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One depressing tea party

The table was a large one, but the three were all crowded together at one corner of it: `No room! No room!’ they cried out when they saw Alice coming. `There’s PLENTY of room!’ said Alice indignantly, and she sat down in a large arm-chair at one end of the table. `Have some wine,’ the … Continue reading "One depressing tea party"

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April 2019
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Hair: [bade] Clint II | Cosmopolitan Hair Base: NO!Project HairBASE Mady | N E W Skin/Applier: NO!Project FACE_App Chyo Pack I I Shirt: ///BENJAMINZ/// Rivington Shirt – Denim | TMD Shorts: INVICTUS – Shorts  – BEIGE  | Men Only Monthly Sneakers: Flite.– Retro xPumps | VERSUS  Plant: Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden – Potted Plant – I | […]

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≡Having Fun≡

hair-[Mello] Star Dust - @Whimsical ((NEW))
headband-[CX] Mieru Ribbon (Yeti)
mask-:BAMSE: Baron Mask @Whimsical ((NEW))
outfit-Moon Elixir - Wicked - @Whimsical ((NEW))
necklace-[n.i] dem.bones
tattoo-**UrbanStreet** Bohemian Bodypaint  @SaNaRae ((NEW))
shoes-#EMPIRE - Hollyhock @Whimsical ((NEW))
rabbit-Serenity Style- Irene Toys @Whimsical ((NEW))

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hair-*Drot* - Omen  @TFC ((NEW))
headphones-AZOURY - Yael Headphone
glasses- AZOURY - IGIT - Sunglass (Black and Red)
tshirt-{ENTERtheNINJA}  cross pack .:: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::.  ((NEW))
armord shoulder-C L A Vv. Armored Ular Shoulder Pad Metallic
tattoo-**UrbanStreet**HeartinCicle @SaNaRae ((NEW))
gloves-Ignition Art - Lex Gloves @ Men Only Monthly ((NEW))
short-.Shi : Drape Bermudas
wraps-[CX] Wraps
sandals-C L AVv. Wrapped Sandals Black
umbrella-[n.i] gentlemens.umbrella @ Men Only Monthly ((NEW))

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.Tea Party.

In between my veins, a toxic madness survives, 
And within my heart, a deadly sadness thrives..Hat:  CURELESS  & [n.i]  aliceinmonsterland – thehatter RARE – The Epiphany.Top:  [Deadwool] The Dandy black Jacket.Pants: C L A Vv.  – Wrinkle Leather Pants – Red  – TMD.Claws: [CX]  Lethal Talons  Gold.Violin: [GW] Skull Violin Brittlestone.Shoes: L&B  “Wingtip” Dress Shoes-Found at The Epiphany ––Party Guests–CURELESS  & [n.i]  aliceinmonsterland 
thechesire, whiterabbit, jabberwocky
marchhare ,caterpillar, petflamingo –Dec0r–.Bottle: CURELESS  & [n.i]  – aliceinmonsterland / 06 / drinkmebottle
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ж♬Sounds in my Head♬ж

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hair-[INK] Hair___ANGE ::Platinum/Whiteeyepatch-Clemmm - Not so Medical Eyepatch /// RIGHTpiercing nose.[CX] Menace Septumpiercing mouth-[CX] Bittentattoo body-**UrbanStreet**Dark Flower Tattoo @OMG ((NEW))
jacket-[MALO] Peacoat and Hoodie
wings-RO - Wonderland - Wocky Wings Container RARE
pants, belt & boots-Ignition Art - Mark Pants & Boots @ Sir Monthly ((NEW))
rabbit-CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 04 / whiterabbit
flamingo-CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 07 / petflamingo
caterpillar-CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 10 / caterpillar

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.You’re Late.

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Bones crackled underneath your feet with each step, each noise echoed endlessly.
His scrutinizing eyes narrowed as you approached, clearly unimpressed.
“What took you so long? Hurry up.. They are waiting ..you’re already la-“
“Boo! Kahahaha.. “
“-te…Get lost, cat.”
“No need to look startled, love. Most everyone’s mad here..”.Hair:  *Dura Anime*01(White).Watches:  C L A Vv.   Ribs Watch Necklaces, Tim’s Necklace Watch.Jacket:  xin– Maxwell Coat  Black.Pants: C L A Vv.  – Wrinkle Leather Pants – Brown  – TMD.Boots: [Deadwool] Patmos boots.Rabbits:  {anc} cotton bunny- sugar, & cappuccino— Below Items at The Epiphany  Coming Soon!.Ears: RO – Wonderland – Rabbit Ears.Clock: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. – {NOISE} empty ticking.Cheshire: CURELESS  & [n.i]  –  aliceinmonsterland / 09 / thechesire.Bottle: CURELESS  & [n.i]  – aliceinmonsterland / 06 / drinkmebottle.Lance: CURELESS  & [n.i] –  aliceinmonsterland / 11 / lanced.Chess Boards: CURELESS  & [n.i]  – aliceinmonsterland / exclusive / thegameboard

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Brunch in bed

Nothing says I'm enjoying the hell outta this holiday season like snuggin up in bed with some goodies and a human shaped pillow Wayward Market has some fantastical stuff that can even be used after the holidays, food and clothing items. If you haven't stopped by, and you've got some time in the next few days check it out! The sim is pretty also, for pics and what have you. Go nuts Happy Holidays! Glam Affair – Luna skin – Jamaica Tone – 08
pr!tty – Megan – {Rootless} * @Wayward Market *
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
{le fil casse} basic cropped tank maitreya pink * @Wayward Market *
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
Blueberry – Yoga Pants – Maitreya Black
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat V2.2
floorplan. pallet light wall / wood
floorplan. old books sign
[ zerkalo ] Skyfall – Her Chair
Trompe Loeil – Kezia Bed Dark Drape 2 Lit {A}
JIAN Sunday Breakfast :: Bagels * @Wayward Market *
JIAN Sunday Breakfast :: Waffles * @Wayward Market *
[n.i] deadwood.rug * @Wayward Market *
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"Don’t Ask Don’t Tell"

poses-BELLE EPOQUE - The Savage  @The Alchemy ((NEW))
body and wings-*Tentacio* Galatea Doll (Skeleton) RARE @ The Arcade ((NEW))
hair-Clawtooth: Just for Kicks Prize 2
horns1-Goth1c0: Little Demon Doll Horns - Eggplant
horns2-+Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns - Fantasy
horns3-Horns in Dark Pack Petite Av Size by Material Squirrel
eyebrows-+ Aii ~+ Tintable Fantasy Brow Pack +
eyes-antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (6) Distillation
tears-ALTAIR* loony's delicious tears
blood tears-- DAMNED - Blood Tears
tears white-INSITU - tears - tattoo
collar-[n.i] deadmans.collar.bloody red.common
apron- **UrbanStreet** HarnApron ((NEW))
garter- G.ID-Maeve Garter-White ((NEW))
geta-[CX] Fang Geta (Dark)
tail-[CX] Bone Tail Silver

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You Cant Stop Me

poses-BELLE EPOQUE - Hope has a place @The Chapter Four  ((NEW))
hair-Tableau Vivant \  Martin hair - Blacks+Whites
scarf-[CX] The Wanderer Scarf (Coal)
tshirt & pant--Dimensional  Jump Outfit ((NEW))
piercing nose-[CX] Venom Set
butcher- [CX] Butchered Face @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
blood eyes-Clemmm & In Mourning - Flooded . Ruptured Eyes
earring-[CX] Blade Set Black
piercing ear-[CX] Aural Penetration & Steel Goatie
arm&knuckles-[CX] Impaled Blades
cuffs-[n.i] bullet.for.my.valentine
belt-[CX] Sawblade Axe Belt
boots-C L A Vv. NeoShaolin Boots Black
wings-Jian :: Ravaged Wings
bagpack-[M]  // Oneword: Gamer @Oneword! ((NEW))

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↔Bring The Rain↔

hair-.Shi Hair : Journey @kustomhorns-E. Sleipnir's Grace Horns ((NEW))
eyes-antielle. & *Katat0nik* Nebulae Faun Eyes & Lens Set
makeup eyes1-.ARISE. Mermaid Mask / Black
makeup eyes2-Clemmm - At Death's Door /// Transparent
brows-+ Aii ~+ Tintable Fantasy Brow Pack +
piercing-:JANGKA: AXATLAN 02 Huracan Nose piercing @TFG
tattoo mouth-antielle. Kuchisake Onna
ears-Aii ~+ Anyskin Winged Ears Blk&Wht +
halo-01 {Flare} halo gold .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. RARE @TFG
necklace-7mad;Ravens Ember White Trash Beautiful @Cosmopolitan Event ((NEW))
tattoo-**UrbanStreet**Heart Hide Tattoo @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
Feather- 2 ::GB:: Feather stole @TFG
cuff-[n.i] bullet.for.my.valentine
arm band-C L A Vv. Leather Band Sleeves Black
pant-7 ::GB:: Heavenly warrior pants  @TFG
chest-04 {Flare} chest gold .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. @TFG
wing-Goth1c0: Mechanical Angel Wings
nails-[CX] Talon Nails Black (unpacked)
tail-[CX] Bone Tail Silver

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† »Demons in My Head« †

skin-[theSkinnery] Simone @Collabor88 ((NEW))horns1-#F Forever Enchanted Horns horns2-.flipmode. cosmo hornseyes-Aesthetica- Dreamy Eyestears-ALTAIR* loony's delicious tears ((NEW))makeup eyes-Clemmm - At Death's Door /// Soot
tattoo face-antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (4) Conjunction
blood mouth-antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (7) Coagulation
piercing nose-PUNCH / Starlet Septum @Thrift Shop ((NEW))
collar-POMPOSITY - Skully Choker @Thrift Shop ((NEW))
necklace-[n.i] screwed.over
top-ALTAIR* crop shirts @On9 ((NEW))
harnes-ALTAIR* babydoll harness
short-[ SAKIDE ] Insolent Shorts @Thrift Shop ((NEW))
claws-[CX] Lethal Talons
tattoo body-Clemmm - Body Filth
tattoo knees-Clemmm - Damaged Knees
tattoo hands-Clemmm - Bloody Hands
boots-*Epic LE* Spooky.Sweet.Torment Stompers @Thrift Shop ((NEW))
elbows-[BODY FACTORY] Urban Elbows
cuffs- .random.Matter.… Read the rest

¥ ß∂auイiƒul ¢яeaʇu尺e ¥

hair-.:CHEVEUX:.F067 Hair Silvereyes- Clemmm - Cosmetic Doll Eyes /// Snowmakeup eyes-Clemmm - At Death's Door /// Sootears-(UNISEX)_[MANDALA]Pierced_ELF_EARS_VER2horns-[CX] Qilin Horns (Silver) @We <3 Rolepiercing nose- [CX] Blade Septum (Black)
mask -[The Forge] Overkill Gasmask, @We <3 Role
bones mouth-[n.i] caged (Group Gift)
necklace- [n.i] dem.bones
harnes-[The Forge] Apocalyse Harness
tattoo-G.ID-Vengeance II Tattoo @Thrift Shop ((NEW))
sleeves-C L A Vv. Leather Band Sleeves
cuffs-[n.i] bullet.for.my.valentine
belt-[The Forge] Daerwen Belt
blood hands-Clemmm - Bloody Hands
short  & leggins-D-Style- Baggy Shorts w HUD/Silver :: ((NEW))
cuffs ankle-[Forge] Steel Cuffs
spike back-[CX] Spinal Barbs (Bloody Silver)
tail-[CX] Bone Tail Silver

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◢◤ Here ◥◣

hair-+ Forest Witch Hair HUD 2+ {aii}horns-[CX] Qilin Horns  @We <3 Rolebaggui pant- **UrbanStreet**Baggy Pant Curse (comming soon) ((NEW))
tanked hand- [n.i] the.b*tch.maker.tanked @We <3 Role
spike arms-[CX] Arm Piercings Silver
cuff ankles-[CX] A Bikers Toy Cuff
belt-[CX] Savage Bat
claws-[CX] Talon Nails Black
mask-Dimensional Bloody Cross Mask @The Little Sideshow ((NEW))
hole-[CX] Tsukiyomi's Halo (Black+B) Common
collar-[The Forge] Rockstar Necklace ((Group Gift  L'Homme Magazine for Reader's Group Only!))
t-shirt-7mad;Ravens LanguageOfLove ((NEW))
wraps tape legs- [CX] Fang Geta
blood hand-Clemmm - Bloody Hands
blood feet-Clemmm - Filthy Feet @We <3 Role
wall deco-7mad;Ravens Villain(Teal) Wall Deco  @The Mix event ((NEW))

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Post #778 ARGRACE

Hair: *ARGRACE* Makoto | N E W Skin: *Birth* Milton Skin | N E W Cigarette: [Z O O M] Cafetin Cigar-Holder | WHORE COUTURE Tank Top: flow . Bronx Loose Fit Tank Top – 01 Bracelet: [n.i] bullet.for.my.valentine Tattoo: [TattooMania] – Kamba | N E W Sweetpants: xin. sweatpants + dark grey | TMD | March 5th Shoes: BLK2.0 VENS Black […]

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