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52 WC – Carnation

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Week 3 – Carnation Pink The first recorded use of carnation as a colour name in English was in 1535. This month’s Luxe Box was the creative spark for this week’s colour challenge. It started with the lovely embroidered crop top from Foxes and the (fabulous as always) shoes from Empire, to which I added a newly acquired jacket and a previous Fifty Linden Friday item. Talk about serendipity!!! Avi:
Mesh head :- Catwa Tumble v4.10
Mesh body :- Maitreya Lara v4.0
Hair :- Mina – Odyle (pastels)
Face applier :- Glam Affair – Moirah (America)
Mesh Eyes :- Omega Solutions – Omega Scripted Mesh Eyes v1.3
Eyes applier :- Banana Banshee – Hely (sea)
Lipstick applier :- Sn@tch – Cream Lipstick (rose)
Eye shadow applier :- Sn@tch – Morgana Eyeshadows (silver)
Outfit :
Top :- Foxes – Spring Strappy Tank
Jacket :- Addams – Abby Leather Jacket (N*26)
Skirt :- Plastik – Edenne Skirt (Rose)
Shoes :- Empire – Dichondra
Jewellery :- Izzie’s – Soul Sisters bracelet Location :- Little Edo
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April 2017
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Yes, I am spoilt both with chocolate in RL and Mina hair in SL.  I was planning on being good but a friend popped over with a bag of “Thank You” Easter choccies for me and I fell for it, face first into the bag to be exact and now I’m sat here feeling as sick as a dog!  What’s even worse is that when you’ve eaten too much sweet stuff you crave something savory to counteract the sweetness but if I eat anything more I will EXPLODE! Anyhow I ended up with not just 1 but 2 New Mina’s, although I’m not showing you the second one just this one, Inkie. Inkie comes in “Windy, Small Pony & Big Pony.  This is the Windy one and I’ve worn it in the last post as well.  Mina now has a selection of hairs with that wind blown look to them which isn’t just perfect for great photos but actually still very wearable even just pottering around in SL. This hair is the small ponytail. A nice cute, sporty little ponytail hair or for a more dramatic look you could try your luck for the “large ponytail”, I say “luck” because these 3 hairs are Gacha wins from The Epiphany and that means you have to take a chance on the style and colour pack but it also means that you get to own a stunning Mina for just 75Lds!  … Read the rest

Caged Nymph!

Wearing - Forest Nymph from Moon Elixir (The Epiphany)Hair - Inkie Windy Ponytail from Mina (The Epiphany)Skin - Amira Applier from Glam AffairMakeup - Amira Eye Makeup and Lipstick from Glam AffairPose - The Cage from Artis (The Pose Fair)

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I Just Had The Epiphany, and You’re Going To Love It!

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Once again  The Epiphany has outdone themselves!  From now until May 15th, you can take your chances and shop your little heart out collecting your favorite designer’s wares.  On your mark, get set, GO!  on over to The Epiphany and win some great items! ღCherries & Ginger Teleport to The Epiphany Teleport to The Epiphany Mirror Sim < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Petite Mort & Cwtch

Petite Mort is having it’s 2nd annual Easter hunt. It started on 08.04.17 and ends 30.04.17. There are 6 eggs to be found in the store, which cost the tiny sum of 10L$ each, with a 7th golden egg that is free to group members. The group is currently free to join, but the normal fee is 75L$. Spring Guitar Cami + Olive Butterfly ShortsPrintemps Wedges  Left –  Floral Bra Top + Olive Butterfly Shorts
Centre –  Blue/Green Ombre Dress
Right –  Ombre Chambray Shirt + Olive Butterfly Shorts Ostara Romper The Cwtch Rustic Outdoor Wedding set is available from April 9th until April 22nd at Cosmopolitan! It’s the first ever round of Cosmo for Cwtch! Avi:
Mesh head :- CATWA Tumble V4.10
Mesh body :- Maitreya Lara V4.0
Hair :- MINA  – Odyle     0L$ caspertech easter hunt
Eyes :- Omega Solutions – Omega Scripted Mesh Eye v1.3   49L$ on Marketplace
Eye applier :- Banana Banshee – Bohemian (florica)  59L$ @ mainstore
Face applier :- DeeTaleZ – Madyson (eastern)
Body applier :- DeeTaleZ – Maitreya ‘soft’ eastern
Eyeshadow applier :- Sn@tch – Morgana Eyeshadows
Lipstick applier :- Sn@tch – Cream Lipsticks
Nailpolish :- Alaskametro – Muse Poses:
Label Motion – NYG 6 / Sanya 2 / Valma 3
an lar – The Yuna series Four (m) Decor:
Cwtch.… Read the restPetite Mort

Gorgeous Jordan…Makeups!

Jewelry - Life Circle Necklace and Earrings from Avenge (The Black Fair)Hair - Dagny from Mina (coming to Hairology on April 10th)Skin - Jordan Applier from BellezaMakeup - Jordan Makeups from Belleza (The Liaison Collaborative)

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Pink Stars

Birdy – Frenchie – Bag – Star @ Arcade RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Southwark Area Kirin – Chika Pose Pack @ Kustom9 On Left: MINA Hair – Pippa (materials) @ Group Gift Veechi – Cherish Shadow @ N21 Glam Affair – Reya Applier @ Collabor88 Glam Affair – Chill Lipstick @ Collabor88 KITJA – Abree Skirt … Continue reading Pink Stars

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Loving Events!

Dress - Skiesummers Dress from United Colors (Mesh Body Addicts)Necklace - Spirit Pearl Necklace from RealEvil IndustriesBracelets - Venus Bracelets from RealEvil Industries (Shiny Shabby)Rings - Luxy Rings from RealEvil Industries (The Chapter Four)Hair - Arwen from Mina (Ultra)Skin - Amira Applier from Glam Affair (Lootbox)

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Altamura Monique Bento Mesh Head

Altamura has also released another bento mesh head and it is currently at Skin Fair right now. Their first Bento head was named Aggie and they released her in November. Then in February they released their first male bento head named Aaron and now in March they have released their second female bento head named […] The post Altamura Monique Bento Mesh Head by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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New Colours New Mina.

I knew it! So I’ve been trotting around SL for the past couple of days with my New Mina hair on (you may have spotted it in my last few posts) but the first time I put it on I picked one of the brown shades at random and my first thought was “this is new?” (OK I lie, all I was thinking about is food which is basically what I think about all day) and then I changed the shade and didn’t really give it much thought but Damn! I was right. In fact, the note that came with the hair says… “And some exciting news! I worked on all the textures to give the hair more natural flair and added colors to the different color packs!
5 new browns, 5 new reds, 5 new blondes and 5 new pastels! So more colors in your HUDs!” Holy Crap this means you now get 15!!! shade’s in each pack and just look at the detail in this picture, taken in the sim setting I was on but it’s very similar to my usual Nams setting. OK, I’m going to be vague here.  When updates happen in SL it takes the creator time, effort and even money to bring out these new updates across their whole range.  … Read the rest

New Build, New Round of Ultra!

Update those LMs folks, cos Ultra has moved to a brand new location and has a stunning brand new build!  Shop your hearts out and then spend some time exploring this awesome new sim, it is sure to become a favourite place to hang out and shop!  Ultra closes its doors on April 15th, so don’t forget to stop on in soon! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Ultra MIA: Impact, Phedora < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Relax, it’s Kustom9!

It’s spring break time! What better way to relax than to shop at Kustom 9? They have tons of super cute outfits for your vacation, shades to keep the sun out of your eyes, decor for sprucing up your home for the summer, and so much more! Check it out before it ends on April 10th! ♥ Indigo Teleport to Kustom9 MIA: Elua, Fawny, Majesty, Monso, Pumpkin, and Versov. < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Heads Up.

I finally managed to get over to the massive Food Fair charity raising event and I will put the link to Faiths post all about it the charity involved, the people involved etc READ IT! I was going to have a nice morning sauntering around  now that it’s finally calmed down but VANITY won and I ended up pulling some poses on one of the stage set ups at this event. I wasn’t even going to show you my New Mina but damn I look so good the RL me is as jealous as Hell! This New Mina hair is from the latest FaMESHed event,  Which I’m not even going to try to squeeze my freakishly skinny AV into(unless there are Freebies there, in that case, I will defy the lag and grab any goodies) and I will wait till it calms down. Because I wasn’t going to show you “Indy” I haven’t taken all the pictures of what’s special about her.  You can see on the back is a big fat juicy bun and lots of tendrils but when you open the Colour Hud and click the “options” tab you can actually wear it 3 ways, the one shown one with no fringe and a few tendrils and one without any fringe or tendrils but as always I’ve put the LM for Mina’s shop so you can try out the demo and remember to check out the new Group Gifts (not free to join).… Read the restxxxfooduse

My Legal Insanity!

Bodysuit - Kitty Fishnet Bodysuit from Legal Insanity (Whore Couture)Boots - Aria Boots from Legal Insanity (Whore Couture)Gloves - Jassy Corset Gloves from RealEvil Industries (Whore Couture)Hair - Indy from Mina (faMESHed)Skin - Callie Applier from BellezaSet - Cigar Full Scene from Come Soon Poses (Whore Couture)
Pose -
Antique Chair from Artis

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Taste of Spring at FaMESHed

Join me this round at FaMESHed with beautiful dresses and sweet flowers as you taste spring in the air… Jewelry, décor, and even some things for men will be found here! Come take a look before it closes on March 27th. Ginger <3 xoxo Teleport to FaMESHed MIA: Cheeky Pea, Gild, The Little Branch < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >   Note: Any store listed as MIA either (1) did not have exclusive items clearly marked and/or able to be purchased, (2) was not completely set up; or (3) was absent at the event opening time of 12pm SLT on March 1st, 2017. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of designer set up, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so. Thank you for your understanding! ♥

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○•○WHAT I'M WEARING○•○Hair: Mina - Irma
Ears: Swallow - Gauged Ears
Outfit: Supernatural - Valentina Black @ Liaison Collaborative
Shoes: Bishes Inc - Cute Heels
Bracelets: Goth1c0 - Samantha Bracelet
Collar: [I<3C] - Collar 01 @ Suicide Dolls
Nails: Astralia - Rock Nails @ N21
Tattoo: Aurica Store - Goldi Tattoo @ Cosmopolitan

Pose: Pose:  <K&S> - Help Me Lose My Mind @ Lost & Found
Candle: Random.Matter - Paint It Black
Wine: Kunst - Don Perdigon Ppen Bottle & Glasses / Rose

 ::On Alex::
Body: Signature - Gianni
Hair:  Drot - Tobi
Jeans: Not So Bad - NLY Jeans

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Finding Unicorns

Well some days you just don’t feel like working, heh?  That’s me these days, and so when I stumbled across a mystical being, who am I to pass up the chance to hang out?  Honestly I can’t recall where I am, just that I literally stumbled onto this and starting snapping pics.  I’m slumming it in the hooded sweatshirt from Vinyl, a new to me store, and a short fun casual skirt to go with.  As always, the outfit credits are after the pics and all these photos and more can be found on my Flickr! Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Mina “Vera”
Head – Catwa “Kimberly”
Skin – Lara Hurley “Diana Milky”
Eyebrows – League “Ella”
Eyes – Amacci “Zenith Eyes ~ Azure”
Jewelry  – Izzies  “Eternity Choker”
Top – Vinyl – Meghan Hoodie Pak Soft Blue
Shorts – Vinyl – Daria Athletic Skirt Pak Black
Shoes – FATEstep – Ziggy Chucks
Body, Hands & Feet – SLink
Poses – Le Poppycock “Various”
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Here I am stuck inside a yesterday

The LookHead Catwa Catya BentoHead Applier  Glam Affair  Colette Applier  @ EnchantmentHair Mina Froukje 03 @ Hairology Coat GizzA Maggie Coat Nekclace Kunst Rusty Key Pose an lar Rella Series  @ Enchantment
Mirror Pilot  Octagon Mirror FLF Steampunk Newspaper Vending Machine HEXtraordinary FLF

Now Playing Love and Memory

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A new SL me.

So I FINALLY found a mesh head that I like,  with the help of Bento.  It’s been months, I know forgive me.  I could find little to be excited about over the last few months.  Then one night when I was bored, I decided to try the Catwa Mesh Head, Kimberly, with Bento capabilities.  What a great thing.  I was able to pick a head that I felt was close to my old SL face, and tweak it to look like ‘me.’  Anywho, here are the results!  As always see below for full credits!  Pics are also posted to my Flickr! Outfit Credits & Slurls
Hair – Mina “Nikki”
Head & Makeup – Catwa “Kimberly”
Skin – Lara Hurley “Diana Milky”
Eyebrows – League “Ella”
Eyes – Buzzeri “Elysium Winter”
Jewelry  – Dark Mouse “Cascade of Beads Hoops”
Shirt – Pixicat “Signe Top”
Pants – paper.arrow  “cuffed.corduroy olive”
Shoes – :::NOIR::: “MARGOT BOOTS”
Body, Hands & Feet – SLink
Poses – Le Poppycock “Various”
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Love is in the Air with FaMESHed

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you can feel the love in this round of FaMESHed. You will find beautiful décor, amazing wardrobe items (even for you guys!) and jewelry that will help you feel that love is in the air. This round of FaMESHed ends on February 25th. Ginger <3 xoxo Teleport to FaMESHed MIA: Revival < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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