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When I was younger, I used to love to run out in the rain and snow. Strictly to play, of course and it was always a blast. The feeling of it drizzling on your face, hands whatever…it was just cool. When snow begins and it’s all slow and delicate, lovely. I think my next goal will […]

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December 2014
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Unlikely Eve

“If you consent, neither you nor any other human being shall ever see us again; I will go to the vast wilds of South America. My food is not that of man; I do not destroy the lamb and the kid to glut my appetite; acorns and berries afford me sufficient nourishment. My companion will […]

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Not a Dog Treat

 You could try to gnaw on her, but I doubt the results will be pleasant.This is a free avatar created by Meilo Minotaur. I want to take the time to thank you for making such a fun gift, for all on the grid to enjoy. It is always nice to play with …

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Helena Stringer - Free*Style - Not a Dog Snack

Zombie Apocalypse

My addiction to The Walking Dead is slowly taking over my blog, but I just couldn’t resist. You see, I went back to do TAG! Gacha and I completed it! I picked up the HUD at the starting point, attached it and went to all 50 stores clicking on the gacha board to make sure […]

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Simmer down, pucker up

Monso makes the cutest things. Simple, well made and every day pieces that are casual and perfect. This sweater can be worn two different ways and is unisex. You can purchase it at Collabor88.Alchemy/Birdy keeps killing it with every new release. These…

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Melts away the water froze

I am just going to leave this right here as a reminder that Collabor88 this month is f*cking amazing and also…did you know there is a Gos group gift? Um hm.xo,Sophia HarlowLark – Regina Jumper – NEW @ Collabor88TRUTH HAIR Thelma – NEW @ Collabor…

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And then there were…

Sanura is essited! Her group is growing and so with every 100 members that come aboard, she’s been hooking it UP with some fancy new group gifts. For those of you that watch your pennies, this is a great group to get into and the owner couldn’t be more sweet!  Al Vulo!- Polly*  natural claveage […]

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Somnia 500

Meanwhile I’ll let you into a little non-secret

Some of you may know, but one of my many RL jobs is working bouncy castles, ice-cream vans and even sometimes a burger van at local fairs/events Theres something kind of amazing about having the power over peoples fun Enough about me, new shoes, new Hucci shoes available now, in nudes or colours, for the […]

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Meanwhile it’s all a bit hazy

Some SL’ers will tell you every detail about themselves in the first seconds of meeting them, others won’t even admit to being a corporeal being after 5 years of knowing them, these are the extremes but most of us fall somewhere on this scale. SL is your world etc etc, and whether I get to […]

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Pure Poison @ AVENUE A/W FW13

Pure Poison Fashion Shows: Oct 5th 12 PM – Vanguard Collective – RSVP HERE ~ http://tinyurl.com/qbeuxeh Oct 5th 06 PM – Haute Couture – RSVP HERE ~ http://tinyurl.com/qbeuxeh   Or watch the shows live online here: http://www.aviewtv.com/live   Look #1: Skin: -Glam … Continue reading

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The Annex @ AVENUE A/W FW13

Look 1: Featuring items for the AVENUE Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2013 (29 Sep- 5 Oct): The Annex – Dress Trousers – Tweed – Camel Also wearing: Skin: -Glam Affair – Neva skin – America 01 E @ The Boutique Teeth: … Continue reading

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I wanna touch your mouth when you’re up there

xo,Sophia HarlowOlive. the Mine! Zodiac Necklace – Pisces [Gold] – NEW @ SFW::BB::SUNANTHA SANDALS – NEWDRIFT Dash Pencil Skirt [MESH] S-Black Stripe – NEW @TDR FusionEmery – Biker Jacket Amadeus Olive (Top Beige Included) – NEW @ Fameshed[PXL] JADE OL…

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What’s New?

As I have mentioned before, there are lots of events and things going on so I thought I’d bring you all some news and releases from one particular design team today Currently, e! Eclectic Apparel is having a 50% off sale which is running until the 27th. Skip on down to the main store and […]

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floorplan Anniversary Sale

YAY It’s a big sale going on down at the floorpla […]

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floorplan sim sale july 12

My Musical Theme Meme

Oh gosh, I’m so way behind of my ABM (Avatar Blogger Month) post because this post is my fourth for this month. *hide*. I am way too busy in RL and whenever I got time in SL, I was unlucky to get any picture done; shopping distraction, sim restart, crash and lack of mood.

Nowadays I like to put lyric of a song as part of my picture title and description, but today I don’t know which song make me remember or humming while I was doing those pictures. Sometime our picture in SL is a reflection of a song. Sometime the song is a sneak peek reflection of our life. Sometime we pick song just to make us change our perspective in live. So here is a little challenge from me (I don’t know how many will answer this challenge)….copy the set of question below (which in bold) and answer them with song that you know it reflect the question.

  1. What is the last musical video clip you watched (either tv or youtube) : Sungha Jung – Pirates of Carribean Theme Song
  2. What is the last song you hear on your radio/ipod (non-video) : I think it was…..Jason Derulo – The Other Side
  3. What is the last song you sing along on top of your lung : Fallout Boys – My Song Knows What You Did In The Dark
  4. What is the one song you must listen everyday : anything from Ed Sheeran. okk I cheat I can’t pick one of his song.
  5. What is/are the main song(s) that make you want to skip the playlist of changing the station : Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven. Taylor Swi (Read more...)

When The Sun Goes Down (and the weird questions meme)

I might as well make this Summerfest week on my blog because there is seriously so much awesome to be found there! Not only does this event boast tons and tons of fab items from amazing creators, it’s also a … Continue reading

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When The Sun Goes Down

My Toes in the Sand

I promised myself I was going to do a post without an otter in it today.  Having said that, I can’t make any promises for the rest of this week!  I love this top and skirt from Tee*fy so much… the top comes with a lot of options and the ski…

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Summerfest ’13

Summerfest ’13 – sponsored by floorplan, fr […]

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Summerfest Poster - Final (Seriously)

There He Goes

It’s almost time for Summerfest 2013! I have been so excited about this event I can’t even tell you, the line up of creators participating is amazing, probably one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Summerfest officially … Continue reading

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There He Goes

Take a Bigger Axe

It would solve many problems. At least there are days when it feels like that, isn’t there? Perhaps that is one of the reasons why many roleplaying games feel so liberating: you can solve problems with an axe and not … Continue reading

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