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How do you Hoodoo?

World Goth Fair is still going strong, with a little over a week left of the event. It officially ends on May 31st. There are so many musical things happening before then, which will be held at the Club Gothika. You can keep up to date on all the happenings on the Official Site HERE. I don’t often get a chance to cover Home&Garden items. I don’t own a home, never have. I have always thought the prims best used for other things, on the lands I own. It does create issues, when I do get the urge to cover something that isn’t fashion, or when I feel the need for an actual location to show something off properly. I picked up this gothic looking skybox from Roawenwood this week, as I felt it would work well with my WGF coverage. If it wasn’t roundish, I might have even used it as my work studio, haha. Alas, it is round, but gives me the ability to easily do setups. Much like a Turnip Skysdome, I can just plunk it down, and fill it with random stuff for the shots I need.… Read the restHelena Stringer - IOF - How do you Hoodoo - 1



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The Sound of Bones

The sound of the bones is soothing. They clatter gently in the evening breeze, each touch a hollow sound, echoing into the night. 
They know things, the bones. The older they are, the more they know. Secrets long forgotten, secrets taken to the grave, secrets buried deeper than the graves ever were. If you listen well, if you can hear with more than your ears, you can catch their whispers, the faded words, the forgotten languages. If you listen to the silences between the hollow sounds you will understand. Understand and be able to ask questions. Ask, answer and to have whole quiet conversations within the dead echos of the worlds; ours and all the others. You can find the outfit by Livid, bow tie and nail ornaments by Bliensen + MaiTai, poses by [Black Tulip], eyes by Pin Me Down and the furniture by 22769 ~ [bauwerk], *NeverWish* and Chaos Panic & Disorder all from World Goth Fair. Scene: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Balloon Chair Black, Candlehouse, Gothic End Table, Petroleum Lamp, Cognac Bottle & Glass* | *NeverWish* Coffin Chair & Bone Chimes* | Chaos, Panic, & Disorder – Plushie Bat (Black&Red)* Body: Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll V2 Vamp | Hair: +Spellbound+ Velvet Jet Black | Eyes: Pin Me Down – Mori Greyscale 4* | Eyeshadow: Beautiful Freak – Jackal Red* | Hands: Slink Outfit: Livid – Batcave Dress Fangtasia Night Out, Gothic Fetish Platform Boots, Bat Ring Black* | Tights: ~Cannibelle~ Gothic Lace Suspender Tights | Nail Ornaments: (Read more...)

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Letting Loose With Fashion For Change

Well, this is it!
My last entry regarding Fashion For Change on
the last day of a worthwhile event.
It began with The Power of Love with Fashion For Change to
The Wizard of Awe Loves Fashion For Change featuring Baboom.
I then featured Lyrical Bizarre Templates by
Being Kewpie With Fashion For Change
and later announcing There’s a Fairy Godmother at Fashion For Change
with Romance Couture waving her magic wand.
Now, on this last chance to bring attention to FFC 2015
and Womankind Worldwide, the charity this event supports,
I’ve chosen these last two designers: WICCA’S WARDROBE
COCO! There are many things I love about Wicca Merlin.
One of them is the fact that she understands my
occasional need for the outrageous.
Giving me carte blanche to style her designs as I see fit,
this sense of freedom has brought about some
of the best images I have ever created.
With that said, allow me to introduce Wicca Wardrobe’s contribution to FFC which is the Aelinia Jacket in Marsala.… Read the restMaking_Strides

The Skin Fair 2015 is Finally Here!

It is finally that time of the year again! Skin Fair 2015 has finally arrived with brand new exclusives for all your skin fetishes! From today until March 29, you can come adventure through these amazing designers, so you better get to it! ♥ Maddie, Ambreh, Cinder ♥ Teleport to Skin Fair Sim 1 Teleport to Skin Fair Sim 2 < ———CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———>

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Arcade Tanzen

I honestly couldn’t think of a small short story to go along with this, but hell. I’m going to describe the elements that I was trying to go for and I think I succeed big time. I was listening to a lot of different songs while I was editing these photos. The first song I … Continue reading Arcade Tanzen →

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The Truth About Fluffzoid 8

“This whole nonsense about sending defenseless tourists into Fluffzoid 8 is insanity. These are no ordinary rabbits, these lagomorphs. They have a vicious streak a standard distance unit wide.” “They require an expert training hand and unquestioned authority to tame properly and even then they might occasionally… leap and… nibble.” “The point is that as much as this travel arrangement brings in credits home to Gothulon, it must be organized with extreme care. Obligatory life insurance is not enough, there’s reputation at stake as well.” “Every expedition must have a trip leader from Gothulon with sufficient authority to keep the cuddle of bunnies at bay and every tourist must be equipped with appeasement carrots. In case of an emergency, remember the distraction power of the light and sound display throwables of Antioch.” Futurewave has its travel teleports still open until midnight March 1st.… Read the restgothulonofficer1bs

Gothulon Travel

“Explore the dark reaches of the universe! Come see the space bunnies of Fluffzoid 8!” That’s what the ad said. Absolutely irresistible. There was an adventure to be had! Space bunnies to see! No one said a thing about waiting in line. At least there were comfy gear chairs. “Excuse me, sir, I would like to book an adventure trip to Fluffzoid 8. Yes, I’ll pay extra for guaranteed space bunny observation. Yes, I’ll pay extra for the camouflage cloak to get really close to them. Yes, I’ll pay extra for… what life insurance? They’re fluffy bunnies! Lepus galaxicus pythonae! Why would I… oh alright, if it’s mandatory.” “Holotickets securely marked on the genetic display, it’s time for an adventure! The trip seems to take place in adorably archaic saucers of beam transport, guess it involves close experiences of the star systems on the way.” “Now to prepare these elderberries as bait and all will be absolutely perfect!” Gothulon Travel at Futurewave might or might not be able to send you to interesting locations, it all depends on the amount of imagination in your genetic compilation.… Read the resttravelagency1bs

#794 Le futur c’est déjà aujourd’hui

The second edition of Futurewave, the great event organized by Cursed Events (the team who also organize events like the World Goth Fair, A Tattered Page or Gothmas by Gaslight) is running for a few days. It will go through March 1st. Don't miss it!!

Credits :

Hair : Truth - Harmony meshSkin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Faith as AmphitriteEye : Pin Me Down - Mecha NEW FuturewaveNail polish : Chaos, Panic & Disorder - SLink Nail HUD / Chipped Nail NEW FuturewaveDress : Sakide - Leyana Dress mesh NEW FuturewaveBoots : Zibska - Tora mesh NEW FuturewaveFace Tattoo : Pin Me Down - Metallic NEW FuturewaveForehead Implant : Bliensen + MaiTai - Bionique Implant NEW FuturewaveChest Implant : Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Nemesis Chest Implant mesh NEW FuturewaveEyepiece : Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Nemesis Eyepiece mesh NEW FuturewaveBracers : Aisling - Gaia Bracers mesh
Poses : Nantra - Bardot Poses Set

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Futurewave: The Digital Revolution Is NOW!

The Digital Revolution has arrived!    Robotics, cybernetics, hardware and edgy tech fashion sound like your purview?   Then this event is the one for you.   You’ll find everything you need to prepare for the revolution of the future in an amazing high tech glowing, stunning atmosphere!  Don’t wait, this event ends on March 1st! Cinder and Eden Teleport to Futurewave MIA:  Blue Falcon Industries, Blacknet Depot <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>

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Holiday Packaging

This time of the year is always so depressing for me. It gets me unmotivated and I can’t seem to enjoy anything else. So I do apologize for my slacking in posts, but it -is- holiday season so I do have other affairs to tend to. This weekend shall be catch up in events that […]

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Don’t Panic – Sponsor – Pin Me Down

Pin Me Down is one of the sponsors this year for Don't Panic. They mostly deal with products that are makeup layer based, but they do have other odds and ends in the store.

They are offering 5 little rats to find. There are 4 colours of eyes, and one makeup pack, with and without the veins.

Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - R.Red in Cognac - Not FreeShape - Infamous - Don't Panic 2014 Female - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic Skin - Fierce Designs - Halloween Skin - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic Eyes - Pin Me Down - Demonic Eyes in Burned - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic Dress - Gothic Passionate Dreams - Miss Halloween Dress - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic Crown - Goth1co - Pumpkin Patch Crown - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic Necklace - Zyn - Horned Fire Amulet - L$1Shoulder Pet - KittyCatS - Peek-A-Boo Pumpkin Cat in Bengal Black - Hunt Item @ Don't Panic 

Did you read on our intro to "Don't Panic"? Best visit our post HERE. If you did, you can start your search HERE.


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The Detectors of the Station

“Miss Sight, I assume you’re busy at work, but perhaps I could have just a few words…?” “Friendly greeting, Visitor 9321. Your record shows no trespasses or misconduct, your current stay at the Spiral just reached nine days, one hour, forty-five minutes and counting.” “Yes, that is correct. Is that what you do, the Detectors of the Station? Keep records of the visitors?” “Record every arrival, record every departure, keep track of current status.” “…and if there is a …misconduct?” “Inform the Gaze. The Detectors are not equipped to deal with misdemeanors, we simply observe and record matters.” “Ah. …may I ask why… how… the Detectors are… trained, exactly?” “Specific radar implants, broadcast unit for communication and control. Organic blindness for enhanced vision. Nerve-integration to Broca’s.”  “…that seems very… complete, yes.Read the restsight1bs

#724 Elfiquement vôtre

My look of the day is a fantasy one. I tried to create an elven warrior and mixed n' match items you can find in several current events.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Credits :

Hair : Eaters Coma - Hair 44 meshSkin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Leyna NEW Chapter FourEyes : Pin Me Down - Koh Eyes NEW A Clockwork SpiralNails : Zoz - Diamonds Nails mesh NEW A Clockwork SpiralEars : Southpaw - Puck Elf Ears mesh NEW The Seelie CourtBreast Plate : The Forge - Knight's Modesty Breast Plate mesh NEW We Love Role-PlayPants : Drift - Apocolypse Pants mesh NEW We Love Role-PlayBoots : Lassitude & Ennui - Buccaneer Boots mesh NEW We Love Role-PlayNeckpiece : Lassitude & Ennui - Woven Neckpiece mesh NEW Jewelry Fair 2014Headdress : Gauze - Lothlorien Headdress NEW We Love Role-PlayPauldrons : ieQED - Snake Pauldron mesh NEW We Love Role-PlayHeadpiece : Bliensen + MaiTai - Libelula mesh NEW The Seelie CourtNosechain : Velvet Whip - Senses Nosechain NEW Jewelry Fair 2014Armbands : Aisling - Tortuga Princess Armbands meshSword : Chariot - Elder Sword mesh
Poses :Photos  1 & 4 : Musa - Sword Poses SetPhotos 2, 3 & 5 : PhotoTonic - Sword Defiance Poses Set

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The Captain of the Gaze

“Captain Lupine, I’ve been told that you’re the one in charge of the Gaze, the local law enforcement unit. Is that correct?” “Yes. You would be the recently arrived journalist, snooping around already.” “Reporting, Captain. Reporting. Misinformation is a dreadful thing.” “Granted. But so is rumor-mongering. You have five minutes. Speak.”  “It seems to me that the Spiral is somewhat… distressed these days. In military fashion. What is going on?” “That’s classified. The only thing you need to know is that the Gaze will keep all the law-abiding citizens of the Spiral safe.”  “Ah. I couldn’t help but notice that little emphasis there. What about the …less law-abiding citizens?” “There’s no such thing in the Spiral, Miss Journalist. No such thing. At least for long.”  “…quite right, Captain.Read the restgaze2bs

A Clockwork Spiral spins in!

From September 15th to October 1st, celebrate all things Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Dark Victorian at A Clockwork Spiral!   And what’s better than shopping?  Shopping for a cause!   If you buy something from the special Clockwork Spiral vendors (all of which are featured below), 50-100% of the proceeds benefit the National Kidney Foundation charity!  Many of them are even exclusive to the event, meaning they’ll disappear forever after October 1st!   There is a LOT more than just these vendors hidden in this awe-inspiring gritty Dieselpunk setting however, goodies to be discovered when you visit!  Clear your calendar, you’re going to want to see this! Eden MIA: By Nacht, Rokumeikan, Unrepentant, Refined Wild, Dark Passions, Eclectic Muse, Immateria, Spyralle Teleport to A Clockwork Spiral <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>

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Today me and Duchessita are going to pwn some evil-doers, and I’m wearing a lot of stuff from the current round of We Love RP, so if you didn’t visit there yet, wait no longer! My armor’s from Pure Poison and it comes in two colours. My shoulders are from ieQED and bracers from Noodles. The mask you can find from Aesthetica and the hair from Tableau Vivant. My pwnage-hammer’s made by the Forge and the evil-doers will certainly fall when you hit ‘em with this! Our pose is also from We <3 RP and made by RACK Poses, although I moved a bit the poseball where I’m standing to get us both in the picture nicely. To see what Duchessita is wearing, check her blog Threads and Tuneage here. Stylecard:
Armor: Pure Poison – Manna (black) // We <3 RP //
Boots: Poet’s Heart – Barbaric (black bear)
Shoulderpads: ieQED – Rose Pauldron (obsidian) // We <3 RP //
Bracers: Noodles – Karala Leather Bracers (grey/silver) // We <3 RP //
Mask: Aesthetica – Rebel Mask (black) // We <3 RP //
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Nyoki // We <3 RP //
Skin: League
Eyes: Ikon
Make up: Pin Me Down – Faded Warpaint
Tattoo: White Widow – Les Fleurs Du Mal
Wounds: Coca & Wolf – Blood Cuts
Elf Ears: Mandala – Mandala – Pierced Elf Ears Ver1
Hands: Slink
Hammer: Forge – [EZ] Odin’s Hammer // We <3 RP //
Pose: RACK Poses – We Run The World 1 // We <3 RP / (Read more...)

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Bunlings Bewildered

“Agent Aww, what was so important that the bunny signal has been lit and the whole bunny mafia has emerged out of the secret burrows and pockets? You know you’re supposed to pad in shadows.” “I told them that, boss, but there was no helping it. They just keep arguing!” “We want to know what our battle cry is!” “Bunlings Be Brave!” “No, Burrow! Bunlings Burrow! And then we hide, see.” “Ah… I see. A serious matter, then. And it has to start with B, of course?” “Of course! You don’t see Avengers gathering, now do you? Bunlings… Balance? Blossom? Brandish?” “Babble, because that’s what you’re doing right now. You even dragged poor phasing Nessie out and into this.” “Banquet! And then we assault carrot fields.” “Fine, fine… you can all come up with a phrase each and then vote on them: raised ear yes, lowered ears no.Read the restbb1cs

Splashing in the Sun

“Yes, you may play with pandas, just watch out that you don’t fall… ah. Well, swimming is good in the heat, splash some extra while you’re there, I’ll pick you up in just a moment. Yes, Adler, I know your paws can’t reach the drink, just take it as a tummy cooler for now. Now someone help me liberate this poor seal pup of this outfit, surely he can’t be comfortable in this…” “Everyone safely out from the water and drying in the sun? Good good. What’s this… ah, sun screen spreading service hedgie, most kind of you. Mr. Squirrel, you dropped an ice cream on Adler’s head? I’m sure he’ll find it refreshing, not to worry.” “Yes, I do agree that my shoes make perfect perches, well spotted. …sure, you may use that as a floating device, little hedgie, or possibly a hat for two. Picnic ready and mostly not nibbled? Excellent.” “No, I don’t need the hat right now, feel free to play with it, I have tweeties to carry anyway.Read the restcritterpicnic5bs

Even Demons have Modesty

Hi all, a LoTD a little fantasy inspired today, to show today’s demon does not have to be all glowy eyes and fangs, and they do have some modesty! Credits Skin: La Petite Morte | Belle | Diamond *We Love Roleplay*
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard | Jelly Eyes | Steel/Rose
Hair: Tableau Vivant | Viking *The Fantasy Collective*
Dress: SySys | Aesa *The Fantasy Collective*
Neckbell: Cubic Cherry Kreations | Gigabell (tinted black by me) *The Instruments*
Horns: Half Deer | Gefion Horns | Bronze Bloodied *The Fantasy Collective AV Enhancements
Hands: Slink
Legs: I Want DH | Plain/Short | Mesh by Khyle Sion *We Love Roleplay*
Nails: Pin Me Down | Blacks Pose/Props
Pose: Adorkable
Shield: Hopscotch | Ragnar | Scratched *The Fantasy Collective* *SLURLS are on the store locations page
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From Dawn to Dusk at the Wiggenstead Mooring

Dawn and Dusk are sisters who live at the Wiggenstead Mooring. Dawn is already up and awake before sunrise, yet Dusk has barely gone to bed by then. Dawn dresses herself in bright, vibrant, bold colours, whereas Dusk favours darker, subtler and more muted tones. Dawn finds the shadows of the night intimidating. Dusk finds comfort from the dim, moonlit scenery. Despite of their differences, both of them are pleasant and friendly, and they just love their homeland. Dawn
So, what am I showing you today? Fantasy Faire‘s coming to an end soon, but I have still a lot of items to show, so I decided to make two looks today. Dawn is wearing jewelry from Bliensen + Maitai, which is located at The Faery Court. The set has also a tiara, crown and earrings availabe, and each piece has a texture change HUD included, too. Dusk is wearing a dress from Sublime Shroud Kreations, and her Slink shoes and nailpolish for Slink are from De La Soul, both located at Blackwater Glenn.… Read the restFF2014_12