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Get Ready for the Thereafter!

Dress - Alfa Zulu Dress from !gO! (coming soon to Thereafter)Gloves - Sibyl Gloves from Masoom (Cosmopolitan)Hair - Myla from Mina (coming soon to Thereafter)Makeup - Ballard Makeup from Zibska (coming soon to Thereafter)Pose - One Shot from Gingerfish (coming soon to Thereafter)Backdrop - Dead Ahead Backdrop from Isuka (coming soon to Thereafter)

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Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter

In case anyone has been wondering, I am procrastinating like a boss. But hey, daily blogposts FTW!

Hair: Ilse - Mina
Head: Koura - Catwa
Skin: Karina - Glam affair
Eyes: Soul II - Banana banshee
Body: Lara - Maitreya

Top: Lace frill top - Ane [Uber: 25 July - 23 August]
Bracelet: Atiriya stone bracelet - Zaara
Skirt: High waisted knit skirt - Coco
Shoes: Nina heels - Ingenue [Rewind: 10 August - 10 September]

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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Get “Spendy” !(New Mina Hair& Freebie).

Nope, it ain’t working today, not only have I managed to delete all my pictures of “Tina” the new Mina hair but I’ve broken my eyes! So out of all the new pictures, I took this morning this is the best! So a rather random post here.  The hair which you will have seen in a few previous posts is only available at Kustom9 of course at some stage it will be in the Mina main shop but as far as I know this round of Kustom9 will be over on the 10th so if you don’t want to wait for it to come back up for sale in her shop it’s time to TP.  It also means this very popular event will finally be nice and quiet which is a blessed relief. You will have seen Tina plenty of times so check out my recent posts and you will be able to see her in different colours but check out this super “Kawaii Ombre” shade. Tina, comes again as standard now with the bigger colour palette, material and non-material options etc all tucked into a very user friendly hud but she like a few other Mina hairs also comes with an “options” tab and those options gives you the choice of how you wear those pony tails and how your wear your fringe (bangs).… Read the rest

Getting Uber Kinky!

Gloves - Vicious Rings/Gloves from Codex (Kink(y) Event)Choker - Malu Choker from Supernatural (The AvenueHair - Molly from Mina (Uber)Skin - Ella Applier from LeagueLipstick - Beth Lipstick from Glam Affair (The Epiphany)

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Cheekier than you think.(Freebies&SPAM).

Don’t I look the picture of innocence? Such a sweet and innocent little bathing suit? till your scroll down to my crotch area, yup that’s a little bead, in fact, it’s a small row of them which act as the crotch of this little outfit.  It would be interesting to wear this in a busy place and see how many people spot it LOL. So on the surface a sweet, simple little combo which can be worn as separates and comes in so many sizes there is a fit for you.  This and 5 other Freebies, but you have to join different but free groups to grab, is to be found in the ADRIS King shop. Still not going to tell you much about the hair but feel free to pop over to Mina’s and try the demo out, make sure to check the option tag as you get a number of ways to style this hair as well as the colours.  Or you can TP over to Kustom 9 which is the only place you can buy “Tina” at the moment and since I’ve shown her so much already and the event goes on till the 10th August I’ll do a reminder post near to the end.… Read the rest

I forgot!(New Mina & Freebies).

I popped over to Mina’s to check out the details of my New Mina hair and here I am and I wonder who wears it better?(Meee of course LOL) . Anyhow this hair is from the UBER event and lets be honest there is no way in heck are you going to be able to get into this event for WEEKS!  The place is packed but until you can at least you can try the demo on for this hair, Molly, and right next to it is another NEW hair in a really new and interesting style but that’s for a later post but of course, you can check that one out at the same time as you’re checking out the Uber one. But as always walk around the Mina shop first.  The big blown out look of Molly is in a few of the other Mina hairs so to make sure to check the rest to find the best for you.  This isn’t a small shop but because it’s such a simple layout you’re not going to waste time wandering around and having to go up and down floors, but there is an upstairs just in case you’ve never noticed.  … Read the rest

Shed a light

Hair     MINA - Molly @ Uber

Head    Catwa

Harness    Pretty Mess - Misa Harness RED  @ The Epiphany
Top     Pretty Mess - Misa Top BLACK  @ The Epiphany
Shorts     Pretty Mess - Misa Panties BLACK  @ The Epiphany
Sandals      Phedora ~Sincerity @ Kustom9

Pose    RM - Pose Set 27 -GIFT (modified a bit with animare hud)

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Such a Pretty Mess!

Wearing - Misa from Pretty Mess (The Epiphany)Gloves - Deah Gloves and Rings from RealEvil IndustriesEarrings - Hoop Earrings from Izzie'sHair - Tina from Mina (Kustom9)Skin - Ella Applier from LeagueLipstick - Beth Lipstick from Glam Affair (The Epiphany)Dog - Pupper Palour Companion Yorkie from Jian (The Epiphany)Pose - Into You Posing Chair from ArtisBackdrop - Preview Dressing Room from Sayo (The Epiphany)

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Uber!

Uber was born in July 2014, come help them celebrate their 3rd year in business!  You won’t want to miss this round, all of your favorite designers have brought a friend for the party.  You heard me correctly, double the shopping fun!  Stop into Uber before August 23rd, where you can find everything from clothing, accessories, to home & garden!  Happy Birthday, Uber! ღCherries & Connie Teleport to Uber MIA:  Monso, Mossu Apparel, Phedora, Valekoer <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——–>    

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Part of my world

Hair    MINA - Tina - with animatio @ Kustom9
Shape   genesis

Outfit     [Aleutia] Aurora w/ Bow @ TSA
Garter    *PerveTTe* Sweet [Garter] [Gold] @ MBA

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Beach Glam at Kustom9!

Are you ready for some glam summer fun? Head over to the new round of Kustom9 to pick up everything you need! Hot beach outfits, gorgeous makeup and hair, summer home decor, and more! Hurry, it ends on August 10th! ♥ Indigo Teleport to Kustom9 MIA: Black Bantam, Clef de Peau, Offbeat, Phedora, Represent, & Taikou. < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Mmmm More Mina!

Top - Lynn Knit Tank Top from MimikriEarrings - Hoop Earrings from Izzie'sHair - Fiona from Mina (The Hair Fair)Skin - Ella Applier from LeagueMakeup - Desert Sun Eye Makeup, Lashes and Lipstick from Veechi (coming to The Epiphany)

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Happy times and good sunshine

Hair    MINA - Fiona @ Hair Fair 2017

Shape  Lelutka
Skin  Lara Hurley
Tattoo   [CAROL G]   Squaw  - leg tattoo @ MBA

Bodysuit    //.VoluptasVirtualis - [Izzy] @ TLC
Panties    //.VoluptasVirtualis - [Izzy] @ TLC
Jewellery  //.VoluptasVirtualis - [Sanom] @ TLC
Sandals    Phedora ~ Selma Flats @ Collabor88

pose   oOo Studio: Sinuous

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Hair fair 2017 – Mina

Pose: Bows and pearls, flawless - Flowey [Using Tillie's posestand]

Hair: Clara - Mina (15% donation) at Hair fair 2017 [1 July - 16 July]
Head: Koura - Catwa
Skin: Moirah - Glam affair
Eyes: Soul II- Banana banshee
Body: Lara - Maitreya

Earrings: Stardust - Yummy
Top: Lace crop top - Ison
Bracelet: Sharon - Kunglers
Skirt: Venturini - Ison x Rowne
Shoes: Luzy heels - Ingenue

Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the designer page.

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It’s a Bit Tabou!

Wearing - Kylie Dress & Armbands from Tabou (Lootbox)Rings - Elektra Rings from RealEvil IndustriesHair - Luna from Mina (Hair Fair)Skin - Amira Applier from Glam AffairPose - Fashion Photography from Bauhaus Movement

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Update on last post. FREE Mina hair!

So I logged in and once I’d dropped Faith my daily “spam” note I TP’ed over to the Hair Fair and of course my first port of call was the Mina shop and Woah I’m glad I did because there is a FREEBIE! Sorry, I’ve forgotten what this hair is called but I did spot that it comes in the red shades and Mina does brill red shades, I literally just stood in her shop and took a snap so I could do this post super quick. I don’t know how many other shops have gifts in them but I’m hyperventilating at the thought so I’ve had to log off and have a cup of coffee and an early lunch before I relog in and work the fair LOL. PS Another thing I noticed on this return visit is the notice that is sent to you, it’s all in a pop up window, also includes a whole list of the shops and the LM you need to take to get you closer to the shop of your choice. Mina @The Hair Fair
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You complete me.

Hair    MINA - Emma @ Hair Fair 2017

Head   Catwa
Lipstick applier   -Belleza- Sophie Catwa Makeup @ Summerfest2017
Eyeshadows    -Belleza- Sophie Catwa Eyeliners  @ Summerfest2017

Top&pants   .LYBRA . DINA SET @ N21
Chicker   {Avie} Obey Choker

Set&pose   exposeur

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Hair     MINA - Luna - All colors  @ Hair Fair 2017

Skin applier    -Belleza- Hannah  Catwa Applier - Pale for FLF (there is also a skin for lelutka head)

Shirt    'Epique Sheer Embro Top (Black) applier @ E L I T E

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Just a Little KinkY!

Tattoo - Volver Tattoo from White Widow (Kink(Y) Event)Choker - Rose Shine Choker from Pervette (Kink(Y) Event)Rings/Gloves - Visenya Rings from Codex (Kink(Y) Event)Hair - Emma from Mina (coming to Hair Fair)Panties - Jade Panties from Dead DollzSkin - Ella Applier from LeagueLipstick - Jewel Lipstick from Amara BeautyPose - Into You Chair Prop from ArtisBackdrop - Tame Me Photo Booth from FoxCity

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Powder Pack Catwa June 2017 Unboxing Video!

Today I am unboxing the June 2017 edition of Powder Pack Catwa! Powder Pack is a subscription box for makeup lovers. Each month on the 17th you will receive makeup appliers for Catwa mesh heads from 12 talented designers. The cost of the subscription box is L$1500 and you can pick it up from the Powder Pack […] The post Powder Pack Catwa June 2017 Unboxing Video! by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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