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Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice at Candy Fair 2014!

The long-awaited Candy Fair 2014 is finally here! With tons of sugary sweets to fill your tummy with happiness! Everything is bright colors and lovely and so delicious to look at, hehe! There’s something for everyone here so make sure to bring your entire friends list to this event! It only lasts for 2 weeks though so you’ve only got til October 17th to pick up all of these delightful goodies! Callie, Del, Nevy, and Maddie Teleport to Sugar Rush Sim 1 Teleport to Candywood Sim 2 Maps  <——CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY———>

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sometimes, it’s good to do a look just for fun. not.. that i don’t *always* have fun with the looks i do for my blog, ’cause believe me i do. but there are times when i just wanna… throw on something supremely colorful && run around on a candyland-esque sim merely because i feel like it. and sometimes, it’s even more fun to drag a friend into it, too. i love that bff vivi humors my whims. ❤❤ she && i have taken some epic pics in the past (just in my humble opinion, ahahah) but these i took of us together are probs some of my favorites. the looks we put together, both centered around some goodies we snagged from blah, are so *cute* and so *colorful* that it was hard to pick just a few snapshots to show off. the sim we were on was the perfect back drop, there were teacups and gumdrops and lollipops and donuts scattered all over the soft pink-icing mountains. and the spot i chose to take the majority of our pictures, by the water, had two candy-colored tentacles (one in blue && one in pink) snaking up out of the surface and one large cupcake hanging off the side of a cliff.… Read the rest01.04.2012