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Multipul Choice Question.(Freebie).

Whats in the box?
  1. Kim Kardashians Bum.
  2. A box of sugar-free, guilt-free chocolates that actually taste amazing.
  3. A Maitreya top with a hud which is excellent and for me unwearable.
If you get it wrong you need to hang you Lelutka/Catwa/System head in shame. I did try to take a picture of the top but with my SLink body, I couldn’t really get a good enough fit esp since I also wanted to get a close up of the texturing which is pretty darn good.  A nice amount of colours in the hud and although I couldn’t wear it again you may have the right mesh bod or an alpha that you can use. A totally new shop to me called “Spectacledchic” and yes I did think I would find it full of glasses but nope, it’s a very small shop with an even smaller selection of clothing but very nice stuff.  This does seem to be slightly different in that you can only buy fat packs so the prices can appear to be a bit steep (I think they average 500Lds) but you do get a really interesting selection of textures and colours. … Read the rest




March 2019
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It’s mahoosive! (Freebies & Sale).

Taking a landscaping break because I seriously think I’m starting to suffer from snow blindness. I was most surprised that Amiable was so quiet since it has a New GG out plus a sale going on but it made my quick visit nice and lag free. Most people will recognise the jumper and skirt and maybe the bag although I don’t recognise the bag but then again I don’t usually snag accessories.  Amiable keeps out all of the old GG’s so there is now quite a few of them and most people will probably have or still have some in their invent but the scarf is deffo new.  You get 2 versions, rigged and unrigged which is pretty good because this thing is “mahoosive” and the unrigged version has a simple sizing menu in it. I will say I had wanted to show you the very pretty polka dot skirt but it didn’t really go with the look I was trying to create but when you’re there just grab away. Anyhow it was a nice break so I’m feeling refreshed enough to start landscaping again.… Read the rest

Safe & Sound

Hair    [RA] Jas Hair @ Shiny Shabby

Dress    _CandyDoll_ Wendy Dress @ Collabor88

Background      AMITOMO / K9 Anniversary item / Photo Background

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Hair with cup   Stealthic x Toksik - 1. TKS Transit Hair (RARE) @ The Epiphany

Jacket    Stealthic x Toksik - 2. TKS Jacket (RARE) @ The Epiphany
Top   Stealthic x Toksik - 8. TKS Crop Top (White) @ The Epiphany

Shoes    [BREATHE]-Astrid Heels @ The Epiphany

Pose    <K&S> Girl. Bento pose @ Limit8

Backdrop    [ isuka ] union local @ shiny shabby 

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Head   LeLutka

Skin applier    Egozy.Irina (Fair) Lelutka  new
Make-up      Egozy.Irina (Make Up) Lelutka  new

Nose piercing  [VEX] Diamond Stud Nose Piercing @ Tres Chic

Nails    ::SG:: Gloria V2 Nails. Tuty-Tonic-VISTA-MAITREYA-SLINK BENTO @ Cosmetic Fair

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Country girl

Neve are at the latest round of TLC yippeee! Up for grabs is the brand-spankin new “undone” shirt and “Nashville” skirt – they come in a ton of options, each pack giving endless choices! I chose the plaid shirt (yes, I’m so traditional) and the soft pink denim. Now the clever thing is you can change a lot of the trimmings – such as the belt, the lace that edges the skirt hemline etc. I was totally flummoxed on the skirt, as I realllllly loved the lacey covered ones too! Shirt comes in plaids,plains and pastels – something for everyone ❤ Newwww hair alert! This is “Asago” from Argrace – saw it in the notice,didn’t try the demo,BOOM bought! You know how it is with some stores like Neve & Argrace? Something new – it’s a given it will fit and you will love it – tadah! (btw I am not advocating not to try demo’s!) Thanks Neve team! Neve @ TLC Neve blog for all pack info & piccies Argrace 
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2 Words, “F**K Y*U”, (and FREEBIES).

Urgh part of me cringes slightly putting the “Freebie” into the title but you know what? We go on, life goes on, nothing changes apart from we become stronger. So back to normality and in my case being a Cheap B*. I made a “boo boo”.  I did a post a short time ago about a New Mina called Shelly which is available at the Ultra & Kinky Event and I gave the LM to the Satelite Mina shop which is on the sim with this event but to get Shelly follow the new LM which will take you right to the building that contains not only the new hair BUT a FREE Mina! (as well as so many other gifts which of course I grabbed like mad). This one is not just a new blonde but has been designed to fit over collars.  This is why I deliberately chose this top because as you can see it’s pretty darn thick and bulky, normally I would stay clear of this style of top and yet apart from a minimum break through it fits amazingly well.  You get 3 sizes but the sizes don’t change the head size just the size of the way the hair hangs down.… Read the rest

Bland Bam Friday

So I am a little worn out on blogging this week and I decided to take it a little slow and just mash some items together and it came out as a cute little outfit. I used a skirt out first, but I didn’t like how the pose made the skirt look so I took…Read more Bland Bam Friday

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Monday cheer (freebies inc)

It’s very rare for me to find a gown type dress that I like – but I have! Not only is it pretty ravishing but it’s also just $1L – mmhmm, mesh body sizes included and it just fits SO purrrfectly – keeper for moi. Its Serendipitys gift in the TBYOH hunt- hint is *its sitting on a suitcase* – you’re looking for a gold star – verrrry easy to find! (thank goodness) My gorgeous jewellery is by RealEvil, I actually found it on the market place but as I’m sooper nosey I teleported over to the inworld store – glad I did because there was a stash of group gifts (no join fee hurrah) . I was tempted by the hand & nails set while I was there – gawd its pretty – check out the MP link below to see the info and the enorrrrrmous Hud to customise the set. It was a considered purchase for me as I’m a bit broke atm, but at $499L well worth it. Oh! the hair I’m wearing is by Kokolores and will be available at the new round of Hairology, it opens on the 10th March.… Read the rest

H U C C I Quibor Top

  Satin club top in fitted mesh for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza. Normally L$125 each or L$695 for all colors. L$99 promo until 10/25/2016.   Shop on Marketplace

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Melani Collection

On 8th October 2016 · By BitchZilla · With Leave a comment
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AlterEgo Melani Collection
Available in 6 tones: Neutre, Chai, Lumiere, Soleil, Petale and Shimmer ☑Classic Avatar Support [System Layers] ☑Omega & #TMP Head appliers
☑Loud Mouth applier
☑2 Mod shapes
☑Brow shapers
☑Lash remover
☑Body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega, #TMP, Slink & Soul

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Enertia – T-Dress

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Enertia • T-Dress • 199L
Fits Maitreya, Belleza & Slink sizes Marketplace 

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Amelie Skin for Lelutka – Complete!

Finally I squeezed in time to finish at least one whole Lelutka head collection!
Amelie is now all done up with all the tones I planned for the line.
♥Wildside – Slate, Raven, Prussian, Prism, Gunmetal – NEW!
♥Dark – Woodlands, Sage, Moondust, Hellion, Ethereal – NEW!
♥Human – Brulee, Chai, Soleil, Lumiere, Petale
♥Drow – 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%
♥Pastel – Periwinkle, Honeysickle, Breeze, Blush, Aquamarine You can find all these fab tones at our mainstore location.
Our Lelutka packages include: 1 head applier [multi-brow] & 1 Omega body applier [applies feet for Slink, Belleza, Maitreya & Omega]
799L Enjoy! AlterEgo Mainstore Simone head used in ad. Pastel Fantasy post
Drow Fantasy Post
Human Tone post

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Fifty Linden Friday: Week 34

Out for Fifty Linden Friday, City has 5 poses and includes mirrors. Available at the main store.

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Enertia – Short Tie Tanks

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Enertia • Short Tie Tanks + Hud • 150L Rigged mesh shortie tied tanks + texture change hud [20].
Sizes for Slink Physique & HourGlass, Standard, Fitmesh Standard & Maitreya
Please demo.

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H U C C I @ Uber Sahara June 2016

  Adelaide platform sandals with front zipper detail, for Slink and Maitreya. Available in 12 colors, additional bonus sole options in collection pack. L$295 each or L$995 for all colors. Zeya off shoulder bare midriff dress, for Slink and Maitreya. Available in 18 colors and patterns. L$195 each or L$995 for all colors and patterns. Yebil tub top, for Slink and Maitreya. Available in 16 colors and patterns. L$125 each or L$695 for all colors and patterns. Whati slacks with side slit detail, for Slink and Maitreya. Available in 17 colors and patterns. L$155 each or L$895 for all colors and patterns.   Only available at Uber June 25, 2016   Visit Uber

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Hexa Living Room – Clean lines and understated elegance perfectly describes this room. Set includes Sofa, 2 chairs, coffee table, side table, rug, artwork, floor lamp, baskets, candles, assorted cacti and decorative bottle.
The sofa comes in 12 colours, PG/Family or adult, with or without texture changeable pillows and a throw. Each pillow has an easy to navigate and extremely organized menu which features 30 different pillow choices (insane I know), while the throw offers 4 texture options. The Rug is also texture changeable offering 10 options in solids, patterns and stripes.
The Family sofa includes animations for parents and children with appropriate props (made even better with the AVsitter experience). The Family/PG version has space for 2 to 4 member families as well as 1 to 4 kids playing poses ready for anything from family time to play time.
The entire room, as displayed, comes in at 48 LI.
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[x] The Saturday Sale 3.12 [x]

The Saturday Sale @ AlterEgo – 3.12 Karlie • Ash Tone “Clarity”
3 brows, system layers + Omega & TMP head applier + Loud Mouth applier
75L Body appliers available • Sold separately

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NEW! Pastel Fantasy Skins

New! Pastel Fantasy Skins • Rayne by AlterEgo
Left to Right
Blush•Breeze•Aquamarine•Periwinkle•Honeysickle Each skin packs comes with system layers, 3 brow options, Omega & TMP Head appliers, Loud Mouth applier, Modifiable Shape, 2 brow shapers & lash remover.
Additional body appliers available, sold separately. Bentbox•Soul Uni•Maitreya•Belleza•Slink•TMP•Omega Available NOW at the mainstore [see the fantasy room] Matches Truth’s “Colours” Hair Palette
All Truth hairs in the ad as well
Left to Right

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[x] Skin Fair 2016 [x]

•AlterEgo sponsors Skin Fair 2016•
opens March 11th NEW Skin Yvette [in 7 tones] w/ Brulee, Mink & Sexspresso being our Exclusives All products at this event are 20% off! Our body appliers for all tones will be on site, sold separately.
Yvette skin packs, come with system layers, multiple brows options, Omega & TMP head appliers, Loud Mouth head appliers, modifiable shape, 2 brow shapers & lash remover. Body appliers available for Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, Slink Body • Hands • Feet & Omega. Slink Body applier includes hands & feet.
Slink Hands / Feet applier also sold stand alone.
Reminder ladies, Nyam Nyam and Kissers are now Omega compatible, they can be skinned with the included Omega Head applier. Additional attachment appliers such as Bentbox Ears or Soul Uni Ears are available in all tones at our mainstore. Additional information regarding EARLY ACCESS for the Toxxic Design Studios VIP Group coming soon! Skin Fair 2016 Flickr Original Post

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