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Hey ya’ll. It’s been a stresssssful week for me, so I am ecstatic that it is finally Friday. I haven’t been around much to cover my events and it is KILLING me! I love being able to share all of this stuff with you guys and I love blogging, but sometimes things just don’t always go the way you plan them to. But anyway, you are not here to read about my life! LOL. You are here because there is a new round out for the 55L Friday’s! Seems like everyone had the same idea when it came down to making new items..there are a LOT of the sleeveless shirts in this round, but all of them are completely different textures and styles! I personally love all of them, so there are plenty to choose from ;] Fi*Friday

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June 2015
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Structure Your Skin Project – May

The Structure Your Skin Project is a new monthly event where skin designers come together in one location to offer skins for only 85L! Each round will last from the 1st through the 20th of each month. Some of the skins even have shapes, eyes, lashes, and all kinds of other stuff included, so be sure to check the gallery for details, and they all have demos as well! For more information, you can join the in-world group or check out the SYS blog. Structure Your Skin Project Blog Structure Your Skin Project

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Grunge Soul Project – Round 18!

Hey ya’ll! The Grunge Soul Project has another round of bad assness (yes, I said ASSNESS!) for you I have had a TON of problems with my SL lately, but what’s new right? This round will last until May 12, so you have PLENTY of time to check it out. All items range from 75L-100L. Grunge Soul Project

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There’s a new round for The Dressing Room Blue available! <3 I hope everyone has a good weekend!!! There sure are a lot of amazing items out TDRB

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Fi*Friday :)

Hey ya’ll! Happy Friday <3 I can not tell you how relieved I am that it's the weekend. Whew…Why can't RL be like SL?! You can just LOG OFF when it gets too overwhelming..a girl can dream, can't she? *Lets out a HUGE sigh* That's besides the point! There's a fresh new round for you from the 55L Friday's! So if your week has been anything like mine, you probably need some reaaaaaaaally good retail therapy. <3 Have fun, dolls. Fi*Friday’s

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Whore Certified…..a little late!

Hey ya’ll! Whore Certified was put out just a bit late this week and I am taking over for Rudh! She figured I had nothing to do with my SL, being the Seraphim slave I am and all…and decided to be SO thoughtful by handing me the keys to cover Whore Certified from now on! <3 So, I am excited to bring you the newest round for this event! I have never visited WC and I must say, I'm a touch impressed. If you you're looking for a sexy, slutty club dress or if you're feeling a little naughty..you definitely need to check this event out! It has all kinds of items that will suit your whoreish needs! So what are you waiting for? Strap on those SLink Destiny heels, slather on that favorite nude lipstick of yours, pack on the black eyeshadow…and go slut yourself up MIAS: M&M Bodyshapes, SuPerBia, L’Exception

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RMA Clearance Sale!!

Rock Me Amadeus is having a clearance sale where everything at their sale stor location is 25L!!! They have a few good basics to wear under mesh clothing, which I love! The sale will last for 1 week only, so make sure you get down there in time for this sale because you don’t want to miss it! <3 RMA CLEARANCE SALE

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Cupcake Tea Party :)

It’s a celebration for Spring! The Cupcake sim has put together this very sweet little event to welcome Spring into SL! All of the items here are very light and girly, a lot of floral prints. Which is very fitting for the occasion This event will last until the 28th of April, so it gives you time to gather up your dearest friends and have your own tea party after your shopping spree! I’m in love with the robe thing from Milk Motion, it’s adorable and looks so cozy! Enjoy the cute set up <3 Cupcake Tea Party

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The Dressing Room!

It’s that time again! Ya’ll know the drill…every other week The Dressing Room showcases items from different designers and puts them on sale for 70L or less! This round has some pretty cute things, you don’t wanna miss out! TDR

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Fi*Friday, What! What!

Hey ya’ll! It is FINALLY Friday….and I could not be any happier about it! It has been a loooong week for me and I was super excited about this round they have out for the 55L Friday sale. There are TONS of cute spring/summer things, and a few things for our lil’ pot heads who are celebrating 420..LOL! They have also moved locations, so be sure to toss your old LM and hold on to the new one!! I like this build much better than what the store was before! It’s a lot more simple and less laggy! For me anyway, I always lagged something TERRIBLE when I covered this event. If you are a little overwhelmed on what you should get…let me recommend the clothing from IMBUE & Into Dust! Both of those stores are my personal fav! The high waisted jeans from IMBUE are to DIE for! I love them!! <3 You have an entire week to cop all this great stuff, so don't rush! Roll it up, light it up, smoke it up, inhaaaaale, exhaaaaaale. Ok. Sorry. That may have been a lil too much for some people but LMAO!… Read the rest;)

Mystic Canvass Rez Day Sale!

Today is Lara Darkbyrd’s (the owner of Mystic Canvass) Rez day!!! So in celebration of, she is having an 85L sale! Anything marked with a cupcake will be on sale until Friday, April 20th! This includes hair, skins, shoes, cosmetics & accessories! <3 AYO TAXAAAYYY!! *whistles* Mystic Canvass

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PaperBag Sale!

PaperBag is having a sale to make room for her new stuff!!! It has always been a favorite store of mine because they have a lot of clothes that are right up my alley when it comes to my personal style! The sale is going on at 2 of her locations, Ushi Mall and Jersey Shore and will last until Friday the 20th (or longer) as she posted on her flickr. Everything at those 2 locations will be 75L! Both stores have the same items except the Jersey Shore location has the gorilla and the galaxy dress! Have fun shopping <3 Your chariots await you! Ushi Mall
Jersey Shore

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Narcissus’ Room: Round 4!

It’s that time again ya’ll! There is plenty of great items this round for the fellas!! I personally love the DEF! sneakers and the glasses from CheerNo! Super cute Now if only my man wasn’t such a picky lil turd..LOL! This round will be out for 2 weeks so it gives you plenty of time to figure out what you need or what your fella needs Narcissus’ Room

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Grunge Soul Project: Round 17

Hey ya’ll! Happy Monday <3 Vix is the one who usually does GSP, but she is a tad bit overwhelmed right now, so I volunteered to take over! There is some bad ass stuff this round so check it out!! GSP!

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Black & White Sale at GAWK!

Sound the alarm! There’s an awesome sale going on this weekend at GAWK! E V E R Y T H I N G that is BLACK or WHITE is 25% off at the mainstore! The sale started today and will end on the 15th. I personally love black and white, just because they can literally match with anything. PLUS, if the white clothing is modifiable, you bes’ believe I tint that ish! Make it any color I want! That might be ghetto but hey, a girl has gotsta save her lindens, okay? So go, go, go! Get to shoppin Black & White Sale @ GAWK!

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Fi*Friday <3

Fi*Friday’s was a little late getting started today, but late or not, it is still loaded with all kinds of stuff for Spring! This event will last for an entire week so you have plenty of time to get with your friends and go shopping I’m lucky cause I have my hunni to drag along to all my events with me so I don’t have to shop alone LOL. There wasn’t much here that really tickled my fancy this go around, but the shoes from Retro are adorable! See for yourself <3 Fi*Friday’s

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Stumblebum Brigade – Relax

Hey ya’ll! Our lovely Shae is swamped with a hunt right now, so I am taking over this post for the Stumblebum Brigade! This rounds theme is Relax, so the colors are super nice!! The Stumblebum Brigade happens the 1st and the 15th of every month and each round is based around a group of colors and an inspiration word. Happy shopping! And remember, “Wooooosaaaaahhhh” Lol <3 MIA: Insufferable Dastard

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La Venta Eventa…One Last Time!

This is the very last round for La Venta Eventa.. They’re shuttin’ it down! I’ve covered this event ever since I started blogging for Seraphim. I think it was one of the first events I covered all by myself! So this is a sad post for me..What am I going to do!? Lol. If you don’t know what LVE is about, it’s an event that starts at 9pmSLT every Friday and lasts the whole weekend. Different designers put out a special item that costs 100L or less. There are 2 stores that decided to do something a bit more special for the occasion, so be sure to read the descriptions in the gallery! MIA’s: STAKEY, Magnifique Poses, Mock Cosmetics

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The Dressing Room Blue :)

Hey ya’ll! I’m late. I know. But MOTHER MONSTER aka Vix is the WO-MAN and reminded me about TDRB because I had a special girl moment and thought that it was on Sunday..or something. LOL This has not been my week! Anywhoozer, The Dressing Room Blue is a bi-weekly event that has items out for 70L or less. They never cease to amaze me with the items that they put out, because I seriously want to buy everything every single time! It’s not good for my balance! Lol! There is something for everyone at this event, so swing by and show them some linden love LMAO. I always hated that phrase!!! <33 TDRB

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Fi*Friday is Here!

Hey ya’ll! I am a little late posting this, but I have had so many issues today it’s not even funny. But with a big ol’ SIGH! It’s finally Friday, which means it’s the weekend! WOO HOO! So, since it’s Friday, I’m sure all of you shopping addicts know that it’s time to go shopping at the Fi*Friday event! Everything in the store is 55L and they have some amazing items out this week The event lasts a whole week so you have plenty of time to gather your cash up and treat yourself. And if you’ve had a week like mine, you definitely need some retail therapy. <3 Happy shopping, loves. Fi*Friday!

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