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Road Hog

“… let others catch up instead of turning from our own lane.” ~ Bell Frayer ~ Bell wrote this commenting …

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Changing Lanes




November 2014
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Embracing the Good Days — Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates from The Couturier’s Docks, Featuring Wicca’s Wardrobe, also from The Couturier’s Docks, Featuring >Asset< and Featuring {{BSD Design Studio}}

It’s hit me, so to speak. There’s nothing new to report on my horizon, but it’s the time of year when everyone has the sneezles but I’m the one who gets in bed with a fever too. I feel on top of the world, despite the challenge, and so far I also feel …

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Another Surprise from Maxi Gossamer!

Maxi is surprising you again today with several items m […]

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Berry Nice Shoes

I don’t think I’ve ever written a “berry” pun in my titles before so hopefully you’ll forgive me this time, I couldn’t resist. The shoes I’m wearing are named Berry so you know, it had to be done. The lovely Lyrical Ember asked me to blog with her and since I’m on this journey to […]

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It’s Friday!! — Featuring !Lybra, Chop Zuey and Truth

After a week of ups and downs, it’s finally Friday again. Yay! I hope you fill your weekend with fun, family and friends, and always embrace those you love dearly and make sure they know. I recently watched Werner Herzog’s From One Second To The Next, a documentary that’s only 35 minutes long, but so intense and impacting. It covers the topic of texting while driving and shares several family struggles as they related to the topic. I love Werner Herzog’s point of view and had seen several things he created prior to this and knew this would create energy and make a sincere point. It succeeded. It’s not one of those things you would rush out to rent, but if you have access to it via Netflix, HULU or Amazon Streaming you should see it and share it.

This morning, I want to show you a beautiful new addition to the collection at Lybra. Such a fashion now style, this gown has the long flourish of a formal gown with the frisky mini showing lots of leg as well. Natalia from Lybra blends the formality of a long gown with the playful nature of a miniskirt. I paired the new gown with the Betty 2.0 Set from Chop Zuey. You’ll have options to change the metal as well as the stones in this set, making it multifunctional. I’ve tried to wear this cute new Truth Sian, a new cut that ended up being a bit more challenging to do because the style is playful, fun, short and somewhat casual. With this outfit, however, I thought it fit perfectly. I l (Read more...)

Bohemian Like You

Bohemian Like You

‘Cause I like you
yeah I like you
And I’m feeling so bohemian like you Continue reading

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Bohemian Like You

Bustling Towards the Holidays — Featuring Wicca’s Wardrobe from The Couturier’s Docks, Chop Zuey, >Asset<, Lyrical B!zarre Templates and Vestige Fashions from The Instruments

I stopped to take photos today when I popped in online. It’s gotten crazy busy this past week, with family and gifting and holidays to plan, and I’m more alert and aware this year than I’ve been in many years, so I FEEL the busy. I’m excited about it! I feel like I’m thriving because of it instead of crumbling or curling up into a tiny little hide me now ball. I did catch a cold somewhere this past weekend. I don’t care for them, but who does. I’d rather get normal colds any old day compared to what I faced this time last year.

So the photos… I put together items from several events, and eagerly begin looking for holiday type looks to share, because I’m in the mood. For this style, I pulled items from Wicca’s Wardrobe at this past month’s The Couturier’s Docks event and know that any day now, new items for TCD will be ready to share. Meanwhile, enjoy the Juliet Bag and Juliet Hat. I’ve paired Lyrical B!zarre Templates with the items from Wicca’s, a new gown called Anne. It’s one of those understated gowns that wows with simplicity and beauty. The Romero Britto collection came out this month and will be something easily paired with a whole array of styles and colors because there’s a color options HUD included with this great set from Chop Zuey. I don’t believe I’ve had a lot of exposure to products from Vestige Fashion (one of many reasons I lovvvveeeee (Read more...)

Pinoy Hideout

(click here for a raw shot) I went to a new sim, Pinoy Hideout, earlier today to explore and look around. The sim was designed by the talented Neva Crystall. The owner of the sim is Lovelykitten Resident and there is also a photo contest for those that like to explore and take images. Even though I […]

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My pants covered these plats, but they are sooo cute!   skin: alterego “maliyah – caramel” – ♥new! hair: tableau vivant “wicca” @collabor88 plats: reign “mari plats” @kustom9 top: cameo 6ixx “kairi kimono” @kustom9 eyes: song “yuki-gris eyes” @kustom9 flower crown: random matter “valeria” @secretaffair / soon! necklace: maxi gossamer “anukaa beads + ethopian cross / […]

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Chop Zuey Girl Live Contest Day 1 — Featuring Nya’s Shop

It was a lot of fun to put together this outfit last night. I was preparing to work at Chop Zuey but even more so, I wanted to wear something new and awesome to the Chop Zuey Girl first live contest this morning.

I pulled together a dress from Nya’s Shop called Happy Dress Sangria, sold at this month’s rotation for The Instruments The event. I just bought the hair as well, new from Truth Hair called Aida.

My heart beats a little faster when I try to find pieces from Chop Zuey, play with them to repurpose, relocate or use as a different type of jewelry, and in this case, I took a set of bracelets and used one as a choker.

Featuring Nya’s HappyDress Sangria from The Instruments
Featuring Truth Aida
1. MG Full Groomed Lashes
2. KMADD/Moda Mesh Eyes
3. SLink Female Feet High
– Elegant 1 Hands
4. October’s 4Seasons Pearl Skin Tone Laila
5. Liv-Glam Natasha High Heels
6. Chop Zuey Impromptu Bracelets (One repurposed as a choker)
– Zigeunermusik Earrings
7. PosESioN Irish Pose Set

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Something old, something new

Now that I am (sort of) over the shock of losing almost 7000 items from my inventory, I am getting organised and back to blogging.  I love discovering new designers and mixing and matching with some old favourites as I have done here.   …

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Diana, she loves me
No innocence or compromise
Diana, she loves me
The only way she knows Continue reading

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Celebrating New Gifts and Talents — Featuring Baboom Couture (Including New Items from WEIB Sale Room), Also Featuring October’s 4Seasons 55L Thursday Debut

It’s back to business as usual at my house after a 5 day weekend that culminated with Veteran’s Day. I’m not sure what the lettering is exactly of the new family day status, but local bases have the privilege at the top I imagine, perhaps the CO/XO, to decide on a certain number of family days for those who are stationed stateside. It helps balance the many extra hours that are served while deployed, traveling, at schools, etc. and gives the family special time to share as a result. Often the Friday after Thanksgiving is declared one of these days. Other holidays that come randomly through the year might tack on an extra day or half day, and this year, since Veteran’s Day was on a Tuesday, they were able to extend the weekend by an extra day by giving Monday off too. Usually, I’m about ready to growl by the time Mr. goes back to work, but this weekend was really great. I was sorry to see him go. Now we settle into the weird pace of the holidays, all the things that need attention, long distance family, and all that jazz. I feel better in November than I have in years. Today I do. So today I will embrace the day with all that I am and share a bit of all that I am with you, my extended family and friends whom I love with gentleness and passion.

I received a note from Kyra Camel, the designer at Baboom! that announced her first mesh creations were ready for sale at Baboom! and would I consider blogging a few items for her. I rejoice in the (Read more...)

All I need to know is why

Pose: Haunting loneliness, in the flash, into the blizzard – Flowey [Using Tillie’s posestand]Hair: Cry baby – LambSkin: Cassia – Glam affairEyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affairLashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – BeetlebonesJacket: Saul – EmeryNecklace: Lyra ench…

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All I need to know is why1

My Love Is Your Love

My Slink Obsession has some pretty goodies out including sexy lingerie from Stellar and a big surprise from Pink Fuel. Oh and some pretty nails from Cirque de Seraphim. (…)Read the rest of My Love Is Your Love © Lourdes for Lourdes Denimore, 2014. | Permalink |

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My Love is Your Love

New Tech, New Rules – October’s 4Seasons Joined 55L Thursdays: An INCREDIBLE Deal – Bombshie from Designer Showcase and New WTB

This morning I read an article on the camera drones that are under 500 USD, so inexpensive that the average joe could afford one and it seems many many average college age joes and joettes have bought one and operate them everywhere from the beaches to the center of their home team football field for Opening Day games. In the last few years, new technology appears on the market so quickly that the regulators related to the new technology have to run to keep up with what’s created, try to make rules associated to that tech make sense, and yet keep the freedom of commerce and fun in the original product so people are happy. If the young people or old people or in between people own and operate these drones on their own private property, the risk for danger factor remains relatively personal, and if a crash occurs, a failure of the tech in the drone, it’s usually to the detriment of the private operator. However, when the same tech is deployed over a stadium filled to the max with 106,000 people waiting for kick off (and this is happening over seas with loads of football matches as well), the risk for danger factor exponentially escalates and the rules to limit or control the tech have not been clearly defined so there’s a massive loop hole right now and I can only imagine that this will continue to be the case in the years to come with tech coming at us as fast as light and faster.

Yesterday, a friend of mine came to me with a couple of screen shots she’ (Read more...)

Chill in the air

When fall starts to slowly drift into winter, there’s a chill in the air that comes with it. It’s not quite coat weather, but we’re all busting out our long sleeve tops, hoodies and never going anywhere without a jacket. As sims in SL change, I tend to change how I dress my avi to […]

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Collabor88 is shining a light on Modern Alchemy this month!

It is time for another round of Collabor88 and this mon […]

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One day I’ll stand with a crown on my head like a god….yeah like a god

Credits: Crown: Sumiana – .aisling. – Druunah Esharham Hair: Witchy Woman – Clawtooth – Bubbles Clawtooth (Soon for Collabor88) Skin: Penny – Glam Affair  – Aida Ewing Bangle: Helen – Lagyo – Gyorgyna Larnia Necklace: Emily Necklace – .aisling. – Damian Kleiner Tattoo: Cornucopia … Continue reading

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One day I'll stand with a crown on my head like a god....yeah like a god



Diana, she loves me

But not me, baby, I’m too precious

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