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Princess Alchemist

The story I had in mind was that she is a baby Demoness who was shipped off to school. She didn’t fully find her potential to be a demon. Which in this case I made it that the demon’s earn their horns. Being the little brat that she is she went to school to become…Read more Princess Alchemist

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Let’s Play a Game

You go hide and let me seek. Let me be the one to make you weak… ​ -Belleza- Brooke Oct Gift Med Dk *Group Gift* TRUTH HAIR Vixen Mask TRUTH HAIR Tulip ~Blacklace~ Gloria: Black MESH Lace Corset  – Meduim *New Release* ~Blacklace~ Gloria: Black Sequins Ruffles Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant – Small [...]

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He thought himself frightening…

He was, however…wrong. Lots to talk about. FaMESHed is in it’s last week of this cycle before closing down in prep for November. This gown does not have to be menacing in any way, it’s actually quite beautiful and comes in a few wonderful colors. Snatch that up before it’s overrrr. Belleza has new group [...]

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Somnia is panicking!

Hai there you glowy pumpkins, ♥ It is time for Lazy Sunday again and you can grab these super cute cropped sweatshirts for only 95L a set!! Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ Don’t Panic is open and ready to scare your socks off! This is the 8th annual halloween game brought to you by […]

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.: Somnia :. Ayane Darks Ad

When the Sn@tch Hits the Fan

It’s Saturday and along with our Horror Survival Game Don’t Panic being OPEN (YAY) I have a few New Releases for you. I don’t know how…but I do! I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep in 48 hours so bear with me! And come see us when you get a sec!&nb…

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LPM @ The Liaison Collaborative

La Petite Morte is participating in the creator’s choice round of The Liaison Collaborative. With Halloween around the corner, a very special mime edition was created, included in the pack are all appliers for 500L. La Petite Morte @ The … Continue reading

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Casual Ghost Diva

Finishing up some more posts for Candy Fair. I liked how I just accidently arranged my outfit to resemble some sort of ghost colors. Ha, kind of goes with my second life last night. Fitting so I though. Normally I would be using lyrics to express how I was feeling at the moment in that…Read more Casual Ghost Diva

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Candy Corn and Ghostlings

Candy Fair is nearly over, starting tomorrow to be exact. I have just a few more Candy Fair posts to do before I continue on to the Mythic Faire and Creepy Cutie Carnival which I’ll combine sort of if it all fits together! I only got a couple of things from Mythic Faire so it’s…Read more Candy Corn and Ghostlings

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Modernly Witchy

​ K, so TAG Gacha is an interactive HUD event thing that starts tomorrow. To be honest, I think I get the concept but I am having a hard time putting it into words to type out. Basically, you follow the HUD to places and each place you go gives you a prize and a [...]

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Til Death Do Us Part

I’m going to get a better pic of the skin cuz it’s pretty, I just put it on first and didn’t realize the hair was gonna cover it all lol my bad. So, Body Mod Expo. Check it out, yeah? I bought a skin the other day and I can’t wait to show it off, [...]

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Somnia is forgetful!

Hai there you spooky ghosts, I totally thought I had sent this out already but I guess I forgot! Opps! ♥ My Slink Obsession is open for the third round and I have some fun and sexy items for you guys!! These lace trimmed undies are sexy yet cute! They come with all system layers […]

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Nothing Comes Between Me and my Sn@tch

I totally forgot to blog my Sn@tch last  week so I’m including last week’s New Releases on this post LOL. It’s been a busy month! Everything is still on the wall though and today we have new things!And here is the special this week. Only $75 L for…

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Sadako Hair Release

On 11th October 2014 · By enviouscreations · With Leave a comment
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New Hair Release currently only avaialble at the Body Modification Expo
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Metropolis/226/111/40Filed under: New Releases

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New from LPM 10/10

La Petite Morte is participating in several events! First LPM is once again participating in The Seasons Story, and is offering a new skin, Bonnie! The Seasons Story Next up is The Body Mod Expo. La Petite Morte has a … Continue reading

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Candy Fair 2014

So, maybe you’ve heard that Candy Fair is going on? lol it’s a good time too, what with Halloween and decorating to be done because IT’S COMING. Most of it is pretty cutesy but hey, who doesn’t want a cute little candy store on their land? Entice you some pretty little thangs onto your sim [...]

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HUCCI Baudette Dress @ Uber

  Stretch knit dress, with suede front panel, blac […]

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Sequin Slippers

More colors of the slippers featured in my last post are now in the store or on marketplace.  10L for individual colors or 50L for the fat pack of 12, these are a nice addition to dress up casual outfits and are modifiable, to fit a number of mesh feet reasonably well (try the free […]

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Fatpack sequin slipper vendor

Cachi Boots @ Collabor88

  Suede boots with patent leather trim, gold metal […]

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I want candeh

Candy Fair 2014 has started! So excited, it was a blast to walk through the two beautiful sims. I admit I am very impressed with the decoration of the sims this year than last year. It was much easier layout to read and maneuver through. If you don’t like candy, there’s plenty of stuff to…

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New! Oct 4th

La Petite Morte is participating in the Candy Fair with 4 special editions of Suellen. Each skin comes with a makeup and no makeup option with its special colored brow for those that like the more non-traditional hair colors. La … Continue reading

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