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Too lazy to scroll.(Dollarbie).

Still busy in RL so KISSING it, again, today. A simple pair of Spring shoes, if you scroll past a few posts I did another Freebie of a really gorgeous little pair of sweet sexy shorts and these shoes have such a similar cherry blossom texture they will make a match AND that top Faith found in her BRILL “Wardrobe Essentials for 10Lds” find and what a stunning look for just 11Lds. For these, you will have to log into the Marketplace as they’re a Dollarbie gift from Slippers Originals.  There is an inworld shop but I don’t have any time for inworlding(sic) so I don’t know whats there so there might be another tasty surprise just waiting to be grabbed. SLink, Maitreya & Belleza inc. Slippers Originals Slipper Originals 
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April 2017
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Lucky In Love ~Happy St. Patrick’s Day!~ Paris Metro Couture Marketplace

Lucky in Love: Go to the Marketplace! Please click the image to see it larger 🙂  I am wearing: -Belleza- Isis  Lazuri Ophira V2 Pear Pendant Necklace (gift go get yours!!) Magika – Fever Paris METRO Couture: Lucky in Love-Emeralds-MARKETPLACE! VISTA PROHANDS [FORMANAILS] CIRI for Bento VISTA MishMish Lamb from the March Luxe Box Find this... Read More

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Vandal Business

What’s the best to do your undercover operation as the Madame of selling dope? Selling Vandal items to other hooligans that’s what. Once you sell those items they’ll need the good good to cope with whatever they’re doing! Syn’s plan is going just fine the Zoanthrope is settling in just fine to her new territory.…Read more Vandal Business

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Lets do Events (March)

Hair by NO.MATCH @ The Liaison Collaborative Opening Today at 3 PM SL Time NO.DIVA. (front B) Event Gift
Eyes by Madrid Solo - Mesh Eyes- Soft Summer -Green - Round R & L 
Mesh Face & Body Applier by 7 Deadly s[K]ins @ Skin Fair 2017  Wednesday FULL F HUD omega  Mesh Head by LeLutka. Head. Simone 2.6 with teeth (bento)
Nose Ornament by Les sucreries de Fairy * Cute Lotus * @ The Liaison Collaborative Opening Today at 3 PM SL Time * Cute Lotus * Purple Dragonfly on Nose Event Gift Mesh body by Maitreya Mesh Body Lara V3.5, Feet V3.5,Hand L & R V3.5
Earrings by TUKINOWAGUMA @ The Liaison Collaborative Opening Today at 3 PM SL Time *TKW* earring – L & R Event Gift
Cheek Piercing by Ama. @ The Liaison Collaborative Opening Today at 3 PM SL Time Spring Cheek Piercing {L & R} Event Gift
Dress by neve @ The Liaison Collaborative Opening Today at 3 PM SL Time shifty spring – (Lara) Event Gift
Shoes by Ingenue @ The Arcade:: Gretchen Flats (Maitreya) :: Lilac Poses by an lar [poses] @ The Liaison Collaborative Opening Today at 3 PM SL Time The Fling Series Event Gift
Location Luanes world
Windlights :- Nacon's Morning,Places Abracadabra2,Places Astryls Wild & caLWL

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#BYE Best You Ever ~Hydrania For You~

Always be the Best You Ever! #BYE has this magical little dress in all sizes of mesh and Fitmesh as well as Slink, Slink HG, (Belleza-Venus, Isis, Freya), Maitreya and TMP I am pretty sure EVERY lady can wear this. I am dreaming of mermaids….. #BYE landmark #BYE marketplace The Hydrania dress you will surely... Read More

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Guilty!(Fun FREE Stuff).

Yup I’m guilty of time wasting on the Marketplace but I’ve downloaded a whole load of mesh head demos to try out and then this lot of pure randomness! This cover all allows you to be out and about and at the same time enjoying one of you fave hobby, KNITTING of course.  Actually, you can’t make me out but in SL if you look closely enough you can see the perv inside is emm “spanking the monkey” as we say sometimes in the UK.  You could wear this outfit when forced to go shopping inworld with your significant other or simply plonk yourself next to an innocent passerby or shopper and see how quickly your ass is banned from that sim. Yup, they’re back the scammers and begging bots!  You get 2 signs, the pose comes with it but that gurning face is mine. This is an oldie and a classic, both Faith and I at some stage has owned it but it’s still cute. I have a feeling this is for kids but since the movements you get with this are pretty good I’m not sure.  … Read the restslwuse

Get your Seraphim HUD today!

Get the Seraphim HUD today, completely free and available on marketplace, to bring your SeraphimSL.com experience in-world with just a click of the mouse!

The Seraphim HUD brings you the most current, up-to-date information about every event that Seraphim helps to promote!  The HUD is easy to use and requires no set up by the user.  Simply attach it to your screen, click, and you’re ready to go!  Included in the HUD are the ability to: Read the rest

Turn it – leave it – stop – format it

“Touch it – bring it – babe – watch it – turn it – leave it – stop – format it”  CLOTHING Shrug: Apricot Paws – Claw Paw Shrug – Night Top: Insanya – Raver Top Corset: Insanya – Underbust Corset Shorts: Insanya – Nicki Shorts – Solid Boots: Insanya – d3mon1a Boots [Updated to…Read more Turn it – leave it – stop – format it

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My favourite waste(land) of time, super bargain.

As it happens I wasn’t looking for a bike and I was just going to scroll past but when I noticed only “21 prims” and “10Lds” that grabbed my attention. Pretty darn low prim and I know that even though there has been a prim increase for land owners for those who rent this prim increase may not have been handed down to them so they still have to prim check everything. A bit of a close-up so you can see pretty good details for those prims.  Of course, it’s ridable with a standard menu.  I should have actually stood beside it to show off that this is a damn good size for a woman/small AV but of course that doesn’t mean a man sized AV wouldn’t fit it’s unisex but basically if you’ve struggled to find one for your smaller AV then try this one.  At only 10Lds it’s worth the risk.  I bought this from the Marketplace but I’ve spotted that there is an inworld demo for you to try. When I grab a bike I always end up at “The Wastelands”.… Read the restxxxbike2use

Packing up the poses!(Freebie).

GOOD MORNING, HOWS THE HEAD?  In other words, who got a bit tipsy, last night and this morning are swearing “never again”?  I, on the other hand, sipped a small glass of fruity Cidre(sic), polished my halo and Marketplace surfed. Yet again another fabulous invent staple of a LBD(Little Black Dress) and yes I know this dress isn’t black and that’s because you get a whole Hud of colour options, and yes black is one of them. No mesh bod sizing but plenty of standard mesh sizes inc a curvy one for the super curvylicious. Picked this up from the Tutys Marketplace shop so I’m not sure what there is in their inworld shop but I’m pretty sure I’ve shown plenty of great freebies from here so make sure to check out the inworld and well as the Marketplace. Tutys Marketplace Tutys Inworld
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Be Beautiful and at the same time a CHEAP B!

TBO(The Beautiful Ones) has a lovely Group Gift out for us and although it costs 25Lds to join the group you get it back in just this one dress alone. Here’s me having a “moment” in SL lol. I don’t think I’ve picked up a ball gown in ages but this is the time that some people really like to glam up their AVs and a lot of people do dance and socialise in SL and you will deffo stand out int his gold trimmed gown. You do get a Hud with this which changes the main body of the dress: green, black, white etc but the gold trim on the bodice, belt and the gold on the hem stay the same. There is also a Subscribers gift which I do believe is a sexy slinky silver outfit. More than that though is check out the TBO Marketplace link, oodles of 10Ld bargains, everything from shoes to Christmas and non-Christmas Decor items so very tempting. TBO(New Landmark) TBO Marketplace
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Do NOT rezz, wear only. (10Ld Marketplace goodies).

Thank goodness these bags are wearable as they’re very primmy, this strapped book bag is about 180prims alone and the camera bag is about 130. Super cute and  I’m only moaning about the prims as I’m not a big bag wearer and I would love to use these in my home as decor items. Oodles of bargains in this Marketplace shop and oodles of these bags but in different textures etc and I’ve just spotted that there is an inworld shop which is the first port of call when I log back inworld. ZombieHill (Marketplace)
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I’m boring! (Super 10Ld Bargains).

Honestly, I have about a Zillion Poses and Props in my invent and I hop from one pose to another and another and end up picking one of the simple ones because I’m basically a simple girl at heart. I picked this up from the Marketplace from a shop I’m pretty sure used to be an inworld one but I could be wrong. This dress comes with that mesh strappy thing which tbh doesn’t add to this dress but might go with another outfit you may have in your invent in anycase. You will have to log into the N-Uno Marketplace shop but there is a selection of Dollarbies and 10Ld items.  Just in case you think you’re getting the whole colour palette you’re just getting 1 shade so if you want a particular colour ie pink, brown, blue, green etc you will have to make sure you select the right colour.  At 10Lds each you could pick quite a few and there is a rather nice looking skirt/coat combo and a sweet set of pastel coloured dresses. N-Uno
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Shit Southern Women Say ❤~SL Style~❤

When she says … “Awwww Hell Naaaaaw!”…. you better be runnin. (Please click the picture to see it larger). ..”Does this gun come in pink?” Top & Jeans: Lenox & Blueberry Hat & Gun: wing it on the MP …”if you don’t stop that cryin I’ll giiive you somethin to cry about!” This show about […]Read Post ›

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~You’re Invited!~ Freyja Merryman’s “Saturation” Exhibit of Fine Art

You are invited to attend the Gala Opening Party Freyja Merryman’s “Saturation” Exhibit of Fine Art. Curated by Sir Walter – Arts Director of Paris METRO Art Gallery (PMAG) WHEN:    Saturday – November 12th, 2016 TIME:      2:00  pm SL Time WHERE:   Paris METRO Art Gallery LITTLE VERSAILLES GARDEN        […]Read Post ›

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Halloween Treats

My inspiration came from Monster High era. I love Monster High and I’m not afraid to admit it! I think it’s cute and the characters are adorable. My girl doesn’t have a name it was just a little persona and she owns the little snack bar in town so all her ghoulfriends can come and…Read more Halloween Treats

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Halloween at Paris Metro Couture!

What do you want to be for Halloween? All costumes of perfection at Paris Metro Couture are 450L collectors price. They include appliers but please read descriptions to be sure what the costume offers!! Paris Metro Couture LM Find Paris Metro Couture on the Market Place! PMC Marketplace!! This bike is 150L grab yours to […]Read Post ›

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7 Deadly s{K}ins EXCLUSIVE for BUY NOW Bi-Weekly

Find it here!https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/7-Deadly-sKins-JASON/10049325

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Refusing to “Adult” (Dollarbie).

Nope that’s it I’m refusing to adult today, sod work, sod housework, sod answering the phone, sod wearing a bra, sod answering the door or emails and most definitely sod the gym, today is a day for mooching, pottering and doing sod all and doing it well and of course that also inc coming inworld and just trying to sort out my SL home because at this moment it’s just one big mess with stuff all over the place and you can see some of it in this piccie. OK, enough rambling and a quickie of a lovely Dollarbie I picked up off the SLmarketplace. All linked and you can see why, because it spells out the word “Fall” on the jars. ARGH, I’m penny pinching which is hurting because while you’re adding this to your basket check out the Pumpkin wreath and only 1 prim! There is no inworld shop for you to check out the quality but if it’s anything as good as this Dollarbie and at a price tag of just 95Lds so cheap and so good looking.  If you have a few more Lindens and Prims then check out the Harvest wagon as well.  … Read the restxxxfalluse

New Fall Line Designs at Collectors Pricing ~Chillingly Beautiful in Paris Metro Couture~

Autumn is in full swing and the beauty of this time of year makes my heart sing. Paris Metro Couture is ready for you and full of chillingly beautiful and festive gowns. Let the crisp air brush through your hair as you enjoy all Second Life has to offer. The Collector’s Sale Pricing of only […]Read Post ›

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