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EGOZY I Faïza & Nayenda (Lipsticks Collection)

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Egozy Marketplace Store

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EGOZY I Hyolee for TMP (Available)

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                   Egozy Marketplace Store

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The Loba Breathes

This is my very first round of Lazy Sunday and I'm so excited that I'm pretty much all set up. I don't have a sign yet but EASELS in the store are pretty much where to look. I made both my poses only 50L and I hope everyone enjoys them! There are demos of both, so you may try before you buy so, thank you pretty much! For reading, hope you stop by and join the subcriber? I'm working on a new gift as well, should be fun! TP to Vanity Poses

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.::WoW Skins::. New Catwa mesh head appliers out

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Another sensual applier for the mesh head of Catwa store! The applier come in 5 skin tones to choose from, each one with 8 skin bases (no brows, red, blond and black brows, and same brows options with freckles); 5 eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks, you can mix and match for an unique look. Skin tones: Milk, Tan, Bronze, Darktan & Golden. Demo of course is available. You can get all mesh body appliers also at our mainstore, or use any classic skin to match your body. I just can’t stop of making appliers for this gorgeous mesh head! So here is a new one, ANAIS! The appliers come in 5 skin tones, Milk, Tan, Bronze, Darktan & Golden. Each applier come with 4 different bases, no brows option, black, red, and blond eyebrows all as a skin layer so you can use many eyeshadows in separate layers; Also with 5 different stunning eyeshadows, and 5 different Lipsticks, you can mix and match as much as you can! Of course demo is available. MAINSTORE We made a special applier for the Makeover room event,  5 skin tones to choose from, one brow color and natural make up.… Read the restsicilia add

Somnia Friday Mix!

Hai there you beautiful people, ♥ I am honored to be a part of this weeks Fifty Linden Friday. These tops are so comfy and soft and perfect for the coming fall weather. They come in 5 sizes, plus Slink Physique and standard fitmesh. They are only 50L per set! For Friday only!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ Mix! is open for October and I did an exclusive neons set of the Spring Journey tanks. These exclusive for Mix and will not be sold afterwards. They come in 5 sizes plus Slink Physique. They are only 200L for the set!
Only at Somnia Main Store ♥ The sale is still ongoing so be sure to stop by and stock up! www.gofundme.com/KassiesKnee
Only at Somnia Main Store All my love and thanks ❤
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New Botanical Seasonal Dirt Road

Detailed and full of options, this new release will definitely have a place in your landscape! Botanical is happy to announce it’s first Seasonals V2 release, a dirt road that is anything but humble. The Botanical Seasonal Dirt Road is a 9 piece set that includes: 1 straight piece 2 curved pieces (short and long) […] The post New Botanical Seasonal Dirt Road appeared first on Botanical.

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Botanical Seasonals V2!

Botanical Seasonals continues it’s evolution in seasonal landscaping options with an expanded range of seasonal options! Botanical is proud to announce the latest compliment to dynamic landscaping products in Second Life ™ with the new Seasonals V2 texture controller. This new and improved Seasonals system allows for up to 13 seasonal texture options for Seasonals V2 […] The post Botanical Seasonals V2! appeared first on Botanical.

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Chillin’ at Blithe

There's something to be said for taking the time to get to know someone. It's not always easy, but there are those rare moments ya know…where you can fall into a conversation, into a friendship. And it's easy, and there's no awkwardness…it's just a connection of some sort where you feel like this person has a good vibe that you wanna be around. I don't really new friend and chill often, but I got an amazing friend last time I did so I tried it again recently. So far so good, I have to say this might be the most polite person I've ever come across in SL, which was completely endearing. Hanging out, talking photography, music and random stuff basically told me one thing. I met another good person, and I'm glad for that.  Glam Affair – Cleo – India – Clean D
IKON Triumph Eyes – Silverleaf (M)
TRUTH HAIR Ximena * New Release *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Blueberry – Tank Top – Maitreya *
Group Gift *
Noodles – Infinity Belly Chain Silver
paper.arrow lazy.jogger white [Maitreya-BETA]
REIGNxFLITE.- Taylers FOLDED- All Black
Taken @ Blithe

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The Street

//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js -.Body&Cosmetics.- Hair: *Besom Hair~ Autumn Gril @N21 – NEW Head: LeLuTka Stella Skin: Glam Affair Mila 11 ( Gacha ) @Kustom9 – NEW Body: Maitreya – Lara (v.3.4) -.Clothes&Accessories.- Bodysuit: KITJA – Vanda Bodysuit BLACK @Uber – NEW Pants: KITJA – Vanda Pants KHAKI @Uber – NEW Shoes: Essenz – Pattaya (Maitreya) @FaMESHed (starts […]

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Hello Skinnies! New week, new roundup of skin addiction goodness. Go shopping! Deesses Boutique – Released limited edition Chyna at their mainstore location. October’s 4Seasons – Released Alisha in Blossom at her mainstore location. WoW Skins – Released Fatma V2 at their mainstore location and Diva V2 at The 24.   Ooh-la-licious – Released Candy Girl in twelve skin tones at The 24. LoveMe Skins – Released Penny at Designer Circle, Tasha at The Black Dot Project, and Fei for the Makeover Room.    Mudskin – released a new Lelutka face at Shiny Shabby (no preview available). YS&YS – releaesd Lelutka and LOGO versions of Noemi at Shiny Shabby. They also released exclusive versions of Erika at The Dressing Room Fusion.        Lumae – released Niska i Petals at My Attic. Mudskin – Released the Deflin gacha at Lost and Found and Cindy Lelutka appliers at Shiny Shabby.   DeeTaleZ – Released Amanda and Monique at their mainstore location.… Read the restDeesses Boutique_ Chyna _LIMITED EDITION_ Skin

Somnia’s Help Kassie Sale

Hai everyone! I am holding a sale with everything* at Somnia’s main store is 50% off. This sale is to help me raise funds so I can get my dog the surgery she needs to repair her knee. I also have started a Go Fund me the link is below. Anything you can do to help out from passing on about the sale, go fund me, donating by shopping or even $1 helps greatly. www.gofundme.com/KassiesKnee *not including marketplace, gift cards or current event items. //embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js ♥ Below is all about it which can also be seen on the go fund me link Today I put aside my pride and ask for your help. Our poor dog Kassie ruptured her anterior (cranial) cruciate ligament. Which in laymen terms means she blew out her knee. This could get better in time but the reality is that if left to heal on its own she will have many complications later which will cause her even more pain. She was just running in the yard when all of a sudden she was limping and could no longer put weight on her leg.… Read the rest.: Somnia :. Help Kassie Sale

Kiss the sky

I've been changing a lot about myself lately and I sort of just thought to myself…why? I'm goofy and silly, and I like that. I love to laugh, and I like having people around me that make me laugh. I am not always comfortable in crowds and I won't talk on mic when there's 20 other people doing so. That's me. But I never made a spot for me to just BE at…to chill with the few people that like talking to me one on one or two or whatever. To just be among a small few that hit me right in the chest cavity. So, that's what I've been doing, making an actual home where my home has only ever temporarily been. Here's hoping there's many more laughs to come ♥ Scarlet Creative Hudson Townhouse 1
Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/stand
floorplan. old scoreboard * @Lost and Found *
*ionic* Whitebirds fly
floorplan. neon double cross [blink] * @Lost and Found *
Apple Fall Gilt Frame (Sea Campion Study)
dust bunny . dahlia jug
Apple Fall Gachatopia Safe
dust bunny .
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Pumpkins make their return today!

Fresh out today for The Neighbourhood are these three new pumpkins! Snap ’em up at L$150 for a limited time this weekend over here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Organica/51/111/50 Various other Halloween-y things are back on display for a limited time and I’ll be adding to them, time permitting, this month, so keep your eyes open for more soon!

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EGOZY I NEW SKINS ! (Nayenda & Faiza)

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Egozy Store : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/fr-FR/stores/37578

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Originally posted on .::WoW Skins::.: I am so so glad to announce about our new CATWA MESH HEAD APPLIERS, the hud come in 5 skin tones to choose from, each applier, have a base skin, 3 eyebrow colors, 5 eyeshadows and 5 Lipsticks to mix and match to get a personal and unique look. Demo is available. We also have the honor to have the mesh head from Catwa also at our mainstore! so come try a demo of both! You can also find the appliers at CATWA STORE! See you at mainstore! View original

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What I’m Wearing Return Hairbase / Unorthodox @TMD Vicious Facial Hair / Unorthodox  Troopa Parka / Represent  Faded Ribbed Biker Jeans / Represent WingX Hi / Shoeminati *NEWW*  Filed under: Events, Fashion, Male, New Release, Second Life, SL Tagged: ForeignIdentity, Mens, mens fashion, Mens Styling, Menswear, Represent, Secondlife, SL, The Mens Dept, TMD, Unorthodox

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Town? Country? Wha…

Art Reflected is a mesh floor mirror, equipped with 15 smooth transition poses. My Attic has begun! The theme this month is Town & Country. And I took a brain liberty with my release because I'm me. So I thought I'd explain it since not everyone will get it. It may not be meant for everyone to get, but I'll explain anyway lol. I grew up dancing, with music around me and I've always loved it. When I took lessons as a young'n it was my favorite thing. Dancing and choir. The artsy beetch in me can't get enough still to this day. And when we left the city, we moved to this super boondocks town in PA where we had to be bussed to school and it took over an hour, a predominantly white school. I was odd man out, so to speak. Dancing meant more to me in that time of my life than anything, so my stepfather made me a place all for me outside on the land we lived on…to dance outside. Under the stars, under the sky. And I loved him for that place. So, I don't know if that makes sense but it was what I thought of and I hope you all enjoy it ♥ there is a demo set out for everyone to try the poses, and for the duration of My Attic, Art Reflected will be only 95L TP to My Attic!Read the restVanity Poses - Art Reflected

Comfort @ Indie Heights

Vanity Poses has acquired a new location, deep in the heart of the Indie Heights sim. Did that seem dramatic? LOL k well anyway, home of the fab club !ndustry as well as the Indie Heights Shopping District, I thought I'd celebrate this secondary location with a little gift. So there you have it, it can be found in the store and is surrounded by lots of other awesome shops to check out as well. And if you haven't been to !ndustry, join the group so you can come! Awesome live performers and DJ's grace the stage, as well as a fantastic group of music lovers that join in the fun TP to Vanity Poses @ Indie Heights

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.::WoW Skins::. MID SEASON SALE, 50% OFF on selected skins

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MID SEASON SALE UP TO 50% OFF ON SELECTED SKINS We have started a BIG 50% off on many many selected skins, at mainstore, many skins are priced only 250L, and fatbacks only 1599L including the shapes. You will recognize the skins on sale by this tag on them: We wish you happy shopping <3 .::WoW Skins::. Mainstore

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Weekly Roundup – Sept 4th through Sept 10th

Happy Saturday, Skinnies! I know, I am late. You can flog me later for my tardiness,. Until then, enjoy all of this week’s skin news in one lovely and easy to read place for your lazy shopping needs! October’s 4Seasons –  Released Alisha in Mocha and Pearl. They also released their  September group gift, Mendi, which has no preview.   Adam n Eve – Released a new male skin Jake  and Nate with SLink Physique appliers available.   7 Deadly s(K)ins – Has started a fall group hunt with hunt gifts. They also released the lovely Chastity in their mainstore location. They also have a free group gift for both the guys and the gals for Sneak Peak. Esmee is currently at this round ofDesigner Circle and Savannah at Hello Tuesday. They also have four limited makeup packs of their Chastity line at their mainstore location: Marshmellow, Pineapple, Walnut, and Chestnut. They still have a group gift out for L’Homme and Jhonny at the Swank Sales room.… Read the restO4S - Alisha Mocha Advertisement