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What comes in Azure, Cream, Marine, and Green? Find the answer on August 5th at Designer Showcase. I’m wearing:
Outfit: [LIZ] Zaria dress Maitreya @Designer Showcase
Shoes: Lindy Oona @Designer Showcase
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Amaris hair
Jewelry: .::Nanika::. Within my heart choker
Pose: Gingerfish Midnight 4 (July Pose Fair item)
Location: Summers Wind

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March 2019
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Shake it like a Polaroid picture

Matilda: Derek, I don’t know if you’re familiar with the belief that some Aboriginal tribes hold, it’s the concept that a photo might steal part of the soul. What are your thoughts on that as someone who gets his picture taken for a living? Derek: Well, I guess I would have to answer your question with another question. How many abordigenals do you see modeling? What’s a picture to you, reader? For me, it’s a way to document what I’m really feeling. And tonight, I needed to let off some steam. So yeah, I watched Zoolander tonight. Like a moment captured, it never gets old. I’m wearing:
Hair: Tameless Vivianna @Designer Showcase
Eyes: Dulce Secrets Lurid LeLutka Eyes (Applier) @Designer Showcase
Shoes: Lindy Adrya @Designer Showcase
Outfit: *COCO*BustierDress with *COCO*Calf Leather Belt Black-Studs
Jewelry: Mossu – Daddy Issues Razor Blade and .tsg. SugarGang Choker – Black @TheAracde March
Body Parts: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 4.1 and Lelutka Simone Bento Sunshine is wearing:
Hair: Tameless Jendaya @Designer Showcase
Eyes: Dulce Secrets Lurid LeLutka Eyes (Applier) @Designer Showcase
Shoes: OH PAIR !… Read the restTake a picture

Until next time…

Only one more day before we celebrate New Year’s Eve and say farewell to Designer Showcase’s December round. Unlike 2017, we’ll see Designer Showcase next year, but in case you missed it, now’s the time to find exclusive goodies before they’re gone. Click here for your sled ride! Credits:
Shoes: Lindy Marta in Tan @Designer Showcase
Outfit: COCO Designs December Gift
Hair: Wasabi // Sloane Mesh Hair w/ Hat @The Arcade
Body Parts:  Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 4.1 and Lelutka Simone Bento
Prop: Schadenfreude Vixen Dearest Fawn @The Arcade
Pose: Sari-Sari – FP Sit01-c (bento)
Location: Orchid  

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That time I thought I had it all…

Is last minute shopping really necessary? If you’re anything like me, yes. Credits: Outfit: PurpleMoon Creations Maisie Sweater and Trousers
Shoes: Lindy Jaylee
Hair: tram G1025
Pose: [ K ]Lophelin Shopping!
Location: Winter Wonderland

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Shake off the Shivers at the Avenue!

Brrrr – November’s coming in cold, but the Avenue will warm you back up with it’s brand new round of hot exclusive items! There’s a plethora of stalls set up and event exclusive items waiting for you to take them home. Just make sure to get there before they close on the 20th! ♔Alex Teleport to the Avenue MIA: Beo Jewelry, Neomenia, QPoses, Rapture <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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Take a Stroll Down The Avenue!

It’s time for a nice, leisurely walk and the best place to take that walk? The Avenue! It’s a fantastic event with all kinds of items offered, all set up so you can take a nice little stroll through it to check out everything there. Just make sure to get here before the 26th when it closes! ♔Alex Teleport to the Avenue MIA: Aleutia <——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——–>

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Getting ready for the holidays with Designer Showcase!

  Another great round of Designer Showcase, with a huge variety of styles and items if you still have some Christmas shopping to do, who doesnt btw?, this is your most-go-to place! Only from December 5th – 31st, 2016  Atiya  Teleport to Designer Showcase < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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“Light of a Silhouette, [s]he’s insubordinate.”

I know many people are sick of the election and now that it’s over, I cannot deny it. The results devastated me. In fact, I haven’t been able to do much until now. Well, I have gone to work and all, but I mean my creative juices were shot because I felt as though  I was lost. If I ever told anyone to just accept the results and move on, I’m sorry that I didn’t realize how you felt until now. Indeed, it super sucks! So with the current agenda, I felt as though I was missing out on current events because I wasn’t an active Twitter user, so I decided to really understand Twitter after the results. I have concluded it pisses me off. It’s never been a social platform that was geared to me because of the character limit. The limit doesn’t piss me off, though. It’s the amount of bullshit, vitriol, and what the fuck moments  that spread like wildfires. And it pisses me off because it totally sucked me in. Not only on Twitter but chiming in on random articles that spoke to me.… Read the restsublimal-mind-trump-america

Road Trip

I’m hitting the road! tomorrow! Now, road trips are so much fun in theory, but the drive to Albuquerque isn’t the best. It’ll be good to see my family though, and luckily my husband will drive out. I just have to take care of our two rats (small Chihuahuas). That’s a fair trade. :D Speaking of travel, NANTRA’s “Seattle Bound” is available at Designer Showcase’s November round. Six poses and suitcases and totes to boot! I wish I could take this much luggage. I always change my mind about what I want to wear once I get to my destination. Be sure to check out Designer Showcase’s November round. It’s in a new location and better than ever! Tons of exclusives such as my thigh high boots by Lindy. Click here for your lift to Designer Showcase! I’m wearing: Ana Markova Blythe Sienna @ Designer Showcase
Lindy Karla Over the Knee Rigged Mesh Boots @ Designer Showcase
Poses by NANTRA “Seattle Bound” @ Designer Showcase
Hair: Exile Lazy Summer Days

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I Want to Look Good for You

Hello Readers! I was recently asked to blog for Styles by Danielle and incredibly flattered by the request so here I am in some sexiness by Danielle! It is a new lingerie called Lindy and I am wearing it in red. Being as in love with Lara as I am, I was pleased to see an applier for her. With one click I was dressed! Here is some information about Lindy from Danielle:
Lindy lingerie comes in five colors and each color is available as four vendors: 1) Standard SL Avatar Clothing Layers
2) Standard SL Avatar Clothing Layers + Appliers all-in-one layer
3) Maitreya Mesh Body Applier/HUD with six options for wearing (NO Standard layers)
4) Belleza Mesh Body Applier/HUD with six options for wearing (NO Standard layers) Each vendor contains sheer ruffles, so it is a complete outfit you get in each of them. You only need to choose if you wish appliers or not.
3) and 4) can be a great choice for your RP, if you’re wearing Maitreya or Belleza.
I completed the sexy Lindy with the new Malva Heels from Glamistry, available now at Kustom9.… Read the restdanielle_lindy

Tootsie Tuesday – Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

This week for Tootsie Tuesday, I have a pair of wedges, which you have to hunt for at Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes. It is a gift for the Summertime Hunt, which ends on the 31st of July.
While there, be sure to look for the other footwear that are hidden, as part of various other hunts. There is even something for the men!
Visit Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes INWORLDWhole background setup is from [CIRCA]

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Designer Showcase has swept us off our feet once again!

It is time, time for the ever so classy Designer Showcase to open its doors for the month! Starting today until the 30th you will be able to tip toe your way around to see just what these amazing designers have brought you this month. Pull out those wallets and coin purses as it is time to fill up your closets! ❣Mocha❣ Teleport to Designer Showcase < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– > 

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Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room for March is Here!

Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room is back for March with more of the great fashions you’ve come to expect! A quick browse through and you will find tons of great apparel, accessories, poses and more. So what’s the hold up? Get over there before the 31st to scoop up all the bargains your little arms can carry. And while you’re there, take a swing through the courtyard to visit all the fun gachas! Tara Teleport to Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room MIA: J&A Rock Culture, Aura Design, Sentinus Design,  BSD DesignStudio, TANTALUM < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Teddy Bear Story.

Teddy bears are such a 'natch for V-day, but how do you translate them into a fashionista story that's not costumey? Today I was inspired by those cuddly ones, so I took soft brown hues + paired them with light pearl tones and this rich chocolate leather bag, to emulate both the palette and warmth of our most trusted childhood companions. -- The only non-giftie here -- which I could not "bear" to take off (sorry, hehe) -- is this utterly fab "Sia" skin by Glam Affair (these cerise lips, ohhh!), which you can scoopie at the newest round of Collabor88.
Couple grabbies for les menz as well in the Styling Credits below. Teddy bear story love + fashionista kisses to all!

xoxoღTeshan2222 Wycliffe
Dress: ::{u.f.o}:: - bang bang dress - beige - XS - group gift (join group for $0L; touch sign) - free
Hair: *Soonsiki - Vanity * Breast * - group gift - (join group for $0L; touch sign) - free
Headband: Little Closet -  Chocolate Bear Headband - group gift (join group for $0L; touch sign) - free 
Double pearl necklace (gem/metal texture change): Lazuri @ Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town - Perlline Necklace - buy gift boxes on front table for $0L - free
Earrings (gem/metal texture change): Lazuri @ Cosmopolitan Events & Shopping Town - Perllina Earrings 2 Left - buy gift boxes on front table for $0L - free 
Shiny leather backpack (*NOTE: FOR MEN - this is labeled as a men's gift, although it's really unisex): F.A.D.Read the restTeddy Bear Story.

An All New Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room!

It’s time for another fantastic round of Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room! This month, the designers have tons of apparel, shoes, poses and even more waiting for you at 50% off regular prices. After you’re done filling up your cart, head out to the square where you’re going to find a ton of gacha machines bursting with transferable goodies. Valentine’s Day gifts, anyone? We’ll see you next month! Tara Teleport to Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room MIA:  BlahBlahBlah, BsD Design Studio, Eternal Dream Poses, Loordes of London   < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Designer Showcase has begun!

And on this day the Fashion God’s said let Designer Showcase begin! Are you ready to keep it classy? This month these amazing designers are going to show you how! It all starts today and wraps up on the 27th. Let the shopping commence!!! ❣Mocha❣ Teleport to Designer Showcase MIA: 1 HUNDRED, FIFI & TRIXI < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room Hits the Grid!

Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room has just dropped the velvet ropes on their January round! A quick browse around will prove to be a strain on your wallet, as there are just so many great things to take home this month. You’re sure to find a few great new outfits along with the perfect accessories to tie your look together, and then how about some poses to use while you snap pictures of the beautiful new you? Don’t forget to step out into the courtyard to visit the Feeb’s Gacha Square, where you’re going to find dozens of buttons to push! This round ends January 31st, so check out all the goodies below and head on over! Tara Teleport to Feeb’s Rascals St. Sales Room MIA: Cae.b, Iron Tiger, M&M, RnB Designs < ——–CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GALLERY!——– >

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Fun In Swimwear, Even If It Is Winter – !:Lybra:!, Analog Dog, and Chop Zuey; Also Lindy from Designer Showcase

I roamed around Lybra late last night to see the new rooms, how it's being organized and what might be new or fun to share with you. I was (as usual) overwhelmed with the number of things I wanted to try on, to wear, and to style for you. This swimsuit caught my attention, mostly because I think of formal attire when I think of Lybra. If you're a member of Lybra's group, you can find this in the group member room. And if you're not a member, you should be!
I paired Jennifer, the suit that comes with the ability to color change the top, bottom and belt each with different tones, or the option to color change all three to the same tone. I went with these tones because this reddish tone suits my skin so well, and always makes me feel beee-ooo-tiful. Yellow remains one of the fierce colors of 2014 and though we're about to ring in a new year, one more sash in that bold electric yellow works just fine. New boots from Lindy are available at Designer Showcase. Thankfully, I caught the news of a sale at Analog Dog and found a plethora of new styles including this one called Pipe Dream.… Read the rest

Let Me Look Into My Crystal Ball – Wertina from Winter Market, Analog Dog, Chop Zuey and Lindy

What does the new year bring for each of us? Sometimes I wish I had a crystal ball. When my sons were young and they would ask me some question to which I had no way of knowing because it was either simply information I didn't know or associated with time we hadn't had yet, I would answer, "Let me look into my crystal ball." They grew to laugh at this retort and now they make similar comments if I ask them about time off from work or other details for holidays, in much the same manner I used the phrase in their youth.
Since I don't have one of those balls, but I do have a sixth sense about some things, I feel really positive going into 2015. I think I will have a grand-child, hopefully a grand-daughter, on the way before 2015 ends. No they haven't announced it yet, and its one of those ideas where they both say oh no, we're not ready for that yet (and they're not!!) but I still believe it will be happily on its way before the year 2015 comes to a close. I also believe it's going to be my healthiest year yet since 2004 when my world fell apart at the seams.… Read the rest