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Opening Pandora’s Box

I have opened Pandora’s box, only instead of it being filled with all the evils of the world, these boxes are filled with memories. Each box contains it’s own set of sentimental items. Maybe I did open Pandora’s box with all these reminders of you.That…

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Opening Memories I




December 2014
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Kustom 9!

  Christmas is right around the corner and Kustom […]

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Get Frozen with F R O S T 2014!

  It’s finally time for everyone’s fav […]

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Frosty Flyer 2014

Look of the Day

I was having trouble figuring out how I wanted to photo this look so I decided to go with a simple look of the day type thing. I know it’s not the most creative thing in the world, but at least you get a good view of what I am wearing. I wanted to make…

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Look of the Day

The Chapter Four Ushers In Winter!

So many astounding deals you won’t be able to sta […]

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Come on, everyone! It’s Lazy Sunday time!

BAM! Lazy Sunday time is here once again, with 13 amazi […]

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Geeks’N’Nerds is Finally Here!

It’s finally time for everyone’s favoritely […]

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Get Cozy At Kustom9!

It’s that time of the month again where we see al […]

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Teatime in my dreams

I was trying to find a place to to take pictures when I came upon this little cafe of sorts. It made me think of a dreamy sort of scene so I went with it.Of course even in my dreams I am clumsier than , well than anything clumsy. It was a tragic waste …

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Teatime in my dreams

Chill in the air

When fall starts to slowly drift into winter, there’s a chill in the air that comes with it. It’s not quite coat weather, but we’re all busting out our long sleeve tops, hoodies and never going anywhere without a jacket. As sims in SL change, I tend to change how I dress my avi to […]

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Chapter Four: NEW Round!!

  A new round has approached at Chapter Four with […]

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Xiasumi School Festival!

With the holidays quickly approaching we wanted to take […]

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Lazy Sunday! *yawns*

  Another wonderful, cool Sunday is here and it […]

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Lazy Sunday

But Why Did She Ask?

Happy Halloween, dear ones! So did you ever wonder while watching The Wizard Of Oz why Glinda asked Dorothy if she was a good witch or a bad witch like, a minute after saying only bad witches are ugly? Glinda, the queen of shade.If you haven’t done i…

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Style - But Why Did She Ask - Full


  skin: pink fuel “doll v2″♥new! lipstick: pink fuel “doll v2-thin gloss/orange” eye shadow: pink fuel “doll v2-soft black” shape: pekka “sophie” hair: truth “bijou”♥new! sweater: gawk! “angora grey” pants: cynful “tweed” @sadnovember – nov. 1st shoes: bleich “mesh slip on-chevron” @n21 septum piercing: chary “#4 silver [gacha]” @n21 kat ears headband: miseria “lace kitty […]

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Today is the last day of the Mystic Realms Faire so you have just enough time (I hope) to swoop over and grab this amazing and beautifully-crafted crown by Chariot which was the inspiration behind today’s outfit. There are more fab goodies to be found in sian’s stall and the fair in general is stunning, […]

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Hair: Runaway ~Julie Hair

Breasts: Lolas ~Delicq

❤ Booty: BANNED ~Petite
❤ Top: !Lilicious ~Cashmere Sweater Black @ Halloween Fair 
Available in Aubergine Black Bordeaux Brown Crimson Frost Pink Plum tan White

❤ Pants: Aphrodisiac ~Sandstone Leggings

Shoes: Miseria ~ Demona Shoes in Pumpkin (Terrorific Hunt)

❤ Belt: <3Heartistic ~Pop Topz Color 90’s Retro

❤ Necklace: Pimp My Sh!t ~Necklace/Flight

Necklace: (red)Mint ~Posture Collar 

Rings:.K-Otic. ~Spring Rings

Nails: Lyla  ~Slink Halloween

Tattoo: Inhale ~Cross #2 (Lips)

Props:  <3Heartistic ~Kawaii Fruities @ kawaii vs creepy
Available with walking kawaii fruit and hug fruits as well as some on the tongue

Eye Makeup: Glamorize ~Drama Black

Eye Makeup: Eyelure ~Liquid Liner/Black

Lips: NerdMonkey ~Victoria Lipgloss Caramel

Ghost: Juxtapose ~The Haunt Pose Prop @ Halloween Fair 
Glitterati ~091
Elisa ~Cologne6 (No longer opened)

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I’ts the 21st of the month and we can celebrate with a new round of No21!

Every 21st of the month brings a new round of No21 with […]

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This is Gonna Be the Best Day of My Liiiiiiii iii iiife

I woke up to the sound of rain (which is just amazing in my drought starved home) and hopped on SL to check out the Seasons Story for this month. I had no idea (I know, I live under a rock) that the event was celebrating an anniversary with gifts out for tons of the […]

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Season's Story Final

It’s Time for the 2014 Body Modification Expo!

The 2014 Body Modification Expo is finally here! Your f […]

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Body Mod Expo 2014