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HUCCI Imias Sandal @ Uber

  Fringe sandals in suede leather. Metal change buckle, and 4 soles included. Collection allows for more customization. Includes, Slink, Maitreya, and TheMeshProject versions. L$195 each or L$795 for all colors.   Only at Uber    

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April 2015
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Pinky Bat

I’ve been a little blah lately. More so in a funk. I’ve burnt myself out with Skin Fair trying to get my items posted in a timely fashion, but it backed fired. So this will be my final Skin Fair 2015 preview then I’m returning to my normal self. I miss my fur. -sad face-, […]

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Bubblegum Sybor

” I’ve got a fetish for pink and cute and PVC.” “Cause lookin’ normal’s just not for me.” “And Hello Kitty and all her friends.” “Have got my heart until the end.” “And bows and cupcakes, kawaii.” “Are always goin’ to be a part of me.” “And Sky high sneakers and ice pink hair.” ” […]

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LPM for Creation JP!

La Petite Morte is participating in Creation JP’s new round with a fresh new face, Duchess! See the pic below. The event opens at 12:00 am SLT March 21st! Creation JP

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Skin Fair 2015: The Plastik & Sn@tch

The Plastik has to be one of the best places for me to get some really unique fantasy skins or really anything fantasy in that matter. If I can’t find something at other fantasy places I usually go to Plastik and they’ll have what I’m looking for.  The Plastik features a new line of skins […]

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I’m Here to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum…and I’m All Out of Bubblegum

Leave it to Misha to spur me into action when it comes to making armor for the distaff in Second Life.  Okay, so it only took me a month and a half to get on the stick and actually make it, but hey, sometimes you have to get up the nerve to outfit someone with big swords like this. There’s an absolute truism in Second Life:  Avatars tend to be Way Too Tall.  Like abnormally Wookiee tall.  Heck, they’d probably dwarf Peter Mayhew in real life, and I know for a fact that man stands over seven feet tall.  I’ve met him in all of his morose grumpiness.  He’s the kind of guy you walk up to and say, “How’s the weather up there?” and then you get your butt kicked into next Tuesday.  But I digress… Second Life is full of really tall, generally disproportionate avatars.  You can really run the gamut of shapes, from massive buttshelves to eight foot tall pin-headed galoots.  Speaking of which, Misha told a story about the day she went shopping for swords and was confronted by such a galoot. … Read the resthttps://i1.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/80a9cc068beb20672826e1de80995985.jpg

LPM @ Skin Fair 2015!

La Petite Morte is a proud sponsor of Skin Fair 2015, and for this highly anticipated event, LPM presents two brand new faces! Sadie is vivacious, fresh and youthful.

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Skin Fair 2015: Lumae new face Jewel

Okay, for starters I’m going to do something a little bit different than how I normally do skins. I’m going to try to stick to my word and go through with what I have in mind. If it’s a little too much ‘work’ then I’ll do continue to normally do what I usually do with […]

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HUCCI Hilmar Pump

Gradient spike leather pumps in 12 colors for Slink, Maitreya, and TheMESHProject. L$295 each or all colors for L$695. 6 spike options, 4 soles included.   Visit Hucci Shop on Marketplace  

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HUCCI Gabala Pump

  Satin pumps for Slink, Maitreya and TheMESHProject. 4 sole textures included  L$295 each or all 12 colors for L$695   Visit Hucci Shop on Marketplace

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Star Shine

Okay, lets get down to the point here. I’ve been in a blogger rut and I honestly don’t know how to get out of them so I’ll go through long periods of times and not post anything. I’ve not been motivated in such a long time to blog anything other than that Twisted Hunt photo […]

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HUCCI @ Collabor88 March 2015

Pointy toe slingback with heel heel and spikes. 4 soles and 2 metals included. Collection HUD allows different metals for spikes. Slink,Maitreya,TMP  L$88 each L$488 for collection pack.
Asymmetrical dress with contrast stripe on arm and contract color in the front. Slink Physique V2 version fitted mesh and standard sizes. L$88 each   Visit Collabor88  

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Somnia in your heart

Hai there you kawaii leprechauns, ♥ It is time for Lazy Sunday again and I have some super cute tops for you. They come in both a darks and lights pack with 8 colors per pack. Both packs come with 5 colors for the belt and for the buckle. Only 75L a set!

Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ The Cart Sale has started again at the Wash and I have got some new items and some special colors! Remember everything at the Wash is only 10L These can totally be worn together or as separates! And only 10L a set!

These socks will work for the normal avatar, Slink Physique, Belleza Venus, Maitreya Lara, Omega, and Banned. And still only 10L
These nail polishes are only 10L a set. They will work for the Slink Physique, Belleza Venus and Omega. They do both fingers and toes!

And a free gifty! Only at Somnia at the Cart Sale ♥ There is a small hunt on the ScratchN Post sim and I did some special colors of the Bowtiful nails as a prize. You will find them for free by my collar cart there. Be sure to check out the website here for more information.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Wave of Passion Darks Ad

The Sn@tch is Sweeter!

The NEW Releases are up on the wall &  this week they're not dark & intense for a change LOL. If you want a little peek of sunshine and happiness in March, come check out the New Stuff at Sn@tch and get your Sugar Rush! 

 Thats it for today! Come get your sweetness on at Sn@tch this weekend!

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Terror made me cruel

The Twisted Hunt started two days ago on the 5th and a few designers I love and watched are participating in it. I’ve hadn’t done the Twisted Hunt fully in years since it kind of grew and with so many decoys, I just don’t have time and it’s nerve wracking if you don’t have an […]

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Thou shalt not syn

“What ya thinkin’ wearin’ that skirt?” “What ya thinkin’ bein’ a flirt?” “What ya thinkin’ wearin’ P.V.C?” “What ya thinkin’?” “What ya thinkin’?” “What ya thinkin’ smellin’ like dirt, bad poetry of pain and hurt?” “What ya thinkin’?” BODY Body: Matireya – Lara Mesh Body Hands: SLink – Casual Female Hands Feet: SLink – High … Continue reading Thou shalt not syn →

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Arcade Tanzen

I honestly couldn’t think of a small short story to go along with this, but hell. I’m going to describe the elements that I was trying to go for and I think I succeed big time. I was listening to a lot of different songs while I was editing these photos. The first song I … Continue reading Arcade Tanzen →

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Hucci Danli Jumpsuit

  Satin halter jumpsuit. Designed for standard sizes, fitted mesh for Slink Physique V2, fitted mesh for Maitreya Lara Beta version. L$295 each or Collection pack for L$595. Collection is texture change via HUD, allow mix and matching of colors as shown in ad. Available at Hucci Main Store, in Jumpsuit room   Visit Hucci Shop on Marketplace

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Last calls, Oh wait some new calls too

February is a little chaotic for me hence so that some of my review items got lost among the million boxes I do open and own. Well everyone knows SLink products got an major update! Which I want to point out a few things that I like and was pleased. The fingernail polish, You can mix … Continue reading Last calls, Oh wait some new calls too →

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