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Today: newness from Cynful available at District 5 and sexy shoes from L.Warwick available at this La Metallique Fair. The La Metallique Fair is an event that was created to commemorate the anniversary of another event. I bet you can’t guess the name of the event it’s commemorating just from the name? Yeah I couldn’t [...]

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August 2014
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Lexy among the flowers

I love this little dress from Leri Miles Designs - it is so fresh and pretty, and made me want to frolic amongst the flowers.  So I did, cos this is sl, and I can do anything I want!You will find this dress at August’s The Them…

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So Much To Show You — !Lyrical B!zarre Templates!, Couturier’s Docks, L&H, and Chop Zuey

If only I had more hands or hours in the day, I could keep up with some of the creative ladies and gents who make these garments for us day after day. I could never keep up with some of them and one that comes to mind is Loredana Alexandra and all she does at Lyrical B!zarre Templates.

The thing is, each time she makes something new, I want to stop what I’m doing and style it and photograph it, before I do anything else that day. http://issuu.com/rboniefacio/docs/modelsissue16 She’s recently had a spread done for modeLS magazine and several recent designs of hers were showcased there.

I’m soooo squishy hug smushy wet stuff proud of her too. It’s a great thing when this thing we do that’s definitely a business becomes entwined with unbreakable friendship. How lucky I am!!

If you touch the bangle, you have an assortment of color tones, all suited to the fall colors that are trending. I’ve also got a new head wrap to share as one of the ladies who work on Our VOICE shared it with me and I used the other one (see my new Cover photo).

And though some pieces I share with you from Chop Zuey may not be new releases, they’re new to me, and my blog so they’re a part of this look also, the aptly named Mooncrystals.

Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! from Couturier’s Docks August Ripples
Featuring Maxi Gossamer Bangles Painted Daisies
Featuring L&H Headwrap Afrique Noire
Featuring from Chop Zuey (Read more...)

Carrie’s and KaTink — A Perfect Time To Introduce the Rock Your Rack Event

I have a lot to share with you so I’ll start with the sexy slinky and always classy Carrie’s Lingerie. Julie – this month’s VIP Group Gift, contains all the colors of the season. Because of the number of ways you can wear it, you’ll feel sexy by night …

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Collabor88 August Favorites

Hello Ladies!
More Collabor88 goodies today! I assembled 4 looks using almost entirely items you can get at Collabor’s Odyssey round:
Collabor88 August Favorites
Look 1:
dress: Junbug - Helena (@ Collabor88)
bracelets: Noodles - Aphrodite Bracelets (@ Collabor88)
hair flowers: Atomic - Aphrodite Floral Headpiece (@ Collabor88)
hair: Exile - Letters and Lipstick (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie’s – Olive Skin porcelain
pose: Kirin - Athena Pose 5 (@ Collabor88)
Look 2:
dress: U.F.O – Luna Dress (@ Collabor88)
shoes: Noodles - Hermes Sandals (@ Collabor88)
necklace, earrings & headband: Cae - Odyssey (@ Collabor88)
 hair: Argrace - Yui
skin: Izzie’s – Olive Skin porcelain
pose: Everglow - Group Gift 06

Look 3:
top: Deadwool - Delos Crop Top (@ Collabor88)
skirt: Deadwool - Chios Skirt (@ Collabor88)
tights: Izzie’s – Sheer Tights purple
shoes: Zenith - Greek Leather Heels (@ Collabor88)
necklace: Imeka - Sweet Octopus Necklace (@ Collabor88)
bracelets: Noodles - Aphrodite Bracelets (@ Collabor88)
horns: Half Deer - Odyssey Horns (@ Collabor88)
hair: Magika - Harmony (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie’s – Olive Skin porcelain
pose: Label Motion – Belen Pose 5
Look 4:
dress: Baiastice - Calypso Dress (@ Collabor88)
necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Cyrene Necklace (@ Collabor88)
head chain: Yummy - Oracle Head Chain (@ Collabor88)
hair: Lamb - Pandora (@ Collabor88)
skin: Izzie’s  (Read more...)
Collabor88 August Favorites

Marguerite meets burlesque

Today I am showing you something available exclusively by adoness at District 5.  It consists of a body suit in a beautifully rich dark ruby colour with a gothic design and silver studs, along with a crinoline in black with the same ruby…

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Tales of an Asymmetrical Redhead

Using My Living Imagination — Featuring *LI* Living Imagination, and A&A Hair

Couturier’s Docks will have a whole array of new items very soon and this stunning gown from Living Imagination will be there. It’s called Angel Garden – Heaven, and it made me feel like I was wearing a little piece of heaven. I wore one of her gowns for my MVW audition on Saturday and I’m including a photo of that gown as I styled it as well. I’m grateful to Bodza Mubble for her support and friendship.

I have one of those special sister friends who’s always looking out for me, holding my hand when I’m anxious, listening when I need to talk, and who bonks me over the head when it’s needed. She pointed out this hair style from A&A – Viennara. I hadn’t been to that store in ages.

I’m not always sure how to style the darker skins from Kyxe Skins & Shapes but I love that she and other gorgeously darker skinned ladies have offered their input. And I love the challenge. Why do I change skins all the time instead of sticking with one? Because one of the nicest people I’ve met creates them in 12 shades and I want to represent all of them as part of her team of Kyxe Beauties. Laila will release in all 12 shades over the next few weeks and I look forward to showing you all of them!

Featuring Living Imagination Angel Garden – Heaven from Couturier’s Docks August
Featuring A&A Viennara Hair Mixed Brown
1. Poetic Color: Quicksilver
2. Maxi Gossamer: Swallow Wings
3. Kyxe Skins (Read more...)


I know I am on a green kick but that doesn’t mean I can’t still indulge in my love for yellow. Who can resist a dress like reminds them of a beautiful sunrise?Originally I had planned on taking some cute vacation pictures to go with this summer look, b…

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#701 Un quartier bien tranquille

The fundraising event Love Ulaa is running. It lasts only a few days. You have till August 18th if you want to help Ulaa Coronet.The Black Fashion Fair is running too. That’s a must if you’re a shopping addict!Credits :Hair : Catwa – Mimi mesh NEWSkin …

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*MochaWear* – NEW NEW NEW – A Brand New Store On the Grid

I actually styled this *MochaWear* Rose Cardinal gown for Hermione Mocha – aka Pattie Peacock – because (EXCITING!!) she’s opened her own store and wanted me to share in her joy and her artistry by blogging an item or two from her initial releases.

I went through the things she shared and thought about each of our own personal approaches to art and how very differently they can appear. The same idea, a red gown for example, might be produced as many ways as there are designers out there making gowns.

I took two photos in one locale and then got busy helping someone and distracted. I then came in to do something else the next day and had ‘photograph Hermione’s gown’ on the top of my list. It wasn’t til I went to edit the photos that I realized I had duplicate sets of photos from two different days looks. You can see a few changes I made from day one to day two.

I don’t think I could ever say enough to share how much I revere Belle Roussel. The work she puts in, hours and hours and hours of it, shows in everything she does. Quality products for more than fair prices. But there’s more. She constantly has items she gives away, so even the most restricted budget might own a pretty bit of sparkle at Chop Zuey just because that’s the way it works. Today’s Mistress Enchantment set offers something I’ve actually not seen often, a very long chain. It’s beautiful and accented the gown wel (Read more...)

After Hours

I was getting ready for a night out and thought I would share my outfit.  My shoes are from LivGlam and come with one of their astounding 64 pantone huds, so you can pretty much match – or contrast – them to everything.  They a…

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After Hours


More pretties for you. I have stuff from The Countdown Room (new to me), Seraphim Social, MSO (My Slink Obsession) and Collabor88. (…)Read the rest of Problem © Lourdes for Lourdes Denimore, 2014. | Permalink |

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Hesitation Blues

Hesitation Blues

Now there’s rocks down in the ocean and there’s fish in the sea,
I know you mean the whole world to me.
How long, dear, must I have to wait?
Can I get you now, dear, mm, must I hesitate?
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Hesitation Blues

#698 Noir jusqu’au bout des ongles…

The Black Fashion Fair is running, it will go through August 22th. The participatings designers offer a mountain of incredible exclusive items. I am sure you will find something you like especially if you like the black color and/or if you’re a high qu…

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Today’s outfit was kinda built around the skin and the hair – the skin is another make-up from Belleza’s new Claudia, which I love more and more every time I try a new one.  The hair was new at the Hair Fair and I really like the tousled…

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#695 District 5: Coming Soon!!!

In only a few days (on August 13th) the new event hosted by Depraved Nation will be there.District 5 is a full sim fashion fair bringing together an eclectic group of designers from across the grid. This event will be divided into 5 sections, giving …

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The story continues…

Hello Readers! I am back after getting off to a great start to a new school year!  This weekend Opium concludes its Hunger Game Tribute show, with the second and final chapter. Now if you missed last weekend that doesn’t mean you can’t come this weekend and enjoy the show.  Ana and her staff have […]

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Opiums Hunger Games - Wiccas Wardrobe - Johanna 1 2k

Collabor88 turns 3!

  August 8th is Collabor88′s third birthday […]

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In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye

Sometimes life can change “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” and nothing is the same after that. Two weeks ago, that happened to my sister when she learned she had breast cancer. She made me promise not to freak out or worry, so I tried, but I did not succeed. When we all […]

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Get Dark with Black Fashion Fair!

The perfect thing to attract our darkest shopping habit […]

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