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Bright day for news

The Outlet Sales Room at Nors started! .la petite morte. has two skins out, here shown is Birgit. I made a quick shape for it , because it didn’t look right on my main shape! If interested in the shape, please contact Synful Ghost; Free. Also, don’t forget Line, has an awesome sale going on everything in the store is priced from 29L-69L, that is including new items, fatpacks excluded. So enjoy! Hair: Action Hair-Onika-Naturals V1 Shape: Curvosity: Christy [If interested in the shape, please contact Synful Ghost; Free] Skin: .La petite morte.- Birgit Tone 2-DK CL- The outlet edition Eyes: Plastik-Vaele Coll-Time-Intense [Mesh] Necklace: LouLou&Co-Hesperide-Black& D. Yellow Top: Onyx Wear-Top Black Sheer Bracelets: Amorous-You Skirt: Line-Hot Chocolate-Blue-Yellow [On sale] Boots: HOC Industries-Thigh High Boots [MESH] The Outlet Sales Room: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evil/164/145/501 Line: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Oamaru%20Bay/100/83/29

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show a little leg

i’ve been doing a lot of editing of things in my sl lately… my inventory has been the main thing i’ve worked on (and *still* am working on! it is a never-ending process, i’m tellin’ you!), but i’ve been giving my personal shape a li’l bit of a tweak here and there recently as well. my shape, over the years, has evolved a lot.. but i rarely tweak it for things most people tend to. i rarely, if ever, make changes to my shape for skins — if it doesn’t look good on my shape as-is, then i just don’t buy it. i like being “recognizable” (har har) in different skins, even if the appearance of my face can vary with one skin or another.. then at least the basic structure underneath is the same as always. i change things about my shape when i feel i need or want to && while this happens rarely, there are some significant changes to my current shape when compared to.. say.. the shape i wore when i first started blogging.… Read the rest09.27.2012

fall to pieces

every time i’m
fallin’ down
all alone i fall
to pieces i’ve been working on some stuff in world lately, which has caused me to go on a music spreeeeeeee. and this has been on repeat for me for quite a while now. i love this song.. and more importantly, i love scott weiland. :3 i have ever since i first heard stone temple pilots way back when. not that the music has much to do with my look-of-the-day post, but. there ya go. xD listen to the song, okay! as for my look, it’s pretty much a mish-mash of things i’ve been wanting to wear — mostly, this super sexy hooded dress from cynful && these stocking-and-legwarmer combo heels from luck inc that are all kinds of awesome. they are sexy me heels, indeed~ i really love this hairstyle, too. dela for hair is still relatively new-to-me, but after a few trips there (and a few recs from friends raving about this brand), i’ve given it a shot a couple of times. and i have to say, this loosely braided pigtail style is probably my favorite of the store’s offerings..… Read the rest09.18.2012


there’s not a whole lot i can say here, other than… allarik && me are in our underpants. i’m in my unmentionables to show off new awesome stuffs, but he’s just eye candy (you’re welcome). and i suppose, this time, the snapshot speaks louder than my words ever could, hm? ;p right! so i’ve been needing an excuse to get in touch with my sexy side and the latest mesh releases from onyx wear && red mint helped me do just that. lingerie is the thing i probably own the least of in my virtual closet, but pretty underthings like this make me *totally* happy to change that. i honestly thought that bras ‘n’ panties were probably the one thing i would not like (or need) in mesh — clothing layers seemed to do the job fairly well. but that was *before* i tried them and these sets from onyx wear are so sexy it hurts. little details, like lace trims and teeny bows, when combined with how well they fit and how *realistic* it looks on… they are just delicious and i’m afraid the few pieces of clothing layer lingerie i do own won’t be getting much use anymore.… Read the rest09.11.2012


there’s a new round of horror haute (that started today, the 25th!) and it includes a *new* mesh release from haus of darcy ..perhaps it is hard to tell, but it makes me suuuper excited~ hod makes my absolute favorite body jewelry — i pretty much wear this brand exclusively when i want piercings (which, let’s be honest, i *always* want piercings). so new releases make me especially tingly… and these new earring sets do not disappoint. the earrings you see here (best in the middle photo, click the pic to see it larger) are the latest release out for horror haute, called counterpart. the large black lobe gauge is the mesh piece, which makes me even *more* excited for perhaps some more meshy goodness from aydan darcy, but you don’t have to wear these piercings with this particular gauge. there’s another set included without the black round gauge that are made to be worn with other ear jewelry from hod — including the dragon spiral gauges i love so much.… Read the rest08.25.2012

lucky girl

skulls, fishnets, amazing new leather boots && a pistol strapped to my thigh.. i’m *fairly* certain that qualifies me for badass status, but i suppose i could be wrong. ;P in my seemingly never-ending quest to catch up on all the goodies i’ve missed out on in these last few months, i’ve been reminded again && again just why i seem to be so out of the loop. it’s because all my favorite stores, and arguably some of the most well-established brands in sl, consistently and frequently release awesome shit. and i was greeted yesterday by a notice from maitreya that i seriously flipped out over. the mesh boots i’m wearing in this look today are *divine*. they are new from maitreya and… i must say: even if all their latest mesh releases haven’t been my taste (can’t please everyone with everything, right?), i cannot deny how gorgeous && how high-quality said releases have been. like, even if i personally wouldn’t wear something, i can’t say it’s because it’s not beautiful..… Read the rest08.19.2012


  My Street Wear ~  Hair ~ Wasabi Pills ~ Shiki Mesh Hair – Rye =MESH= Shirt ~  *chronokit* ~  Tanktop02 Plain Pink =MESH= Pants ~ ::SC:: ~ Pink Zebra Mesh Sweat Shorts =MESH= =NEW= Shoes ~ ::SC:: ~  In Da Hood Kicks =MESH= =NEW= Skin ~ [MC] ~ Tabby 2 Skin D-Cup Smokey Pink =NEW= Nails and Rings ~Onyx Wear ~ “LUCiDO” Mesh Nails + Rings Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace ~ MG ~ Necklace – Annette Chain Necklace Gloves ~ [GLUE INK] ~ Ree Gloves (floral) Sleeve Tattoo ~  [GLUE INK]  ~ No regrets Frut Tingle Tattoo Chest Tattoo ~ Tenjin ~ Baby doll Tattoo Lip Piercings ~ [EY:NO] ~ Dramatic Piercing (silver) =NEW= Eyelashes ~ *GA* ~ Mesh Lashes Mysteria =MESH= =NEW= Eyes ~ FATEeyes Read the restImage

double dose

/me gently wipes the cobwebs away ohay! long time, no bloggity, hmm? yeah, it’s been a really long while since i last posted… things just got *way* hectic for me in my rl. shit happens from time to time && i am def not immune to it. buuuuu~uuut, i did have some time this week to catch up on things in sl, so i thought i’d finally get off my lazy ass and put together a blog post! and it’s not just me in this post, oh no. i’ve got two looks for you from myself and one of those includes bff vivi.. i thought it was a fitting way to maybe get back into the swing of blogging~ first… ..a look i put together long before i took my hiatus. this makes me a very, very bad blogger && for that i apologize! i uploaded the pics of this look to flickr months and months ago… and then never put a post together for it. so here it is, finally! polar bear hoodie, shark tee, and some bright hot pink. do you love it as much as i do? ’cause i gotta say, i love this look lots.… Read the rest06.05.2012

“Seraphim Turns One” Birthday Hunt Info!

Hello lovelies! It’s only a few more hours until the start of the “Seraphim Turns One” Birthday Hunt! It will begin at NOON SLT today! We will be having a launch party at the Seraphim HQ on the Depraved Nation sim to which ALL of you are invited! It is also at this time that our post for the hunt will go live – it will have the full list of participating designers, SLURLS to their stores, AND pics of every item! Look under the pics in the gallery for the details, just as you would for all of our other posts. So throw on your best party dress or your snazziest suit and come join the Seraphim gang as we celebrate our first birthday! See you there! SERAPHIM HUNT PAGE! SEE ALL THE PHOTOS HERE! Seraphim HQ Launch Party!

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Hey everyone! Today is CHIC’s birthday! Turning a whopping 2! So to celebrate they are having a birthday event called CHIC2 which will run until the 24th of June. There are 150 stores participating and each has made a special item for this event which will be exclusive. This is set up into a venue style so think old CHIC events, much easier to find things. As i walked around i noticed each store has their booth set up differently and each theme unique. [glow] Studio was probably my favorite though due to it’s underwater theme however there were so many great set ups that could of been easy favorites. So i’d say the store themes are  just as much of a reason to come down. As for items i could possibly have a favorite because honestly there is just too much here, i love it all!! Some stores were not set up by the time i was taking pictures so there are a few more stores then what is posted, have fun shoppers! Wish CHIC a happy birthday! I know we do here at Seraphim!!… Read the rest01 Al Vulo - skin, 1000L

Culture Shock 2012

On 4th May 2012 · By Vix Thibedeau · With Leave a comment
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Welcome to the second edition of Culture Shock! In case you didn’t attend last year, Culture Shock is a massive sim fair event organized by CHIC Management (the same masterminds behind Vintage Fair, Back to Black, The Platinum Hunts and many more) and sponsored by MODAVIA Productions. The goal of this event is to celebrate trends and trendsetters within their business, incorporating music and art, all with reflections of their own personal first life cultures depicted in their creations. For me, the best part is that each of the 184 stores participating will offer at least one NEW and EXCLUSIVE item during the event that gives 50-100% of the profits to the charity Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders! Last year over 1.5 million Lindens was raised and donated, and you can see the receipt for it here. The event opened today, May 4th at 4PM SLT and runs through May 26th. There is also a gate at the landing point that ensures you aren’t a lag monster – you must have 50 scripts or less running to pass!… Read the restCulture Shock Promo - Billboard

Culture Shock & More!

More Culture Shock sneak peeks today (I remembered to write that one right!) plus a new ColdLogic release! And yes, in a weird turn of life, I like yellow these days! The top is a new release by ColdLogic, there are many more cute new items at the store, so go have a look! The Akerika skin  Onyx Wear pants, the Bubble Electric purse and the Mons eyes are Culture Shock charity items. Also, the Undefined Lillies necklace and the  Traveler pose set by Miamai is a new release for the event (it comes with two bags too, but you can also use your own), The yellow G Field shoes are a Culture Shock gift. Styling: Skin: Blanca Medium by Akeruka for Culture Shock Eyes: Shocking eyes – green by Mons for Culture Shock Hair: Capture by Magika (mesh) Top: gilbert.beach by ColdLogic (mesh) Pants: “MiSH” Mesh JeansXD Neon Aqua by Onyx Wear for Culture Shock (mesh) Shoes: Strap Shoes “Alex” -patent:yellow by G Field (Culture Shock gift) Bag: Lemontastic by Bubble Electric for Culture Shock Necklace: proud of x (yellow/gold) by Undefined Lilies for Culture Shock Bangle: Summer Love Collection] Cuff Golden by Mons for Culture Shock Poses: Traveler by Miamai for Culture Shock The landmark for Culture Shock will be available on May 4th, when the event opens.… Read the rest

new couch

this new coppola sofa from cheeky pea (which is out for stumblebum this round.. but more on that later!) is sooooo cute. as often as bff vivi && i switch bits ‘n’ bobs of furniture out of the other living room, this sitting area in our house has been relatively untouched once we finished decorating it… last summer. but when i saw this couch, and this pretty minty green color it comes in.. along with the coffee table && decorations… i knew our sitting room needed a new place.. to.. well… sit. plus the animations in said couch are *adorable* (single, couple and friend poses) && it comes with its own set of rezzable props as well, including the laptop you see above (and, i mean, this pose is called blogging… how could i *not* photograph it?!). really nicely made.. and it’s on sale, too! some other goodies in this round of stumblebum include the ruffly cropped top i’m wearing here in the prettiest shade of lavender, from aura..… Read the rest05.02.2012

want some fries with that shake?

onyx wear released an entire metric ton of new mesh goodies… including a super cute tube top that comes in a rather large handful of designs && colors. but among all the choices, there was one in particular that i wanted to show off in a lotd… …that features *french fries* and red ‘n’ white stripes. and i am lovin’ it (bada bah bah bahhh… see what i did there?!?!). all cheesy puns aside ;p these new tops are made of awesome… i have been living in this one for at least the last 48 hours. it may be a testament to the fact that i’d totes eat at least ten pounds of french fries in a single sitting if i had them available, but this design was by far my favorite out of the bunch. so cute! instead of goin’ with a pair of short shorts, i grabbed for a pair of longer cuffed shorts i grabbed at sn@tch… which is having a sale all weekend long (that ends on the 30th!). i absolutely *love* sn@tch (ahaha), because for me..… Read the rest04.28.2012

The War of the (see)Roses

Last night my troublemaking Mister sought revenge on me for buying him a gift, by buying me all the yellow things he could get his hands on at coldLogic. That’s what you get for sharing your favourite colour! Don’t do it! It’s a trick! But anyway, secretly I loved my gifts and decided not to continue our gift-war. I thought a simple thank you would surfice. What? That’s totally fair. This gorgeous new mesh underwear is available at One Bad Pixel, a newly opened collaboration store. Go check it out! Yellow Lookbook Credits Hair :: TRUTH Isla in Marmalade / ElikatiraDaffodil in Red 08 / Elikatira – Always in Black 07
Skin :: Dutch Touch – Esmee
Shoes :: NARDCOTIX – Gloria Wedges in black
Clothes :: ColdLogic – Assorted
Black Leggings :: Onyx Wear – Mish Mesh Leggings in Black (coming soon)!
Poses :: Assorted from Pose Fair 2012. Thank You Credits Hair :: LelutkaTrend in Irish Red
Skin :: Dutch Touch – Esmee
Eyelids :: SLink – Mesh eyelids and lashes
Lingerie :: One Bad Pixel – Babytux in Black
Tattoo :: AITUI – When the beast.… Read the rest


it’s april fool’s day, hm? not gonna lie, i was tempted to do a joke here on my blog… buuuuut i have too much awesomeness to show off. there’s no time for jokes when there’s new clothes to be had! like, for instance, this *mesh* tee which is new out @ sakide. and just as a head’s up!! while i’m wearing a black one here, there are several sets in pink, red && purple out for free — but only until tonight @ midnight! these tees are awesome.. they fit well, are off the shoulder (which makes them good for layering, like i’ve done here, with a tank underneath), and come in a shit ton of patterns. the crosses are my own personal favorite, but there’s something for everyone.. including plain, no design tees! go snag ‘em *all* for free while you can! also.. these sneaker boots i’m wearing, which are all kinds of delicious, are just 99L on the marketplace. they are *mesh*, they are color-change, they come in several different sizes (including a non-rigged pair that you can resize!) && were such a good deal for the price.… Read the rest04.01.2012

you go, glen coco~

one of my favorite lines from a movie… inspired a shirt that i’ve had, sitting in my inventory, for god knows how long… …and i rediscovered it today && *had* to blog it. live every day like you’re glen coco… a mantra everyone should practice. truer words have never been spoken. ;p i’m wearing the *amazing* tee with a skirt i picked up for grenade free wednesday from crash republic (if you’re like me && can never have too many denim minis, this one is nice for the price!), some *new* knee-high socks from onyx wear (that are out @ fashionably late), some awesome new earrings from amorous which is still having that *sale!*, and a punk’d out long hair from raw house. i lovelove the shorter, spikier side paired with longer waves — and from the name, i’m fairly certain it was inspired by this particular sonny. add a very fitting nom (considering i’ve been listening to this song on repeat ever since a friend linked me to it), some horns, some *new* ink from vestigium && i do believe… i’ve successfully rocked glen coco out~ you go, glen coco… and none for gretchen weiners, bye!… Read the rest03.28.2012

Fashionably Late! ❤

Here is your new round of Fashionably Late. This week offers you a variety fun items from jewelry to skins and even full outfits. My favorite was most definitely the La Traviata silver necklace by U&R Dogs. C; Have fun ladies!~ ❤ It’s ok to be Fashionably Late!!

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urban succubus

platform stilettos + a li’l black dress + bat-like head wings… equals a simplistic but super sexy “demoness” vixxie! \o/ the main components of the look i’ve got on today (shoes, dress, stockings, necklace && hair) are all *new* and are things i’ve accumulated in the last few days. luckily for me, when i was trying it all on, it just worked and i ended up with something… *succubus* inspired~ i can’t seem to get dressed in world anymore without wearing at least something in mesh. and today, i’ve got *two* bits of mesh on — the hair, in an *amazing* new dip-dyed color pack, from magika (that i hope sticks around for even more new releases, i love this blonde/pink/blue combo *so hard*) && this sleek, sexy dress which is one of the latest releases from cold logic. both are fantastic, in construction && in textures, and i love the shape this dress gives me! the necklace i’ve got on today, with all those gorgeous hot pink stones, is a new release from amorous — one of my absolute favorites for pretty, intricate pieces of jewelry.… Read the rest03.23.2012

panda && elephant

how cute are these tentacio tees!? insanely cute!! both bff vivi && i picked ‘em up @ perfect wardrobe in a nicely discounted pack (including a third tee with an adorable tiger on the chest!)… and we both liked them so much, we almost instantly threw them on. i picked the elephant version to wear initially because i liked this shade of blue, but that li’l elephant is too cute for words. look at his stubby arms! ❤❤ the texture on these are nice && make it look like one of those super soft, super comfy tees (y’know, the one you *always* grab for ’cause it feels so great on?) and i like the three-quarter sleeves. perfect for spring! vivienne chose the panda version of the t-shirt to wear, because vivi… really likes pandas. one of her favorite necklaces that she wears all. the. time., from loulou&co, has a panda charm (seen here, i am really surprised she didn’t wear it with this look too!).. so i wasn’t shocked at all that she gravitated towards the black, gray && white tee.… Read the rest03.20.2012