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Somnia is Spring Cleaning

Hai there you squishy fluffy butts, ♥ First thing is Somnia is having a SALE!!!!! Everything in the store is 50 – 70& off* It is time to make room for new things so many items will be retired to the marketplace afterwards. *Excludes marketplace, gift cards and current event items.
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ There is a brand new event !nterlude! Creators were asked to pick from a list a song that inspired them. I chose Here Come the Sun by The Beatles. My favorite time of year is when spring and summer start to show up. With this in mind I did several variations of the Sunny theme but I also did a few for the Not Sunny side. As you can’t really enjoy the sun until you have been without it for a little while. The boots are compatible with the Slink High Feet but are not required. The nail polishes will work with Slink 2.0, Belleza and Omega.

And a free gifty! Only at Somnia at !nterlude ♥ It is my honor to have been asked to place an item at Free Dove. To help new and old residents alike.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Spring Cleaning Sale




April 2015
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Skool Daze

I don’t have much to say this time so it’s a small short post. Normally when i don’t have anything to say I’ll post music lyrics, but nothing fitted this sort of style. Well I take that back, I can find a song for this theme! I kind of went with a school girl look […]

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NEW THINGS at Sn@tch

Guess what? We have new Sn@tch, shocker LOL!There are lots of system things in this week for your sexy mesh bodies or classic avatar and some wicked hot stomper boots! Here is all the Newest!

 So come to Sn@tch Soon and See What's NEW!

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Bad Trap Girl

So I think I’m coming out of my blogger funk. With so many events coming out at a time it’s like ALL THE THINGS, but no. Not all the things somethings are like Why.  I’m featuring some new releases from brands that I love Sn@tch, Zombie Suicide, Goth1c0, La Malvada Mujer and Mute.  Regular store […]

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New Gacha Prizes – Nose Band-Aid

New Exclusive Gacha prizes just landed in the mainstore. Cute Nose Band-aids,
27 colors in all to claim, Claim the Rare for the entire set
all are no copy-transfer so you can share your extra’s with friends ♥
Click here for a ride
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HUCCI Kuria Sandal

  Sling back platform pump with suede upper, patent leather platform and foil heel. Available in 4 color combinations with 4 sole textures included. Available for Slink,Lara, and TMP. This is a limited edition anniversary special item. L$110 each or all colors for L$310.   Visit Hucci Shop on Marketplace

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HUCCI Jinan Sandal at Collabor88

  Suede multi strap sandals with metal dot detail. Available in 7 colors for Slink and Lara. 4 soles and 2 metals included. L$88 each or all colors for L$488. Only available at Collabor88   Visit Collabor88

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You Can’t Handle the Sn@tch

All this newest for the week at Sn@tch on the wall, including New Releases & Specials and there’s a VIP Group gift too! The Debbie Ripped System Pants with a Skull Belt for only $69 L this week! And here are the New things from Saturday. Lots of Pretties!  And the Fishing Set this week is an accessories GRAB BAG with 20 parts of random fun things like shoes and jewelry and odds-n-ends!  And I didn’t get too far behind before I blogged this time woooooo -grins- There’s a Sn@tch VIP Group Gift on the table in the VIP Lounge so weear your VIP tag and clicky clicky to get a pretty spring dress and a really cool set of scripted bracelets before they’re gone. Be sweet to each other and come see us at Sn@tch soon!… Read the rest

The White Queen

So I think I’ve come out of my blogger funk. I decided to put my stress and worries it still lingers in the back of my mind. Lumae and Gauze are both participating in this month’s We <3 RP. The Stringer Mausoleum, is in an small Easter Event free by Free*Style. Not much to really say. I did a simple, but […]

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Borden Ax

I’ve been kind of low key after Skin Fair. Events like that tends to do things like that to me and well, okay I lied. I placed everything on the event, but reality I have a lot weighed on my shoulders. Blogging for me is an outlet that I can get away from reality and […]

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HUCCI 10 Year Anniversary Photo Contest

HUCCI is 10 years old! Celebrating a decade inSL, HUCCI is having a picture contest. HUCCI is hosting a contest for fans to showcase their favorite HUCCI items! HUCCI is looking for pictures that showcase HUCCI products. We are looking for pictures that represent the brand image.   Prizes! Grand Prize L$ 10,000 Cash + L$10,000 Store Credit Custom Item created for winner (no transfer perms) Photo displayed at HUCCI Main Store, houseofHUCCI.com and facebook.com/HUCCIsl   Second Place L$5,000 Cash + L$5,000 Product named for Winner Photo displayed at HUCCI Main Store, houseofHUCCI.com and facebook.com/HUCCIsl   Third Place $2,500 Cash + L$2,500 Photo displayed at HUCCI Main Store, houseofHUCCI.com and facebook.com/HUCCIsl   Rules Read the restHucci10

HUCCI Imias Sandal @ Uber

  Fringe sandals in suede leather. Metal change buckle, and 4 soles included. Collection allows for more customization. Includes, Slink, Maitreya, and TheMeshProject versions. L$195 each or L$795 for all colors.   Only at Uber    

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Pinky Bat

I’ve been a little blah lately. More so in a funk. I’ve burnt myself out with Skin Fair trying to get my items posted in a timely fashion, but it backed fired. So this will be my final Skin Fair 2015 preview then I’m returning to my normal self. I miss my fur. -sad face-, […]

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Bubblegum Sybor

” I’ve got a fetish for pink and cute and PVC.” “Cause lookin’ normal’s just not for me.” “And Hello Kitty and all her friends.” “Have got my heart until the end.” “And bows and cupcakes, kawaii.” “Are always goin’ to be a part of me.” “And Sky high sneakers and ice pink hair.” ” […]

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LPM for Creation JP!

La Petite Morte is participating in Creation JP’s new round with a fresh new face, Duchess! See the pic below. The event opens at 12:00 am SLT March 21st! Creation JP

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Skin Fair 2015: The Plastik & Sn@tch

The Plastik has to be one of the best places for me to get some really unique fantasy skins or really anything fantasy in that matter. If I can’t find something at other fantasy places I usually go to Plastik and they’ll have what I’m looking for.  The Plastik features a new line of skins […]

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I’m Here to Kick Ass and Chew Bubblegum…and I’m All Out of Bubblegum

Leave it to Misha to spur me into action when it comes to making armor for the distaff in Second Life.  Okay, so it only took me a month and a half to get on the stick and actually make it, but hey, sometimes you have to get up the nerve to outfit someone with big swords like this. There’s an absolute truism in Second Life:  Avatars tend to be Way Too Tall.  Like abnormally Wookiee tall.  Heck, they’d probably dwarf Peter Mayhew in real life, and I know for a fact that man stands over seven feet tall.  I’ve met him in all of his morose grumpiness.  He’s the kind of guy you walk up to and say, “How’s the weather up there?” and then you get your butt kicked into next Tuesday.  But I digress… Second Life is full of really tall, generally disproportionate avatars.  You can really run the gamut of shapes, from massive buttshelves to eight foot tall pin-headed galoots.  Speaking of which, Misha told a story about the day she went shopping for swords and was confronted by such a galoot. … Read the resthttps://i1.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/80a9cc068beb20672826e1de80995985.jpg

LPM @ Skin Fair 2015!

La Petite Morte is a proud sponsor of Skin Fair 2015, and for this highly anticipated event, LPM presents two brand new faces! Sadie is vivacious, fresh and youthful.

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Skin Fair 2015: Lumae new face Jewel

Okay, for starters I’m going to do something a little bit different than how I normally do skins. I’m going to try to stick to my word and go through with what I have in mind. If it’s a little too much ‘work’ then I’ll do continue to normally do what I usually do with […]

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HUCCI Hilmar Pump

Gradient spike leather pumps in 12 colors for Slink, Maitreya, and TheMESHProject. L$295 each or all colors for L$695. 6 spike options, 4 soles included.   Visit Hucci Shop on Marketplace  

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