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4 Mesh March Putting Spring in my Step

        4 Mesh opened today and I am so ready for Spring that I saw Spring colors in the items. I am wearing a Lakshmi dress (full picture below), Elle Boutique bracelet, alaskemetro eyeshadow, Umbrella lipstick and beauty marks, and Liquid eyes- all exclusives at this month's round of 4 Mesh. I am wearing an Exile updo that was released at The Trunk Show which ends March 18th. So this event is in its last week, get over there and get your formal/bridal needs before it ends. My Cae jewelry was released at the current round of faMESHed

        The pose from this full picture above is also at 4 Mesh by DHX Studio as part of the Tease pose pack. 

Eyeshadow: alaskametro<3 "Babygoth" makeup @ 4 Mesh March
Lipstick and Beauty Marks: Umbrella CATWA Lipglass and beauty spots @ 4 Mesh March
Dress: LAKSHMI Pedra Dress (Maitreya) @ 4 Mesh March
Bracelets: Elle Boutique - Nova Bracelets @ 4 Mesh March
Eyes: Liquid ~ Pale Eyes ~ Fatpack @ 4 Mesh March
Jewelry: Cae :: Piper :: Earrings and Necklace <Materials>  @ faMESHed
Hair: Exile:: For the First Time @ The Trunk Show
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Ultimate Catch

        Hi, Kirstentacular readers! I missed you and I hope that you missed me. It is very rare for me to go 10 days without updating my blog. I don't think that has happened more than a handful of times in 7 years of blogging. I have had a few real life hurdles that I am dealing with that have made it impossible for me to keep up this month. I don't feel like going into those in depth, but you can read about it in THIS PLURK and THIS PLURK if you want. Warning: the content is emotional! 
         Second life is my escape and my artistic outlet and I can't tell you how much I have missed it. It feels so good to get back into my fashion and blog today. I am playing with jeweled outfits, sparkly jewels, new hair, and makeup- all the things that make me so happy! I hope the wait was worth it and thank you for continuing to follow my blog, flickr, and other social media. Today I am wearing a new romper from Narcisse and hair by Doe that you can find at Whimsical.… Read the rest

Tickled Pink over this Gift

Izzie’s released the cutest makeup kit! This is a Valentine’s Make-up Gift Set. Note the word Gift. And it isn’t just for those in her group (although we got a bonus gift). I have on the eyeshadow and liner, hearts blush, and lip gloss. The lip gloss is worn over a default CATWA lip color. … Continue reading Tickled Pink over this Gift

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Powder Pack Catwa is Back!

        I missed getting a Powder Pack for my Catwa head last month, so I am super excited about February. Powder Pack has changed to alternating between Lelutka and Catwa every other month instead of both heads each month. So for 2018, we will have 6 Powder Pack releases for Catwa in the following months: February, April, June, August, October, December. If you are a Lelutka head wearer, your packs will be the alternating months. So Catwa head wearers, its time to pre-order your Powder Pack for you and your friends. Men in SL, this would make a wonderful Valentine's gift and you can easily gift it on MP to the lady of your choice! It will be delivered just a few days after Valentines, the weekend after in fact and that's when I bet a lot of people will be celebrating the holiday anyway. 
        For February we have a few new to Catwa designers: Colivati Beauty and Euphoric. Welcome to Powder Pack Catwa new designers. They are joined by 10 other returning, favorite designers.… Read the rest

Sparkle & Shine Lipsticks for Mesh Heads

[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine Lipsticks for LAQ, CATWA, LOGO. LELUTKA and OMEGA mesh heads offer a glossy, sheer finish with a smooth and slight plumping effect. 24 gorgeous and shiny colors each with 5-8 variations from full-on color to a shimmer-sheer finish depending on mesh head brand.
Grab these gorgeous glosses here:

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Powder Pack December 2017 Catwa and Celebrating 12 Months of PP

        It has been one full year of Powder Pack and I have loved all the skins and makeups! For December 2017, we got 4 skins, lipsticks, eyeshadow, and a lot of eyes. I loved this pack! I did not realize until later that the Avi-Glam skin uses the same skin tone as Amara Beauty- so you can just use those body appliers (and they are also FREE in the Avi-Glam store too). So let's get to the Unboxing Video to see what we got in this month's pack:

December Powder Pack:
#adored- lipstick, eyeshadow
AVI GLAM- Head skin in 12 tones, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyes (amara beauty omega body appliers)
AII- Eyebrows, eyeshadow, eye scars, 1 eye closed poses, facepaint, winter blush
ALASKA METRO- Eyeshadow, lipstick, eyelashes
amara beauty- Full skin in 12 tones, lipstick, eyeshadow
ARISE- Lipstick, Eyeshadow
ARTE- Eyeshadow, Eyes
Essences- Full skin in 6 tones
Just Magnetized- Eyeshadow, blush
Modish- 4 Full skins with makeup on skin in 4 tones each
NOX- Eyebrows, lipstick, eyeshadow
The Face- Lipstick, eyeshadow, Eyes

On Kirsten:
Skin: Avi-Glam.… Read the rest

Get Your Powder Pack December, Catwa Lovers

        Powder Pack for Catwa DECEMBER Edition reservations are NOW OPEN! You can reserve in-world or on the marketplace between the 1st and the 16th midnight SLT. Your Pack will automatically be delivered to you immediately on DECEMBER 17TH early SLT time.  Only 7 more days to reserve your pack for only 1500L. After that, the packs go up to 3,000L. Get one for yourself and a friend today. These would make a great Christmas present!

We are thrilled to be featuring the following brands this month:

amara beauty
The Face

For more information, visit the official Powder Pack website:

Order online on Marketplace for yourself or for a friend:

Order in world:

See you back here on Kirstentacular after the 17th for my Unboxing Video!

Previous Unboxing Videos by Kirstentacular:

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Order Your November Powder Pack, Catwa Lovers

         Powder Pack is a monthly mystery pack consisting of 12 mesh head makeup appliers from your favorite brands across the grid. This pack is made exclusively for Catwa heads. We have two new stores to the Catwa pack this round: Amias and Nox. I have never tried any products from either store, so that's always fun to me to try something totally new-to-me. The other 10 designers this month are returning favorites. 

We are thrilled to be featuring the following brands for November 2017:#adoredamara beautyAMIASDeeTaleZEssencesJustMagnetizedModishNOXPUMECSLACKGIRLSTUDIO EXPOSUREZibska
You can pre-order in world or on Marketplace:Teleport to Pre-Order your November Powder Pack
Pre-Order your November Powder Pack for yourself or a friend on Marketplace
You have until November 16th to order yours. They will be delivered to you November 17th. 
Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Makeup Monday: Halloween Facepaint

        Planning your Halloween Costume? Don't forget your face! Adding theatrical makeup or facepaint can add a lot of oomph to your costume. Last Halloween it was a little harder to find, but now we have a lot of choices since mesh heads have been out for a while. To see the full costumes and credits from the faces above, keep reading. I also made a Makeup Monday video of some Halloween Facepaint ideas: 

        I love Halloween, can you tell? It is not just one day for me, it is about a month of wearing fun costumes inside Second Life. Here are pictures and credits of the full costumes:

Puddin' (Inspired by Harley Quinn):
Bottoms: Blueberry & Grixdale - Madcap - Pantie - Lara -Jester RARE/ Teleport
Top: Blueberry & Grixdale - Madcap - Tattered Top - Lara - Jester/ Teleport
Jacket: Blueberry & Grixdale - Madcap Jacket - Lara - Jester RARE/ Teleport
Hair: Doe: Puddin (2Tone) /rigged/ Teleport
Choker: little bones.Read the rest

Powder Pack Catwa October 2017

        Powder Pack Catwa October was released October 17th. We got a few great Halloween inspired makeups and skins and I was super excited to see that in this pack. If you missed pre-ordering (and are now kicking yourself), you can still get the pack for 3K.

#adored: Clowning Around Makeup
All the Ugly & Beautiful: Fantasy Makeup, eyebrows, markings, and lipstains
Amara Beauty: Full Joanna skin in 12 regular tones and 12 fantasy skin tones
DeeTaleZ: Pastel Lipstick and Eyeshadow
Essences: Full skin in 6 skin tones
Izzie's: Zombie makeup and eyes
Just Magnetized: Eyebrows, eyeshadow, and smeared lipstick
Modish: Eyes, eyelashes with sparkles and stars, and eyeshadow
Pumec: Full skin in 6 tones
Slackgirl: Eyeshadow
Studio Exposure: Lipstick and eyeshadow
The Face: Lipstick and eyeshadow

See everything in the pack in my Unboxing Video:

Skin: amara beauty - Joanna Fantasy @ Powder Pack October
Zombie makeup and eyes: Izzie's @ Powder Pack October
Hair: !Oleander ~ Freckle.… Read the rest

Get your Powder Pack October, Catwa Lovers

        Powder Pack is a monthly mystery pack consisting of 12 mesh head makeup appliers from your favorite brands across the grid. This pack is made exclusively for Catwa heads. We have one new store to the Catwa pack this round: All the Ugly & Beautiful. I have never tried any products from this store, so that's always fun to me to try something totally new-to-me. The other 11 designers this month are returning favorites, although Izzie's has not been in the Catwa pack for a few rounds and I am super glad to see her back this month. I hope we see some spooky/ halloween appliers this round- that would be fun! But as always it's a total surprise!

We are thrilled to be featuring the following brands this month:

All the Ugly & Beautiful
amara beauty
Just Magnetized
Studio Exposure
The Face

Make sure to pre-order your pack for only 1500L before October 17th! You have three more days til they will be delivered.… Read the rest

Pumpkin Patch

        I am so excited about Chimeric Arts Pumpkin Patch! You can go there and pick out your very own pumpkin to take home. When you pick one, another grows in its place right before your eyes. This is a great, fun family activity and my SL family and I went on Monday and picked out our pumpkins. (You can see pictures of our Pumpkin Patch night in THIS PLURK.) Then you can take them home and carve them into your very own jack-o-lantern that you can then use to decorate your house. How cute!! No matter your age, you need to get over to Chimeric Arts and pick your pumpkin out today!

        I am wearing new items from Just Because and Exile that were just released at Collabor88. I love this long sleeved top with a peplum ruffle at the bottom. My Exile hair comes with this knit cap that is just perfect for fall. I am actually wearing the white one and I tinted it slightly lavender. My gorgeous fairy eyes and eyeshadow are both new by Arte at the current round of Cosmopolitan.… Read the rest

You Are Amazing

        Blueberry released these amazing pants with lace up parts. I am wearing the jean version, but there is also a leather version of these pants too. If you purchase the fatpack, you get denim, leather, and ombre version of the pants. You can also buy the metals in a mini-fatpack too. You can find them in the main Blueberry store. Kaithleen's released these long sleeved tops at Tres Chic. I fell in love with this graphic pattern one with a unicorn, cute saying, and colorful design. There are other patterns and colors available as well. Doe just released this piggy tail hair at Lootbox and it has three versions (version 1 shown) so that you can wear it a variety of ways too. Version three of this hair is a Lootbox exclusive too and only available in the RARE. There are also NEW textures at Doe. This is a gacha hair, good luck and may the gacha gods be in your favor! My cutesy pose is new by Paper Rabbit at Kawaii Project. I am wearing a Mudskin skin and Slackgirl makeups from Powder Pack September.… Read the rest

[Pink Fuel] Sheer Kiss Lipsticks (LAQ, Lelutka, LOGO, and Omega)

Presenting Sheer Kiss lipsticks from [Pink Fuel] for LELUTKA, LOGO, LAQ and OMEGA-enabled Mesh Heads. Each lipstick features full pigmented color with a kissable sheer finish. Each lip color available in Light, Medium and Dark tones as well as Full Color, Soft color, 75% opacity, 50% Opacity and Gradient style. For those that were interested in the earlier CATWA versions: Teleport to Pink Fuel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Illusory/135/177/3870 Marketplace Links:  

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Powder Pack Catwa September

        Powder Pack September Catwa was just released yesterday. We got spoiled rotten as usual with 5 full skins and 1 head skin, so SIX skins! I think that might be the most we have ever gotten in one single pack. We also got lots of lipsticks and eyeshadows as well as one pack of eyes and blush. It was a great pack, and definitely very heavy on full skins this month- wow! See all the details in my VIDEO as I unbox below:

#adored- Lipstickamara beauty- full skin in 12 tones with body appliersARTE- Lipstick, eyeshadow, and eyesDeeTaleZ- head skin in one tone (arctic)Essences- full skin in 6 tones with body appliersJustMagnetized- Coming SoonModish- Lipstick and EyeshadowMUDSKIN- full skin in 6 tones with lipstick, eyeliner, and body appliersPUMEC- full skin in 6 tones with body appliersSLACKGIRL- Neck and face tattoos, EyeshadowThe Face- full skin in one tone (Amber) with body appliers, Lipstick, and EyeshadowZibska- Lipstick, Eyeshadow, and Blush

        Reign is at Frou Frou with the Beauty Rest Gacha Set that consists of Robes, shoes, and animated makeup.… Read the rest

[Pink Fuel] CATWA Lipsticks (Matte, Sheer Kiss, Pillow Talk)

Presenting Pure Matte lipsticks from [Pink Fuel] for CATWA Mesh Heads. Each lipstick features full pigmented color with a smooth, ultra-matte finish. 9 colors per pack with 4 finishes: Teleport to Pink Fuel: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Illusory/135/177/3870 Additional Catwa Lipsticks: Sheer Kiss, Pillow Talk, and Essential Blacks.

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Country Chic

        The Liaison Collaborative has gone Country this round. There are all kinds of boot stomping great items that are sure to put a spring in your step, your two step that is. I am wearing an outfit by Neve and using a pose from Nantra that are both exclusives of this event.

        I took my pictures today at my friend Alicia's house. Thank you!! <3 I am loving this Bento enabled pose set from Nantra, Achy Breaky. Oh I like, I love it, I want some more of it!! And you have til August 30th to shop the event.

Skirt: Neve skirt - nashville - Lara @ The Liaison Collaborative
Top: Neve top - undone - Lara @ The Liaison Collaborative
Poses: Nantra Achy Breaky @ The Liaison Collaborative
Lipstick: Pink Fuel CATWA LIPSTICK Applier - Pure Matte (Cupid - Nudes) *NEW*/ Teleport
Skin: Pink Fuel- Jacqueline/ Teleport
Boots: Belle Epoque { El Paso } Boots RARE
Gloves: Belle Epoque { El Paso } Gloves 4
Hat: Belle Epoque { El Paso } Hat 3
Scarf: Belle Epoque { El Paso } Scarf 4
Head: CATWA  Kimberly
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hair: TRUTH / Lake

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Powder Pack Catwa August

         Powder Pack Catwa August 2017 is full of gorgeous makeup and skins! I am wearing skins and makeup from Essences, Arte, #adored, and Zibska above. I loved this month's pack and I know you will too! Look at it with me as I unbox it all for the first time in my Unboxing Video

        I am wearing a new Blueberry outfit and Exile hair today. Blueberry Penny was released in the main store and Exile I'm Still Here was just released at Blush

Skin: Essences Isela #Pale02 @ Powder Pack Catwa August
Eyeshadow: #adored - headstrong shadows - teenage dirtbag edition @ Powder Pack Catwa August
Lipstick: A R T E - Lips & Eyes [Catwa] @ Powder Pack Catwa August
Eyes: A R T E - Nordic Eyes [Catwa] @ Whimsical
Blush: Zibska Mila Blush Catwa Applier @ Powder Pack Catwa August
Skirt: Blueberry - Penny Skirt - Ripped - Maitreya/ Teleport
Top: Blueberry - Penny Tops - Maitreya/ Teleport
Hair: Exile:: I'm Still Here @ Blush
Head: CATWA  Kimberly
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Pose: Flash Friendly Poses - Stand 011 mirror

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Makeup Monday: Mermaid

        It's Just Another Makeup Monday! Today is mermaid makeup edition! Alaskametro is at Indie Teepee with an amazing "Aquatic" themed makeup set and not only did I have to go rush out and get it (because it is gorgeous) but as soon as I saw it I knew I would be dedicating the next Makeup Monday to all of it's mermaid amazingness. While I am at it, I also highlight the cosmetics of Alaskametro and show you some of my favorites. Mermaid makeup and Alaskametro (as well as some mermaid dancing/swimming at the end just for fun, lol) in the video below: 

Skin: Lumae :: Adore - Ianthe // Echo
Makeup: alaskametro<3 "Aquatica" makeup @ Indie Teepee
Polish: alaskametro<3 "Beachcomb" nail art appliers  @ Indie Teepee
Tail: Gaeline Creations Ligie Mermaid Tail Maitreya
Scales: Sweet Thing. Siren Scales - Pastel
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair - Rainbow
Headdress: ~Tableau Vivant~ Mermaid headdress - Aqua
Head: CATWA Kimberly
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Pose: Nantra Siren Song 4
Music: Mermaid by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100671Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Love, Kirsten Corleone

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Makeup Monday: Powder Pack Catwa July 2017

         It is Monday and it is also Powder Pack delivery day- so I am combining my weekly Makeup Monday with this month's Unboxing video! It's Just Another Makeup Monday- Powder Pack edition! Wow, this month we got so many great items- 4 full skins, 1 face skin, tons of eyebrows and lots of beautiful makeup! See all the details and my reactions in my video below:

Items in the July Powder Pack:
#adored- Blush and Lipgloss
Amara Beauty- Full skin in 12 tones with body appliers and Lipstick
Atelier Pepe- Face skin in 4 tones (no eyebrow skin)
DeeTaleZ- Lipgloss and eyeshadow
Essences- Full skin in 6 tones with body appliers
Izzie's- Eyes, Lipstick, and Eyeshadow
Just Magnetized- Eyebrows, Eyeshadow, Freckles, and Lipstick
Modish- Eyebrows and Lipstick
Pink Fuel- Full Monolid Skin in 3 tones with Lipstick and Eyeshadow and body appliers
Pumec- Full Skin in 3 tones with body appliers
Studio Exposure- Late, will be delivered later today
Zibska- Blush, Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, Lipstick

Skin: Amara beauty - Powder Pack CATWA - Elodie skin @ Powder Pack July
Blush: Zibska Cari Blush Catwa Applier @ Powder Pack July
Eyeshadow: Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Eyeshadows @ Powder Pack July
Eyes: Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Moka Eyes Earthtones @ Powder Pack July
Lipstick: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for CATWA Heads *Extreme Gloss & Glitter* @ Powder Pack July
Hair: Magika - Talk Like That
Head: CATWA Kimberly v2.11

Fashion Seen in Video (will be bl (Read more...)

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