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Rabbit Day

It happens every spring: bunny girls appear out of nowhere, wandering around with mysterious baskets with eggs. Are they planting or are they harvesting, one might wonder. Which was first, the bun or the egg? Do they plant the eggs in spring to be harvested as baby bunlings later? Are they responsible for bun-population’s growth like the squirrels tend to trees: by forgetting where they hid their treasures? Perhaps it’s for the best that we do not know, that we get to simply enjoy the sudden appearance of birdies and eggs, flowers and bunlings, signs of life returning. After all, it’s better to be completely oblivious in case there’s cunning plots of bunnobility going on. What better time to be crowned as the Leader of All Bunkind than when the population is the largest? That said: do indulge your bunnies that like to hold odd things on their heads. You never know who you might be talking to! Ozimals is hosting a wonderfully entertaining Easter-Egg Hunt in Magic of Oz.… Read the restrabbitday1bs



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We’re so busy chasing our goals, we don’t even notice life passing us by in a blur. (click here for a raw shot) I’ve been meaning to participate in the Single Frame Stories challenge for a while, but I guess I felt a bit intimidated. My pictures aren’t usually planned, they just kind of happen, [...]

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DollCoco’s Dorothy and the Magic of Oz

Remember the feeling of opening a new notebook, journal or daytimer at the start of a new year?  All the clean crisp pages, those little promises you make to yourself about having neater handwriting and most importantly using it more often?  Blogs are a lot like that, to me anyway, and I wanted to make all kinds of these promises to myself about the year to come but so far I haven’t done a single one!  Oh well, it made me smile to think of those traditions and know I’ve transferred them to my virtual life, so I guess it was worth it.  Maybe it’s the process of setting goals or resolutions that is more important than actually accomplishing them? I think I’ll just keep telling myself that. The other night I saw an offline in my email that Coco/DollCoco had a new gift in store.  A mesh full avatar of Dorothy and a set of display decorations of the other characters from Wizard of Oz.  You can see the whole set on the blog here. I absolutely love the DollCoco mesh avatars,  do you remember when I blogged them before?   … Read the restHairs On The Back Of Your Neck

Saved From the Robot Unicorn by a Strange Creature

  The other day my daughter would not leave me alone until I played Robot Unicorn Attack with her (for her actually, she's only four.)  I enjoy the occasional little game of Robot Unicorn every couple of months but she WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE.  I tried to get her to do not computer things but that's all she wanted to do.  So I remembered how much she liked the Beetlebones mesh hamster and thought that if maybe I logged in and let her play with my av in that she would be happy.  But as I logged in I discovered something new...this perfect little creature:
  This, my friends, is a Strangeling.  This full mesh avatar was created by Flying Monkey Interactive. These folks are great with cute.  But they are also great with magical themes (Magic of Oz sim and Ozimals breedables have a couple of the same folks involved with the project thought they are NOT the same company.)  So cute + magic + wonderful craftsmanship + good scripting = Strangelings.… Read the rest

52 Colours: Jade

My inventory failed to present me awesome jade statues and oriental luxury props. Sadness. Jade really sounds like it should be all that: ancient statues, lost cities, exquisitely carved long pipes (I drooled at the ones in Rozoregalia for a bit, but managed to run before I bought it just for this one picture), hairdos and ornaments reaching for heavens and slinky qipaos with a lot of attitude. This is as close as I got. Miss Jade told me she demanded at least some sort of gigantic green crystals so I ported to the Emerald City in Magic of Oz. Who knows, maybe the yellow brick road leads to everywhere magical, like a counterpart to roads leading to Rome. I admit that this might have just been an excuse to go and buy another Tukinowaguma hair, but she needed huge hair ornaments! I turned the whole thing green with the included colour-change scripts. The Miamai dress (old group gift) was such a wonderful metallic sheen of jade that it was the first thing I decided on for Miss Jade.… Read the rest