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Introducing: RAW

Yes, that it true! Raw photos on this blog! I believe taking great raw photos in SL is the hardest thing about SL photography, I only know a handful of people who do it well. However, I decided that this set looks quite decent because I was very careful about the poses, prim adjustment and all that, so here they are, cropped and unedited! Also, I must say that these photos were taken on Thursday, but I was away for the weekend and didn’t have the time to post them. And given that Thursday’s great event was the new Collabor88 collection, that’s what you get! The dress is by Hucci, is mesh and it’s available at Collabor88. The color block shoes are by Ison and they are also available there (I love Ison shoes!). I also picked this gorgeous skin by Aura and the PDA poses set available at the event. The Caroline’s Jewelry necklace (part of a set) is available at Fashion for Life, an annual charity event meant to raise funds for cancer research. The watch necklace comes in two options and one of them is actually a running clock!… Read the rest



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A Blog about Blogging :O

I´m pretty new at blogging, so I thought I should do at least one post on how the blog works, affiliations or lack of them, that sort of stuff. Well I blog whatever I can and have available time for basically, I try to give time to special events in SL, like I have these past few months with, Back to Black, Festival of Sin, EPOCH Legend, Mix+Mesh, March Mesh Madness, and also the regular monthly or weekly events like, COLLABOR88 Flux, The Dressing Room, The Dressing Room Blue, Lazy Sundays and a few more others. I also try on top of that to add a few hunts to the list, like I did with Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt, and soon The Twisted and Steam Hunts, as soon has I have the available time. This of course is not easy there are always so many events I can cover and there is also so many available lindens to spend, and that brings us to my next point. 99% of the items I review, use on photographs come out of my pocket, meaning I rush to the events (usually on Sundays mornings, when most US folks are still asleep) and spend my lindens on things I really like or would look good in pictures, so I can end up with a few things in my inventory that won´t be blogged right away, but will sit there waiting for the right opportunity to come out in the future.… Read the rest:D

Spring feeling

Weather forecast says two more sunny days and then snow again. Well guess what, snow, I’ll just ignore you! Instead, I’m gonna dress my avatar in sunny clothes, maybe that will scare you off! In other news, I find myself more and more surprised about mesh. Since it came to Second Life last year, I’ve been trying mesh a lot and you’d think I’d get used to it and finally take it for granted. Well, I’m not! The more I wear mesh, the more I find it amazing and love how it can actually make an avatar look so good and so natural! And I keep wondering how we could live without it for so long (Well, for oldbies, I guess that goes the same for prim hair and shoes lol.) However, it still makes me happy every time I put some mesh on Moniq. Today, to make a bold statement against winter, I dressed Moniq in a summer white strapless dress and went to the Cupcake sim where trees are in bloom. The dress is a new release by J.H.Couture and is available at the March Mesh Madness event.… Read the rest

Drastic Mesh Hair Pack – $250L

Magika has this hair called "Drastic" available at the March Mesh Madness event.

There's a free demo, so please try before you buy to make sure this hair will fit your avatar's head.

For only $250L you get all these colors:
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March Mesh Madness 2012

The March Mesh Madness event is the first of its kind where designers and creators come together to whip our their mesh best! Starting on March 1st, this event offers everything from clothing to furnishings and decor, as well as templates for your own mesh creations, should you have the gumption. The participating stores are: Alexehol – Alice Project – Aura – coldLogic – Decoy – e! Eclectic Apparel – ezura Xue – FATEcreate – Gos – JANE – J.H. Couture – lassitude & ennui – Magika – Material Squirrel – Maxi Gossamer – Organica – Rustica – Starstruck – Wasabi Pills – Weather! or not? While I was there, I ran into two ADORABLE gals – Danica “Dani” Saerwen and Adrienne Walpole – that were also blogging the event. We decided to take a cheeseburger break as we were all three starving, but it decided to eat us instead!… Read the rest

Mesh it like a lady!

A bit more March Mesh Madness and a Disco Deals preview, for a classy every-day look that you could also wear in RL. Actually, that’s one of the things I love best  about mesh: it allows designers to create items that look so real and to bring in this pixel world the clothes that one can  see on the street. Obviously, mesh can be used to create fantasy avatars or fancy accessories or sci-fi outfits and so on, but I seem to be more interested in RL-ish fashion in SL. And that is ok, since I use SL fashion tips to improve my RL wardrobe. Could I go to work dressed in fairy? Maybe, but then I would be broke forever and my SL inventory would be very unhappy! The top and jacket are a new release by ColdLogic, available at March Mesh Madness. And the best thing about them is that you can wear them either together or separately to mix and match to your liking. That’s basically two purchases in one.  The pencil skirt is by Alexohol and you can also get it at MMM12 – or at the store, if you feel the venue is too laggy.… Read the rest:D

March Mesh Madness! Part 2.

It’s open!!!!! I’m afraid I am a little late publishing the post compared to other bloggers because I’ve been busy running around in RL and SL trying to get my hunt organised. March Mesh Madness is the second entirely mesh … Continue reading →

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The mesh madness is open!

March 1st – first day of spring (yeah, right, tell that to the snow ) and the first day of March Mesh Madness. The event is now open, so go knock yourselves out! Lots of new releases by great mesh designers plus some exclusive and some cheapies, so visit all the stores there! A special mention about this Aura/Evolve pose prop: it’s mesh, it’s low lag, it’s color-change and is so amazing, that I decided to move in it completely! So yeah, you’ll see it in lots of posts to come! Styling: Look 1 (left): Skin: summer – sk – 03 by Natural Beauty Hair: D!va2 – Brown diamond by D!va (group gift) Dress: Vertigo – pumpkin by e! Eclectic apparel (MMM12 exclusive) Boots: *Batya* Calf Boots Mesh – cognac/gold by J.H.Couture for MMM12 Clutch: sauvage – brown cow by Je suis Look 2 (right) Skin: Harper – natural – pink by Adam N Eve Hair: Momo II – blondes by Alice Project (available at MMM12) Top:  jett.black by ColdLogic (The Fresh Unknown Hunt prize) Pants: Willow leather pants – wine by J.H.… Read the rest:D

March Mesh Madness! Part 1.

I’m taking a little break from organising my inventory, instead I just added to it. March Mesh Madness starts tomorrow (Thursday March 1st)! It’s an awesome event that will satisfy any woman’s mesh addiction. Unfortunately, there’s very little mens items, … Continue reading →

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Mesh Madness starts on March

Tomorrow is the opening day for March Mesh Madness. And madness it is, amazing items by amazing designers, amazing build, amazing mes! Yes, this is me going mad about mesh. Since my computer troubles are not over and my time is more limited than usual, I only have one look to show you today. But it a gorgeous look, believe me! Styling: Skin: Miss Pisces Skin Light Glitter [Elven Natural] by CStar (lucky board or gatcha) Hair: Capture – light blonde by Magika for MMM12 Outfit: trellis oversize tee.avocado by Jane for MMM12 Boots: Flutter boots raven  by lassitude & ennui for MMM12 Purse: Oh My Goth! Clutch *Black by +eX+ for MMM12 Prop: The Light Room  by Aura/Evolve for MMM12 Here’s your taxi to the March Mesh Madness. The sim will only open on March 1 though

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And A Homecoming Queen

Ello, Know what I love? Mesh. I really do. Maybe more than ice-cream…..ok maybe not but whatever, I love it a lot and that makes March Mesh Madness the most exciting ever to happen! Well, this week anyway. March Mesh Madness is a 2 week event starting on 1st March and there are some amazing designers taking part. I’m gonna tease you with some JANE and some elymode today. The one thing that is lacking in mesh for me is long skirts but elymode and JANE made me happy today with gorgeous longness. The skirt from elymode has such a nice shape (the butt is fantastic!) and I like how it has a slightly dropped waist. It comes in a plain version and a version with bugs on which is surprsingly cute, loads of colours and is definately something you need to check out. JANE has released a whole mess of dresses and shirts for the event and  I nearly died from mesh overload. I’m showing off two of my favourite dresses here but there are lots more and all just as cute. JANE is also using standard sizing now which makes things much easier if you have adjusted to fit into those.… Read the rest

Mesh is my Madness

Guess what! Another event is about to start! Well, “about to” means March, but that’s in like 10 days! And it’s an event dedicated to mesh products. I probably said that a million times before, but it’s worth saying it again: I LOVE MESH! Moniq is wearing a lovely dress by ColdLogic and an Alice Project hair style. Both are mesh products and are made by designers who will be in the March Mesh Madness. Want to know who else is in? Here’s the list: Alexohol, Alice Project, Aura, coldLogic, Decoy, e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories, eX + ezura Xue, FATEcreate, Gos, JANE, J.H. Couture, lassitude & ennui, Magika, Material Squirrel Wings, Maxi Gossamer, Organica, Rustica, Starstruck, WASABI PILLS, Weather! or not?. As you can see, these stores are not only involved in fashion, but also in home&decor. The event will be hosted on FATE Island, but though you get the SLURL now, the sim is closed for the time being. It will open for public on March 1st though, so save your lindens!… Read the rest

March Mesh Madness – Coming Soon!

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An awesome event will be starting on March 1st! It is perfect for any mesh fanatic! There are some great stores involved in the event. (See further down for the list) The event is called March Mesh Madness and is … Continue reading →

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