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Rabbit Day

It happens every spring: bunny girls appear out of nowhere, wandering around with mysterious baskets with eggs. Are they planting or are they harvesting, one might wonder. Which was first, the bun or the egg? Do they plant the eggs in spring to be harvested as baby bunlings later? Are they responsible for bun-population’s growth […]

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April 2014
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sian loves Miamai’s boots – they are reminiscent of Judge Dredd’s in size and shape.I ask 514n why shehe wears hisher interface cables so idiosyncratically. “Dirt, mainly,” shehe says. “Out here in the field, right, it’s really easy to get dirt in them…

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survey (ii)

Code for Club

There’s this club, you see. A really shiny one. Shiny, but dark. Just the way I like it. I want to get in, but it’s early. Way too early. So what I did was called my friend who has certain… experience in adjusting robot protocols and gave him the bouncer’s code. The bad news is […]

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Where does this light come from?

It comes in waves and from the future, i lie it comes from Futurewave, that opened this Saturday, and it´s another Cursed event, you guys already know how much i love Cursed events, right? My very first was World Goth Fair (btw as confirmed by Bronxie, apps for WGF open on April 1st) and i […]

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LoTD – Even the Elegant, have Cracks

Hi lovelies, happy Sunday! A quick and elegant LoTD for you today! Not at all very Willis like, huh??! This gorgeous ensemble is a mix of events!   The skin, I have previously blogged is Belleza’s guest spot jobby at Collabor88, worn with Slink eyelids here for a more thoughtful look.   My hair is […]

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LoTD - Even the Elegant, have Cracks.

Step on the Path

New Year is upon us with its fresh resolutions, new beginnings, old hopes transformed and redressed. In the end we all wish for the same: to be happy. The ways we see this happening simply vary. We might be wrong in our views, in our decisions. They might very well lead us astray, to paths […]

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Krampus the Yule Yak

It’s almost time. All the signs are there: the shifting colours to very specific spectrum of reds and greens, the emergence of lights in the middle of the darkness, the mistletoe and holly and all other words ending in -olly. We’ll leave the reindeers to more commercial types and instead set out with yaks. Nobody expects […]

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But only two bears. Surely this was some sort of bizarro-day in story land, things definitely out of place and overlapping. Holidays mixing with fairytales, critters running from one story to another, no one sticking to the original plans anymore, absolute chaos! (And hijinks and shenanigans.) There was no porridge nor beds, but a holiday […]

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Gothmas season greeting

Gothmas by Gaslight started two days ago and its pretty. There are tons and thousands of things to buy and look at. Some of the vendors I never even heard of and some are familiar faces! Gothmas is very welcoming to something casual and laid back, one of the reasons why I like this event.…

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Not Quite Twins

Does it really matter if one prefers pastel glow and the other dragon scales? If one’s hair bounces in curly pigtails and the other goes for crimson red with black streaks? Does the colour of the dress really matter? Black or white, red or purple. To a point it does: the covers reflect inner choices, […]

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Sign of Water

The world outside the safe embrace of water seems strange to the one accustomed to its strength. Air seems too thin to be supportive, the ground is too hard, fire a brightly tempting risk. Things are clearer in the water, where every stream can be fully felt and understood, where eyesight is unnecessary because what […]

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wait / fix / abandon?

vehicular destruction 75.9% complete | material:fabric disintegrated | engage behavioral mode: hesitant | begin analysis engines 100% non-functional | 68.7% of the vehicle lodged in granular material: sand | outer shell of the vehicle 89.1% intact unit functions 96.4% operational | malfunctions in behavioral thought pattern: human | engage emergency body language protocol: harmless conclusion […]

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What If?

It is the night for dark secrets, mysteries and myths. It is time for imagination to dwell in all the frightful spots at the back of your head, indulge in the startles, channel your mundane concerns into the fear of unknown and improbable, with that faint little voice within asking ‘what if?’  It is time […]

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The Grey Lady

“Don’t go near the briars or the Grey Lady will get you. She makes people fall into the thorns, see something shiny there, reach in and suddenly the thorns move! Just to draw blood. She feeds off of it, you know.” “You’re being silly, there’s no such thing as the Grey Lady, it’s just an […]

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The Body Modification Expo

On 10th October 2013 · By Adriana Caedmon · With Leave a comment
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Depraved Nations presents The Body Modification Expo [...]

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The October collection of Flux is ready and waiting for [...]

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Toil Toil… something something…

WELL.. it’s nearly halloween and that’s bringing out alllll the spooky stuff, and ALSO… it’s nearly the Wizarding Faire! HUZZAH! It’s also still the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and OTHER STUFFS TOO! WEEEE! It’s a BIG ole post, so I’ll try not to waffle My look of the day is based around this gorgeous dress from […]

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Correctional Clockwork

“For today’s interview we are approaching one of the famous Correctional Clockworks that keep the peace in the Spiral. Miss- …hm. Do you use titles at all, how should I address you?” “Correctional Clockwork of Observation, Guidance and Parameter Control.” “That’s … Continue reading

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Click the images for bigger size and wider views <3 This is me being forgetful because i did those pictures 10 days ago. ★ BODY : Skin : Glam Affair – Shanna ( Europa ) 11 @ Collabor88 Eyes : ~Tableau Vivant~ Galaxy eyes – Uranus Hairs : (Chemistry) HAIR – Bubbles – Oceans Ears :  [MANDALA] Steking EARS Tattoo : :Little … Continue reading »

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The Alchemist

It’s all about secrets. Secrets and uncovering them. Truths beyond the known and mundane. Most of all it’s about the burning curiosity to learn, to see, to understand. Often also about the power that the knowledge brings, no matter which … Continue reading

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