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Part of my world

Hair    MINA - Tina - with animatio @ Kustom9
Shape   genesis

Outfit     [Aleutia] Aurora w/ Bow @ TSA
Garter    *PerveTTe* Sweet [Garter] [Gold] @ MBA

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Happy times and good sunshine

Hair    MINA - Fiona @ Hair Fair 2017

Shape  Lelutka
Skin  Lara Hurley
Tattoo   [CAROL G]   Squaw  - leg tattoo @ MBA

Bodysuit    //.VoluptasVirtualis - [Izzy] @ TLC
Panties    //.VoluptasVirtualis - [Izzy] @ TLC
Jewellery  //.VoluptasVirtualis - [Sanom] @ TLC
Sandals    Phedora ~ Selma Flats @ Collabor88

pose   oOo Studio: Sinuous

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You complete me.

Hair    MINA - Emma @ Hair Fair 2017

Head   Catwa
Lipstick applier   -Belleza- Sophie Catwa Makeup @ Summerfest2017
Eyeshadows    -Belleza- Sophie Catwa Eyeliners  @ Summerfest2017

Top&pants   .LYBRA . DINA SET @ N21
Chicker   {Avie} Obey Choker

Set&pose   exposeur

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Hair     MINA - Luna - All colors  @ Hair Fair 2017

Skin applier    -Belleza- Hannah  Catwa Applier - Pale for FLF (there is also a skin for lelutka head)

Shirt    'Epique Sheer Embro Top (Black) applier @ E L I T E

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Free Mina hair need I say more, OK yes I do lol. But first a super duper gift from Caboodle.  You will have to pay 25Lds to join the group but for that, you get a chance to not only grab some tasty group gifts but also a chance to win some excellent lucky chair items.  I have blogged them before and since the items in the chairs haven’t changed I will put the link to that post so you can check out the prizes. This top is one of the old GG’s but the skirt is brand new and as you can see it matches the top but both the skirt and top come with colour changing menus and all of them inc the patterns are just lovely.  I think there are 9 options for the top and 12 for the skirt. Now for the “Mina” or in this case Myrtle. I change my hair for almost every picture but just like my clothes I have “go to” hair and Myrtle is one of them.  This hair just goes with so much, short and face framing but from behind you can see it’s long and thick with that loose wrapped over hair.  … Read the rest

Light behind your eyes

Hair    MINA - Betty - @ Vintage Fair from 09/06

Skin    -Belleza- Zoe

Dress     Violent Seduction - Erebus rare @ The Arcade Gacha
Pouldron  Violent Seduction - Erebus @ The Arcade Gacha
Collar   Violent Seduction - Erebus   @ The Arcade Gacha

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Rien ne va plus, les jeux sont faits

Hair    MINA - Marre - Preview @ Fameshed
Head    01 Genesis_Head_Flor_3.2 Bento RARE @ The Arcade Gacha previewBody   Maitreya
Dress    .LYBRA . GABRIELLA  limited edition @ Limit8Collar    .::Supernatural::. Hearty Black
Set    Astralia - Doll roulette background @ The Arcade Gacha preview
Pose    oOo Studio

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I have this Hope

Hair    MINA - June

Body    Maitreya
Make-up   Studio Exposure
Mesh head   Catwa

Top     [Aleutia] Holly PRINTS
Skirt    TETRA - High Asymmetric Drape Skirt
Earrings    :::ChicChica::: Avery, @ Cosmopolitan
Necklace    Amacci - Bonnie Necklace @ Cosmopolitan

Pose&rose    :LW: Poses - I have this Hope - female pose @ The Liaison Collaborative

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This girl

Hair    MINA - Shelley @ ULTRA 
Top   Pretty Mess - Active Top BLUE @ N21Bottom    Pretty Mess - Active Bottoms BLUE GREEN Baby @ N21Tattoo   { Speakeasy } Owlish Tattoo Rings   .::Supernatural::. Lila Gold @ MBA

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I have no choice ’cause I won’t say goodbye anymore

Hair    MINA - Lara @ Rewind 
Skin applier   New Faces - Aurora Catwa Mesh head  Catwa
Lingerie     Violent Seduction - Harmonia @ ROMPNecklace    .::Supernatural::. Gabriella #1 Gold Heart @ The Gacha GardenCollar    .::Supernatural::. Gabriella SOI Gold @ The Gacha Garden
Pose  oOo Studio

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Dreaming of…

Hair   MINA - Dagny @ Hairology

Mesh head   Genesis_Head_SOFIE Bento RARE @ The Epiphany
Eyeshadows    Genesis_Lab_Eyeshadow_Applier_3.0_SAVAGE @ The Epiphany
Skin applier   Genesis_Lab_Skin_SOFIE_CREAM @ The Epiphany

Outfit  Baiastice_Bloom Outfit-Wild Rose @ Bloom
Headband    Phedora ~ Agnes Unicorn headpiece @ N21
Bangle    LaGyo_Xenya gifts
Pet    Phedora ~ Agnes Unicorn @ N21
Shoes   Phedora ~  Ancora Sandals @ Uber

Pose    oOo Studio

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looking back

  Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly v2.11 Head/Skin Applier: [theSkinnery] Cristy (Catwa Applier) honey @ Rewind 90’s Throwback Eyeshadow: Veechi – Frosted Glitter Shadow [Catwa] @ Rewind 90’s Throwback Eyes: LOTUS. Formation Eyes 11 [Catwa] @ The Chapter Four Eyelashes: [Luv:Ya] Eye Lashes_el.001(for catwa) Beauty Mark: DeeTaleZ Mesh BEAUTY MOLE Hair: MINA Hair – Froukje 01 @ Hair’O’Logy Dress: Baiastice_Kurtney Slipdress-Black-Maitreya @ Rewind 90’s Throwback Shoes: [Juju] Lolly Maitreya Group Gift Bag: Pseudo– Cahier Bag Sugar G Chokers & Rings: Izzie’s – 90’s Jewelry @ Rewind 90’s Throwback Sunglasses: Rebel Gal :: California Sunglasses. (With Materials) @ Rewind 90’s Throwback Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Spring is coming – Black @ ON9 Hands: VISTA Animations  PROHANDs  V.1 FINAL Nails: alme.   Dotted Gacha – COMMON 5 BLACK @ The Gacha Garden    
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Part the Third

The following hour Eddie was awoken by a bright light creeping out from under his door. He arose from the bed to find yet another hottie awaiting him.

She was surrounded by a feast of delicious looking food. Suddenly Eddie realized he knew this story. So you are supposed to be the "Ghost of Christmas Present" I presume Eddie inquired. He even dis the obnoxious air quote thing when he said Ghost of Christmas Present, I told you he was an ass. "Yes I am. And you can drop that air quote nonsense." she replied. She grabbed Eddie by his cardigan their little tour began. 

They began with the first girl he had dated that year, and peeked in on one from every couple of months that year. Each one Eddie had broken their hearts, and each was cursing his name, some so colorfully that I darn not repeat it. Needless to say Eddie was not a popular person amoungst these woman. When the spirit figured he had enough she vanished into a cloud of shimmering dust leaving Eddie all alone in the middle of town.… Read the restThe feast of my people

Part the Second

Later that evening as Eddie was asleep a glowing pale figure appeared in his room. She stood over his bed an watched him sleep until her mere presence awoke the slumbering Eddie.

Instead of fear or worry he greeted his nocturnal visitor with a " Damn! Who are you babe?", for even in the middle of the night he was checking ladies out. The vision in white replied "I am here to show you your past, so take hold of my hand and our journey shall begin.

She took him back to see his very first love, the typical pigtailed little girl from kindergarten. They travel through his middle school crushes and girlfriends. There adventure ever took them to his freshman year of college where he meet the one girl who broke his heart. After this last visit they returned to Eddie's palatial apartment and the specter faded into the night without another word. Eddie convinced himself it was nothing but a dream and promptly fell back asleep.

Eddie Wore
Cardi: Con/Val - Corsair Cardi - Slink - grey (at The Arcade)Boxers: Con/Val - Havoc boxers - slink – grey (at The Arcade)Bracelet: **RE** Aqvila Bracelet Male Hair: MINA Hair - Josef Body, Hands and Feet: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body, relax hands, flat feetSkin: Clef de Peau:Declan:T5 Base
Beard: [Deadwool] Full beard - black
The Spirit WoreDress: *{Junbug}* Victoriana [Cream] Hair: TRUTH HAIRIsoldeBody: Maitreya Mesh Body LaraHead: CATWA Head CandyHead Applier: .Atomic.Read the restNothing at all stalkery here

Time’s forever frozen, still…

Hair     MINA Hair - Becca

Mesh body    Maitreya
Lipstick applier   Studio Exposure   Honeymoon Cream lipstick

Earrings&necklace   [MANDALA]ORIGAMI
Scarf    Belle Epoque { The Power of Will } Scarf Red @ TFC - Lootbox
Bodysuit    Belle Epoque { The Power of Will } Bodysuit Brown @ TFC - Lootbox
Armband     Belle Epoque { The Power of Will } Armband Black @ TFC - Lootbox
Shoulderpad    Belle Epoque { The Power of Will } Shoulderpad @ TFC - Lootbox
Mask    Belle Epoque { The Power of Will } Mask Brown @ TFC - Lootbox
Boots     Belle Epoque { The Power of Will } Boots Brown @ TFC - Lootbox
Gloves    Belle Epoque { The Power of Will } Gloves Brown @ TFC - Lootbox

Pose   The Muse

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New Location, New Ultra!

Ultra has moved to a gorgeous new location so be sure to update your landmarks or you will miss some great shopping!  It’s well worth sticking around after you have shopped your hearts out at the new round to explore and see the amazing delights and stores.   You have until December 15th to snap up this round’s goodies, but the sim will always be here to enjoy! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Ultra MIA: Fonde, Hoorenbeek, Pseudo, Sabotage, Vale Koer, Versov < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Calling the Celebrants

We have been invited. Every year the invitation arrives, every year the curtains are drawn aside to reveal doorways, every year the Sound of Life rings in our silenced ears once more. It calls, it beckons, it pleads. Just like it always did. Just like it always does. Each of us celebrates the return to the Land We Once Walked On. Some of us simply step through, others sail in with more impressive means, some slink and slither, some arrive with a bang. Some run through the streets screaming, some hiss softly in the passing October breeze. It does not matter how we celebrate, what matters is that we all do. For one night, one glorious night a year, all the chains are broken and we are free. Free, and dancing amongst you. Halloween has arrived to Selidor, and Fallen Gods Inc. has a Severed Sale: -50% from all the Halloween fitting items, including the various Rotten skins (now complete with body and head appliers), clown face tattoos, Trufangs, Dead Man’s Grins, and much more, all now updated to have appliers to make your mesh body all the more macabre!… Read the resttouch-of-blood-4bs

Happy Third Anniversary Kustom9!

Please join me in wishing Kustom9 a very happy third anniversary!! It is so awesome that this event is still going strong and bringing us fantastic rounds month after month! This round they are pulling out all the stops and each designer is not only providing their usual amazing goodies but also provide a 9L gift! How cool is that! Stop by and check it out before it ends on November 10th! Indigo Teleport to Kustom9 MIA: Apt B, Hucci, Mai Bilavio, Monso, PewPew, Represent, and Vale Koer. < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Untouched! (Inc a Freebie).

Not a complete free post but OMG I’ve just been checking out the “The Upcyclers Hunt” and I’m going to have a lazy RL day in SL and go shopping for what looks like some seriously Free and quality home decor items and all of that will be in my next post until then spend some Lindens B*tches! A bit of a mix here because why not.  Firstly I put on an OLD PumeC Group Gift called Nicole she comes as standard with all the Appliers you will ever need inc I believe some mesh head ones.  As said this is an old gift but I just wanted to show you another shade that PumeC has in their range because I usually stick to the paler Winter/Spring shades but there are also amazing sun kissed to much darker shades.  On a close up you will see that she has gentle tears falling unlike the real me. As for what Group Gifts that may be out at this moment I do not have a clue! When I went over to LM grab yesterday the place was packed with people joining the PumeC group whilst it’s FREE so I’ll leave that for you to find if you go over yourself.… Read the restxxxmeuse

Another sort of Mooh (inc Freebie).

Time for Autumn Woolies in SL and RL and in celebration of being able to hide the flab I’ve been tucking into the carbs, actually that’s a lie I’ve not been “tucking” I’ve been shoveling them in like a maniac but that’s what happens when you make homemade bread! Gonna have to work it off tonight at the pool tonight I only hope I don’t sink! Between Faith and I and RL and SL, we’re finally managing to get the sim looking stunning, although I have to confess since I deleted my house but left everything that was inside still there hanging in the air lol so my personal plot is a bit random, to say the least. Our new windmill is certainly packed with poses inc dare I say naughty ones! The outfit is a lovely gift from Mooh BUT you have to join the Third Life freebies group to grab this one and it’s completely free.  Mesh skirt and cardy and not linked so can be teamed up with other items.  The one thing I’m going to have to hunt down is some tights/socks/stockings with a Autumnal feel to them even if dare I say I have to PAY Lindens to get a good quality set.  … Read the restxxxmoohredrap