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Good-bye 2017, hello 2018!

HAPPY NEW YEAR This is my last post for 2017, nothing fancy just wishing everyone and all that follow my blog have a Happy New Year and be safe out there! Here is a photo of my secondlife family parts of the members that’s around to wish you a happy one! See you in 2018 … Continue reading Good-bye 2017, hello 2018!

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March 2019
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The Light of the New Year

It’s a sunrise in the horizon of the Long Dark. It promises fresh snow, new winds, paths never walked before. It tells you all the dark things on your journey will be left behind, that they cannot cross over to this side. It lies. We carry the light with us, just like we carry the dark, and it is up to us to let them go or keep them close, it is up to us to choose. Regardless, in the light of the first new day of our lives it is always easier to be resolute, always easier to believe we will choose well. Perhaps that is the whole meaning of it, to give us that boost of energy to continue trying our best to make good choices, to encourage others to do so, to share our light with each other.  Here’s to the new year, new world, shared light! May we make it the best of the years yet.   Skin: Pink Fuel – Doll v2 V2 Vamp
Mesh: Maitreya Lara Body & Slink Hands
Hair: Magika – Honey Whiskey
Gown & Jacket: Just Because – Christine
Bracelets: MANDALA – Shippoah
Snowflake & Pose: Astalianda – Snowstar (free gift, currently available under the tree in Selidor)

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Happy New Year Celebration TODAY!!!! at Sydney City Australia

SYDNEY CITY NEW YEARS EVE You are invited to Celebrate the New Years In Sydney Australia Today 12.30.2016, First Party and Fireworks as in Real Life. LIVE MUSIC 12:00 PM Guest DJ Karensunshine Emerald 1:00 PM Anek Fuchs 2:00PM Keeba Tammas & the Tiny Maniacs FIREWORKS on the Sydney Harbor Bridge Where: Luna Park, Sydney […]Read Post ›

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts this month, but it’ll be better in January! I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you for all the support in 2015! Pretty sure 2016 will be better!     Hair: Elikatira – Willa Dress: Sn@tch – Celeste … Continue reading Happy New Year

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The Waking Sun

The Sun sleeps through the winter, slumbering in the darkness, the cold keeping her brilliance at bay. The sparks dance around her in slow, near-frozen movements, carrying her through the long months of hibernation. As the year changes to another, as the season shifts, the sparks come alive. They draw her forward, remind her of the cycle, of the returning spring. Each won moment of daylight gives her strength to shine bolder. As the fires drive away the slowness of the cold, her focus returns. Every day she triumphs further in the skies, drawn in by her desire to warm up all the creatures she swore to nourish and protect. The veils are breaking, daylight increasing, warmth wrapping the world in its embrace. Spark by spark, won hour by hour, summer approaches. The Sun is returning. The Sun of course begins her return long before our human-decided year-change, but the New Year is still a good moment to take a deep breath and appreciate the approaching spring and summer.… Read the restsunrise4bs

The Golden Dawn

It has arrived again, the change of number, the resolutions and promises, decisions and devotions. For a moment everything seems new and fresh, full of possibilities. The new golden dawn of unknown. There’s no knowing what it’ll be filled with, what it’ll entail, what joys or sorrows. No knowing, just plenty of wishes, hopes and plans. For this one moment everything seems possible. This year we’ll climb over all the obstacles to plant our flags on that One Achievement we all dream of: happiness. The decision makes us feel good, makes us stronger, the realization everything is possible, always, still possible. The one thing we miss in this grand scene is the simple truth that every dawn is a new one. Every day ready to be a font of happiness, rich of joy and fulfillment. Once we manage that, once the delight of decisions fills us every day, then our dawns will truly be golden and covered with genuine riches of the heart. Happy New Year, may it be full of fun, delight and happiness!… Read the restgoldendawn1cs

A Long December

"A long December and there's reason to believe......Maybe this year will be better than the last."
The Look- A long December
Hair-Truth- Vixen
Skin-Glam Affair- December II (Uber)
Dress- Zenith- Vintage Chiffon Dress- Rose (Uber)
Fur- Zenith- Vintage fur Muffler (Uber)
Pose- Diesel Works-Zahra-1

Location: CDS Come Explore the Sims


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