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So, I’m meeting someone tonite.  I can see the lights on at the big house, and I don’t care.  Naturally I chose to hide my identity with my new Femme Fatale Natasha Scarf and Tortoise shell Rita shades from Yummy!  These are an exclusive only available if you subscribe to Bishbox.  I suggest you do.  The dress is from Lazybones and I’m wearing vintage Dark Mouse (10 years vintage….) Animal Print Bangles.  My shoes are from fri.day and it means I don’t need to stand on tippy toes to reach for my….errr…appointment.  AS ALWAYS…all my photos are on my Flickr (please don’t share them or let them be used to blackmail me) and full outfit credits are below the cut with more pics.  Mouse’s Assignation spot can be found below the cut. Perfect place for a secret meeting – the Grove Country Club Estates Outfit Credits & Slurls Hair – Just Magnetized “Hairbase #18
Head – Catwa “Kimberly”
Skin – Lara Hurley “Diana”
Eyebrows – .::Nanika::.Read the restmouse_assignation2



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Oh my god, I love Josh!

Ah yes, and so we come to it.  The day that my av reminds me of Clueless.  It was bound to happen.  It’s the hair.  Which is FABULOUS.  This hair works in so many different ways, and can go with a lot of different looks, but since I love casual in SL, that’s the way we are going!  The hair is Amuse Me, by Magika, of course.  The totally FUN bag and Umbrella necklace are from Zenith and was a gifty from a plurk friend, Sparkle Skye, check out her Flickr page! The glasses are my own from that old chestnut, Dark Mouse ;-).   The hoodie (damn, I love a good hoodie) is from Blueberry, but you’ll have to pick it up at Collabor88. The cargo pants are utter perfection from Rebel Hope, where you literally can never go wrong.  The whole series of these pictures are on my Flickr!  The outfit credits can be found at the bottom of this article.  Happy Shopping! Where in the world is Mouse?  Find out after the cut! Mouse is at a beautiful art sim called,  Cutting Butterfly.… Read the restMouse_Josh1

Opening Doors

So, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude these days.  In Second Life and in Real Life.  It has me thinking about doors.  Opening doors on the future, closing doors on the past.  Moving forward.  So that’s the theme of this post.   Lots of beautiful things to be had in SL these days.  I needed all new makeup for my new Catwa head, so I purchased the February Powder Pack Subscription Box.  Buying it before the deadline is 1/2 price – now it’s at full price.   I thought it was a good deal, gave me lots of cool make up for a low price.  Quality varies, so caveat emptor!  The shoes are from Livalle, and you really cannot beat the deal, which was a FATPACK for $50L for Fifty Linden Fridays.  You can view all my photos, past and present, on my Flickr account.  As usual outfit credits with SLurls are below. Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Monso “Mitsuha”
Head – Catwa “Kimberly”
Makeup – okkbye (Powder Pack February = Babydoll Lashes)
Makeup – Pink Fuel (Powder Pack February = Lipstick applier; Juicy Drop)
Skin – Lara Hurley “Diana Milky”
Eyebrows – League “Ella”
Eyes – Buzzeri “Elysium Winter”
Jewelry  – Purple Moon “Romanza Earrings -blue-”
Skirt and Matching Top – Indyra “Aubrey Knit Top & Skirt in Texas”
Handbag – S@BBiA Gatcha “Leather Circle Bag #05”
Shoes – Livalle (Read more...)

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A Fool for Love

Nothing I like better than a perfect little spring dress from Tres Blah.  Of course I picked the green.  This came in such a variety of colors/combos, that I had a hard time choosing. But it’s Spring sooooo.  The hair is new from Magika, called, “Fool for Love.” and it is dreamy and romantic. The jewelry is a little something I picked up a while back because I thought is was adorably imaginative – a pearl collar – perfection.  As always, full credits are after the cut, and you can find the full set of pics from this series on my Flickr. Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Magika “Fool for Love”
Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea natural & pink lips”
Eyebrows – Buzzeri “Talia”
Makeup – Chelle “Adele”
Eyes – Shine “Pewter”
Jewelry  – Avaway “Monica Set”
Dress – Tres Blah “Bustier Dress”
Shoes – Ingenue “Oksana”
Body, Hands & Feet – SLink
Poses – oOo Studio Poses “Variety”
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Just a little red

  Yes, today I wandered around this stunning sim.  So much fun.  Put together a cute outfit, I love red.  Naturally, the jacket is from a gacha, and just as naturally, I didn’t actually win it.  I only  THOUGHT I did.  So I blissfully went about planning this outfit, went to pull out the jacket and……I actually won a mini skirt.   Thank god for Tymmerie Thorne.  She rescued me and sent me the jacket.  We won’t mention her addiction to gacha though. Thank you Tymmerie!!!   Outfit credits are at the bottom of this post, and as always, all the pictures in this set are on my Flickr.   Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – *TKW* “Oksana”
Skin & Lips – Lara Hurley “Elea natural”
Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia”
Eyes – Shine “Pewter”
Eye Makeup – Buzzeri “NYX”
Necklace – Meva “Amya”
Tattoo – Things “Eden”
Jacket – Valentina E “Military jacket”
Pants – Shine “Mara slim”
Tank top – Happy Undead “Tank top basics”
Handbag – David Heather “Whale bag”
Shoes – Memento “Buckle ankle boots”
Hands & Feet – SLink “Body, Casual Hands & Feet”
Poses – Kirin Poses “Variety”
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Mouse in space

It’s true, I cannot resist a sexy dress.  I’m helpless.  So I feature another dress by Vale Koer, some fantastic hair from Amacci and a great Sci fi sim to show it off.  Pretty simple outfit when the focus is all on the dress.  I chose white but it came in a variety of colors. Fair warning, it’s only for Physique Hourglass and Maitreya.  I had to change my shape a bit to make it look more like me (I’m not quite this curvy).  Outfit credits are after the pics and you can see all the photos from this series on my Flickr. Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Amacci “Portia”
Skin & Lips – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural” “Brown Milky Lipstick”
Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia”
Eyes – Shine “Pewter”
Eye Makeup – Chelle “French New Wave & Dramatic”
Earrings – Dark Mouse “Exclusive VIP Gift (Vintage)”
Dress – Vale Koer – “Trillion Dress”
Shoes – Essenz “Geneva”
Hands & Feet – SLink “Body, Casual Hands & Feet”
Poses – Le Poppycock “Variety”  
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Naturally, I had to blog this dress.  Oh and this hair.  To me, they go together.  Somehow. I know, I know I’ve been away for a while.  I’m feeling much more energetic lately, and think I’ll be on a bit more.  Who knows!  The outfit credits are after the pics.  As always, the full set of pics for this series can be found on my flickr.  Please forgive anything blurry in the background, that texture reloading bug is a painful thing. Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Barber YumYum – “#73”
Skin – Lara Hurley – “Elea Natural”
Eyebrows – Buzzeri – “Talia”
Eyes – Shine – “Pewter”
Bangle – Dark Mouse – “Dreaming of Camelot”
Dress – Vale Koer – “Skin Clinging Dress”
Shoes – SLink – “Pointed Pumps”
Body, Hands & Feet – SLink “Physique Mesh Body, Casual Hands & Medium High Feet”
Poses – oOo Poses – “Variety”
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The Mouse Chronicles…Volume I

After a long hard day at the Mall, Mouse finds herself dropped in ANOTHER DIMENSION!  What’s a fashionable slayer to do?  
To be continued…. Outfit Credits Hair – Elikatira “Break” Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural” Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow” Eye Lashes – petticoat lane “doe eyed” (vintage) Eye Makeup – cheLLe “Adele” Eyes – Shine “Pewter” Jewelry – Maxi Gossamer “Gold Cross” Shirt & Jacket – Fashionably Dead “Leather Jacket & Tucked Racer Tank” Pants – Ricielli – “High-waisted Riding Leather Pants” Shoes – Fatewear  “Ziggy Chucks” Weapon – Mr. Pointy (vintage) Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Flat Feet” NOTE: The Mouse Chronicles may or may not continue!  Also a shout out to all my fellow Buffy fans, the outfit is definitely based on the outfit that Buffy wore when she went to KILL Faith for her slayer’s blood to save her beloved Angel!… Read the restMouse_Comic1

Just a bit blue

Okay NOT REALLY, just practicing my click bait, though I’ll never be a master… I just liked the combo of this outfit. Hope you like it too. Outfit Credits: Hair – Elikatira “Kristen” Skin – Lara Hurley “Elea Natural” Eyebrows – Nox “Olivia Brow” Eye Makeup – Chelle “Adelle” Eye Lashes – Petticoat Lane “doe eyed lashes” and La Slyphide “Natural Prim Lashes” (Vintage) Eyes – Shine “Pewter” Jewelry – Dark Mouse “Sedate me Necklace” and “Vintage Nouveau Bangle” Lingerie – Luxuria – “Lena Aurora Red” Dress – Cynful – “Vintage Bow Dress” Tights – Sysy’s – “Black Tights” Shoes – Ingenue – “Odette Heels” Hands & Feet – Slink “Casual Hands & Mid High Feet”
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