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New items for The Home Show 2015

Starting May 1, Organica will be participating in this year’s Home Show, held at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Songbird%20Meadows/120/106/1001 The following two items will be available at the event exclusively for the period of the event: This bronze statue would make a wonderful addition to any garden – it comes with both left and right versions and is optimized for use with Advanced Lighting. The statue can be used with or without the stone plinth (just de-link). 5 LI at packaged size, mod, copy, no transfer. This new modern-style home is intended for use either in the sky as a skybox or at ground level. It takes advantage of extensive windows to let in light and features built-in shelving, an open-concept second floor loft and blinds which allow visibility to be turned on and off. The structure itself is 29 LI, and the blinds (optional) are 18LI in total. Mod, copy, no transfer, with some copy-only scripts.

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A Man’s World by Alexand Vantelli

In this ultra modern, masculine space meets chic and sophistication in a cliffside residence designed by Alexand Vantelli. Clean lines, strong textures that make a statement with their supple luxury and elegant finishes. The living room consists of warm natural tones accented by cool modern whites and chromes. Here is what Alexand had to say about the space and what inspired the particular look “Well, I think that men like refinement and elegance as much as anyone else, just in a different way.” he replied. “I designed the space for my client by asking myself; What would I want me boyfriend’s pad to look like? and I came up with masculine and chic.” The dinning room is simple and unobstructed, yet sophisticated and refined. With a custom, one of a kind, oval crystal chandelier like light fixture designed by hand by Alexand Vantelli.   Breathtaking views of the ocean and cover below with an abundance of natural light; makes this house and decor lend itself well to any season.… Read the restA Man's World 3

Cozy and Warm for the Holiday Season – Alexand Vantelli

A space decorated by Alexand Vantelli As the cold snow drifts across the windows, leaving small swirls of leftover flakes in it’s wake. The toasty warm fire crackles and snaps spermatically. And the wall of clocks clings and chimes as the hours pass. Snuggled up under a supple cashmere throw with matching socks and comfy thick sweater; we sip our hot coco spiked with a cinnamon stick and more than a few drops of rum. Hours pass by like minutes as we dive into our books and magazines. Cuddled up at either end of the couch sharing our blanket and plenty of plush pillows. The soft light from the lamps, christmas trees and fireplace illuminate the room. In the dinning room, the settings and plates are all set for the family feast. We better enjoy this quiet night while we can. Whilst in the bedroom the room fills with the scent of pine and nutmeg. The bed is draped in soft, plush comforters and pillows. Inviting and warm. Paper lanterns radiate a warm gentle light through the small holes decorating them, which seems to make the room glow with the radiance of hundreds of tiny fairies.… Read the restCozy Winter - Alex

The Loft Newest Releases

The Loft is participating in the 2nd year anniversary of  The Men’s Dpt. Teleport to The Men’s Dpt. The Loft – Umberto Knole Sofa • Mature and PG versions
• High detail 100% mesh (5 total prims)
• Sofa seats up to 2
• Rezz and worn props
• General Animations, Female, male, Cuddles   This month The Loft is also participating at the latest MadPea/Dwarfins Loft Mine hunt. This is the gift after the hunt has been completed. Teleport to The Lost Mine Hunt
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The Loft @Collabor88 February Supernova Part 2

The lounger is interactive and comes with animations. 2 Prims. Footstool also interactive has couple animations. 2 Prims. The rug has couple animations and is 3 prims. Record player works has 3 prims and the scattered records are 5 prims. Teleport to Collabor88
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The Loft @ Collabor88 – February

Rod lights are 1LI and not scripted, modifiable so you can adjust glow and light features as you wish.
Stools are 3LI and multi-animated Room divider is 3LI and come with menu options that adjust Chair is 4LI , multi-animated and built in props you can choose. Lots more colours to choose from. Teleport to collabor88  
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Alderan Dining Room – Mid Century

I released this set a while ago but never got around to blogging it or sending any notices. If you are in love with Mid-Century it is a perfect complement to the recent Alderan Living Room  . Every piece of the place setting is texture changeable ,tables are available in 3 finishes and chairs come in a variety of colours. Teleport to The Loft.
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The Loft @ FaMeshed showing some Mid-Century Love

Teleport to FaMeshed.
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Well, excuuuuuse me, Princess!

Well hot messes, the tables have turned and Princess Zelda has to save Link’s ass. Of course not without the help of Navi ! [: I'd like to think that if Zelda were a gal in today's day and age she would be even more badass ^,,....,,^ !
I hope you all like my simple rendition ! xxxo, Suki ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

↓• W h a t   I ’ m  W e a r i n g •↓

Lamb. - [C88] – Zelda – Refreshed Blondes – Honeycomb // MP
-Glam Affair- [Collabor88] – Katya – Europa 03 F // MP
.ID. – Anime Eyes – Blue 3 // MP
Blah. – (Cleo’s Eyeliner Black) – Thick
*Milk* – My Darcy Dress – Coral
R.icielli – French Nails // MP
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Gear v2.0 // MP
- Master Sword in Sheath
- Hylian Shield
[The Forge] – Boadicea’s Belt – Silver/White // MP
Slink – Womens Medium Barefeet
Fri. – [C88] – Peggy.T-Straps – Midnight // MP

↓• P o s e s •↓

MODEL POSES – Pack 12 – Pose A // MP
Label Motion – Nayra – Pose 1 // MP

↓• P r o p •↓

~Navi The Fairy~ – SL Scripted Pet // MP Of course I took a picture of Navi split up so I could play around with the look.… Read the rest

The Outlet Sales Room

Good morning, lovelies! It’s time for a new round of, Outlet!
Many designers, under one roof, bringing you items, under 100L!
Waited a day to share this with you because, apparently some items were not switched out yesterday, and I wanted to make sure that you all got updated info!
Here are your awesome photos, and your LIMO! The Outlet Sales Room

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Mix and Match Woven Patterns Fabric Textures

The Home and design shows have kicked off for the year starting with Heimtextil in Frankfurt (just down the road from me!) Piecing together all the reports one of the trends emerging is a mixing and matching of patterns and because we love to develop new ideas and ways of working with textures combined with up and coming trends I came up with a fab set of woven patterns. These textures have a vintage, retro feel but are bang up to date and here at insights we like to give you lots of options to mix and match with different patterns and colours all in one pack so you mix and match to create your own style and designs. Available from Insight Designs. We will be looking at some more trends over the coming months and working on lots of new fabric, wood and brick textures with the aim to help make texturing easier, more beautiful and unique! and don’t forget you can keep up to date with everything over at our Facebook page and we have a few free heart felt goodies coming in our February newsletter…..so if you haven’t signed up just add your details over to the left of the page :)

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Modern Mid Century Inspired Solid Colour Patterned Fabric

I am working on lots of new surface pattern designs and plan on incorporating several of my commercial surface pattern designs, which will be unique and exclusive to insight designs as well as finishing up all the new tile and wood textures I have started.  All this will come after the New Year though as I have started to feel the holidays pulling me away which is never a bad thing, sometimes the relaxing between work is great for getting new inspiration. Before I do break for a wee holiday I have two new releases, one is for a very special Spruce Up Your Space this weekend and the other is inspired by modern mid century design, our solid colour patterned fabric textures.  I have been creating a whole set of new pattern swatches for a couple of products.  I really love making pattern squares, I highly recommend them for all sorts of uses from seamless repeats, wallpapers, blog backgrounds……if someone prods me in the New Year I’d love to release some :) AND these just looked great as fabric textures!… Read the rest

e! Maxi Skirts

e! Maxi skirt is a softly fluted mesh maxi skirt with a belted waistband  It comes in 6 delicate floral prints and 16 solid colours (8 light and 8 deep jewel tones)

This skirt is a great casual summer look. Pair with the matching Maxi  tops for a great belted dress look, or layer system and mesh tops for a boho look.

Featurng a comfortable, relaxed boho or hippy style. Wear it to wander barefoot on the beach, or dress it up for a casual evening out. 

Rigged mesh moves with your body.  5 standard sizes included to fit most avatars. 
Try a free demo at the e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories Mainstore.

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e! Marion Mesh Pencil Skirt

The e! Marion skirt is a high-waisted mesh pencil skirt. With a subtle texture or a polka dot pattern, this skirt was designed with mixing and matching in mind! Choose from 12 solid colours, 7 light polka dot, or 7 dark polka dot. (See all colours below)

Add the e! Lola top in a matching colour/print to create a stunning sleek strapless dress. Pair it with a contrasting colour, an e! Alice tank top, or a system top to create endless outfits.

A great pencil skirt is a wardrobe basic, layer it with system tops and mesh jackets to build a great look for day or evening. Dress it up with a hot pair of heels and some gorgeous jewels for a night out, add a great bag and jacket for work or shopping in style.

Incorporate your mesh clothing with items already in your wardrobe for a unique look.

Rigged mesh moves with your body. 5 standard sizes included to fit most avatars. Try a free demo at the e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories Mainstore or on the SL Marketplace.

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e! Lola Mesh Tops

The e! Lola top is a cropped mesh tube top with a soft sweetheart neckline.
Wear top with the e! Marion skirt to create a stunning strapless dress, or pair with the Natalia highwaisted pants. For a casual tummy-baring look wear this top with the e! Holli shorts or Defiant skirts.

As a dress with the Marion skirt this top makes a classic pencil dress, accessorize with some great jewellery and heels for an elegant evening look. Add your sunnies and flip flops to it with the e!Q Holli shorts and you're all set for the beach!

Rigged mesh moves with your body. 5 standard sizes included to fit most avatars. Try a free demo at the e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories Mainstore or on the SL Marketplace.

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The Loft @ FaMESHed

FaMESHed , a new monthly event that focuses on mesh items, opens today and the Loft has released a small workstation that is reminiscent of the modern mid-century style. Teleport to FaMESHed to check out the items for the Loft and all of the other  talented creators.
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Concrete Intentions, urban concrete/plaster interior and exterior textures with brick details

Create a modern and urban home, mixing concrete, exposed bricks and brick skirting. Perfect for industrial interiors and also work great as classic exteriors for traditional homes. With added depth and shading so your walls and floors don’t “float” but connect and work together to create a more realistic interior/exterior.  Seamless horizontally and also seamless vertically, so you can fully adjust the height of the bricks to create a border top and bottom, or offset the “plain” concrete textures to create a “dado” where the shadows meet…..completely versatile to suit your designs. Check out our tips and guide, using these textures…….”texturing ideas” Available now from shop.insightdesigns and from Insight Designs Studio.      

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E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories 2012-03-01 23:15:00

March Mesh Madness opened today, and E! Eclectic Apparel & Accessories has a booth filled with all our brand new mesh clothing! This week we have had 8 new releases which we will be featuring on this blog over the next few days.

Shown above are 2 looks from the new collection, a daytime look on the left featuring the Carolina blazer and Jessica pants, both in olive. On the right, the Sophia gown in seagreen for an elegant evening ensemble.

The Jessica pants come in 11 colours that coordinate with the Carolina Blazer, which comes in 13 colours total.

The Carolina blazer is a 3/4 sleeve, open, bolero-style cropped jacket with a subtle jacquard pattern. Comes in 7 deep tones and 6 soft pastels. Pair it with the Jessica pants as shown, or layer over our Arsene sleeveless dress for 2 great looks that can be worn for day or evening.
The Jessica pants are a wide leg trouser with a tie at the waist. Wear with a smart jacket as shown for a casual look that is still all business. Glam them up with heels and a sparkly top for a night out.… Read the rest

e! Snuggly Sweaters

The Snuggly Sweater is out now at E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories.
This cozy soft knitted sweater comes in 16 colours and is the newest addition to the E! mesh clothing line.

8 dark colours: bronze, chocolate, grass, ink, plum, rose, smoke and teal.
8 light pastels: celeste (shown), fluff, lavender, moss, sand, snow, taupe and thistle.
250L per colour, or 1000L for a fatpack of 8 colours (lights or darks).

This comfortable fitted crew neck sweater can be worn casually with jeans or leggings, or dressed up with a pencil skirt. It's a great wardrobe staple for many occasions. And with so many colours to choose from, you'll be able to wear it in every season.

Rigged mesh moves with your avatar, for a more natural movement than sculpted prims allow. 5 sizes included to fit most avatars, but as mesh items are not modifiable, please try a free demo before purchasing!

Pick your favourites at the E! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories Mainstore, or on the SL Marketplace.… Read the rest

Modern Country Living Textures

Inspired from our recent holiday in a converted barn, it was beautifully restored, the paintwork and walls were so clean and modern, a breathe of fresh air and kind of appropriate for our first texture pack in the new year. So if your looking to “renovate” your home check out the Modern Country Living wall textures, seamless horizontally and vertically in classic fresh colours with coordinating dado and white painted half wood paneling textures – a must have for new and old builds! Only available from Insight designs and larger sizes are available from our Online Shop.

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