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Help Me Find You on Marketplace

My afternoon began with a text from one of my best friends, Codie. “I need your help. I have to find something to wear to Dirk’s funeral.” We spend a lot of time getting dressed for frivolous things in SL, things that don’t matter.  It’s amazing how your thoughts wander though, when what you are […]

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SL Go Pricing Update

Before I talk about what I’m wearing in these images, I just wanted to update you guys on the new pricing for SL Go. Since my last post about SL Go, the folks at OnLive have put a lot of thought into the pricing that they initially offered and have decided to add some more […]

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The Spring Season Challenge

(click here for raw shot) Tomorrow is April 1st and this month always reminds me of spring; probably because of the old saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” I thought this week would be perfect to do a spring challenge. Meme Instructions: Share a spring-themed picture and/or answer the following questions about the season. Don’t […]

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A day in the life of Fallacy

First off, HI! I’m very honored that Eden has been so gracious as to allow me to blog here with her! *hugs Eden* I love her to pieces, and I really hope I do her blog justice! :DFor my first post, I though I would do a little comic strip, of sorts, to …

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Dear John…

Hair: MINA Hair- NandaBow: Action Hair Junkys Gift Mar-Jun 2014* Group GiftEars: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Black Neko Ears *25L$Eyes: ..{PSYCHO:Byts}.  Dog Eyes – BlueSkin: .tsg. Baby B ToneSweater: [Pumpkin]Stretched swea…

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One Last Job

If I think about it, there was that one moment where meeting him changed my life. It’s always been this con or that, small time ya know…so as not to get caught. In and out, that’s how I was taught. Never get too complicated, that’s when you start to run into trouble. Do only what [...]

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I love RP, you love RP, we love RP!

Yayyy, the new round of We <3 RP is almost here!! There’s just half a day or so, until it’s opened to public at 3 pm SLT! I have so much awesomeness to blog atm, that today I have not one but two looks to show you, both loosely inspired by goddesses of the ancient […]

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LoTD – Back in Black

A little LoTD and not an arcade piece in sight… for now!  I figured i’d mix it up a little, can’t blog the same event all month.. OR CAN YOU!?  Don’t worry, more arcade goodies soon I actually love this look, like have a deep, throbbing love for it!  It’s so simple and classy with […]

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One Word.

  Tragedy is happening in the realm of our One Wor […]

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Oneword March 2014 Tragedy Poster

It´s tragic

A lot happens today, and you guys know i like doing a blog post every now and then, specially when there is a new event in town, Which is the case of Oneword that should be now open.   So every edition of this event is themed by one word, the first edition is Tragedy, […]

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The Dressing Room Fusion.

FUSED into one glooooorious room you can find incredibl […]

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Dressing Room Fusion

The Little Fairy

Let the little fairy in you fly! ~ Rufus Wainwright

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The Little Fairy

The Dressing Room Fusion!

    Feel like a wardrobe change? The Dressing […]

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I’m just a girl

The LookSkin Izzie’s Maci SKHair Mina Noor DarkTop and Pants Liv-Glam Dirty Laundry @ Open ClosetShoes G Fields Alex Patent BlackPose Elephant Poses Closer #4 @ Thrift Shop 75L for the packLocation Caprice Caverns of Aleval

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Game Night

The Look
Skin Izzie’s Maci SK
Hair Mina Rosa @ the Dressing Room
Tank Like Design Carolina Tank Save Your Breath @ Soho Market
Bracelet Klepsydra Leather Ribbon Bracelet @ Soho Market
Jeans Cynful Skinny Jeans
In Honor of the Super Bowl, I would like to share with you one the funniest inspirational football commercials i have seen.  If this doesn’t make you laugh I don’t know what will.  Remember get in there and give it some heat!!

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My Attic – final days

If you saw Moniq in-world these days (which is not likely, since she’s been hiding on her platform mostly), she …

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Trenchcoat Weather

Hello Ladies!
Spending my Sunday afternoon with a walk on the beach, it’s a bit chilly and grey out there today so I put on my new cozy trenchcoat from Erratic to stay warm. It’s a wonderful detailed coat, highly realistic with materials enabled, it’s going to be one of my favorites this season. Also the new hair from Mina is just perfect, I’m a huge fan of messy hairstyles. They come with and without materials and are to get at My Attic. More credits below the pic:

Trenchcoat Weather
coat: Erratic - Trenchcoat espresso
bag: MishMish – The Polar Sleepbag Gacha (@ The Season’s Story)
tights: Izzie’s – Heart Tights (@ TDR Fusion)
hair: Mina - Nikky (@ My Attic)
skin: Izzie’s – Maci Skin (@ The Boutique)
teeth: Okkbye – My Parted Lippy’s (@ My Attic)
pose: Label Motion – Valma Pose 5
location: Psy City
♥ Happy Sunday ♥

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Trenchcoat Weather

Lucky Star.

The Eleventh Hour released The Dagny Conservatory Hideaway.

When you can say this out loud, you are cleared for the next round.
 It’s a great hideout that comes with a single and a couple cot with nice animations. 

Really nice build g…

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LoTD – A Little Bit Different

Hello all! Well I had various jokes about my belt (skirt) and my slightly different look yesterday, “A Cowboy Hooker by Gok” being one of them, and I laughed, but I kinda loved this look as it makes Willis look a little different than usual! Full credits can be found below, but special shout out […]

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LoTD - A Little Bit Different

Prime Time

Cause baby it’s a primetime for our love
Ain’t nobody peekin’ but the stars above
It’s a primetime for our love
And heaven is bettin’ on us

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Prime Time