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Weekly Roundup – January 31st through February 6th

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Hello, Skinnies! Another week, another slew of skin updates brought to you in a single post for your leisurely shopping pleasure.
Mudskin – Released Abby as Lelutka appliers. They also released Valerey as system skins.   
  AlterEgo – Has reopened! And with the reopening they have five new faces in their 2nd generation skin line: Karlie, Jolie, Dionne, Bianca, and Adriana. They also have a special Rose Adriana available as a group gift.     KOOQLA – Released Pompom as a Lelutka applier at their mainstore. LoveMe Skins – Released Claire as a February group gift. WoW Skins – WoW Skins released Sahra and Megan at their mainstore.    Modish – Releaed Mia and Leah as Logo appliers at their mainstore location. Preview not provided. October’s 4Seasons – Released Guiselle Lilly at The Makeover Room. The Skinnery – Released Kenza at Shiny Shahby and Dunya Lelutka appliers at The Season’s Story.… Read the restAbby AD-2



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Low Life

Accessories :  Roth Beanie V1 / Bad Unicorn Juice Chain / Benjaminz @Monsieur Chic Juice Watch / Benjaminz @monsieurChic Juice Bracelet / Benjaminz @MonsieurChic Outfit:  Hooded Jacket / Benjaminz @MonsieurChic Destroyed_Jeans [Fitted] / ::LP:: @MonsieurChic… More

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Hunts at 7 Deadly Skins

We are participating in the Jack or Jill hunt and have a prize for the guys on the Jack Path. Also at this time we still have the Member only Hunt going on for the ladies  

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La Petite Morte @ We <3 RP

New at We <3 RP, 2 new fantasy skins converted for Catwa, Lelutka and Genesis Lab heads! 50% off for the duration of the event. La Petite Morte @ We <3 RP

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The photo below the cut is NSFW. Please proceed with caution. So, first of all this post is mainly about this super fuckin cool tattoo from Prodigy Ink. These mofo's are making some awesome tats available for non mesh bodies, maitreya, omega and slink compatible peeps out there. I'm a fan of this one, but tbh my strong suit isn't sci fi so I went with nudity. Ok? OK! The other reason for the post was to idk, possibly hit up a lil shout out. There's much debate at times about drawing inspiration from RL things, other people, other bloggers, photographers. I feel like it's totally cool to be like hey I like this whatever you've got on, where's it from? I'll always answer, and if it's at an event I tell that too cuz WHY NOT. If I like it enough to wear it, then the designer of it should get some sales I feel. I mean, they got mine right? So with that, I think trying to copy someone's style from head to toe is Team Too Much. You want you to shine through too, no?… Read the rest.ispirato.

Weekly Roundup – January 24th through 30th

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Hello Skinnies, skin lovers, addicts of various shapes, shades, sizes, and mesh body parts. I have brought to you once more the Weekly Round-up. I decided to change the day on which I am posting, and confused myself and now I am posting late. So, I’m a dunce, but here are all the skin shopping updates for that last week delivered to your internet in one convenient location for your browsing pleasure.
The Skinnery – Released Kenza at Shiny Shahby and Dunya Lelutka appliers at The Season’s Story. And for the dudes, they have the Hugh Catwa applier at Collabor88.    LoveMe Skins – Released Chelsea as an omega mesh head applier at Designer Circle. LURE – released Olivia at their mainstore location. Verve – released Ava at Lelutka appliers at the mainstore location. Mudskin – Relased Abby at their mainstore location.   October’s 4Seasons – Released Guiselle Lilly at The Makeover Room. 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Released Judas as both a Catwa and TMP applier.… Read the rest[theSkinnery] Kenza Ad

I Dont Fold, My Stance Is Centred

Accessories: Clif Beanie Hat V3 / Bad Unicorn  Lattemya Tumbler Dank / ValeKoer Plated Gold Bracelet / Fli Human EarsPLUG / N0!Project  TMC Hairbase / Unorthodox  West Coast-Bike -Gold- RARE / Bueno West Coast-Bike -Cherry… More

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Never Ending

Body- [Head] – .: fiore :. Contoured Mesh Head [Skin] – .: fiore :. Jing Mesh Head Applier SPF15 ~~ new [Hair] – .Shi Hair : Street Chic [Unisex . Mono] @ K9 [Eyes] –… More

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I miss you here with me

I put on the pretty things, and decorate so there's somewhere comfortable for us to be. But it isn't the same when you're not here with me. So I wait to sit in our chair, I wait until you sit and I sit in your lap and we talk about life, laughter and everything in between. When it's just us and sitting here feels right… Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica Tone – 08 
Glam Affair – CLEO – lipstick – 17 Jamaica
TRUTH HAIR Acadia  * @Uber *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
paper.arrow breezy.dress arrow [maitreya-beta] * @Uber *
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High V2.1
fri. – Macey.Platforms (Cherry) – Slink * @Uber *
[atooly.home] black star w/ wrapped lights * @Wayward Market *
[Con.] The Cave – Tub Chair – A – Brown * @C88 *
.tree {starfield projection wall} {mixed stars scatter} * @Wayward Market *
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C’mon baby light my fire (inc. Free gifts)

Light my Fire is a brand spankin new outfit from ArisAris, ohmai its smokin huh?! You get the fantastic leather look pants, a beautiful camisole top that has a unique lacey back to it and the sharp biker inspired jacket. Its good lookin and very swish, I’ve been wearing this ensemble for two days runnin ! Lots of mesh sizes in the pack, fitted mesh,standard mesh and a brilliant fit for Slink Physique – which I’m wearing above. I’m a great believer in lolling about, and this free bean bag with texture change is just dandy to do it in. Really nice leather effect texture and five colours to choose from. Its got female, male & couple poses too. Free to join group, you’ll find the beanbag right in the doorway on the left. If you hit the tp up to the Valentine store, there is another group gift – his sweet little gramophone player (it actually works) and table. I thought Id show the table even though I’m going to display my gramophone on its own – table is two prims, the player is just one.… Read the restArisAris New Release

Weekly Roundup Jan 17th through 23rd

Hello again, Skinnies! I have a week rife with new skins for your default avie and all your meshy heads. We have some skins for the dudes, also. I wouldn’t forget about the men-folk. Enjoy your weekly skin shopping all in one lazy post.
  AlterEgo – Has a new pilot skin for their Gen2 Lino ut at Project Limited. You will want to get their quickly to snag this for your collection.  (No preview provided). October’s 4Seasons – Has a new group gift out for January called Capricorn. They also have released Guiselle in Auburn with Genesis appliers.   Corvus – Released a new undead mesh head named Nahara. Elysium – Released Rose for both Catwa, Lelutka, and Logo heads at Shiny Shabby, perfect for those who collect heads as much as they collect skins.   Mudskin – Has a new group gift called Monster, be sure to pick up this lovely.   7 Deadly s{K}ins – Released Judas Omega appliers and TMP appliers for the dudes at their mainstore.… Read the restO4S January Group Gift - Capricorn Perfection

Two for One

I'm pretty sure Harlow is a voyeur. One minute we're trying out random poses and the next she's in diddle mode. I'm not juding since I'm so behind in blogging things due to moving my sim and store and all that I'm just doing a little catch up and I thought I'd grab a friend or two to make it a bit fun! We're wearing the same outfit, she's got on different hair but it's also from Truth. Guy in the middle would be her lovely hubby lol and YES…I laughed quite a bit bc who wouldn't. Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica Tone – 08
-Glam Affair – Tattoo Layer 01
-Belleza- Eyeliner 5
Glam Affair – CLEO – lipstick – 17 Jamaica
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Blueberry – Sera – Mini Dress – Maitreya
Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.4
fri. – Portia.Heels (Midnight) – Maitreya * @C88 *
Trompe Loeil – Huron Cove Cottage * @C88 *
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-Left Style.- Body&Cosmetics Hair: :::Phoenix:::Vivian Hair (Light Blondes) @TrèsChic  – New Head: LOGO – Infinity Alex Skin&Makeup: ItGirls– Irina (Summer) – New  (Ty Emi  <3) Body: Maitreya – Lara V3.4 Clothes&Accessories Dress: CandyDoll –Sora (Gold shine) @Collabor88 –… More

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The hits just keep on coming

More new releases from Neve yippee!! I’m showing of two of the versions of a complete look called “intern” – skirt and blouse all-in-one. With each version you get four colour ways, and each section of the outfit is controllable via the fancy smancy HUD.  Four sets (lively,neutral,pins & plaid) to choose from, but but but the HUD gives you so much flexibility within in each item its A.mazinggg! You have four set ways to wear each piece, then you can swap things up, change the belt colour,top or skirt – plussss turn materials on and off. This is the “lively” collection btw. This is the “pins” version. Subtle difference with skirt fabric and blouse pattern which add a whole new look to the piece. Fits included for: Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M
Maitreya Lara Fitted , Belleza Isis & Freya Perky Fitted, Slink Physique & Hourglass Fitted. I’m wearing my slink Physique body, great fit as usual.… Read the restNeve New Release !

Bloomers !

Goji have released a fantastic line of quaint lingerie / leisure wear and ohmai goodness its sooper cute. (Goji is a new store created by Janie Marlowe & Damien Fate of coldLogic & Neve). Sooo onto the goodies – there are bloomers ! Yes bloomers and to be frank I’ve worn these little babies for almost a week now , dead comfy, easy to sling on and a brilliant fit over my Slink Physique mesh body. Of course the following mesh bodies are also included in the fit, plus the standard avatar sizes: Includes Standard Sizes XXS, XS, SM, M – Maitreya Lara Fitted, Belleza Isis & Freya,perky Fitted , Slink and Slink hourglass. Above I’m wearing the “frill” bloomers and celestial “frill” top. There are a whole bunch of variations that include gingham & floral to name but two. Each pack of bloomers and each pack of the top comes with  a HUD that gives you four colour options, it doesn’t end there though, you can play around with the trim, the shine andddd….… Read the restGoji Bloomers Frill - Top Celestial Frill NEW!

Dab Dab Dab

Stylebook  Lit Cap / FLI. *Neww* Cuban Link Gold / FLI. *Neww* UGE Sweater / FLI. *Neww* Vera Pants / Excellence *Neww* Accessories  Kings Bracelet Gold / Benjaminz Gold Plated Bracelet / FLI. *Neww* Raw… More

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Hey Everyone! I’m Anala! Thank you Flor for inviting me to post here! Please when you get the chance everyone check out my Blog Beauvais! This is a quick post I did to feature some… More

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That call before bed…

Wayward Market is once again open, with some really awesome new releases to get you all cozy and lookin too fine The socks are mesh on top, thigh area and appliers on the lower leg and feet. They come in a bunch of colors from fri.day and I'm liking them. You can even toss some thigh high boots over them and the sock will still show, that kinda look if you're into it? Lots of options. This lil jumper from Luxuria is an applier as well, comes in Slink, Maitreya and Omega so lots of bodies can rock them as well and again, a few colors to choose from. I like the hair, I'm not one for short styles a lot as we are all aware by now lol but the combo of the wispy parts and the soft looking winter hat is very cute to me and thatttt is from Elikatira. Not releasing often, but still going strong! Last but not least, the phone. I had so much fun with the phone lol you add it to yourself, and it asks if you're male or female so it knows what anims to hook you up with which is great in of itself.… Read the restThat call before bed

Enter colour

Winter doesn’t have to be dreary, grab yourself some warmth and brightness with LUXE Paris ! Theres a whole load of new treats out at the moment that will bring a splash of happy to your season. I chose a couple of outfits to share with you, above is a complete look – meaning you get the whole thing, boots included. “Maggie” is all snuggly  yet dead stylish. The neck shape on the cape is gorgeous, the buttons adding even more dash. Great fit with the jeans over my Slink Physique body, other mesh sizes included. I got a bit dizzy over this dress “depeche mode” – its got a lot of my favourite elements. Polka dots, a tight belt, red & black – whats not to love?! It’s so retro and elegant, fits perfectly over my mesh body which is a real winner as I never.ever.take.it.off ! My shoes were a fifty linden deal from Reign last week, you might be able to grab them still in store, but they would be full price now probably.… Read the restLUXE Paris - Maggie complete outfit with boots NEW!


Avatar Head LeLutka Mesh Head-KARIN Skin Pepe – Lelutka Tallah Skin (Miami) RARE – @The Epiphany Lipstick Pepe – Lelutka Tallah Lips – Red (Miami) – @The Epiphany Eyeshadow Pepe – Lelutka Tallah Eyes – Egyptian (Miami) – @The Epiphany Body Maitreya Mesh Body… More

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