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Suzie Q

I like the way you walk I like the way you talk I like the way you walk I like the way you talk, Suzie Q Continue reading →

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LOGO – Alex

It isn’t often I blog twice in a day anymore but OH EM GEE – I saw that LOGO had released their new Alex head and I logged right in, ran over and squeed on the spot for 20 mins while faffing with HUDS! BEHOLD! THE EXPRESSIONS! OH MY GOD!!!!!  This isn’t a full review as it’s late and I literally just got it, but the base head itself is $2499(ish) and it comes with the head and a bunch of lips and eyeshadows and a variety of expressions and 5 tones of skin!  So yeah there won’t be appliers for this I don’t think, like other LOGO items, but who CARES ITS SO CUTE!!!   Not only does it come with those things it comes with a choice of 5 noses, blush and 7 eyelashes (if I recall correctly) and a range of eye colours. Other addons include neck modifiers for body fat, shapes, ears and oh gods. ALL EFFIN SORTS!  You really do get SO SO much. THEN! THEN!  There are Add On HUDS you can buy ranging in price but all very affordable – you can get more lips, more blush, more eyeshadows and even MORE expressions!!… Read the restAlex - LOGO

Oh hai derr!

Been a little busy that past few days, updating, moving stuff etc but I wanted to post this, coz I am still totes shocked and excited about this news! I entered a logo contest for Random Matter a few months ago and I just found out on Dec 1st my artwork was chosen to be the weiner! YaY! I dont win things often, so it was a nice reward for the work to be chosen and appreciated from another fellow artist. Nikohl is super sweetness, I adore her products and I am just really elated that she liked the piece. So without further ado … ty again Nikohl ♥ Click to view slideshow.
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Gown & Collar: Bite&Claw – Ivana @ Mystic Realms Faire
Earrings: Empyrean Forge – Grace Adornment (black) @ Mystic Realms Faire
Shoes: The Annex – Impossibly High Heels (evil queen ed)
Hair: EMO-tions – Aquaria 2 // NEW //
Skin: League
Eyes: Ikon
Eyeshadow: Storybrook – Fantasy Eyeshadow (dawn)
Eyeliner: Pekka – Vintage Cat Eyeliner 1
Eyeliner 2: Corvus – Under Eyeliner
Hands & Feet: Slink
Nailpolish: Orc Inc
Elf Ears: LOGO – Classic Elf Ears
Staff: Bite&Claw – Ethne Mesh Staff @ Mystic Realms Faire
Poses: Posesion – Black 1 & Black 8 Location: Pigeon Island
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Lady Envy

Hair Fair 2014 is open and today I’m showing you “Envy” from EMO-tions, because I just fell in love with it the moment I put it on. “Envy” comes with a neat hair-deco, and it has gold and silver texture options. EMO-tions has also 4 other hairs in the fair, which I’ll show you during the coming days.  My elegant and classy gown is “Nightingale” from Junbug, and it’s just perfect. The gown’s available in a few colours and you’ll find it from Kustom9, when it opens in a few days. For jewelry I used “Precise Firmon” from Lazuri, which was released already quite some time ago, but I had not found a perfect gown to accompany it until now. EMO-tions @ Hair Fair 2014
Lazuri @ Purple Moon
Kustom9 // link will be added when the event is open // Stylecard:
Gown: Junbug – Nightingale (ivory) // Kustom 9 //
Jewelry: Lazuri  – Precise Firmon
Hair: EMO-tions – Envy // Hair Fair 2014 //
Eyeshadow: Mock – eShadow Fall Festivale (pumpkin)
Lipstick: Glamorize – Just Because Combo (spicy brown)
Skin: League
Eyes: Ikon
Elf Ears: LOGO – Classic Elf Ears
Hands: Slink
Pose: Posesion – Jewelry 8 Location: Garden of Dreams
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Find your beauty at The Skin Fair!

On 14th March 2014 · By Elvi Hartley · With Leave a comment
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Ladies, Gents and Kids! The Skin Fair of 2014 is now open and you have three glorious skin/beauty filled sims to go explore! Remember to lower your scripts or just noob yourself and go beautify yourself today! The Skin Fair is only here till the 30th of March so you do not want to miss out on these exclusives! Maybe a new applier for your gorgeous mesh head? Some new cosmetics maybe? OR MAYBE…. Just maybe a whole bunch of new skins? What could be better to start your weekend and your new you but to shop at The Skin Fair and throw your money at the creators! Happy Shopping, we will see you there! <3 Elvi, Khaya, Maddie and Nevy Teleport to Skin Fair Sim 1
Teleport to Skin Fair Sim 2
Teleport to Skin Fair Sim 3 MIA: Arm Candy, New Faces. < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->   Note: Any store without items pictured did not have exclusive items marked at the time of the Skin Fair scheduled opening on March 14. We try to cover any changes or additions after the time of an event opening, however due to other commitments, we are often unable to do so.… Read the restSkin Fair Poster 2014

Legolas, will you marry me?

So, I’m not too big on weddings or marriage in general. I’ve lived with the same lad for over ten years and we’re yet to get married. I suppose it’ll eventually happen, though, and when it does, I’d love medieval, gothic or fantasy themed wedding. During the winter holidays, I was telling my sister and brother how neat “Lord of the Rings” themed wedding would be, and guests would have to dress up, too. I’d have a house full of elves, hobbits, orcs, people of Gondor, people of Rohan and maybe even a wizard, a ringwraith, or both! That would be like the mother of awesome! Unfortunately, my family didn’t quite warm up to the thought, so I suppose it’ll only be me and the husband-to-be who are dressed up in fantasy attires. And just because traditional weddings are not really my style, I decided to make an elven bridal look today, too. Valentine’s Day is approaching slowly yet inevitably, and that is a great time for weddings also in SL.… Read the rest0125_ZRNSP

Interview with a Priestess and a Bard

Irina from Fairytale Land reporting to duty! Today I’m going to meet some elves who have journeyed to this region to participate in the Magic Moot. I’m sure they’ve also taken the opportunity to vist We <3 RP, because there’s always a gazillion of nifty items for sale, and I’m rather curious to know what have they bought. Anyway, my boss arranged me to meet them in the forest (thankfully not too deep so I won’t risk getting ripped into pieces by a wild animal), and I’m on my way there just now. Upon my arrival I spot a slender, beautiful creature standing by a pond and staring off into the water. The image is so peaceful that for a moment I just stand in silence and watch her, but I can’t stay still forever, so I cough a bit and speak out a greeting. She lifts slowly her gaze from the dance of the waves and beckons me closer. She introduces herself in an accented common as Aurae of House Moonglamaer, a priestess of Corellon Larethian.… Read the restWLRP_OCT_W6

We <3 RP, part II

It was a dark night, or it could have just as well been midday, because in the obscure caverns of the Underdark one cannot really tell the difference. Ilharess T’risstree Rilynlyl was sitting at her private chambers with two of her most treasured possessions, contemplating her life. House Rilynlyl was neither very big nor very important, but they had enough powerful allies to ensure the rival houses would think twice, even thrice, before attacking. Furthermore, what they lacked in numbers they made up in skill, and House Rilynlyl had successfully eradicated not one but two rival houses in the past. T’risstree smirked and picked the silver crown from the table beside her into her delicate hands. A few decades ago she had personally pried the item from the hands of a dying Ilharess – the item which was said to have been the source of her power – and then she had simply watched her die a slow and painful death caused by a poisoned blade.… Read the restWeLoveRP_Sep_UD_Scene

We <3 RP, we <3 Donna Flora and we <3 elfies!

Today I was wandering in the woods, gathering mushrooms (I just love a good mushroom sauce made of real natural mushrooms), when I stumbled across a strange yet beautiful formation of trees. It didn’t seem quite natural, so I went to investigate closer and whoah did I encounter something awesome! A portal! As a brave lass I stepped through without even thinking that it just might lead me into a dragon’s lair, demon’s dungeon or even into a completely different dimension. Thankfully for me, I found myself from the fringes of the most maginificent woodland town and it seemed to be crowded with the most fascinating beings, elves. I wasn’t sure if they’d welcome me with open arms, so I climbed into a tree and quietly observed from there. It did not take me long to notice the elven ladies. The exquisite, elegant gowns they wore, the intricate, sophisticated jewelry they had adorned themselves with, and of course the almost unearthly grace they possessed.… Read the restWeLoveRP_fateplay1

Flat Rodvik Linden Meme

Yaay, I got into a date with Rodvik Linden, too! I decided to wear a fancy pansy casual dress, and for once I was ready a good time before he was supposed to come to pick me up, so I was just peeking out of the window every few minutes. He arrived early, not just […]

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Meanwhile I have a lovely bum

Everyone in SL seems to be obsessed with boobs Whereas all I ever want is a fantastic arse

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Much Better Than My Doggy-Paddle Way

Ohai! Ever since I saw these adorable floaties from Miamai for The Arcade I had this picture in mind so I was so excited to get to do it today and with some of the most awesome ladies (and Mangenta) I know!

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New Logo by LiquidH3ll Carter

I’m so excited about this that I had to share it with you guys. A couple of years ago, a very dear friend of mine made a logo for me which I adored and have been using since then on my marketplace items. However, there were some aspects of the logo that I wanted changed. [...]The post New Logo by LiquidH3ll Carter by appeared first on StrawberrySingh.com.

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Meanwhile I am organised

I always read of people who have giant inventories, and yes, I get that if you are a content creator you are going to have lots and lots of inventory, completed stuff, work in progress stuff, old stuff, however, once that inventory starts creeping up and up you start to get problems with crashing. So, here’s how I sort mine.

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Spring of 13

I haven’t been doing as many pics as I like, but I’m working on a very fun, meshy project I can’t wait to tell you about.  Although, I did have to shoot a pic of my new digs and frolic around in this new dress from Plastik.  I’m also wearing my LOGO Sadie avatar because I became completely confused when I got the update for Chloe, I’ll sort out all those files later Avatar Head and Skin: LOGO – Sadie * Hair: Truth – Hollana * Dress: Plastik – Pandora Shoes: Quarantine – Patent Flats * Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer – Copacetic * Bicycle: What Next – Chelsea Pose: My Own * Landscaping: Studio Skye (Caution – Very Addictive)  

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Skin/Head: LOGO Infinity Sadie Base Skin Almond + LOGO Sadie Mesh Head Almond @ The Skin Fair 2013 Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jamie Mesh Hair – Ash Hairband: LaGyo_Fran vinyl bow headbend Navy Dress: Fleshtone::MacDress [Skyblue] @ . L I M I T E D . B A Z A A R . Shoes&Stockings: Baiastice_Athena pumps with socks-aqua Belt: LaGyo_Fran vinyl bow belt Navy Bangle: LaGyo_Fran vinyl bow bangle Navy Bag: Baiastice_Theory Mesh Handbag-blue Watch: GizzA – Asia Watch&Bracelet [Blue-Gold] Watch&Bracelet Poses: !bang – mini series – optimistic @ Zodiac   Pictures taken @ ++Small town of Green++  
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Meet Sadie!

On 22nd March 2013 · By MokaTana · With Leave a comment
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Sadie is a Hybrid Avatar (which means that it combines a standard Second Life body with with a fully mesh head) from LOGO and it is available at The Skin Fair 2013, where it has been released an exclusive Glitter Eyeshadow, Lipstick and Gems Add-On Pack! Sadie comes in 5 skin tones: Alabaster, Bloom, Almond, Amber and Cocoa. For each tone you’ll find 2 folders, Default and Options.
In the Default folder you’ll find all the items you need to wear to get the full Avatar with the default look: - Hybrid Body Shape (with Body Fat set to 0 and fully modifiable), but you can also wear your own shape with just a few teawks (just follow the manual instructions for how to use your shape) – i’m wearing MINE!
- Hybrid Mesh Head (which fits a Body Fat 0 body shape) + alpha
- Infinity Base Skin
- Eyes
-  Teeth
- Eyelashes
- Eyelids
- Hair Base
- Customization HUD
-  Rigged Human Ears In the Options folder for each skin tone you will find: Hybrid Mesh Head (which fits a Body Fat 16 body shape), 2 Infinity Base Skins (with alternate breast shading), 2 Stomach tattoo layers (for alternate stomach shading), 24 Nipple tattoos layers (8 alternate styles of nipples for each of the 3 different skin body styles), 1 Bottom tattoo layer (for alternate bottom shading) and 2 extra Rigged Human Ears with different styles.… Read the rest

The Skin Fair!

The Skin Fair 2013 is now open! Join the official skin fair 2013 group, where you can grab demos of the new releases from the group notices, try em on at home without the lag, and without missing a detail[Sims are PG]. Sponsored by: Amacci
ND/MD Skins & Shapes
Dream Ink
TD Templates
La Petite Morte
Style by Kira
Skin Addiction
Cynful Clothing & Co.
The Blue Lagoon Club
The Plastik
Eos Games The Skin Fair runs from March 15th through March 31st. Also a script limit is enforced, set at 50 scripts per person, so please be prepared and wear minimal to no scripts to help create a lag free experience. Our participating designers: ::Modish::
. : VyC : . Men’s Bodyshop
.::WoW Skins::.
[ a.e.meth ]
**SHINE** Skins&Fashion
*Anymore store
*Les Petits Détails*
*Step inSide*
Adam n Eve
Aeva // Heartsick
TZAL bare
Apple May Designs (AMD)
7 deadly s{k}ins
Casa del Shai
Curious Kitties
Dulce Secrets
Elysium Skins & Apparel
English Muffin
Eye Candi
Fallen Gods Inc.
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The Meshy Side of Skin Fair 2013

Hi all! You’ve seen a billion posts now about Skin Fair 2013, I am here to over saturate the feeds a bit more with it, because I want to, and it made me feel pretty <3 Snow Rabbit has this gorgeous mesh head out.   Now I love mesh heads… I don’t wear them an awful lot because I do agree with a portion of people that say “you all look the same”… it doesn’t bother me looking the same as someone else if I look pretty and the looking the same is well made and textured, it makes for a different to normal look anyway, even if you do end up looking generic, but I was so impressed with Snow Rabbit’s head that I couldn’t help myself!   If you want to read a super thorough walkthrough about Nea, you should go and read Gogo’s post here. Nea comes in a “Head Package” with the following options: S@R Hybrid Avatar Head Nea,  S@R Hybrid Avatar HUD Nea,  S@R Hybrid Avatar Mini-HUD Nea,  S@R Skin in Milky White, Natural White, Natural Beige, Bronze, and Dark (both reg and cleavage included),  S@R Eyes,  S@R Mesh Alpha (with eye, without eye),  S@R Tears (by NODe+),  S@R Mesh Shape (all fairly small), S@R Face Light (you won’t really need this but it’s there!).  … Read the restSnow Rabbit - Nea @ SF13