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The Other Side

Mirrors are doorways. We all know this, deep down. We know there’s something on the other side, watching back at us.  Is it a duplicate universe, an alternate, or completely different? Do its residents mirror us truly, or is it the separating surface that causes the reflection? If they could cross over — if we could cross over — would we meet in peace? Learn from each other, perhaps visit, explore, enjoy? Or are they just the flicker in the corner of our eye, the fear of looking in the mirror at night, the unnerving certainty that the image would move when we don’t, the sight of the first crack on the surface forming…  Mirrors are doorways. We all know this, deep down, and so do they. The gown by lassitude & ennui and the accessories by aisling are available in the current round of The Secret Affair. I have to add a little yey-note on there now being ‘xs busty’ sizes in lassitude & ennui’s mesh. The sizes that differ from the five standards is always a squee moment for me and worth a celebration.… Read the restsnowqueen1bs



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If a Faun Wears a Leather Jacket, Is He Called The Faunz?

So there’s been a lot of Goating going on, and we’re not about to nip this one in the bud…or should I say Cud?  There’s a whole lot of faun in wearing furry little goat legs, so I decided to take a trip on the Fantasy Express, and made a set of goat legs for both men and women in Second Life. It’s pretty easy to slap on a set of digitigrade legs and trip the goat fantastic.  The nice thing about playing my own version of Mr. Tumnus, is I have nothing to fear from the White Witch.  I can simply teleport away. The Faun legs from Avatar Bizarre are the latest in a long and growing line of mesh goodies.  Available in both male and female versions, as well as six natural colors, there’s a great option for custom colors, if you want them. All you have to do is contact Sredni Eel either inworld, or via email.  The whole faun package includes the rigged legs, unrigged horns and ears, a furry upper body layer, a glitch pant, and the requisite alpha to hide the non backwards facing bits of your human avatar’s legs.… Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/0410c-3b99e561-1858-4776-af6a-99bbf7211e37.png

Just thinkin.

Yesterday was a little hectic.  So, I didn't post a blog at all.  Don't judge me, I'm crammin two into one. 
I was looking for a jogger path.  Seriously.  I didn't find one.  Then I thought to myself, well…maybe a bridge?  I found a bridge, a big ass bridge!  It's like…kind of way in back of me in the shots.  Last night was amazingly random, I don't even know what was going on in my head but somehow I managed to take the two photos I needed to finish this blog.  Sometimes, I feel like I'm living my life on autopilot…somehow I'm moving around and doing things, but my mind is over there somewhere! Once I walked over the pathway and across one of the small bridges onto this little landing area…it just seemed like where I should be.  So, yeah…not so much for the actual vision but I was ok with how it all turned out anyway.  I was just thinking, thinking about so much and nothing all at the same time.  My mind can get kind of fantastical at times, so my imagination tends to run wild.  The smallest thing can be said by a person, and it triggers my thoughts so instantly.… Read the rest

Vintage Fair 2011 Begins!

4pm SLT has hit and the Vintage Fair is under way!  The vintage designs are to DIE FOR and the sim is already filling up faster than I can type.  Leave it to me to post my blog late, I was hoping to hit publish right at 4pm but such is the life of a momma -slash- blogging fanatic!  I picked a few more pieces from my 2011 VF folder and snapped some photos.  I must say, the new [e] hair from Collabor88 came in handy this week!  What a lifesaver this adorable hairstyle is.  Thanks so much to Elikatira for making my life slightly easier this weekend
The designers of this incredible event have been sweating their prims and pixels off to bring all of this awesome to us, so please find some time to browse the 2 sims of the Vintage Fair and support the hell out of these hard-working, creative people!
::PM:: Kelly Gown in Blue**
!Al Vulo Miha
(Miriel) Standard
[e] Soft
*MP* Magnifique Poses
Gawk! Black & White Striped Wool Dress**
[hoorenbeek] Winter Boots
MYTH Fish Net Stockings
Finesmith Stars
AD – Joy
-Glam Affair- Monica Light
.ILLUSORY.… Read the rest:D

Happy 4th Rez Day to me…

  Today is officially my 4th Rez Day, Anjelyc Morales was born 9/28/07.  I haven't always been in world, as I've explained before my computer couldn't handle SL so when i signed up I found that I couldn't actually use it for almost a year until I upgraded to my beloved Acer that I still miss to this day.  My shape is the same shape that I made back in '08 when I could finally see what the freak I was doing and I like it.  I don't change it unless I'm using a shape for a blog but that's just for the picture.  Rarely does Anjelyc look different, besides my changing skins on occasion.  What has changed, though is my views on a lot of things in SL.  When I first started blogging, I was passionate about everything.  I wanted to learn and soak up information.  People are always willing to give their opinion, but is it always genuine?  NO, it's not.  Someone can seem so wonderful and talented and then one day the blinders come off and I've been so taken aback by things I've realized that its unreal.  Being a blogger, you would think I knew all about templates lol but I had no idea until sometime last year that so many designers used them.  Honestly it makes me wonder a lot, I understand WHY people use them in a way but I never noticed such things.  I'll go back to that in a minute, first I want to talk about this first photo I posted.  The hair, skin and shoes (Read more...)

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Just wanna have fun :D

I don't care what people say, today I just want to have fun and be cute :D I mean superlicious cute that you might sick of me (in my own way, if you're not..yay me for not getting people sick). Since I'm trying my best not to shop -- after a series of serious shopping -- I want to wear and blog at least 80% - 90% those that I have bought so far. It started with this lovely bushy curly hair which I got since the Accessories Fair from SyDS but since the issue I faced somewhere in March-April, I keep forgetting about the hair until recently *blush*. Then I tried with this high-waist mini skirt from Myth. There is nothing better for me to be cute than wearing pink :D I have cute Candy from Lara Skin with this pink gloss make up plus this off shoulder blouse from G Field which I love a lot. Please take note, I have several of them (the blouse). So you might see the repetition of the same blouse in different colours or fabric. ;) Full story, picture and style note

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