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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hello Readers! It is Mother’s Day here in the United States and I wanted to wish all the mothers out there a lovely Mother’s Day!  I had so much fun with my own mother in RL I had to post a photo of it to my SL FB account so if we are friended there, do have a look. |CREDITS| Pose > KaTink – Miss Catwalk *NEW* – Wall decor > On A Lark - Shadow Box Tripple ~ Snow  & Butterfly Mounts 1-3 *NEW* (to the Fantasy Room & the Countdown Room respectively) – outfit > On A Lark – Hannah in Cyan *NEW* As I spent time in SL today I got to thinking about my SL Mom.  She has been an amazing support to me for many years…since before I was a model and blogger.  She met me on another avatar I used for role play  and she and I had some incredible role play which led to her adopting me as her SL daughter in role play and out.  So this Mother’s Day would not be complete without a shout out to my SL Mother, Discovering Destiny, aka Lark of On A Lark. … Read the restOAL Hannah 1 2k




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  Happy almost  Mother's Day!  Moms have seriously a much harder time than people who don't have kids will ever understand; however, the reward is so great whenever you see your little buddy smiling and growing.  Another reward moms can get is this dress and accessories set from Rebel Hope.  Heck, you don't even have to be a mom or like a mom to get it.  It's just free!  Woo!

  Enjoy your mesh pink-ness for this weened only. :D
Dress and Accessories: Rebel Hope, free this weekend
Nail Appliers, Blush, and Eyeliner: Adore&Abhor, 50% off sale
Hair: LaNoir Soleil, discount price pink color set
Skin: The Sugar Garden
Mesh Hands: Slink
Pose: !Bang

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Filthy Teese Mother’s Day Sale

Hey lovelies! In honor of Mothers, and MILFs, EVERYWHERE… FILTHY Teese is holding a 50% off (of select tees) SALE on MARKETPLACE! That makes them ONLY 49L. The sale will be held on marketplace ONLY. You’ll find a selection of haughty MILF tees, as well as some nice tees you wouldn’t cringe at seeing your own mother in. The sale runs from May 6 til the 14th. So go get these amazing deals while you can. Happy Shopping,
♥ Dani FILTHY Teese Marketplace

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Another Hunt!

Shape and Skin ✫ Dream Ink – SF Maya DD 5 Pack 2
Hair ✫ Dura – boys and Girls Ash
Outfit ✫ Ceddy’s Boutique A Gift for Mother
Shoes: BT Huan White Magic of Mothers Hunt.  This hunt is run by I & R – Isabelle Torok and Ripley Rosenberg from the 1 May to the 31 May, and it has to be said, I was extremely pleased to be accepted.  There is no one in my mind more precious than my mother was, best friend, teacher, role model and confidant.  Any opportunity I get to honour the mothers of this world I will do so. I have never had a sl mother :( but if I did this is what I would envision for her. This stirring hunt is composed of 50 stores and two paths.  Yes that confused me at first until I investigated, Regular path which I am on and another path for small mesh avi’s, a few stores are on both paths, all mothers are catered for.   Everything you need to know about the participating stores, their hints and pictures can be found here on the I&R’s Fun with Hunts site.  … Read the restSTYLE CARD Shape and Skin ✫ Dream Ink - SF Maya DD 5 Pack 2 Hair ✫ Dura - boys and Girls Ash Outfit ✫ Ceddy's Boutique A Gift for Mother Shoes: BT Huan White

Pre-Release – Mother’s Day

Every two weeks participating designers place out items at Pre-Release designed around a theme; the current round’s theme is Mother’s Day.  Items typical to this event include clothing, accessories, shapes, skins and poses.  Items will be available through May 10th. Teleport to Pre-Release Happy shopping ♥ < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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My Mother’s Day is like Your Valentine’s Day

Yep. It sucks that bad.

Mother’s Day just isn’t easy for me. Being the child of a severely mentally ill mother has brought new meaning to the holiday. You become torn between so many emotions, that it is a constant battle for sanity inside your head. Not everyone has a dream childhood and certainly not everyone had an inspirational mother. You know what I loath especially? All those fucking commercials from Hallmark about “tell me how great of a mother I am to you” bullshit. Each time they air, they are a slug in the gut and a reminder of how fucking “not normal” you are compared to everyone else. Well, how do we get through the day? Those who don’t have those storybook memories.. Here are my recommendations:
  1. Napping. Napping is essential. A well rested mind is an adept mind at all the emotional terrorism around you.
  2. Food. Eating healthy on the big day is another step in the right direction. A protein, carb and fat will do you just right.
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(Caroline’s Jewelry) Mom Necklace

A Mother's Day necklace with color change metal. Free to anyone from my main store on Lo Lo. Or send it from Marketplace as a gift to someone. The pendant has the word Mom sitting on a heart. On touch you can choose a color for the necklace from black, silver, or gold. One script low lag resizer.


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