatshirt- Black in group notices 250L Join FeeJeans Cynful Skinny Jeans Blue Boot CutSocks Reign Christmas Group Gift Santa Shimmie Socks in group notices 250L Join FeePose DelMay Beast
Tree Ploom It's over Tree Set Gift under the Christmas tree in the main store 0LWagon Serenity Style- Gift Car

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” I see bodies in the mirror” ” I see baddies in the square” “I’m quite partial when it’s suits me.” “I’m a septic nom de guerre” ” What’s this problem that you speak of.” “Is it more than meat and bone.” “I’d like to crown you with my ardor, but my heart has been […]

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Bad Girl

” Live fast, die young.” “Bad girls do it well.” “My chain hits my chest” “When I’m bangin’ on the dashboard.” “My chain hits my chest.” “When I’m bangin’ on the radio!” “Get back, get down.” “Pull me closer if you think you can hang.” “Hands up, hands tied.” “Don’t go screamin’ if I blow […]

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Holiday Packaging

This time of the year is always so depressing for me. It gets me unmotivated and I can’t seem to enjoy anything else. So I do apologize for my slacking in posts, but it -is- holiday season so I do have other affairs to tend to. This weekend shall be catch up in events that […]

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Boxing Day Snow!

Hi!!  I hope you all had a GREAT holiday!  It’s Boxing Day here in the UK and I hear it’s snowing, sadly it’s not in my part of the country but I live in hope, I created a little whimsical snowy scene to wave goodbye to Christmas and say Hello to the New Year with help from Ispachi, Ploom and Half-Deer! You couldn’t see my cute look behind the tree, so I warmed up a little and took a LoTD pic!  Full credits can be found below but I have to say Blueberry are banging on the goodies like nobodies business and they are always so effin’ cute (and sexy!)   I am loving the three-way pairing of Ploom, Belleza and Half-Deer too!   Don’t I look totes angelic?? ALWAYS! Credits: Hair: Ploom | Mash *12 Days of Christmas – in store*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Twinkle | Sage
Skin: Belleza | Mae | TLC Fair | 2 BL *TLC*
Necklace: Cae | Frostine *TLC*
Outfit: Blueberry | Babi
Shoes: fri.day | Betty.Janes | Black.Velvet *VIP Gift*
Nail Appliers: Bella Elephante *12 Days of Christmas – in store*
Halo: Half-Deer | Fairylight Halo | Platinum *N21* Scene Credits: Telephone Pole Scene: Half-Deer
Animals: Ispachi *Arcade*
Cloud: Half-Deer *Arcade*
Tree: Ploom *12 Days of Christmas – in store*
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Hair: Ploom ~Betsy
Jacket: ZOZ ~Black Leather/Fur Jacket @ Frost
Ruby/Black/ Blue

Skirt: Cute Poison ~Trance Skirt Black @ Frost

Shoes: Diamante ~Chilled/Knitted UGG Boots

Necklace: LouLou&Co ~Pikazu
Rings:.K-Otic. ~Spring Rings

Nails: ZOZ ~Mesh Nails

Polish: ZOZ ~Gothic Xmas Silver Natural Polish @ Gothmas

Eye Makeup: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo Lip/Eye

Lips: Infliction ~Pucker Up Lipshine 1

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Ploom ~Present II 1 & 2 (Optional Bow Included)
PosESioN ~Posh 9

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Hair: Exxess ~X-MAS Gift 2013

Outfit: Stuck~Up ~Dark Red Santa Baby Includes every Boots/Neckless/Santa Hat(not showen)
Berry/Blue/Dark Red/Green/Red
Rings:.K-Otic. ~Santa's HoHoHo

Nails: Leap of Faith ~Christmas Gift (MP Store)

Tattoo: Dappa ~Spirit Tattoo @ Frost

Eye Makeup: Glamorize ~Heavy Black Combo

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Lips: NerdMonkey ~Mandy Lipgloss Red

Ploom ~Ornament IV Set (12 Days of Christmas)
EverGlow ~ Frost 02 & 10 @ Frost

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Kirsten’s Windlights 2014

I have given away some windlights that you can download the last two years for Christmas to all of Second Life. I currently have 8 windlights that you can download. Today I am adding three new ones that I have made over this year, bringing the total to 11 Kirsten windlights. I am putting them all together in one easy download. The picture above uses my Kirsten's Snow Day windlight.  I am also wearing Physique fitted mesh from Muka. My sweater is fitted to Physique at the current round of anyBody and my thigh high socks can be found there or in the main Muka store. My glittery shoes are new from Reign at anyBody.

 The other two new windlights are called Sweet Pink and Kirsten's Favorite Location Haze. Snow Day and Haze are close, but Snow Day is foggier and thicker and a little bit brighter white. These three windlights are not for studio shots. They were made for exploring SL! So get off your platform and take some pretty ethereal shots! If you do use my windlights, please let me know with a comment or plurk or something.… Read the rest

ploom 12 days of Christmas halfway point

ploom is halfway through its third annual 12 days of Christmas event. Every day a new hair and pose is realeased at 50% off normal prices for the duration of the event. You have until December 31st to pick up these great deals. All of my clothing in this post is new Ducknipple (or 20FIVE) releases that can all be found in the main Ducknipple store. I am also showing four new Cae jewelry releases too at various events around the grid- more details below in the credits.

Teleport to ploom
Teleport to Ducknipple
Teleport to Cae

Day 1: Straight Ironed Piggies with bangs: Demi
DAY 1: .ploom. Demi (large) - Ploomage
Cae :: Gravity :: Necklace/ Teleport to Level up
Ducknipple Mesh: Jasmin Cardigan
Glam Affair - Amberly II - Jamaica 03 @ collabor88 December
Poses in all: Glamorize Headshots

Day 2: Braided front piggies with side parted bangs: Meep
DAY 2: .ploom. Meep (large) - Ploomage
20.FIVE Mesh: Krop Sla
Cae :: Ananda :: Necklace and Earrings/ Teleport to the Jewelry and Accessory Expo
Glam Affair - Katya - Jamaica 07

Day 3: Shorter in back, tapers to front, middle part: Cora
Day 3: .ploom.… Read the rest

Christmas Lights

My favorite Christmas decorations, in general, are the lights. I love seeing houses alight with color and trees dressed in glittery finery. I like the outdoor Christmas decorations the best. That is why these trees from 3D trees make me so happy – especially after I turned off full bright and turned on lights, so they actually emit a colored light that affects their surroundings. Standing in a circle of light seemed like a fun way to shoot this beautiful gown from Gizza released in time for the holiday parties.
And what a beautiful gown it is, with body-con fit and bandage-dress inspiration, it is all about shaping and showing off the figure until the dress relaxes into diaphanous fluidity at the bottom. Yummy! The dress comes with a Warrior-Woman’s necklace ready to conquer everyone you meet while you are out and about greeting the season. The beautiful Andi hair is from Ploom – one of six holiday hairs offered at half-price until the end of the month.… Read the restSnapshot

Freak Shows of Emotion

I am, in general, an overly emotional person. I can assign meaning to things that have none to the one rendering the action. Hurts hit me and don’t fade with time. I hold grudges. Except that over the past few months I’ve had a realization, I stopped caring about them. I realized it when I was talking to blogger Sam Laszlo on plurk, and I said something like, “I think you don’t like me, or I don’t like you – I can’t remember which.”  We ran into each other at the blogger preview for Arcade and he asked me if we were still at war, at which point we added each other to our friends list and laughed. I came to SL for a place to relax and get away from the hectic RL and somehow it took on a life of it’s own and has had so much drama it should be a show.  I somehow ended up with actual enemies, something I can’t fathom having in real life. Who the hell has enemies? Is this Sherwood Forest? Should I be afraid of the Sheriff too? … Read the rest