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Second’s Angel

A very amazing thing happened last week. A second life designer, Violaine Villota owner of Fancy Fairy, was asked to use her wing designs in a real life Victoria’s Secret Fashion show which aired on TV Tuesday December 9th. New World Notes blogged abou…

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December 2014
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Neveah by Maai

Maai has a new in store lingerie release that I love. This is Neveah and it comes in five colors in a variety of body and part appliers. I am showing it on my Slink Physique. It comes with the brocade corset, panties, garters, and stockings. The back o…

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What a cute pose! NanTra has a sledding pose pack called Whoosh at the current round of The Instruments. There are six poses included in the pack. You do have to be able to rez to use these because they are adorable static pose props. My colorful snowf…

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Introducing, anyBODY!

  That’s right all you applier lovers out th […]

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Clara—KittyCatS Friends Advent Calendar, Day 5

“The nutcracker sits under the holiday tree, a guardian of childhood stories. Feed him walnuts and he will crack open a tale…” ~ Vera Nazarian

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Cleavage Celebrates 2 Years!

  Cleavage is celebrating 2 years! Come visit the […]

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Sexy Holiday

Looking for a sexy holiday look girls? I have it for you today. Put all this on your Christmas list! First these new Eudora 3D shoes are coming to uber tonight at midnight SL time and they are so amazing. Jenn has a beautiful lace/crochet pattern overl…

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I love shopping in SL. It is all kind of stuff I don’t need and thats the point! It is stuff I want. Like this new jacket and fuzzy boot combo from Candydoll at the Sad November event, for example. I had a hard time picking a color because there were s…

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Lubbly Jubblies is hot, hot, hot!

  Lubbly Jubblies opened on the 15th of this month […]

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Celebrating 12 Years!

Last weekend Hiram and I celebrated twelve years together. Our anniversary is November 16th. We were first married in The Sims Online in 2002 and have played off and on in a variety of online games since then. It is now 2014 and I can’t imagine my life…

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Diana, she loves me
No innocence or compromise
Diana, she loves me
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Cirque de Seraphim

Cirque de Seraphim http://cirquedeseraphim.wordpress.com/ is a charity event to benefit ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) https://www.aspca.org/. As of this morning they have donated over 1,000 dollars (400,000…

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Maai is at The Big Show with some very sexy lingerie named Opium. It is on multiple layers as well as a plethora of appliers and I am of course showing it on my Slink Physique (curvy shape). I love Maai’s lingerie and this set has four colors available…

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Tutorial: Modern Rigged Mesh Fashionista Edit Skills

Today I made a video tutorial of some rigged mesh editing skills the modern 2014 Second Life Fashionista needs! Because the average resident has not had to edit or re-size anything since about 2010 due to re-size scripts and rigged mesh, I think a lot …

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I had a hard weekend in RL. So I came into SL and enjoyed my photography and art. It relaxes me. I put together a sexy outfit perfect for clubbing and made a motion picture to show dancing, fun, and movement. My top is a physique applier top from Sassy…

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Have a Killer Time at The Beauty Pageant!

The Beauty Pageant is open and it’s not your typi […]

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Maai Lingerie

If you need lingerie for your Slink Physique, or pretty much any other body part you can think of through use of the Omega system, then you should go to Maai. Maai is releasing some great applier lingerie! You can count on beautiful perfect hand drawn …

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New Round: Going Bust!

It’s been a month and I know a lot of you ladies […]

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Maai has some very sexy new dresses that I can apply to my Slink Physique. I am wearing my curvy shape with this design. This is Ewa in red and it also comes in purple and black. Maai also has some more new lingerie that you can apply to your physique …

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Maai Freya for Physique

Maai has started to include slink physique in their long list of applier options, yay! I am wearing Freya on my physique today with my curvy shape. It is sheer and super sexy; just the way lingerie should be. I like applier lingerie and clothing on my …

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