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Akeruka Keith Mesh Head

Designer KaoZ Koba of Akeruka has released a mesh head for men. The name of the head is Keith and it is available at the Akeruka mainstore. Here are some details about this head: Price: The price of the head is L$2499 and the DEMO is free. Tones: It only comes in 3 tones (Body […] The post Akeruka Keith Mesh Head by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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November 2015
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A Pirate Story Part Two

            When Morgana woke up the following morning she found a beautiful gown draped next to her. She has no idea who is was from or who had spotted her, but since it covered her much more than what she was wearing she put it on. Once dressed she spotted a ship in the cove below her, it felt like ages since she had been the captain of her own vessel.

           She lusted after the ship terribly and was lost to her own thoughts. She was staring dreamily at the ship as a stranger approached. He said to her, "I see you are staring at my ship.", needless to say this startled her greatly as she did not hear his approach.

               He didn't let on that he knew her to be the much famed Captain Morgana, but all good pirates knew who she was. He invited her to join him on his ship. Having few options available to her and with much caution she decided to join him. They sailed far from the archipelago that had caused her so much grief.… Read the restLonging - A Pirate Story

promises made for convenience

Uber is back for another round with an Androgyny theme. I can't wait to see what designers will be releasing for this round! A sneak peek from the upcoming round is in the pic about where I am wearing Erratic.  LOVING the loose tank, Jessica, and the briefs, Cameron, are great too. They fit Maitreya like a gloveee. I paired them with Izzie's Tube Socks for Maitreya and Deadwool boots that are unisex. Both of those items are available in their mainstores.

Hair is another new one from Truth. Perfect length, love the semi quirky style. Big two thumbs up on this one.

If you all are loving the Androgyny theme after shopping Uber this round, don't forget to stop by the monthly Gen Neutral event.

P.S. If you want to know what any of the deco stuff is in the pic, please write me in world and I will be happy to share the info!

Sophia Harlow

erratic / cameron - jersey briefs / black (maitreya) - Coming Soon to Uber
erratic / jessica - loose tank / white (maitreya)  - Coming Soon to Uber
-Belleza- Beauty Mark 2  
Dudley Necklace for Sophia <3
ieQED dream.ring.set.all.right [MAITREYA 20] 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4 
REIGN.- Coven Ring Set (Silver)
[Deadwool] Patmos boots - black - 
Deetalez Skin Miranda black Eastern 
Izzie's - Tube Socks (Black)
IKON Triumph Eyes - Black 
pose: Signature

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Remember When You Were Mine

Truth released two new hair styles and they are gorgeousss. I am wearing Amoret and I might wear it for the next month. At least.

Vinyl had a store release of these fantastic tops. Love the neckline on them and also the creases. Perfect.

The little glimpse of my jeans is a peek at the next release from Maitreya. I believe these biker jeans are due to be released tomorrow. They are fantastic. Just perfection as you would expect from Maitreya.  Soonnnn they can be yours!

Sophia Harlow

Maitreya Biker Jeans All Colors (Booties) * Lara mesh body  - NEW - Coming Soon
Vinyl - Staley Top Maitreya  NEW
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4 
.LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.3 
Dudley Necklace for Sophia <3
REIGN.- Coven Ring Set (Silver) 
-Glam Affair - LeLutka Mesh Head Applier 
Pose: flowey

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My Spirit Calls Yours

Logo has released v3.0 of their Alex mesh head. If you haven’t received the update as of yet, you can head down to the Logo mainstore and hit the redelivery terminal. There are quite a few updates to Alex this time around and you can see a full list of them in this Logo blog […] The post My Spirit Calls Yours by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Willis @ Izzies

This is Willis! ITS ME! IN SKIN FORM!  Izzie released this the other week and I have been sitting on this skin, eager to blog it… when better than now?!  It’s been out a week so the store won’t be rammed and you can go get it!   She comes in all the usual Izzie goodness tone wise, appliers available in store if you don’t have them already and with a TON of options including: So, so many looks all in one go at your finger tips with the magic of LAYERING! HURRAH!  GO DEMO RIGHT NOW! Also in amazing newness is this hair from Truth, OH EM GEE – LOOKATIT.  So beauty, much wow.… Read the restWillis @ Izzies

can i have a moment before i go

Sophia Harlow

Blueberry - Asia - Leather Jacket - Maitreya - NEW @ Mainstore
TRUTH HAIR Louisa - NEW @ Mainstore
Dudley Necklace for Sophia <3
ieQED dream.ring.set.all.right  
Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans - Charcoal S
Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans_Belt S 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4 
REIGN.- Coven Ring Set (Silver) 
IKON Sovereign Eyes - Black 
pose: Del May

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Pretty in white!


Unless you've been living in a Ruth avatar, alone on your platform for all your SLife, you have to know who Damien Fate is. That guy can pretty much make everything in SL. His current and most famous stores are Cold Logic (with Janie Marlow from Jane and Zyrra Falcone), FateWear (men's clothes), and FatePlay (role play apparel for both genders)
So obviously when he announced a few days ago the birth of a new store in collaboration with Janie Marlowe, I was thrilled. Well... they did not disappoint. 
Goji just opened and released a whole new line of women clothes, all lovely, with a very "kawaii" feel about them. Also, they are really super affordable (pieces are 150 to 200l$ mostly, with HUDs that allow you to choose between 4 colours usually!). Plus, all clothes come in standard sizes from XXS to M and most popular mesh bodies on the grid!
Hurry there and join the VIP group (it's free for the time being), you'll get the adorable dress shown below as a welcome gift.… Read the rest

"Hand in hand, with fairy grace, Will we sing, and bless this place." ~William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

[White~Widow] Neverland - White - Maitreya body @Enchanted N EW!!!Genesis Head Tara 2.0.aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Ring (Silver) .aisling. Mon Bel Amour - Hand (Silver) Baroque wig white bOUDOIRLONG (L) [MANDALA]Pierced ELF EARSPixie Dust ZIBSKA @EnchantmentPixie Dust Winglets ZIBSKA @ Enchantment
Ma Vie. - Fae 07 prop

Frosted grassWinter DANDELION LARGE BouDOIRFrosted grass (star particles)Giant Flying Winter Butterfly 3ALL BoudoirHPMD* Sweet Garden Grass05 - snowy green

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Autumn Chic

  -.Body&Cosmetics.- Hair: Beusy: Speed Dial Mesh Hair & Beanie [Speacials] @TresChic – New Head&Skin:  Lelutka  Stella ( Updated ) Body: Maitreya – Lara (v.3.4) -.Clothes&Accessories.- Dress: // SEUL\ Unzipped Cable Knit Dress Nude @TresChic – New Coat: shine by [ZD] LYNDEE COAT ACCESSORY cedar @TresChic – New Socks: Fri.day – Cozy ( Grey ) @C88 – New Boots: Fri.day Ingid Boots @Kustom9 – New Scarf: Tee*fy Oversized Cozy Scarf Grey @C88 – New Bracelet&Ring: **RE** Orbit ( Gift ) – New […]

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november light turns to moonlight

LeLutka released the most awesome hair. Obviously it has been all over the grid and feeds but I adore it and had to blog it. I have the Brittany hair on and the "swish" is fantastically fun. It feels like the slightest little breeze that lifts your hair, super realistic and pretty.

The rest of my outfit is from Collabor88. Gorgeous new releases from Teefy and ISON. The background set is the comfy and perfect for Autumn release from Lark.

Best time of the year!

Sophia Harlow

.LeLutka.Brittany hair.FIT.Swish - NEW in Store ReleaseTee*fy Oversized Cozy Scarf UnRigged -  Checkered Grey - NEW @ Collabor88ISON - celen jeans -Maitreya  - NEW @ Collabor88
ISON - wool side cut sweater -Maitreya- (black)  - NEW @ Collabor88
ieQED dream.ring.set.all.right [MAITREYA 20] 
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4
MINIMAL - ABC Bracelet   
REIGN.- Coven Ring Set (Silver)- COPY 
-Glam Affair - Katra skin [ Jamaica ] 11 G 
IKON Sovereign Eyes - Dusk (XS)

Lark - FC Riverstone Fireplace - NEW @ Collabor88
Lark - FC Rocking Chair - NEW @ Collabor88
Lark - FC Basket of Blankets - NEW @ Collabor88
Lark - FC Autumn Bucket - NEW @ Collabor88

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Hair: .LeLutka.Brittany hair
Ears: [MANDALA]Stretched EARS-OMIMIEarrings: :JANGKA: OLYMPIA Artemis EarringsFace juwelry#Foxy Face Jewels Crown: ::Axix:: Zaria Crown Gacha @The Gacha Garden Horns: [LF] Guren Horns&Collar @ SAD NOVEMBER
Jacket: ISON - occult jacket (taupe gray)Outfit: ::Axix:: Auriel Gacha @FGCShoes: [whatever] Ballet Bow Shoes - white

                 Location Storybrook

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┘The Pretender ⌐

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hair-[RA] Jolina Hair ((NEW))
necklace beads and  crown-+ Aii's++ Tsukiyomi Gacha @Fantasy Gacha Carnival ((NEW))
makeup face-+ Aii's++ Fantasy Brows II White VIII + {aii}
outfit, Streamers ,Choker , Garter,  Sleeve & top-+ Aii's++ Kagun Garment Red + {aii} ((NEW))
claws hands-*May's Soul* Drakonian angel @Fantasy Gacha Carnival
claws feet-[CX] Talon Nails Silver

♥Xero info soon♥

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Uncanny Valley

One phrase that I hear a lot from people when they describe mesh heads in Second Life is “uncanny valley.” Is that how you feel about them as well? Let’s compare the first picture to the second picture in this post, do they both look like they are from Second Life? In the second picture […] The post Uncanny Valley by Strawberry Singh appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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≈Last Promise≈

skin-CURELESS [+]  Morphine (v.4)hair-+Spellbound+ Delta // Grimoire ((NEW))
brows-+ Aii's++ Fantasy Brows II White VIII + {aii}
tattoo blood face-[theSkinnery] Huntress Markings @We <3 RP! ((NEW))
tears-antielle. The Alchemical Transformation (2) Dissolution
collar-BAMSE: Mechanical Eagle Necklace - Silver @We <3 RP!
top-.A. Styx Bralette Iron @We <3 RP!
cuffs-Le Morte & Song - Funeral Cuffs - Black @The Kawaii Project (open Nov 15th) ((NEW))
claws-*May's Soul* Drakonian angel @Fantasy Gacha Carnival ((NEW))
spike arms-[CX] Arm Piercings Silver
skirt- =Zenith=Hun Archmage Leather Skirt (Black)-Maitreya
tattoo body-antielle. Stigmata (v.0)
shoes-{MB} Death Dealer Platform Shoes

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Lands of desolation

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Hat : [PFC] NinjaStuffs - Common (recolored)Scarf : [Mandala] Legendary Necklace setL Pauldron : [PFC] Akuma - Pauldron - CommonR Pauldron : [PFC] Akuma - Oni pauldron - CommonChest belt : [PFC] NinjaStuffs - Lethal ribs - CommonArms :  [PFC] Akuma - bracers - CommonClaws : [CX] Lethal Talons Body Wraps : [CX] Wraps TMPBelt : [Cargo] Chain BeltPants : [Jomo] Kung fu pant Greaves : [PFC] Akuma - Greave - CommonShoes : [ZED] Goth Black Sandal Boots Stovepipe CargosPipe : [PFC] Smoking Pipe - Silver kiseruBow : [VF] VFX VenturerSword : [PFC] Eien 2.0

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You’re why it means…everything

Even though you had no idea lol, this was what I'd come to refer to as "our spot". And you'd laugh and think I was crazy, because we had never sat here together. But it was indeed, our spot for a reason. I always found that quote, the one that's like "if you love something/someone let it go…if it comes back it was yours" yadda yadda however it goes. That one? I always thought it was kind of silly, being of the mind that if you love something or someone you keep it close, why would you want to let it go? Then one day I was told that I had to let someone go that I cared for, and in this spot…sitting here, staring off into the sky feeling down and cold…you came back to me. And haven't left my side since. It's a good feeling, and maybe that quote isn't so silly after all… -Glam Affair – Amberly II – Jamaica 01 
*BOOM* Minimalist Glasses (Silver)
IKON Charm Eyes – Moor (M)
TRUTH HAIR Vienna * New Release *
Slink Physique Mesh Body Hourglass V1.1
Kibitz – Choker rosary – obsidian
Blueberry – Cha – Long Sleeve Dress – Slink Hourglass * New Release *
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
=Zenith=Ring of Fury (Sliver) -L
MG Necklace – Silver Cross – Medium
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Fear my arrows

   Top : [Shi] : Hoodie Unisex Necklace : [Mandala]Ero-SenseiShoulder : [PFC] Dragon Slayer Pauldron - CommonQuiver : [PFC] Elven QuiverUpper arm : [DRD] Chained uperarmLower arms : [The Forge] UltraRare BracerBelt : [The Forge] Daerwen BeltPants : [Yasum] Drop Down Pants - RareShoes : [The Forge] Cloth Sandals
Bow : [VF] VFX Venturer bowSwords : [PFC] Berserker Twins

Special thanks to Azlyn Vaher, Yasum owner and designer for her kindness and her help to this post :)

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Chocolate Dips

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Annie V4.3 Head/Skin Applier: *YS&YS* Ava Tone02 Skin Applier – Catwa Mesh Head @ Shiny Shabby Teeth Applier: [theSkinnery] Teeth (Catwa Applier) @ We<3RP Eyes: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes – Winter Ears: [MANDALA] SIMPLE_EARS Hair: [KoKoLoReS] Hair – Tamsin – out soon @ Hair’O’logy (opens Nov. 10th) Dress:Thalia Heckroth– Grazia Dress (MAITREYA) Blue Zodiac Boots: ISON – lace-up gladiator sandals -Maitreya Lara- (brown) Bag: ::C’est la vie !::  Mylene Ruffle Bag (for FLF) Earrings: (Kunglers) TDRF 077 earrings – Silver @ TDR Fusion Ring: ieQED  jellybean.ring.silver (for FLF) Tattoo: [White~Widow] Vertigo – Henna – Arms & Hands – Maitreya Mesh Body Poses: Le Poppycock *Skin Deep* @ The Chapter Four  
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warm feelings

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 Mesh Head: Genesis_Head_Annie_2.0 @ The Chapter Four Ears: [MANDALA] Steking EARS Eyes: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes – Hazel Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MIRANDA * – out soon @ Hair‘O’logy (opens Nov. 10th) Top: Blueberry – Cropped Top / Bottom Layer – Maitreya Pants: [ h ] Original Jeans – Boots Version + [ h ] Leather Belt – Low Rise – Black & Silver @ Kustom9 Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] Mesh Military Boots – Women @ Kustom9 Muffler: ::{u.f.o}:: huggable muffler – black Bag: ::C’est la vie !:: Bettina Bag (for MIX event) Nose Ring: (Yummy) Diamond Flower Nose Ring – Silver Glasses: *MC* Melvin Glasses – Faded Black/Clear Poses: {Imeka} Masami – Pose Pack @ The Chapter Four Location: Saint Pete City
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