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No Grenades Allowed!

Today is Friday and the last day of our busy weeks, at least for most of us. But today is also the first day of the two day weekend sales event! That is right, Grenade-Free Weekend is ready for a brand new round today and below are some amazing things, so check the gallery now. .Maddie. < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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Lose Your Grenades!

Is it Friday already?! Why yes, it is! And today is the start of a brand new Grenade Free Weekend. All items participating today are under 100L and is marked with a sign! Head to the Jersey Shore sims now. Like RIGHT NOW! .Maddie. MIA: Klepsydra, KJIm < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->    

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Drops Your Grenades!

Set aside your war grenades and get ready for this week’s Grenade Free Weekend! Superb designers are here again, this weekend, with awesome sale items. Check the gallery to see what’s up this weekend! .Maddie. MIA: Little Touches < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->  

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Ditch the Grenades and Bring on the Free-Weekend

No grenades allowed as you hop around this weekend at Grenade Free Weekend! The stores from Jersey Shore are back this weekend for all new deals. Find out who is up this week by checking the gallery. .Maddie. < ———-CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!———->

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The Fresh Unknown Hunt

  A new round of The Fresh Unknown Hunt started last week.  The goal of this hunt, as the name suggests, is to introduce new stores to shoppers.  Thirty-three stores in total are participating.  The hunt item you are looking for is a sculpted flower in one of four colors: pink, blue, purple or green.  Each hunt item costs 1L and includes fashion, avatar and home decor designs.  The hunt ends March 31st! The Fresh Unknown Hunt Starting Point Hints Participating Stores: Sleeping Koala, Background Check, VERSHE, just a hunch, Lit, Nachtigall, Cannibelle, Lilly’s Boutique, SongBird, OREXIS, Shabby Shack, Little Touches, Persefona, Scarlotland, Cremsicle, A Little Bird Told Me, Glitzz, PaperBag, coldLogic, AV Design, dirty.little.secret, Tiar, So what…, Stunna Shapes, blah.BLAH.blah, *.JULYs.*, evolve, Kimba’s, Kawaii Desu, Kaerri, Pixel Creations Happy hunting, loves♥

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Seraphim Loves You!

Hello, beloved Seraphim readers! It’s that time again! Time for more FREE GIFTS! We’ve teamed up with more than 50 DESIGNERS from all over the grid – spanning everything from fashion and accessories to home and garden and everything in between – to show you the love this Valentine’s! We’ve also added more fun and unique works of art from our dear friend, Ken Bastard! For only 200L each you can add a fresh splash of color and vitality to your SL. To learn more about Ken and his work, please visit his website! Lashae has taken the time to photograph all of the items so you can pick and choose what suits your fancy, or you can just TP right on over and grab the whole lot! Just remember to wear your Seraphim group tag to access all the goodies! If you’re not already in the group, simply click either of the super-sized Seraphim logos to join and off ya go! So grab your friends and a noob or two and head on over! There’s plenty to go around!… Read the restSeraphim Loves You!

Seraphim “Gives Thanks” to Our Readers & Supporters

Guess what, everyone! We’ve done it again! We had such a huge demand from shoppers and designers alike from our last round of free gifts that we had to do it again! And since it is the month of appreciation for all things large and small, what better way to give thanks to you, our beloved readers, for your continued support! Nearly FIFTY DESIGNERS have graciously contributed amazing items in every category you can imagine! And Rudh has done an amazing job of showcasing them all for you below to tease your gift-grabbing taste buds! To accommodate the huge generosity from these creators, we even had to move to a bigger and better office! The new SERAPHIM HQ is now located in the heart of Depraved Nation, just across from Razorblade Jacket! So be sure to check out the kick-ass new sims and some of our rockin’ neighbors while you’re there, and keep your eye out on City Hall on the opposite corner for your favorite Depraved events. Grab your friends and head on over!… Read the rest01 Alexohol – dress