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Chinese Dragons go RAR! New Traditional Chinese Apparel

The legendary Chinese dragon is a powerful creature.  It generally controls water and air; holds court over all rivers and streams, controls rain and floods, and brings good luck to people.  It is a symbol of power and strength to the worthy.  It flies across the sky through sheer will alone; it has no wings.  … Continue reading

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January 2015
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Sleigh Bells and the Cableknit Sweater

Winter is coming.  It’s not only a failed attempt on the part of the Starks to instill fear into Westros, but it’s also a (ahem) cold, hard fact.  The Holiday season has slammed its way into our lives like the powerful consumerist juggernaut it is, and with it comes snow, ice, sleet, and all kinds … Continue reading

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Dancing Through a Gothic Wonderland

Once Halloween comes to a screeching halt, all Hell breaks loose as we gear up for one of the biggest holiday events in Second Life:  Gothmas!  Whatmas?  Gothmas!  It’s that black and romantic time when all the darklings come out of the woodwork and celebrate in a weird and wonderful way.  We don our goth … Continue reading

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Go To H3LL

… go to hell… Jacket: 0053 Biker Jacket Male NEW – Dharkan The jacket comes with a texture change HUD (9 differente textures) Necklace:  Rebel Vampire Ankh male – **RE** Hair: Hawk2 MALE Mesh Hair – Wasabi Pills Pants: MESH Leather Chaps wih Black Jeans – ::ZED:: Boot: MESH Black Riding Boots – ::ZED:: Model: […]

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A Taste of Japan – A Short Kimono

It’s been a bit too long between blog posts here, but what with one thing and another, things just sort of slipped out of mind.  That’s all changing now, as Avatar Bizarre presents a brand new take on an older design.  In the world of Second Life, there are a lot of possibilities for creating … Continue reading

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If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It

People say that fashion trends repeat themselves, but apart from a bit of 60′s style Austin Powers Mod, I have yet to see a full blown men’s 18th Century suit sitting on the racks at Macys.  It’s a shame, really, because some of the stuff from the Prince Regent era was pretty stunning, what with … Continue reading

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Johnny Bravo – Vintage 70s Outfit

“Clowns never laughed beforeand beanstalks never grew.Ponies never ran beforeTill I met you” – Johnny Bravo nee’ Greg Brady One of the things I love about Second Life is you can revive any fashion (or anti-fashion) you want, and scores of people will probably really like what you’ve done.  Of course it really doesn’t matter … Continue reading

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A Touch of India

Amar is a male name meaning, “Forever, Immortal”,and what better way to express the timeless fashion of the Kurta?  Typically worn with the loose fitting Dhoti pants, the Kurta is a long tunic style shirt that is worn on formal occasions and during celebrations.  You will find men wearing the Kurta as a part of … Continue reading

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In the Summertime

Back in the good old days, circa sometime between Victorian times and the early 20th century, beachwear was stunningly attractive, easy to swim in, and made from fabulously heat resistant wool.  Men and women alike daringly showed off their ankles and elbows.  It was quite the love-fest on the beaches of yesteryear, I can tell … Continue reading

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World Goth Fair and the Sophie Lancaster Foundation

In 2007 Sophie Lancaster and her friend Rob were attacked and killed in Lancashire, England, for the way they were dressed.  Because they chose to express themselves a little differently, while harming nobody, some people took grave offense and punished these two kids in the worst way possible.  Since then, Sophie’s family has set up … Continue reading

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What Am I Rebelling Against? Whudda you got?

He was always called Johnny.  Johnny was a rebel, and everyone wrote songs about him.  He was the consummate rebel, springing forth from middle America to rebel against everything in a whitewashed society.  He listened to rock and roll, kept a pack of cigarettes rolled up in a shirt sleeve, and his girlfriend popped gum.  … Continue reading

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Ray of Light – Anwaar Belly Dancer

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to present the Anwaar Belly Dancer Outfit; a rigged mesh ensemble resplendent in an array of colors.  Each package includes the five standard sizes and an alpha.  This outfit is perfect for desert sim role play, dancing, or just generally being well dressed and awesome.  This blog post is short but … Continue reading

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Tiny Bubbles, Great Big Waves, and Hawaiian Shirts

In the world of fashion, there’s good taste, there’s bad taste, and there’s Hawaiian Shirts.  These polyester troublemakers live in the closets of many guys, whether they will admit to it or not.  Some guys will wear nothing but Hawaiian shirts, loud or otherwise.  Traditionally, the Lord of the Luau is as colorful as possible, … Continue reading

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Aloha, Mister Hand! Here’s Avatar Bizarre’s New Board Shorts Collection!

Are you ready for Summer?  Do you want to head to the ocean and cut some waves?  Even if you axe in a huge wipeout, you will be fully prepared in Avatar Bizarre’s new line of rigged mesh Board Shorts.  Made from the finest quality mesh, these shorts won’t shred, rip, or tear, no matter … Continue reading

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Zoot Suit Genre

Avatar Bizarre is thrilled to be a part of Genre this month!  Genre is a monthly event held in honor of all the different cultures and communities in Second Life. Genre was formed to showcase some of the creations from designers who create for all the different cultures and role playing communities.  One of the … Continue reading

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Finally some male look for you gentles :D Click on the picture to see it on flickr! Hat: ::C’est la vie !:: porkpie hat(straw)mesh NEW! Hair + hb: Unorthodox – Curls down V3 NEW! Skin: !BaaaH! Skin Marlon Light Eyes: [CheerNo]  Eyes.Dilunna_Mesh / Brown#2 FREE Piercing: [CheerNo] Facial Piercing B_Nose / Silver FREE Taper: Unorthodox – Butterfly Stitches Cig: [NikotiN] Cigarette_LEOPARD Teef: ILLMATIC :: The Perfect […]

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Of Heroes, Greece and Togas

Perseus was the stuff of myth and legend in Greece.  Perseus’ mother was Danae, who was the daughter of Acrisius, King of Argos.  Acrisius had no luck in producing a son, so he went to the Oracle at Delphi, who warned that Acrisius would be killed by his daughter’s son.  In order to keep Danae … Continue reading

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Zoot Suit Riot

Avatar Bizarre has been invited to participate in a monthly event in Second Life called Genre.  It took me a bit to decide what I would do for the Big Band 1930s and 1940s Era Genre.  Having accidentally misread the note card, I was thinking, “Oh, great.  I can finally get around to making that … Continue reading

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Turtle! Turtle! Turtle!

There aren’t enough turtles in Second Life, so Avatar Bizarre brought together a team of herpetologists to go slogging through reeds and woodland ponds to bring you a selection of Slider and Pond turtles.  Okay, so the team actually consists of me, the sole perpetrator and designer for Avatar Bizarre, but the selection of Sliders … Continue reading

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He was always a foxy kind of guy…

The Fennec fox is normally a tiny desert creature that eats bugs, lizards, and small rodents; however, the great thing about Second Life is you can find various species in any habitat, and it would be completely natural.  This Fennec, for example, has a knack for finding mermaid clubs simply by trying to get to … Continue reading »

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