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The Original ~Ambrosia Dance Club of Second Life~

I am calling Ambrosia the original because it’s been around since Second Life’s dawn of time. You never know what is going to happen there but one thing is for sure, you are having a great time or a bad time. If you are having a bad time… yes it’s all your fault. The DJ’s […]Read Post ›

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August 2018
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It’s A Winter Wonderland at SaNaRae!

It’s a dreamy winter this month at SaNaRae, with all the stores giving you some winter themed goodies you cannot live without this season.  There’s gachas, 50% off savings and lots of 2 for 1 specials.  There are also some awesome Lucky Letter Boards this round!  Win great stuff just by having your lucky letter come up!  Enjoy your shopping, as the event ends December 18th, ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to SaNaRae < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Can You See What’s Between My Legs?

You won’t believe it but I am wearing a skirt panel with these skirt/leggings. I was skeptical at first because I remember the horrors of big blocky chunk prims in the past. With ambient occlusion turned off you cannot even see the mesh skirt panel as an add on at all. All of these shots … Continue reading Can You See What’s Between My Legs?

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When Choosing The Color Is The Hardest Part

Pearls and ribbons are a favorite combination of mine. Together they are just beautiful and girly. I love the new Cinderella necklace from Glam Affair. It was a hard choice between the 8 different colors. I also really wanted the light blue. But, I finally settled on pink. The intertwining beads and pearls are completed … Continue reading When Choosing The Color Is The Hardest Part

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Jubilee Is The New Shopping District

Recently I went to visit the new sim Jubilee. This is a shopping sim with a place to party, and lots of places to hang out and take pictures. The sim is rated adult, so you will need to be age verified to shop there. Luna Jubilee has always been rather good at landscaping, and … Continue reading Jubilee Is The New Shopping District

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Festival of Sin II, They’re Back for More!

Tired of being good all of the time? It’s time to give in to your sins and come to the Festival of Sin II! They’ve brought out all the stops with seven sections, one for every sin: Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Vanity, Wrath, and Greed. There’s even a gift shop to get some neat goodies. There will be a HUD and map provided for navigation. You can only be bad though until September 5th, when the event ends! Take advantage of this while you can. Ginger Teleport links are provided in the gallery. < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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A Little Shopping Can Leave You Sitting Pretty

I have loved Kirin’s poses since I first found out about them. It is no wonder that Carolina’s poses are so nice since she takes many gorgeous pictures. The sitting pretty poses that Kirin has out at Kustom 9 are really well done. I wish that furniture makers would collaborate with her on their sitting … Continue reading A Little Shopping Can Leave You Sitting Pretty

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Take a Ride at The Wayward Carnival!

The Wayward Carnival wants you to buy a ticket and take the ride!  With everything from hot new items to carnival rides, this is one event you don’t want to miss!  From July 15th to July 30th, let your favorite designers show you how to have fun! Cinder & Eden Teleport to The Wayward Carnival MIA:  Katat0nik < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >  

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Carnival! by Wayward Events

Ladies, and Gentleman, Boys and Girls! It's Carnival time and Wayward Events has outdone itself with a sim full of incredible new releases from fantastic designers, as well as a sim that will make you feel like a kid again! Ride the rides, bring an friend, bring your love! Enjoy the wonderful activities and new items available to you coming July 15th! While you roam the sim, you will of course pass by the new releases inspired by the wonderment of the Carnival, but also find little hidden gems such as this. Explore them, take photos with them, sit with friends and discuss anything you like! Carnival is a place to experience joy and happiness, share it with those that bring that to you as well. And lets not forget to sate that shopping addiction a lot of us in SL seem to have First up in our Pixelated Carnival Fun is the Pretty Lady. Draped in a lovely, colorful mesh dress and showing off slink fitted (maitreya available as well) jewelry is just framed in all her glory.… Read the restWayward Carnival [wide]

Explore the Deep with The Seasons Story!

From today until July 30th, go under the sea with The Seasons Story!   This undersea wonderland arrives just in time for Summer, and with it comes anything and everything you need to prepare for fun times above and below the waves!   Strap on a swimsuit and grab a surfboard to catch your ride! Maddie & Eden Teleport to The Seasons Story MIA: BBQQ, BCC, Dynasty, Eaters Coma, Gabriel, Howl, Pr!tty, Real Evil, Benjaminz < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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28. Body Art Hunt Preview

  Credits Body Hair | Magika | Sabina Gully | Listen (50% sale on now) Skin | DeeTalez | Steffi Villota | Skin Max (V2) black Mixedtype Body Freckles | DeeTaleZ | Steffi Villota |*Appliers* A.T.W. SKINS _Maitreya Mesh Body FR_ East Shape | Lumae | Lumiya Rae | Effie (Curved) Body | Maitreya | Onyx LeShelle | Mesh Body […]

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IDK is All About Space and Eclipse Stuffs This Round!

IDK about you, but I am finally glad that IDK is finally here again, and for this round, take off and get interstellar! This round all about Solar Eclipse, so take off with IDK with a whole new stellar adventure! From today until July 10th, get all these lunarious and stellernarious exclusives before it’s too late! ~°Maddie°~ MIA: Gaja, Grandeur, Harajuku, Tony, Vincue Teleport to IDK <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>  

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It is time to stock up at Cosmopolitan again!

Cosmopolitan is open once again and filled with some amazing designers that you will shopgasm over. With a little something for everyone, this is one the whole family can enjoy! As mentioned, it is open now but will only be here until June 21st so you really want to make sure you get down here and stock up so you do not miss out! Happy shopping everyone! Rosalyn <3 Teleport to Cosmopolitan <——-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>

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Lady of Thorns

Lady of Thorns sets fire to the sky. She has untold powers that allows her to do such things, she can be quite terrifying. I am not certain what set her off this time, but setting fire to the sky is the least of the terrors she has unleashed when she is in a foul mood or feels unjustly persecuted. Hopefully whatever it was that set her off in the first place will right itself or she will calm down so that the sky can return to it’s typical blue. Credits
Dress: +Pepper+ :: Heart of Thorns :: Drowning Ocean   (at The Fantasy Gacha)
Crown: +Pepper+ :: Heart of Thorns :: Bronzed Destroyer Crown  (at The Fantasy Gacha)
Hair: Doe: Meeka / Solid  – Gingers  (at The Fantasy Gacha)
Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Lady of the Shadows, Ivory  (at The Fantasy Gacha)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands  – Casual
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Fiori~ Emerald Eye (at Kustom9)

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It is starting to feel like a Cosmopolitan kind of day!

Cosmopolitan is open again now and I can definitely tell you that this round is amazing! With clothing for ladies and men, decor, hair and even toys for the kids, this is very much a must not be missed family affair. It will be here from today until May 24th so make sure you come down as fast as you can so you will not miss out on these amazing deals on offer! May want to also bring all your credit cards so you have enough funds to invest in your new summer wardrobe because you are sure to find some very classic pieces. Rosalyn <3 Teleport to Cosmopolitan <———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY—————->

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Grand Opening of Tres Chic!

  I’m so excited to announce the grand opening of Tres Chic! This awesome shopping event happens monthly and has so many amazing designers with beautiful items, and there is a nifty little HUD to get you around the sim!! This month’s round has tons of spring items, you will not want to miss it! The event runs until the 28th. ❤ Indigo Nouveau Teleport to Tres Chic!    < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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012: Look of the day

Credits Hair: *ARGRACE* UREI – Chocolate Hair base: *ARGRACE* (Hairbase5) Chocolate (with hair) Skin:  DeeTalez: Skin Djuna black Mixedtype Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0 Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] : Ren2 eyes -Toffee- LB only Hands: Slink: Mesh Hands Elegant Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat XS Dress: { V I N C U E} Windy+T-Dress (kustom9) Necklace: ~Pepper~ Crown Necklace – SILVER Poses: Bounce This...
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It’s Here! Cosmopolitan Back In Action!

Here we go again! Are we ready for some more shopping? It’s Monday and nothing makes Monday more worth getting up and out of bed than having another round at Cosmopolitan. This even is running from April 13th – April 26th. Skip on over to a fun event and get your shopping on. .♥.Alice Bates.♥. Teleport to Cosmopolitan Sales Room <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–>

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Flowers on a Sunday

Pose Fair 2015 is now OPEN! Ooooodles of poses and props for one and all, one store that’s gone over and above is Atooly! Miranda has banged out the singles poses and the props!  I have so much to show you but let’s do it a post at a time, this pose showcases single poses 001-008!  Lovely, basic, well made fashion poses. YAY!
I did model a little LoTD around the poses with some items from The Seasons Story that is now open.  Thanks to Atomic, Pepper and Mithral Apothecary – I look SUPER pretty and summery.   I love the Atomic items, I will have to showcase this top again as in my haste to get a post out I didn’t show you the beautiful bowing at the back, you can wear it as a top or with the skirt like a dress.   MA has three hairs out, all very simple and lovely. Also worn is one of the newer Mudskin skins, Lovely Bell.   She is out at We Love Roleplay for the April round with a wonderful 30% off!   There are three makeups to choose from and each come with Nyam Nyam, Sweet Lips and Loud Mouth installers, and you can also purchase TMP head installers too!… Read the restFlowers on a Sunday

Join the Seasons Story for Spring!

It is time to open up a new Spring chapter of The Seasons Story! Your favorite designers have returned to one of the most cherished, seasonal, events on the grid! From today until April 30th, you can get these amazing exclusives to celebrate the Spring season! ♥Maddie and Eden♥ MIA: Boom, Cheeky Pea, Eaters Coma, Howl, Miseria, Nikotin, Oleander Teleport to The Seasons Story <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE GALLERY——–> Note: Any store without items pictured did not have exclusive items marked at the time of The Seasons Story’s designer set up deadline on April 10. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Designers listed as MIA were “dark” (without decor or any items for sale) at the time of designer set up. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

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