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The Festival of Sin

The Festival of Sin opens its doors at 5PMSLT Today! This is a Secondlife celebration of all things sinful and it is definitely not an event for the faint-hearted! Wrath is full of blood and gore, Lust is all things passion and debauchery, Gluttony makes you hungry and Greed looks like somewhere straight out of a Bankers District, the event space as whole is fit to overflow with concentrated sin! The event is home to many highly sexual, violent and possibly politically incorrect images so if this will be something that you do not want to be around I suggest you think very carefully before venturing in, however, if sinning tickles your fancy this is an event stuffed full of things you will not want to miss out on!
Some basic information that you will be needing to know must be shared with you now! The sim is ADULT – unless you are age verified you won’t be able to enter the event location. There is a script counting gate at the main landing point! If you try to go in with more than 60 scripts working you will be barred from entering, so remove all those huds, scripted items and AOs so that you and everyone else can move around without too much lag!… Read the restfestivalofsin-teaser-red-outline




June 2015
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New Monthly Event – FLUX with a little Mardi Gras.

There is a new monthly themed event hitting the Secondlife Events Circuit this week. This theme based monthly market bazaar is well named I feel, as flux basically means constant or frequent change. It has a collection of designers with items on both the market stalls in the square and within the buildings. Prices vary greatly as do the number of items out per designer, but what is here is good quality items to fit the Mardi Gras Theme for this event’s first outing! I feel that this event will be one that is worth watching in the coming months, and I would watch this space as it is likely to appear on Seraphim every month! I wonder what the theme will be next month? Watch this space, but get over there to check out the event!
Rudh xxx A New Monthly Event – FLUX

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More Flux Goodies

It's just a few more days to wait till Flux opens its doors and all the Mardi Gras goodies make their way into your hearts and inventory! Here's a few more quickie previews of some of the fabulous things you will find there.
From Sn@tch, the colourful Coin Jewelry will dress up any outfit. It looks stunning with the Mardi Gras Lashes from le petit morte.

Another stunner from Sn@tch is the Flux Parade latex outfits. It's packed full of latex goodness in gold, green and purple for you to mix and match up for your Mardi Gras looks. The Elisa Skins are from le petit morte and come in 4 tones each.
In England, it's not called Mardi Gras. It's Pancake Day. Mmmm pancakes. Frooti has just the thing to get you making pancakes - Flip Out! This is how I wish I could say I flipped pancakes.

This is a wee bit more accurate!

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