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XYROOM – May Collection

XYROOM is absolutely huge this month with over 100 items for both males and females.  Items featured at this venue include clothing, accessories, shoes, skin, makeup and poses at no more than 100L per item.  There is definitely a lot of variety to be found here!  Sale items will be out through the end of the the month. XYROOM Happy shopping, loves♥  

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The Whore Couture Fair

On 1st March 2012 · By Rudhmellowen Laguna · With Leave a comment
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OMG it’s finally here! Whore Couture is O-P-E-N and ready to get you all slutted up! More than 140 designers have come together, offering anywhere from 1 to 6 exclusive items each and – guess what! – we photographed ALL OF THEM just for YOU! Some of the stores, however, didn’t have the exclusives marked, and as time was of the essence, not to mention the fact that our eyes were starting to go crossy, we didn’t photograph those shops. There were also quite a few designers that weren’t set up by the deadline, so they won’t make this list either. So be sure to wander around to really see all that’s available, and check out the freebie board, too. We hope that this post will give you a good start and tantalize those naughty tastebuds of yours! As always with any big event, PLEASE be considerate of others and skip the bling to avoid the lag. People aren’t there to see you, they want to see what they can buy! To let you in on a little tip, if you wear a mesh avi, you can be considerate and still look cool!… Read the restWCFposter

February XYROOM is bursting!

XYROOM is bursting at the seams this month, with 70+ items !!
BIGGER than EVER! XYROOM has designer items for both men and woman,
with some exclusives and all discounted for 100L or less. XYROOM runs one month, this collection is from:
FEB 1, 2012 to FEB 29, 2012 From your seraphim blogger CHAM2 and HEZ, (my new helpful sidekick aka “grasshopper” Hezabel Blackheart) PLEASE NOTE: NEW LOCATION.
XYROOM NEW LOCATION 2012 From your seraphim blogger CHAM2 and my new helpful sidekick, aka “grasshopper” Hezabel Blackheart

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Just bumming around

I recently picked up a bunch of stuff that I like a lot, and over the past couple of weeks put together into an outfit that I’ve been wearing for the past 3 days. This is a frequent occurrence with me, just sort of piling stuff up till I have a full outfit. The whole thing comes out of the hair style. I liked the idea of not straightening my hair and pulling it back out of my face with a headband. That’s something I do a lot in RL too! Since the style is casual, I paired it with a lot of other casual things. Then Gfield came along with the fabulous leg warmers, and the whole thing just came together. One of the cool things about being on plurk is getting a heads up on new things as soon as they come out. If you don’t have a plurk account, and you like to keep up on the SL fashion community, I highly recommend plurk (you’ll make some great friends too!). Anyhow for the rest of the outfit I love the worn jeans, the stacked heels and the comfy sweater, paired with my own John glasses, Milkweed necklace, and metallic belt from Dark Mouse.… Read the rest

Walking round & about & Into the Woods

Good morning! I took some pics last night just having fun. I put together a bunch of newish items out from designers of late, and lo and behold it all worked just fine! I’m using Luna Jubilee’s windlight settings (awesome sauce) for shadows! The dress is from Haute Monde, a store I’m becoming fond of, covered up a bit by a lovely wrap top in green from Sn@tch! The tights are also from Sn@tch, the awesome pumps are from, surprise, Elikatira. The necklace is from my latest set, Into the Woods, and the earrings are my October group gift to the Dark Mouse VIP group (are you a member? no? whats holding you back? there’s lots of FREE stuff). The bag is a Gritty Kitty bag I picked up LONG ago, but I love the sheer creativity and detail of it. It’s a personal favorite that I wear out and about a lot. The perfectly delightful hair is also from Elikatira, and the skin is Curio Jewel, of the fabulous eyebrows and bright red lipstick. If you like the look, the credits/designers are below.… Read the rest