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Gangsta Frankie

Hello Readers! Legal Insanity is back with a new release for men called the Gangsta Hoodie and its available at the Men Only Monthly fashion event. The Gangsta Hoodie comes in both black and gray and in 5 variations: Pimp, DJ, Obey, Boss and King. I enjoyed getting Silvester out again and was in the process of doing so for the upcoming MensWear Fashion Week, when this hoodie arrived. I coupled it with some cool new male poses by KaTink called Frankie. Thanks for reading,

“I’m trying to be a better gangsta, so I’m learning how to play the ukulele. I’m also trying to figure out how to rap a romance novel, like The Notebook.”
― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

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Way Down Below the Ocean Where I Wanna Be…Scuba Suits Ahoy

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to explore the Linden oceans?  Well, as soon as you get that pesky Donovan song out of your head and put on a scuba suit from Avatar Bizarre, you can find out!  It’s slick and smooth like the skin of a dolphin, and it’ll provide your avatar with the comfort and movement you will need as you swim among the creatures of the reef.  The SLink-enhanced flippers are modify and copy, so you can resize them to fit your own feet.  They should fit normal avatar feet, and an alpha is included for feet and for the scuba suit itself.   The mask and snorkel are unrigged mesh, and will also resize if you need it to. The fantastic part about this ensemble is the color HUD, which gives you eight color choices:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, and White.  Everything is Materials enhanced to give the suit its smooth shiny look, as if you’ve stepped from the water after a day of playing with the dolphins.… Read the resthttps://i1.wp.com/grabilla.com/05318-cbf9e43b-2f8b-4344-87ee-c6381cab364b.png

Everything I Do I Do For You – Fantasy Fair Sneak Preview

Avatar Bizarre has, by some amazing circumstances, and a bit of applying, made it into this year’s Second Life Fantasy Faire, an event created to raise money and awareness for Relay for Life.  To be fair, there have been a couple of sneak previews as yours truly jumped the gun and started making stuff just in case.  Enthusiasm, coupled with that elusive Inspiration has resulted in a few new things. You already got a sneak preview of the Goblin King and the Boudica Armor.  Now let me give you a taste of the Goblin Queen!  Of course this is mostly because my lovely model (pictured above and below) is champing at the bit for a picture or two.  The Goblin Queen, like the King in a previous post, is going to be available in seven colors and includes the pants and jacket (plus alphas) and shoulder armor (one shoulder). If you’re itching for just the jacket, don’t worry!  The jackets for the Queen and King will be available solo with a Color change HUD (all seven colors), plus the shoulder armor and requisite alpha.… Read the resthttps://i1.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/059c2ae08e57821c4b7f6e755cf9f5fa.png

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get To the Center of the Labyrinth?

My friends all know I have a borderline stalkerish admiration for David Bowie.  Every time he’s visited my area for a show, I’ve gone.  Sometimes multiple times for the same tour.  The music collection includes something like 800+ songs – versions and reversions, covers and originals, live and studio…legitimate and bootleg recordings of all things Bowie.  Heck, there’s even some Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and Mott the Hoople in the mix for good measure.  Then there’s the fact that Bowie’s appearance in Zoolander makes me giggle every time I see it.  But then, I laugh like a little kid at Family Guy, but I digress… In short, I consider David Bowie to be a demigod of some sort, and possibly an alien with photogenic superpowers. So it should come as no surprise that some of the designs at Avatar Bizarre should be pretty heavily influenced by Mr. Bowie’s extensive wardrobe. So, without further ado, and with much aplomb, I give you an advance look at the Goblin King! … Read the resthttps://i2.wp.com/i.gyazo.com/d2aac645b90bdb600cf44be8e314d6a4.jpg

The Drop With A Twist

What I’m Wearing  Snapback / BUC @TMD Hair & Beard / Unorthodox Cardigan / Blankline @TMD Duffle Bag / BUC  ‘The One Displayed Is A Custom…. Not Available For Public Purchase’  Pants / NSB Sneakers / Flite @Fameshed What Malachi Is Wearing  Hair / Unorthodox Chain / ieQED @TMD Jacket / ::GB:: @TMD Pants / […]

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Light My Fire

Suit - Deadwool @ TMD – Blue (includes HUD for different shirt & tie combos) Shoes – Mr Poet

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Ten Walls

What I’m Wearing  Snapback / Shoeminati *NEWW* Jacket / :GB: @CCB  Pants / Redgrave  Sneakers / Flite @Uber  Chain / 2nd Avenue  For What Keone Is Wearing Click Here Filed under: Events, Fashion, Male, New Release, Second Life, SL Tagged: 2ndAvenue, ::GB::, CCB, FLite, ForeignIdentity, Mens, mens fashion, Mens Styling, MensStyle, Menswear, redgrave, Shoeminati, uber

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Cobb Shirt & Pants

Cobb is a young guard never fully off duty. Even when doffing the heavy plate he still keeps a basic layer of chain underneath his tunic for surprise moments that he has seen far too many. The cuffs protect and support his wrists and the shirt covering the chainmail is less for comfort and more for warmth and looks. It also serves as an extra padding when it’s time to re-equip the heavier armor pieces. The pants are a loose hose with calves already wrapped tight to make heavily plated boots easier to wear. Both the shirt and the pants have a colour-change HUD, so essentially you are getting a whole pack of options for the price of one. The cuffs have six colours available, the shirt and pants have twelve. The chainmail underneath the shirt is garment layers with three different colour options. The clothes are rigged mesh and move with your avatar. There’s five different sizes available, please try the demo first. The cuffs are unrigged mesh and therefore easy to resize and reposition.… Read the restPoster The Muses Cobb shirt

Twice Inna Lifetime

Left look: Jacket – Wonton @ Trend3 Jeans & Shoes – Wonton Middle Look: Jacket – Dynasty @ MOM monthly event Jeans – Seul @ Trend3 Shoes – Benjaminz Right Look: Cardigan – Represent @ Trend3 Jeans – Redgrave Shoes – Hoorenbeek

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Ormund Shirt & Pants

Ormund is a nobleman comfortable with his station and his duty of defense. Even when relaxed home, his clothes are not so detailed and flaired that they would make battle cumbersome. Instead they are simple, comfortable cut — easy to move and fight in — but made of luxurious fabrics and elegantly embroidered. The details provide a strong link to Celtic traditions, but look fantastic in any setting. Both the shirt and the pants have a colour-change HUD of twelve colours, so essentially you are getting a whole pack of options in just one piece of clothing. The clothes are rigged mesh and move with your avatar. There’s five different sizes available, please try the demo first. Permissions are M,C,NT. L295, shirt and pants sold separately. Journey to the Main Store | Purchase Ormund from the Marketplace

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Perros Shirt and Pants for Men

Perros is a dashing young man of bold choices and luxurious looks. His shirt and pants are decorated with detailed appliques, his sleeves rolled slightly as in preparation of combat, his style complemented with touches of his temper, his passions. This is a man of noble birth and status, with the ideals of loyalty and honor still bright in his mind, guiding his behavior both in the court and on the battlefield. Both the shirt and the pants have a colour-change HUD of twelve colours, so essentially you are getting a whole pack of options in just one piece of clothing. The clothes are rigged mesh and move with your avatar. There’s five different sizes available, please try the demo first. Permissions are M,C,NT. L295, shirt and pants sold separately. Journey to the Main Store | Purchase Perros from the Marketplace

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Lots of new stuff so keep updated with me Jacket – Represent @ The Season Story Shoes – Vale Koer @ TMD Hat – 2 Byte – old TMD item Trousers – Pumpkin

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A Tattered Page – The Martian Chronicles – a Sneak Preview

“Ylla Silver” A Tattered Page is an event, an experiment, an inspiration based on a book, and a thing that happens to novels that you read, re-read, and read again.  I have a copy of Bradley Denton’s Buddy Holly is Alive and Well on Ganymede that is probably held together with love and dreams at this point.  Pages are not only tattered, but falling out.  A Tattered Page: [Citation Needed] is based on a love of books, coupled with the need for inspiration, and metered out with a smidgen of “Oh Hey, A Cool Event!”. The first round has come and gone.  The next round, based on Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, begins on January 7.  It will be held in a central location, rather than in individual stores, this time – for a ton of reasons.  Not least of which is the ability to control the amount of images people need to load when they visit, and suchlike.  The other part of that original experiment (appropriately drawn from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein) was to have some of the merchants put their items on the Marketplace. … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/05101-605f982c-c876-4f6a-877c-433723887c07.png

Chinese Dragons go RAR! New Traditional Chinese Apparel

The legendary Chinese dragon is a powerful creature.  It generally controls water and air; holds court over all rivers and streams, controls rain and floods, and brings good luck to people.  It is a symbol of power and strength to the worthy.  It flies across the sky through sheer will alone; it has no wings.  Dragons are often depicted in artwork, and you will often find them on clothing, which brings us to the Tianlong Cheongsam by Avatar Bizarre. The short Cheongsam jacket is a traditional garment, usually made from silk or satin, and almost always brocaded in luscious, detailed designs.  Tianlong means “Flying Dragon”, and it is heavily featured on this short jacket.  Available in several colors, there is a male version and a female version.  Both come in standard mesh sizing.  Even though it is rigged, it has Modify and Copy permissions, like most of the items from Avatar Bizarre.  It is also Materials Enhanced, so the dragon design pops if you have Advanced Lighting enabled in your viewer.… Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/04c1c-e38e46b4-c69f-4b3e-8923-7e4e1e8922b7.png

Step In Shadows

Shirt – Vale Koer @ TMD Jeans – Tag @ Cosmopolitan

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Welcome to the party

Left Look: Coat – Deadwool – Eskimo coat @ TMD (new!) Jeans & Boots – Wonton @ TMD (new!) Chain – Benjaminz @ Winter Trend (new!) Tattoos – Bolson Rings – Eclat Right Look: Hat & Sweater – 2Byte @ TMD (new!) Sweats – Just cool @ TMD (new!) Shoes – Benjaminz @ Winter Trend (new!)

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Sleigh Bells and the Cableknit Sweater

Winter is coming.  It’s not only a failed attempt on the part of the Starks to instill fear into Westros, but it’s also a (ahem) cold, hard fact.  The Holiday season has slammed its way into our lives like the powerful consumerist juggernaut it is, and with it comes snow, ice, sleet, and all kinds of reasons to enjoy a bit of frostbite with your friends and loved ones. I live in California, so slieghing behind a magnificent horse wearing jingling tack is just not a normal activity.  But for folks in areas that receive actual weather, and in Second Life, it’s not such a rarity.  Some of my friends had a wonderful time riding behind Buck the Horse in one of Second Life’s most spectacular Winter sims the other day.  You can visit here.  Don’t miss out, because I’m pretty sure this is a holiday thing that will likely be turned into something else later on. Of course the whole point of my bloggishness is to showcase some brand new Winter wear from Avatar Bizarre! … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/04b1d-4c66dc2e-b5ca-4e00-b94d-35061d074808.png


What I’m Wearing  Snapback / Bang  Tattoo / SwaggedOut *NEWW*  Shirt / GAS *Neww* Pants / Excellence  Boots / Nikotin Bracelet & Watch / Benjaminz  Necklace / Flow  Beard / Unorthodox  Hairbase / Unorthodox  Filed under: Events, Fashion, Male, New Release, Second Life, SL Tagged: BANG, Benjaminz, Excellence, Flow., ForeignIdentity, GAS, Mens, mens fashion, Mens…

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Dancing Through a Gothic Wonderland

Once Halloween comes to a screeching halt, all Hell breaks loose as we gear up for one of the biggest holiday events in Second Life:  Gothmas!  Whatmas?  Gothmas!  It’s that black and romantic time when all the darklings come out of the woodwork and celebrate in a weird and wonderful way.  We don our goth apparel and dance to the ethereal carols of Pretentious, Moi?, Sisters of Mercy, Imperative Reaction, and Thoushaltnot. Gothmas by Gaslight is nigh, and as you wander the hallowed streets of the cursed countryside, you will be regaled with many fine Gothic wares from a wide swath of merchants across the Second Life grid. It’s time once again to give those blackened blue eyes an advance look at what’s coming up from Avatar Bizarre during this most sacred of holidays. “Ozymandias Female” – Modeled by Misha-Selene The Ozymandias, named for the poem by Percy Bisshe Shelley is resplendent in six gorgeous jewel tones. … Read the resthttp://grabilla.com/04b0f-80ef9ff3-14de-4023-905d-539f74d72845.png

Callon Boots at Mystic Realms Faire

Callon boots are the perfect mix of kickass, style and attitude with just a dash of elegance. The uppers combine chain mail and leather to protect your feet in battle while still providing good mobility around the heel and ankle. The embossed cuffs look smart and dashing, but also offer some extra protection to the calves. These are the boots for rogues and rangers, for pirates and highwaymen, for well-dressed elven guards and wandering minstrels. They can be dressed up or down to wear with many looks and as many characters. They’re also completely unisex and work for either gender. The boots are rigged mesh and come in three sizes: S, M, L. Please try the demo. Permissions are M,C,NT. L195 per pair of boots. Visit Mystic Realms Faire to Purchase.

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