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If a Faun Wears a Leather Jacket, Is He Called The Faunz?

So there’s been a lot of Goating going on, and we’re not about to nip this one in the bud…or should I say Cud?  There’s a whole lot of faun in wearing furry little goat legs, so I decided to take a trip on the Fantasy Express, and made a set of goat legs for … Continue reading »

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Just thinkin.

Yesterday was a little hectic.  So, I didn't post a blog at all.  Don't judge me, I'm crammin two into one.  I was looking for a jogger path.  Seriously.  I didn't find one.  Then I thought to myself, well…maybe a bridge?  I found a bridge, a big ass bridge!  It's like…kind of way in back […]

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Vintage Fair 2011 Begins!

4pm SLT has hit and the Vintage Fair is under way!  The vintage designs are to DIE FOR and the sim is already filling up faster than I can type.  Leave it to me to post my blog late, I was hoping to hit publish right at 4pm but such is the life of a […]

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Happy 4th Rez Day to me…

  Today is officially my 4th Rez Day, Anjelyc Morales was born 9/28/07.  I haven't always been in world, as I've explained before my computer couldn't handle SL so when i signed up I found that I couldn't actually use it for almost a year until I upgraded to my beloved Acer that I still […]

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Just wanna have fun :D

I don’t care what people say, today I just want to have fun and be cute :D I mean superlicious cute that you might sick of me (in my own way, if you’re not..yay me for not getting people sick). Since I’m trying my best not to shop — after a series…

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