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White Lies

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hair-Mello. Entangled @Enchantment ((NEW)) bodysuit- Belle Epoque { Paola } @REWIND 80's  ((NEW)) 

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Let Down Your Hair With Enchantment!

Be transported to the world of Rapunzel with the new round of Enchantment!  There’s everything you can think of to add some magic to your SLife with clothing, hair, accessories, decor and so much more!  Grab the HUD and join in the hunt fun and just enjoy this magical event before it ends on May 31st. ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy Teleport to Enchantment MIA: The Little Branch < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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⪷Sweet Melody⪸

hair,makeup & horns-Mello. Midsummer Gacha @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ((NEW)) headband-*N*Rapunzel @ Enchantment ((NEW)) claws hands and feet-+ Devil Fingers & Toes + {aii}dress-Belle Epoque { La Comtesse } @we<3rp  ((NEW)) 
plants decoration-*N*Rapunzel @ Enchantment ((NEW)) 

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⨴Never say Never⨵

hair-Mello. Ritualist @The Coven  ((NEW)) 
eyes-[Cubic Cherry]  {Stormy} eyes @we<3rp   ((NEW)) 
collar-[Cubic Cherry] {Crucia} collar red @TDSF4  ((NEW)) 
dress-.::Dead Dollz::. Eria Gown @FaMESHed  ((NEW)) 

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Waiting to be born

“The Moon has awoken, with the sleep of the sun, the Light has been broken, the Spell has begun…” — Midgard Morningstar BODY Hair: Mello – Ritualist w/Hat [New][@ The Coven] Eyes: Izzie’s – Tokyo Mesh Eyes Lipstick: Zombie Suicide – Smudged Lipstick Pack 1 [New][@ The Dark Style Fair]   CLOTHING Dress: Sn@tch –…Read more Waiting to be born

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Fantasy Gacha Carnival is Ready to Kit You Out!

It’s really time for another round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival and you won’t believe some of the amazing machines that are here for you to play – everything to get you ready to explore those fantasy worlds near and far. Make sure to check out all the gacha’s and spin a few – who knows what you’ll win? Just make sure to do it before the fairgrounds shut down on May 20th! ♔Alex & Atiya MIA:  Aisha, Beauty Factory,  Cole’s Corner, Gabriel, Mello, Secrets, Storybook, The Forge, Wimey Teleport to Fantasy Gacha Carnival <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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⍟Silent world⍟

hair-Mello. Dark Moon @The Secret hideout
horns-[Cubic Cherry] {Baby horns} white red @The Gacha Garden collar- [Cubic Cherry] {Crucia} collar red @TDSF4
outfit (bodisuit,garter,gown,harness & stocking-[The Forge] Alice, White @The Gacha Garden 

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∴⋇ Looking through you ⋇∴

poses-an lar [poses] The Tortured Serieshair and hat-Mello. Ritualist W/Hat @The Coven ((NEW)) 
eyes- [Cubic Cherry]  {Ba'al} @Memento Mori  ((NEW)) 
lashes-Wednesday[+] Everyday Eyelashes @The Coven ((NEW)) 
collar-[Cubic Cherry] {Crucia} collar red @TDSF4 ((NEW)) 
dress-.::Dead Dollz::. Amanda Outfit @Uber ((NEW)) 
book-[Cubic Cherry]{Starry Spell} book  @The Coven ((NEW)) 

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⤱⤱Open my Mind⤱⤱

hair-[Mello] Cosmos Gacha @The Gacha Garden ((NEW)) eyes, halo & bindi-  [Cubic Cherry]  {Ba'al} @Memento Mori ((NEW)) 
collar-[CX] Heretic's Toy @Memento Mori ((NEW)) 
outfit ( top, short,harness,bandage,jacket, bionic arm, mask & weapon) *Tentacio* Futur end @The Gacha Garden ((NEW)) 
shoes-RO - Stompers Red

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⋟⋟Blood Eyes⋠⋠

hair-Mello. Heretic @TDSF4 ((NEW)) 
lashes-Wednesday[+] Everyday Eyelashes @The Coven ((NEW)) 
makeup eyes-The Cults: Vile & Uni - Pained Beauty  @TDSF4 ((NEW)) 
horns, eyes, halo, harness & and bindi-  [Cubic Cherry]  {Ba'al} @Memento Mori ((NEW)) 
piercing mouth-[CX] Spiked Drill @TMD ((NEW)) 
tattoo-**UbS** ForeverRose Tattoo @The Coven ((NEW)) 
panties-Victoria Panties MAITREYA - White
shoes-*{( konpeitou )}* my sister Gacha @Memento Mori ((NEW)) 

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Welcome to The Dark Style Fair 4!

On 1st May 2017 · By Cherrie · With Leave a comment
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Back for the 4th round, it’s The Dark Style Fair offering you the very best in dark fashion!  Your favorite designers have showcased everything from nu goth to emo, dark magic to steampunk, metal to punk and so much more with a twist.  Stop in The Dark Style Fair 4 before May 22, explore the darkness, you will never want to leave! ღCherries, Atiya, Sabs Teleport to The Dark Style Fair 4 MIA:  Drot, Secrets, Spellbound < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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Come Into My Gacha Garden…

The Gacha Garden is in full bloom and waiting for you to come on in and get your gacha on!  Play a machine 20 times and you will receive the exclusive Seed of Inspiration!  You have until May 31st to play your hearts out, so come on in and don’t miss out!! ╰ ☆ ╮ Jordy & Alex Teleport to The Gacha Garden MIA: Junk Food < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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∴≈ Middle Place ≈∴

poses-ROQUAI's JapZodiacsBoys  @Fantasy Fair  ((NEW)) 
hair-[^.^Ayashi^.^] Rumiko hair&headband @TSS ((NEW)) 
glasses-Mello. Bookworm Glasses @The Kawaii Project ((NEW)) 
outfit (collar,cuffs,headdress,rollerskate & short and top) *Tentacio* Lola maid @The Epiphany ((NEW)) 
tattoo- **UbS** Hidden darkness tattoo (coming soon) ((NEW)) 

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hair-Mello. Dark Heart @ Limit8 ((NEW)) 
dress-.::Dead Dollz::. PoisPois @Bloom ((NEW)) (this model come in 2 versions)
baloons-12[Cubic Cherry]{Float} Ankle Baloons red @The Epiphany ((NEW)) 

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School is in Session at The Kawaii Project!

School is in session at The Kawaii Project!  Take cuteness to another level with some of your favorite designers.  Hurry into The Kawaii Project before May 10th, before this round is over. ღCherries Teleport to the Kawaii Project MIA:  Chocolate Atelier, Dami, Doe, Lagom, Love, Mello, Milo, Schaden Freude < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY——– >

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⇝ ʞiss Ƞ Ǵood ƀye ⇜

hair-[Mello] Forget It @TLC horns-[Cubic Cherry] {Avien} crown daylight brows and face-The Horror!~ Borealis Highlighter  @TSS
mask-05[Cubic Cherry] {Rebel} mask white-red
dress-.::Dead Dollz::. RainyDay Dress @TLC
panties-[The Forge] Akira Kimono
bloodbag and fingers-Toast - Bento Syringe Fingers
belt bag & receptor-=Zenith=Medic Gacha !
garter & socks-.Quirky. - Thanako Garter @TSS
okobo-PEACHES. - Sakura Okobo @TSS
hearts-Hearts Balloons Basics @TSS
chair & ottoman- Violetility - Violetility - Veil of Spring  @TSS

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52 WC – Peach

Week 2 of my 2nd year of Colour is Peach. The first recorded use of peach as a colour name in English was in 1588.  The word comes from the Middle English peche, derived from Middle French, in turn derived from the Latin persica, i.e. the fruit from Persia.  In actuality, the ultimate origin of the peach fruit was from China. Of course, I had to pick a hard one to do. However, thanks to a previous Luxe Box offering by Tres Blah and boots from a lucky board at the Empire mainstore, I was able to put together an outfit very quickly. Avi:
Mesh Head :- Catwa – Tumble v4.10
Mesh Body :- Maitreya – Lara v4.0
Shape :- my own
Eyes :- Mayfly – Deep Sky (Twilight Steel Shadow)
Hair :- [Mello] – Krampus (Pale Pastels)
Face applier :- Glam Affair – Moirah (America)
Nail Polish applier :- Alaskametro – Snow Queen
Lipstick applier :- Sn@tch – Cream Lipsticks
Eyeshadow applier :- Sn@tch – Morgana Eyeshadows
Dress :- Tres Blah – Smitten Outfit
Boots :- Empire – Pansy Pose :- Luane’s World – Dust in the Wind Location :- Luane’s World
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⨭ Kill For YOu ⨮

hair and ears-[Mello] Sassy Kitten Prize @The Gacha Guardians  ((NEW))
eyesline-Wednesday[+] ~ The Parisian Girl Liners  @Project Se7ev ((NEW))
collar and gun arm-PEACHES. - Medic Set+Torniquet Choker @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
bra,corset and panties-[The Forge] Sabine @The Gacha Guardians  ((NEW))
stocking-.::Dead Dollz::. Sheer Hosiery @The Crossroads ((NEW))
claws-+ Devil Fingers & Toes + {aii}
wings-E. Tenshi no Tsubasa (B+W)
cuffs-Le Morte & Song - Funeral Cuffs - White

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ꔹ Dark Dreams ꔹ

hair, ears & tail-[Mello] Messy Kitten Gacha @The Gacha Guardians  ((NEW))eyes-[Cubic Cherry] {Ripple} eyes @We <3 RP ((NEW))
glasses- [Cubic Cherry] {Lunette} glasses gacha set
nails-*PL* bento nail #007 @Project Se7ev ((NEW))
cuffs-:(SH): SDollz - Bracelets
dress & scarf-[Cubic Cherry] {Kiss} dress RED (maitreya)  @TSS ((NEW))garter-Quirky - Runa Garter - Maitreya.
body particles-**CC** - Enchantress Aura (thank you ♥♥♥)
shoes-*N*UWABAKI RED2 @Karu-Machi ((NEW))

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ꘜ Їn My Head ꘜ

hair-[Mello] Anywhere Hair @Project Se7ev ((NEW))
mask-Aesthetica- Alibi Mask, White
gloves-*katat0nik* (FEMALE 2 types) BENTO Skeleton Gloves
aura-**CC** - Good Witch (thank you ♥♥♥)
outfit-kimono, getas, ears,tail,antlers,pipe,top & fur-*Tentacio* kitsune @LootBox ((NEW))


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